Barry Manilow - Windy Lyrics

Who's peekin' out from under a stairway
Calling a name that's lighter than air
Who's bending down to give me a rainbow
Everyone knows it's Windy

Who's tripping down the streets of the city
Smilin' at everybody she sees
Who's reachin' out to capture a moment
Everyone knows it's Windy

And Windy has stor-my eyes
That flash at the sound of lies
And Windy has wings to fly
Above the clouds (above the clouds)
Above the clouds (above the clouds)

And Windy has stor-my eyes
That flash at the sound of lies
And Windy has wings to fly
Above the clouds (above the clouds)
Above the clouds (above the clouds)

Who's tripping down the streets of the city
Smilin' at everybody she sees
Who's reachin' out to capture a moment
Everyone knows it's Windy

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Barry Manilow Windy Comments
  1. Lucky Me

    Discovered this beauty today! 🤩

  2. Pauhana Flyday

    So mellow and so cool.

  3. revuutube

    Right ok ease up on the pitch correction yeah?

  4. Mikey_Suze Four

    How can there be 47 haters of this duet?? I thought hearing Barry Manilow & The Association with cool harmonies would be enough. :-/

  5. Roger King

    Why don't they have talent like this these days .

  6. Luis Cervantes

    A superb cover, better than original.

  7. Ihras Macias

    another beautiful version of Cherish. try Andy Williams or David Cassidy as well. btw.. who is listening this song in 2018..LOL

    Mikey_Suze Four

    I'm listening in April 2019!

  8. 邱偉立

    golden hair so much beautiful ... this is video of heaven

  9. 邱偉立

    barry so sweet voices...thank you all sweet 4 grandsons of you.....carry on...thank god.......their handsome me .... please.they have to appear.....even i am chinese or an old woman and a foreigner.....this is just i want....i only care music nothingelse

  10. connection2011

    My Mom was shocked when Barry came out Gay, yet we still Love and Cherish you, she questioned who paid for the wedding when there is no bride I said they elope in Vegas is that right?

  11. marcie balme

    lovely music

  12. Chaderic27

    Just realizing how wordy this song is. Seriously could use less on lyrics &/or more instrumental. I love how someone already pointed out that the title says w/lyrics & are not displayed in the video...Hahahahaha

    Dave Teves

    Chaderic27 The lyrics are in the description box, mate!

  13. Harry

    BRILLIANT! I LOVE IT. Barry you're a Legend xx

  14. Michael J. LeBeau

    I grew up with the Association---it was my very first concert.Years later saw Barry 3 times in Phoenix.So much music to be grateful for.

  15. Robert Acorn

    the song still haunts me..

  16. Mack Millicco

    When they started singing Windy, it should have been as fast-paced as the original was. Would've been a more powerful twist.

    A Priscilla

    I thought that at first, too - but now I think the tempo change is neat.

  17. víctor Valdelomar

    three much!!!

  18. Queen LoveOfMyLife

    sad. BM Irather hear David Cassidy or just leave it alone.


    elizabeth luz LoveOfMyLife especially now... :( r.i.p. David Cassidy

  19. MJ Hotel

    OMG this is horrible

  20. coco99

    Have this CD and i love this song Barry and accociation brilliant

    Magda Sanchez

    I have it too

    Diane Jordan

    I love this duet,...I play my CD constantly, such a pleasant song.



  21. Roberto Vaca

    Hermosa versión con Barry. es un gran cantante.

  22. Texas Ray

    Normally "w / lyrics" means the lyrics are visible.

    Dave Teves

    Texas Ray normally, you'd check the description box if you can't find any.

  23. Jorge Mario Rodas

    One of the most Romantic songs I have ever listened.  It describes very well what one feels when one loves someone but is afraid to say so for fear of being rejected.

  24. manga12

    my two favorite association songs cherish and windy, but this arangement is a bit more like something from a wayne newton vegas show or broadway , but berry is a good singer, my mom loved his music and I sometimes listen to his songs because it reminds me of her, she passed from comlecations of a heart attack in 09, and she was a home buisness owner so during summer and the days off from school as well as the weekends I spent lots of time with her, she had italian blood in her, and was a strong influance on me, her and her sister before she too passed, to understand what she ment to me you would have to know the love of italians for their mother, and then watching tv with her after homework watching nick at night and tv land, or disney channel, when my dad had to work the late shift, so dont judge, I have not met an italian american man yet that was not at least a little bit of a mommas boy, and the love they have for them mom it is special.

  25. Lyn Evans

    Wow...I've always loved these songs but I gotta say...much to my surprise....with Barry in these versions...they are even better than the originals!

    Texas Ray

    @Lyn Evans
    I can''t agree on that. The Association's version is a work of art. This falls way short.

  26. sanedcab1

    I just have to say that I still love this song! It sounds as if Barry has always sung with the guys from the Association!

