Battles, Mark - Numbers2 Lyrics

It's time to take this shit up a level
I hope you had fun
It's my time

You can have a shot when I'm done with it
Vasi Gang what I bang that's that covenant
Bout to run this whole shit like the government
Scoop a nigga chew a nigga like Doublemint
Who you fuckin' with?
I'll look a man in his eyes
And everybody food if you stand with them guys
Feeling so fly I could dance in the sky
Popped out on a nigga like I planned a surpise
Answer me Ma are you proud of your son yet?
First to make it out the city that ain't done that
You know everything dope where the plug at?
Throw a seven till I'm done where the love at?
I know they love that, now bring my cuz back
We was really going hard since the rug rats
Having fights after school homie run that
I don't care if I lose have a grudge match
Bro them niggas acting fishy where the gun at?
Why the beat fading now, bring the drums back
Always stay on point like a thumbtack
Ever since I start going nuts they on my nutsack, nigga!
Always hit my line when I come back
Don't care where she was that, believe she gon' love that, nigga!
I have my high school popping
Everybody copping I promise I was that nigga
What you know about them tough times?
Where the only time you eat is in the lunch line
I ain't got the shit for show, Imma bust mine
Why I need to take your bitch? I can fuck mine
Only sometimes a nigga feel bad
Cuz I had to raise myself without a real dad
In the game 6 years and they still mad
Just feed me a beat, Imma kill that
I'm taking name after name
Call my new chick Schitz cuz her brain is insane
Swerving through the lanes with the Range in the rain
9/11 airplanes cuz I came with the bang
I ain't with the flame? That nigga still hating
Said I would fall, that nigga still waiting
If it ain't the threes that shit a deal breaker
Indiana balling, I'ma real Pacer
Come at you direct like I'm a filmmaker
Shots like Jager do I got any takers?
I know I got many haters
Swallow me straight men, every song need no chaser
House so big man that shit gon need an acre
So much damn land got to drive to meet my neighbors
I got to try to meet my neighbors
So much in my favor man it got to be my savior
Signed to QC now we popping all you fakers
5 mil or better if I'm rockin with a major
It's the Vasi Gang mayor
Now we got them all in danger
Knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
He'll nah nigga better leave that dog alone
My dogs on the road trying to get off a load
But it's taps on their phones so they might not make it home
Strapped all the time but I might not make it known
Niggas copy styles it's like fighting with a clone
Now it made me laugh how get up in that ass
For you talking all that Jazz like Stockton and Malone

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Battles, Mark Numbers2 Comments
  1. Ryan Parker

    Put this on 2k

  2. 96 k

    I pressed like cause i knew it was fye cple secs in i want to hit it again mayne

  3. Danny Alejandro

    Young eat that bit

  4. Nathan Allen

    Mark youre a fucking GAWDDDD BRO😭🔥🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨💨

  5. Camaralay Traore


  6. Donovan Black

    Where are the views this shit bang too hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾

  7. Ace Boogie

    Can’t believe people still sleeping on him 3 s up

  8. Soo Tinted

    Whatchu know about those tough times?

  9. Truer JETS


  10. Tyquan Cuffee


  11. CasperWiz 420

    The Vasi Gang Mayor

  12. Wayne Jones

    I haven't forgot about u still listing to your stuff

  13. Colorado bro

    always fucken fire who agrees mark battles better fucken be on XXL

  14. Tyrone T-Bone

    no way, numbers was literally my jam for at least over a year.
    get tired of the pain, i get tired of the struggle
    when it's dark out, i could make a G Eazy
    fuuuck it was so fire. keep it up Mark. Vasi Gang 4L

  15. neilydoee

    Best song on the album shit slap 🔥🚫🧢

  16. S0u1 Leet

    Bruh, i fuxs with this " 3s up Flyamericaaaaaah...."

  17. Sahn

    This is the hardest fucking record I’ve heard from BATTLES dawg!!!!!!!!

  18. Sahn

    20 seconds in already FIRE !!! VASI GANG !!!

  19. sLappxN

    This it it bruh

  20. TheDirtyBird_ 11


  21. Bam lee

    Damn so Lit Burn Daa 🔥🔥🔥

  22. Isiah Farrelly

    Great work keep it up... 3s up

  23. Kienon Turner

    Check out the freestyle I posted to my channel😈😈

  24. Kienon Turner

    Get me on a song I got bars💪😈

  25. -Sir WESLEE-

    *Beat Straight Nasty?* 🔥😷🔥

  26. AkaNumbers

    I fucking miss you bro keep it up

  27. jalees1994


  28. DoYouEvenLarp BRUH

    Talkin all that jazz like stockton and malone

  29. AJ Fresco

    Thank You Mark Battles 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