Basement - Cloud (Demo) Lyrics

I was standing on a cloud
Hoping to fall down
And land beneath your feet
For you to walk on me
And follow close the line
With each step across my spine
So I can take the pain
To help me breathe. Slowly.
Lift me if you can. Hold me.
In the centre of your hand. Show me.
What it means to be a man. Slowly.
Close your fingers down now.

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Basement Cloud (Demo) Comments
  1. weoweoteo

    I wish they would’ve kept this version on the album and maybe released it as a b side (like cloud)

  2. Kurisu Wolf

    i'm in love with the ending part dude...

  3. Luke Moran

    For some reason this songs reminds me of sitting in my living room drinking tea on a rainy autumn day . I love this song and Basement very much .

  4. Mitchell Dillon

    Different vibe than the album version, but both are equally beautiful. I do wish they kept the "And you're on my side evermore"

  5. Superior Beast

    Sounds a lot like Starflyer 59. Nice. 👌

  6. Katie Spratt

    Does anyone know what is being sung at the very end, I love the melody, it sounds like he is saying "And you're on my side evermore" but not sure if this is right.

    Stephen Brown

    Yeah, you're spot on. I have the 7 inch and can confirm those are the lyrics.

    Anna La

    Love those lyrics, they've been stuck in my head all day.

  7. Reid Everidge

    Now this is a solid dad jam.

  8. JayTheHelmetGuy

    I like this version a lot, but can see why it wasn't included on the album. If I didn't know I'd have never guessed this was Basement

  9. TheOptimal

    Its better than the album version