  27. RJ McAllister

    Association members on the session were Jordan Cole, Russ Giguere, Bruce Pictor, Del Ramos, Larry Ramos, Robert Werner and James Yester.  The roster has changed over the years, most notably Terry Kirkman, who wrote "Cherish".  Manilow is close to the same age as the Association (he's 71 in 2014), but seems younger to some because he didn't get that first chart hit until 1974.  "Cherish" stays on my short list of favorites;  Manilow did this medley's arrangement himself. And Manilow's use of original artists on the series of 'greatest songs' CD's in the 2000's helped bring those artists newfound recognition. Also, this is one great track.

    marcie balme

    nicely said

    Mikey_Suze Four

    Expertly done comment.

  28. hydroglyphic

    Annabelle brought me here! Jk this is a classic

  29. beb6375

    Does anyone know which of the Association band members are singing on this track?  Sounds like Terry, Russ, and Larry ... and someone else??  Thanks!

  30. Sâmela Rosa


  31. David M Yee

    I love this arrangement.

  32. Wolfsky9

    A masterful arrangement done by total pros who know just how to do it . Beautifully done, but PLEASE : what is that photo about ?? Wolfsky9, 66 y/o


    french horns idiot listen......

  33. RW Entertainment

    Sorry to say this, but Manilow sounds a bit flat during Cherish. The Association sounds much more together, probably because they've been singing these songs forever. The arrangement is fantastic though.

  34. Beo Lime

    Gilmore Girls <3

  35. jmcgatkinson

    A great combination, craftily merging 'Cherish' and 'Windy'. A fine 'association' of 2 hit songs, striking a big 'chord' in the audience..

  36. fharrell100

    So serene is Christ Jesus love, grace&mercy which I Cherish! #CherishGod #GodsLove4Us #ProLifeEternal @walkintheway

  37. jaywars

    great flow of the song.....nice!

  38. Wacokid48

    the 60's just blew our minds with the diversity and quality of music. here you go! Just love these guys...don't mind me as I'm just a fool..or maybe it's just a fact?

  39. Jeff H

    Second from left is Ashton Kutcher.

  40. Frazzledatforty

    I love these songs/melody. It reminds me of my late mother. I love it, but hate it. So sad and bittersweet. She was of this era and died young. :(

  41. Michael Lazzeri

    Well, I'm as mystified by the photo as anyone, but this is a wonderful mdely / mix, & I say Well Donbe Barry & Association!! Wolfsky9

  42. mooninite99

    I absolutely love this medley, but can someone please explain to me what the significance of that picture is?


    french horns idiot, listen................

  43. Amberlee Benoit

    I used to have a stuffed animal that sang this. <3

  44. Bruno47602


  45. y657tfug

    gilmore girls brought me here

  46. Spooder

    Did no one else come here after watching feed?

  47. dhloup1

    Cherish sounds great. Windy is a bit weak.

  48. Orlando Biscalchin Junior

    a sentiment without reasons

  49. Orlando Biscalchin Junior

    this music make remember one place surreal

  50. Wacokid48

    want a perfect moment?..just listen....

  51. Wacokid48

    Barry knows the classics...and Cherish is timeless ! Thanks for keeping the faith..

  52. degarmome

    The Lettermen do an outstanding version of Cherish also.... Check it out !!

  53. partymonsterri

    What does the picture of the guys with the horns have to do with these songs? No pic of the Association???

    Dacia Project

    partymonsterri None. Random highschool kids.

  54. myrbl30

    Such a beautiful song . It takes me back . XOXO

  55. Janelle Jazz Singer

    @tillieanne76 Sorry for my late reply. I'm just learning this YouTube stuff & just saw your comment now. No, he was on his own, no one opening with him, & just a terrific band backing him, including 3 other guys on keyboard. At one point they walk in a circle around one piano and take turns doing solos -- fun! I think it takes a very generous, humble, beautiful person to share the spotlight with other pianists like that.

  56. 714AD


  57. windyrain storm

    ohhhh how i love this song! i love u barry manilow! :D

  58. Perry Perrie

    I'm in total awe. . I've never heard of this group until I bought the Barry Manilow 60's. I play this over repetitively cus the harmony is so's so romantic..sigh!

  59. Janelle Jazz Singer

    I love these two songs together. Brilliant arrangement! In June 2011 I saw Barry Manilow's show in Vegas. I thought it would be one of those things that "stay in Vegas," but I was wrong, with apologies to Mr. Manilow. I'm telling EVERYBODY! He was a child prodigy, recorded "Nature Boy" at age 4 with dead-on pitch. Wow, wow, wow. Catch his show, people. The Association & Barry Manilow are national treasures.

  60. juan T.

    i'm mexican and que buena version y combinacion de voces de barry y los asociados ademas del buen sonido me encanta thanks very much.

  61. BadIdeaBearCub

    Anybody else feels like this Windy in slow tempo sounds like Enya's Orinocco flow?

  62. author

    What a great sound, with 2 great recording acts: The Association and Barry Manilow. Thanks for posting it.

  63. Paul Andrada


  64. Msaprilconquest

    love this version

  65. Msaprilconquest

    wow...great version!

  66. Joseph Vitug

    If will be given a chance to be a judge in a musical contest like star power etc etc., I will advise these contestants to concentrate in music that comes from the heart not from the mouth.

