Basement - Promise Everything Lyrics

Win me with a smile,
burn me with your eyes.
Living just to please.
Turn and make me leave.

When I'm high, I'm high.
When I'm low, I'm low.
Hot or cold, it's going to show.

Promise everything,
until tomorrow comes again.

I won't ask for love,
I know it's there just covered up.

When I'm high, I'm high.
When I'm low, I'm low.
Hot or cold, it's going to show.

Feeling like a child.
Tremble in the night.
I love you but you try,
to kill me every time.

Turn around and end as you begin.

Promise nothing.

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Basement Promise Everything Comments
  1. WatchDominion . com

    This version is better

  2. Braun Knew

    This is too clean compared to the original 😭

  3. Sasa C.

    o Brasil te ama <3

  4. Костянтин Ладика

    been listening to Basement on a daily basis for already a year now

  5. Myles Garrett

    that bassist has to be mad how they cut his bass "solo"

  6. Corporal Slip-TiT

    Words cant describe what this does for my mental health, thank you basement for keeping me crazy dawg✊

    Костянтин Ладика


  7. Will da foto de Sherek

    G E N I A L


    this is good song basement is you the control :)

  9. Rebekah T

    Please bring the original version back

  10. SANT!


  11. Sardanios

    Would love to hear and see this song played live.

  12. sickb2200

    Basement did a great job opening for Weezer/Pixies. I'm 50 years old and I dig 'em.

  13. Milan Rybár

    1:54 best part :), love it guys

  14. McBrew72

    is there anywhere I can find the original recording?

  15. Jazzy J

    'The Originals' on Netflix brought me here. Season 5.

  16. Fusioness 43

    This version is miles better than the original for me. More crisp, gutsy and love the layered vocals at the end making it sound more powerful!

  17. Zeemon Beats

    Aka Rock n Roll in inappropriate places.

  18. afilthyheathen

    Gotta say I like this version better, sounds grungier, dirtier, more emotional to me.

  19. Sir Savethebees

    man it really bothers me when someone is "just" a singer

  20. paul abdon

    Buta que sad :C

  21. emilyrl

    I believed those eyes

  22. Jonathan Mitchell

    0:51 Southampton represent!

  23. Shane Milleur

    Fuck all of you guys, this version kicks so much ass. I love this song and basement fucking rocks

  24. HexaRex

    watching it in 240p looks like early 2000s

  25. master DOGE

    I dunno who made the decision of changing the original but by looking at the comments it seems it wasn't a good one 😞

  26. Deborah Boutty

    Wonder Stuff poster 😄

  27. David Webster For fans of Basement, Citizen, Title Fight...

  28. Album Reviews And Such

    he's got my favorite black sabbath album at the beginning... instant like. also cool song,me and my band are gunna cover it for a future show,hopefully soon...

  29. A Jay-in-VA

    Bad ass song

  30. Toni Ferbez

    I came for The Originals series

  31. Álvaro de la Cruz

    This version is way better than the original, keep it up guys!

  32. Marilyn Tristan

    loveee it!!

  33. Xenomorphine

    I like both versions fight me

  34. Matthew Hull M

    blow up

  35. Adam Binder

    FFO Basement, B&C, Sunny Day Real Estate -

  36. bene141972

    They Killed there Own Great Song 😣. The old Version is so Great and awesome. This is commercial bullshit with no Drive

    Fusioness 43

    bene141972 this is 10x better in every way. More real.

  37. Tender Sky

    Duncan's definitely one of the best bassists in the game rn. Presence, playing and everything

  38. Braian Rebouças

    I really love this song!!! #Brazil

  39. FZR

    IDK, the vocals are a little more dirty (in a good way) in this version, plus the guitars are crisper and less compressed sounding. Don't like the bridge as much as the older version though.

  40. anniandro

    Why do I recognise the "when I'm high I'm high, when I'm low I'm low" bit from somewhere?? It seems so nostalgic and I can't think where it would be from

  41. EverestBlizzard

    Not gonna lie, nothing good ever really comes from reducing the bass in a mix like this. It's still a great song, I still like it. But, just keep in mind that simply cleaning up a mix does not always make a song better.

  42. WatchDominion . com

    I just saw basement live

  43. Josh Lawrence

    the singer was my teacher 😂😂😂

  44. Steve Paint

    Go go go!!

  45. Diego Sanchez- Albéniz

    I see Nirvana vibes everywhere.
    I promise.

    Empty Jar

    Feel the Nirvana

  46. Noah Jester

    sam pura's version of this song is so much better

  47. Matilde Borghesan

    I love this music video it's so genuine you know

  48. Hiram Salinas

    1:53 that drum breakdown god bless jesus

  49. TheAlbinoskunk

    how did they manage to get permits to film in 1981??

