Bauhaus - In The Flat Field Lyrics

A gut pull drag on me
Into the chasm gaping we
Mirrors multi-reflecting this
Between spunk stained sheet
And odorous whim
Camera eye-flick-shudder within
Assist me to walk away in sin
Where is the string that Theseus laid
Find me out this labyrinth place.

I do get bored, I get bored
In the flat field.
I get bored, I do get bored
In the flat field

Yin and yang lumber punch
Go taste a tart, then eat my lunch
And force my slender thin and lean
In this solemn place of fill wetting dreams
Of black matted lace of pregnant cows
As life maps out onto my brow
The card is lowered in index turn
Into my filing cabinet hemispheres spurn.

I do get bored, I get bored
In the flat field.
I get bored, I do get bored
In the flat field

Let me catch the slit of light
For a maidens sake
On a maiden flight
In the flat field I do get bored
Replace with Piccadilly whores
In my yearn for some cerebral fix
Transfer me to that solid plain
Hammer me into blazen pain
Moulding shapes no shame to waste
Moulding shapes no shame to waste
And drag me there with deafening haste.

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Bauhaus In The Flat Field Comments
  1. Alba gu bràth

    I saw Bauhaus several times in their home town of Northampton in the early days. The best was at the Northampton Rep, a small, old Victorian theatre nestled down Guildhall Road. The whole atmosphere was incredible - powerful and haunting, especially with this and Bela Lugosi's Dead. Great times back then and an amazing performance by the band.

    david beckett

    Sounds great , envious of you mate

  2. svoboda simon

    MUSIC which never bore me since 30 years or more. like the first few lps of the Cure

  3. Molly Smith

    Woke up with this song in my head a bit ago. Can only remember snatches of the dream though. I was a servant in someone's house, told to fetch the box with the wild animal in it to take care of a bug loose in the plush parlor wtf

  4. Paul Phillips

    Be aware that if you post this youtube video on Farcebook you'll end up with a ban because the picture shows pubic hair and a knob. Wonder what happens if you take a picture of the statue of David that is in the vatican and post that! Wankers

  5. clive young

    I started singing this when I moved to Devon from London

  6. Katie Ryan


  7. Poetry Club

    Some love lasts forever...Ive never stopped loving this song. 🖤

  8. karey lester

    Just scored a ticket for December 1st 2019 to see Bauhaus in Hollywood!!!!!!!!! Oh my fucking gawd!!!

  9. Scott Briggs

    can't get these bloody pregnant cows off my lawn!

  10. Scott Briggs tired....tired of listening to Gothic, Gothic, and complaints.

  11. mauricio sanchez

    Don't try to share this on facebook. These fuckers will block your account because of "the nudity content". Whart a bunch of fascists they are.

  12. kmegumi90


  13. Chilli 6025

    Pure Art

  14. Helen Mahoney

    I'm 40 years 0's what are you

    david beckett

    I,m 66 , still love all this , the bass is just brilliant

    A.J. Reynolds

    I'm 53 and I'll never get too old to listen to Bauhaus.

    david beckett

    @A.J. Reynolds They where playing Manchester University , 78 / 79 , i don,t know , we went to watch them , but they where on Top of the Pops week before doing Ziggy , got there , and could,nt get in bloody students jumping on the band wagon ,

  15. Helen Mahoney

    New Bess fuck off

  16. Brian Fraelich

    Got a 24 hour ban on FB for sharing this. Idiots don’t understand the difference between art and pornographic material. WTF is this sad world coming to?

    Donna Baril

    Me too lol

  17. Stoned Wizard666


  18. Merky Beam

    Loved the music and band, lyrics still shite though.

  19. Fee Galindo

    I had this on vinyl, when it came out....Used to listen to it full blast, in the dark, all the time....

  20. DaggylMc Gra

    Ahhh the music in this song is so threateningly menacing, it's delicious.


    Trying to share this video gave me a 24 hours ban on Facebook because of "sexual content"


    Don't even use facebook, it's 2019 now

    Donna Baril

    What's wrong with facebook it became pg. Lol

  22. Chip Douglas

    I get burned.i could get the flat field. would be a better lyric

    Jordan L

    How so?

    Bill Bliss

    someone once said, 'I never accept constructive criticism from someone who has never constructed anything'...

  23. 47 47

    Song makes me wanna get a big titty goth girl pregnant

  24. Lucy Said

    Say what you want, the lyrics are a piece of poetry.

  25. kerslarn

    I had all the Bauhaus records back in the early 80' of the few bands who were much better live then on record. I was lucky enough to see them several times at Aylesbury Friars and Hammersmith Palais

  26. stuart bruce

    We live at Berghain now...
    We don't fukin die...
    Papa Gouster loves you all xxx 💜

  27. mitch davies

    Its like investment banking

  28. 華channel

    ILove this♥

  29. Rebecca Martinez

    Sooo captures my boredom. The poetry and wicked vocals. To die of sheer boredom in the flat field. !

