Battles, Mark - The Reason Lyrics

Uh I really ain't got nothing else to say to this shit
Long as those niggas stay over there, we good

I'mma treat it way different this time
Understand your whole game plan is different than mine
I really left at 17 I couldn't live with my moms
Came a pops at 18 I had to get on my grind
You was loading Youtube clips I was loading clips in my 9
You was acting like a bitch I kept a bitch on my line
Now the hoes like a batting coach want me to hit all the time
I invest my own money just to stay rich all the time
See you niggas square as Spongebob don't holla when you see me
Really started from the bottom now it's bottoms and bikinis
Why they want to see my fall? Just want to ball like Scalabrine
Ain't no reason for me leaving till my whole city eating
If you talk about the money it keep the bitches on your penis
But I choose a different route and now I'm mentioned as a genius
Y'all taking it way to far never living what you speaking
And I made it way too far for a nigga who never cheated

What's the reason? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What's the mufucken reason? Yeah, yeah, yeah
I know, I know cause I believe it

Never been the thug type, never sold the drugs type
I just wanna spread the good ass vibes, we're here to love life
Your girl said I look good and she heard I fuck nice
Living like your last we making up for all them tough nights
Robos in the alley, ashy knuckles and some scuffed nikes
Bag of Cheetoo flames and the [?] with the crushed ice
Winning all or nothing got me buzzing like a Bud Light
I did it all myself just to make sure the shit got done right
Had the whole plan and now it's time to bring the knowledge to it
Anything I want I bag sleep deprived college student
I'mma start shit I probably knew it, now she 'bout to [?] it
Understand we ain't have a plan B, I gotta do it

Uh what's the mufucken reason?
I know I know cause we believed it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause we believed it
And that's the mufucken reason, bitch!

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    you should blowup, like this! 2020

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    Mark Battles and Marlon Craft would make a great track

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    been one of the best for looooooong time! dig the new hair man.

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    Dope track. You coulda had the chick jus chillin she didn’t need to be dancin, keep doin it bro!

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    First song I've ever heard. The vibe is contagious 🤘

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    Fire 🔥


    THIS SO COLD!!!!!!!
    IF YOU READ THIS! Can You Put A "Thumbs Up "So Others Can See.
    I Just started rapping seriously Type in ( Lunden Ivory - No easy way out )
    people will ignore this! but if you don't can you listen, comment and subscribe!
    Thank you all God Bless

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    Respect from Brazil.

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