  50. HexaRex

    Perfect for any future pro evolution soccer game!


    good job alex. i love the british accent you give to the look of these vids. also crab should start busking. i love everything you guys put out, buncha wankers cant appreciate anything. promise nothing

  52. Olivia Jane

    He sounds like Kurt Cobain

  53. Justin Fournier

    I enjoyed the music video, but the other version of the song is so much better. Pissed they switched them on Spotify in the US

  54. Anonymous Guy

    my r.e teacher

    go on mr fisher]

  55. Mariana Sestito

    The "I won't ask for love, I know it's there just covered up" part always gives me chills

  56. xradical89x

    reminded me of Autopilot Off. good.

  57. Words can't hurt me, these shades are Gucci.

    Love that old-school emo sound...

  58. Megan M

    New to your music (recognise a few from before though) and I hope to see you with one of my favourite bands frank carter and the rattlesnakes

  59. Crispy

    what a hecking jam

  60. lalelulalo

    Original version is better.

  61. Victor Carvalho

    Fucking awesome 🌊🌊🌊

  62. skeptik

    Tim McIlrath brought me here.

  63. Alejandro García Fernández

    Minute 1:55 is just insane

  64. Dannx Espin

    Great video and song guys, greetings from southamerica lml

  65. TOmsDK

    Why was the original version changed?


    Estúpido y sensual rock británico. <3

  67. Fjunko1

    Please take back the old version to spotify! Was a really good song but now i don't even listen to it anymore. And no its not that im used to the old one. I just really think the new one is bad. Please please take back the original to spotify for us who loved it!

  68. brutalism

    this is about as close as basement have gotten to capturing their live sound since colourmeinkindness, apart from the guitars not being anywhere near punchy enough. But i guess this is better than the original, the shortening of the end keeps the momentum up and stops it dragging. good work boyos

  69. หมก

    สุดยอด 👏👏

  70. หมก

    สุดยอด 👏👏รต

  71. หมก

    สุดยอด 👏👏

  72. Marci Mslr

    I like that they don't look like emo kids.

  73. Hugo Perez

    Excellent work, im 33 and i dont know why im listening fewer "new bands", but man, you have that sacarcastic dont give a fuck feeling, and the video its great, that intro (song and video) gave me a Sonic Youth vibe, waiting to see you in Bogota, Regards!

  74. Casey Hampton

    This version sucks. Still love 'em, though.

  75. puddle


    Lemon Birdo

    you did :3

  76. Angga

    underrated song. not really a master piece, but definitely deserves more views.

  77. Georgina Nell

    Why did they update this song on spotify & replace the original version? Wish they would've released this new version as a single.

    Emily Glen

    Chicken Permission yep. I've never had a song go quickly from my favourites list to the bin. Butchered.

  78. Matt Xenitelis

    Still so disappointed you guys sold your souls to the devil (fueled by ramen) you guys used to rock

    Tanner Howe

    Matt Xenitelis can't blame a band for wanting to have the funds to quit their day jobs

  79. Jorge Valverde García

    kurt cobain 2017!!! Yeaaa!!!

  80. Fsharp

    0:27 I've sat in traffic on that road so many times, most likely listening to Basement.

  81. Caio Martinho

    miss the rfc basement so bad.

  82. Aidan Kelly

    I didn't like this version at all at first but now I might prefer it more to the original recording. I think it's the new drums that do it for me it just sounds like James is having a good ass time

  83. Uta Ghoul

    tf , this version is much better

  84. Chris

    damn, this re-recorded version is WAY better!

  85. music?!

    I'm not gonna say they're sell-outs for making the music they wanna make with who they wanna make it with, but holy shit this is bad. Doesn't have nearly as much flow or energy as the original, and the vocals sound like a demo take. The ending is completely butchered too. I mean it's not my band, but if I heard this version first I probably wouldn't care as much to hear the rest of the album. That new mix of Aquasun is as thin as tracing paper, too.


    Fuck YES! If I heard this before I heard the original, I wouldn't have even bothered with the band. I mean, it's okay to sound like this live, but studio versions are supposed to be nice, like the original haha


    the session they did with audiotree sounds way better


    I agree, I'm not a fan of this band but I liked this song. I first randomly found it (the original) on Spotify and I liked it. And now after a while I decided to listen it again and I found this version and... Something is just not right. The ending is rough (in a bad way). I really like the part after the verse but... That's it. Though I have to say there is still a lot of potential for a band that is not very known.

  86. Don Fappino

    You make some really good music! Keep it up.

  87. José Anzastigue

    Fucking awesome ❤️

  88. Gian Zambrana

    Is that Samuel Grubbs?

  89. Dragon Simmer


  90. Walther Rodríguez

    come to México madafakas!

  91. navyguitarist

    you guys are awesome!!!

  92. skdavis09

    #nirvana #davegrohl #territorialpissings #disappointed

    Jesus Gonzalez

    Oh hell no dude

  93. Afrizal Akhlaqi

    video was great, prefer the original over the deluxe version

  94. Regina Se

    I'm in love with Alex

  95. Ben

    Bangin as always lads

  96. Drew R

    Fuck Andrews voice is sounding so good

  97. James Lanbury

    the last scene of the band together ruins this music video. and that jarg 90s style tv behind, who dees niggas tryna kid? take that fake ass title fight shit home and redo this video with a bitta pizazz

  98. Devin Adams


  99. spaceprinces420