  67. Andre Luke

    cherish...traces...windy...classics like these should be remade using the the latest recording technology...i wasn't even born when these songs came out but i never get tired of listening to's just so frustrating to listen to all the pops and crackles of old records...i wish they're this crisp and clear...thanks for posting:D

  68. StevieB1362

    Great song, wish there was video of them all singing together.

    Aldo Wellichan


  69. Pax Tecum

    idioticscheme666: Thanks for posting this video. (The group is "The Association"--no s on the end.)

  70. coijoi

    Many thanks for posting it! You gave my youth back

  71. melodygirl111

    this is a beautiful arrangement. Very creative. Great combination. Very impressive as usual, Mr Manilow. :)

  72. Virgilio Gabriel

    3:27 is awesome.. Great songs, great arrangement.

  73. james dean

    whos the blonde guy in front hes hawt?

  74. HonkIfYouLoveHonking

    So bleeping gay. I'm feeling sick to my stomach. I need to quickly find some heavy metal or something to keep myself from puking.

  75. Danny Pridmore

    great! Barry is the best! Love the Association too!

  76. Ken Pettus

    Its cool the way they marge two great songs.

  77. manwomanboogie

    i love this version too...Barry as always, love what he does and he's sincere, it all comes out in his music. i used to have a crush on him when i was little, Lol - he still looks great too.

  78. manga12

    it is thicker, more more like a showtune, but at least they use real tubular bells though part of this song like the origional studio release was. but this is a bit heavier, but not as bad as some of the covers of other pop songs and at least its not remade totaly like westlifes version of up town girl or shadows of the night by ashley tusdale.

  79. anthony Ash

    I could not have said it any better!!!!

  80. mysweetmrmanilow43

    if you dont´s like this cover version,dont listen it anymore so easy,but please a respect to this great singer,arrengenged,and songwriter ,dont worry dear Barry,you know to smile with silly comments like this,and we your fans are and believe in you forever and ever,the one,love you and please keep singing

  81. mysweetmrmanilow43

    Go Barry,yu´re alwais the best,and so wonderful and great,love you!!!

  82. Beth Heinecamp

    This is absolutely one of the most INTERESTING interpretations I've ever heard!!!! WOW! Barry Manilow was so very talented. The song's ending harbors of new kinds of music we now take for granted (i.e., if you listen to bubble-gum top-40--this type of music can incorporate technologically musical prowess, when in actuality it sounds like crap).

  83. Sanedmex1

    Are you aware that some of the guys of the original group is singing here? There was a video about Barry Manilow talking about making this cut. It'd be great if you all see it. I couldn't find it, I guess it was deleted....

    Anyway, I love this whole version of the song. Thanks for posting it.

  84. Tyler Scotto

    He is a great song and does it better than the original!

  85. Jan Hodgson

    I think it was a good decision to do this version. Especially the background vocals by the association.Cherish is a very complex song,and this makes it sound like a wonderful tune you sing walking in a meadow.Thanks.

  86. frank macalino

    it sounds good too.

  87. Bagatellamusic

    This sounds a lot like autotune on the voice...?

    Nate Newman

    Bagatellamusic It is being auto tuned.

  88. Sanedmex1

    I've heard that song a lot of times and I could swear that I always imagined Barry singing it, before he actually did. I had the same feeling with other songs from the 60's album.

    I have the album, but it's always nice to see the songs in Youtube!

  89. javelin1010

    Thx to Barry for keeping songs like this alive but this Association tune has never left the airwaves. Thx Association.

  90. Pedro Jenking Ortega

    good Barry along with the Associations, bringing back good memories

  91. gto66solstice08

    Sorry, Barry... Your work fits the memory of my late wife(married1977-1992)..This song is about growing up in the late 60's to me. You'all have done a good job, but you are from different times. But I still remember.....

  92. B52sguy

    This song, "Cherish" is one of the most perfect songs ever, I mean ever created. And Barry does a great job of this mix.
    Hats off to him for recognizing genius when he hears it.
    Joseph F

  93. Wacokid48

    so what do you call this? is it a tribute?
    maybe....just maybe...or it 's pure inspiration and realization that the chords,.. words and melody are pure genius ??? long live their songs and their legacy !!

  94. Johnnywr

    This apparently `simple` pop song is in fact a rather odd and complex masterpiece of chordal and voicing modular arranging. If someone today were to compose and record this song exactly as it sounds here they would be deemed a genius of songwriting though in a rather kitsh sort of way.

  95. jlr0926

    this is a great mix; the originals were before my time, but I always enjoyed them; grew up w/Barry on the radio as well. This song is featured on his Greatest Songs of the 60's album and it is always a pleasure to hear. And, Mr. Manilow was the "clever" arranger of this gem.

  96. B52sguy

    I am so ashamed of myself that it has taken me so long to find this gem. Now all you younger people, this is music.
    Cherish was number ONE for 1968 and 1969 in Philadelphia in a listener poll collected by WIBG, and of record sales.(45s)
    Joseph F