  30. Sid1396

    Crazy ass guitars

  31. Lukasz Tomys

    3.00-3.30 trance

  32. Anna Peterson

    Great song, I shared this exact post on fb in July, and they only now (late November) kicked me to the gutter for posting sexually explicit content and violating their community standards. I'm confused. How religiously extreme do you have to be, to report this? Censorship overload!

    Anonymous Duckling

    Lol that sounds terrible mate. But alas, what do you expect?. We live in a "wonderful" society now don't we?

    Genghis Kon

    Anna Peterson On the bright side, you don’t have to use facebook anymore.

  33. Crni Gavran

    pokidali su u beogradu prosle nedelje

    no name

    Crni Gavran ?

  34. Timothy Doran

    I got banned from FB for a week for sharing this song. Their underpaid child-workers saw the cover of the album and the tiny penis.


    I got a three day ban for posting God in an alcove they are very intimated by penis

    Anonymous Duckling

    @Maschinengott haha lol. Best comment ever!

  35. Anaís Fernández

    Hace medio mes, pude escuchar esto en directo <3

  36. Simon Long

    fukin lovely mate

  37. Black Hat

    Bauhaus is amazing. My definition of "gothic rock" is this album.

    Stephen Poe

    Black Hat Bauhaus coined the term goth and that’s why they’re known as the gothfathers even though Peter Murphy hated being called a goth band.

  38. Kris Scanlon

    The Logical conclusion of all that was Velvet Underground. Punk rock was was pop rock oriented... acidic pop mind u but the Pistols really were just a boy band. This is The logical conclusion of the Velvet Underground oeuvre. Truly Post Punk and as far as I'm concerned is punks natural progression. Really Punk is a non description in what is now known as alternative music. I would proffer Bob Dylan is the same as VU too. They all come from the same well spring of edginess and things being off kilter.

    Dan Jenkins

    The Sex Pistols as a boy band? Fuckin perfect! The best comment I've ever seen on the internet! Bravo!

    Kris Scanlon

    Dan Jenkins I thank you and I stole it. I can't remember where though. I love Punk and I love the pistols but it was all in the Press and fanzines. The darkness and edginess of The Velvet Underground sound and look found its way with Bauhaus and others in the post-punk world.

    Kris Scanlon

    The real dead giveaway pun intended by the way is that Bauhaus covered John Cale Rose Garden Funeral of sores. There's a lot going on in Bauhaus sound so much dub and reggae kind of makes me laugh because that's exactly what Public Image Limited was going for and John Lydon got it right the second time. 1978 first edition was just as much acid and no pop. Three chords and Chuck Berry weren't going to cut it. So 1967 The Velvet Underground and Nico had a lot to live up to. Bauhaus picked up the challenge.

    Matteo Scognamiglio

    I agree with all except for the Pistols, that were great, if you think were just a boy band you still don't catch their point.

    Esteban Rincon

    So were you born totally full of shit, or was this a recent affair? "The Sex Pistols were boy band because they were in all he magazines and the press" What a load of utter bullshit. They had no control over what the press said about them, and you know this. Talk about an Association Fallacy.

  39. amy lee smart

    One of the best live bands ever !

  40. colecionadores de memórias

    i give up

  41. Mark Martin

    Caution: if you post this video in Facebook it will get you blocked for 24 hours for posting nudity..So f___kin' stupid this censorship stuff.

  42. Edgelord AlanPole

    This is very good

  43. Jeff

    I don't remember leaving this comment. I'll leave it up though.


    You're assuming my vocabulary from a few comments? You seem smart.

    Colonel Bastian

    wow, best argument 10/10


    What? Do you want to actually make a point to refute what I said? I'd prefer that over you acting condescending.


    walking through my dream an eye was youth... roses for lilies, chanticleer.

    Xenium Xneum

    I find i do that all the time, its why the missus made me go annonymous. I like it when you post on something and youve already posted what you where going to say! Dunno what the colon is on about tho

  44. Root Beer

    this is there best song by far imo

    Kevin Weddell

    Third Uncle cooks pretty good


    Their best songs in order

    1. Bela Lugosi’s Dead
    2. Telegram Sam
    3. Double Dare
    4. In The Flat Field
    5. Dark Entries
    6. A God In an Alcove
    7. Man with the X-Ray eyes
    8. Passion Of Lovers
    9. Hollow Hills
    10. Terror Couple Kills Colonel

  45. Root Beer

    holy shit

  46. carla lampreia

    A well educated band. Greek mitology studied. Rare these days

    AK cristo

    can't expect less than a band with the name Bauhaus

    karey lester

    Explain please

  47. Candice Ysabel Graham

    -And as you peer into the abyss, curious, you're thrown in. Hence, said return. Again again again...

  48. Candice Ysabel Graham

    Oh yes. Only this hits the spot where no other can. Always sublime, my return.

  49. Doppelgänger


  50. Henry Krinkle

    It's probably my favorite Bauhaus song.


    This whole album was fucking incredible.. its hard to say which song I like best

  51. Nick Koulpasis