Barns Courtney - Hands Lyrics

We watched the bands until the stars burn out the morning sky
You dragged me in became the skin that keeps me warm at night
All that you left me was a number, on the back of my hand

I kissed the poison on your lips till I was paralyzed
Now all the chemicals are burning right between my eyes
All that you left me was a number, on the back of my hand
I got nothing

So I've been walking I'm gonna find you
Through every backstreet I will run through
I count the days till I can bring you home
Your hand in my hand

Lets slip away I know a place some where outside of town
I lost your grip out in the rain amongst the raging crowd
And all your numbers started fading, from the back of my hand
I got nothing

So I've been walking I'm gonna find you
Through every backstreet I will run though
I count the days till I can bring you home
Your hand in my hand, yeah

Woohoo woohoo yeah...
Till I can bring you home
Woohoo woohoo yeah...
Sill I can bring you home

So I've been walking I'm gonna find you
Through every backstreet I will run through
I count the days till I can bring you home
Your hand in my hand

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Barns Courtney Hands Comments
  1. jamari winston

    we watch the bands

  2. jamari winston

    Morning sky

  3. Blazeheart 13

    His music is great for road trips in the us

  4. mattyman 626

    Who here new this song before mlb the show 17

  5. Ilias Kalliakmanis

    Why is the instrumental different than the spotify version

  6. Christmas Gamer

    Hozier and barns Courtney should collaborate. Change my mind

  7. Leah Sutherland

    Seeing all these "he's gonna get big! I can't wait!" Comments. From 2 and 3 years ago. Makes me sad. He's still not gotten the attention he deserves.

  8. Just Lewis

    I love this so much. Listening in 2019. Barns is my favourite singer ever.

  9. Kennedy VulCan

    I just realized in addition to being a look alike of the Credence/Barry Allen Actor, Barns Courtney's music is very similar to Ethan Jame's life, good music for sure that

  10. Kitchenofduty

    I love this version so much more!! I miss it on Spotify 🥵🥵

    Itz Ladel

    Dont they have it on spotify

  11. Isme isme

    everyone: I know him from '17 and Safe!!

    Me: *is here from a cuphead animatic*

  12. Illright

    Over and over and over and over

  13. ThatOne AwkwardCentry

    I've heard this before even knowing this guy, never even crossed my mind that it was him!

  14. Frans Manurung

    Where ? Everyone have to seen

  15. Marcelo Dv

    Este chico es muy bueno

  16. scoots32 208

    Miss the music show 17

  17. Medieval Knight 415

    Los de habla hispana que se reúnan dioses

  18. Victor emanoel

    Barns rumo ao sucesso...

  19. Zoe A.

    I just found this song.

  20. kujo1999

    Went to elle king. He opened. 4 songs in he played this I was like where the hell do I know this from?!?!?!? My wife said your baseball game. I'm a huge fan now.

  21. Joey Brown

    Hands is to The Show '17 as My Coco was to MVP Baseball 2004

  22. Nick Perron

    Here because of MLB The Show 17

  23. Captain Crash

    This video reminds me of the hardest button to button by the white stripes' video

  24. Skinzz

    I like this version better than the album version I bought on i-tunes. In that version the vocals and guitar are really distorted. This version is much more pleasing to the ear. Where can i get this version??? Anyone??

  25. rebeca jimenez

    Tienes una gran fan en México ❤️

  26. Amy Lewis

    Great like dislike ratio

  27. TheFurrylollipop777


    MC Custom Knives

    TheFurrylollipop777 always 😎

  28. Matt Eaton

    my walk up song after poppin by ibp and imperial march

  29. Skazzi

    Hello, really enjoying your amazing music... First song I heard was glitter and gold :) I wish you all the best

  30. Gehrig vlogs

    MLB the show 17 song love you guys

  31. Joel Mills

    i saw you when you played in Bristol, and oh my god was this one good in that small enclosed room!!

  32. LunaticSphere

    Honestly, I love this song as much as The Show 17. This song is the reason why I love to log onto The Show 17 and do nothing on the main menu screen for minutes.

  33. BB Hess

    Dark horse. Definitely.
    I am very pleased to hear such a raw coarse unique sound from such a young artist.
    Bravo Barns! The feeling, emotions that have driven a strong person of pure self determination are evident. Thank you for your individualism, I appreciate your tenacity. Keep doing just this.

  34. R3DD HOOD TV

    MLB 17: The Show 🔥

  35. Meadow Duran

    Im glad @brightgoat introduced me to u guys. U guys should be just as popular as imagine dragons

  36. gnrocker100

    One of a kind truly underrated artist 🎸

  37. Haileehsm

    Stumbled across this song. I can't get enough of it. Mad thumbs up! :p

  38. German Mauricio Villamizar

    88k subscribers? The 10m should have more music is very good, there are people who have great talent and people not supported, I am disappointed that people likes this most Reggaeton Music 😔😔😔

  39. 알아서해;;

    barns, plz vistit korea 😂😂


    This is the John Mellencamp of this era

  41. Deb Hathaway

    I will be in the audience when you open for the Kooks on Feb 25 in Clifton Park, NY.

    You are an amazing presence! I'm excited to see you before everyone else discovers you!!

  42. Gabrielle Lauzon

    I love it sooo much when he has this hairstyle

  43. Nat Von D

    Amando sua voz e música😍❤

  44. Jeff Leonard

    Such an underrated artist. But, the dude is amazing. He needs some major air time on the radio! #RequestBarns

  45. Cecilia Davila

    the best thing youtube recommended to me...

  46. Sage Derrig

    Heard this on The Show and thought this would just be a shitty country artist. But I am always intrigued by video game soundtracks and looked into Barns Courtney. His body of work is amazing and I think it definitely deserves more attention.

  47. OD Trick Shots

    Reply if your here for The Show 17



  49. Little

    And I would walk five hundred miles- _k i'll see myself out_

  50. Jeff Leonard

    This guy is definitely gonna take off in the next year or two.

  51. Irving Castellanos

    I just can't understand why does this version of the song isn't in spotify :(

  52. Erika :]

    im so proud of this boy

  53. Narek

    the beginning reminded me slightly of "kryptonite"

  54. ThatOne Kid123105

    THE SHOW 17!

  55. NINJASTYLE 721


  56. Kiana Collins

    I've noticed that I haven't seen one single hate comment on every video I've seen. Not one. This makes me happy😊

  57. its all

    Oh shit he is so fucking good

  58. King DinoFormer X


  59. Tony in Tasmania

    Another awesome song Barns. I've been listening to a whole bunch of your songs & I'm just amazed at your talent. I'm a 58 & love your sound. I think you will have a great appeal to a wide range of age groups. Keep up the great work

  60. rebeca jimenez

    My favorite song 😚😘
    Un saludo desde México

  61. Julius Gutierrez

    Awesome videos thanks

  62. Christopher Lamb

    He is going to be big.

  63. Eve Tmtc


  64. Chadwick Allen

    Pelease come to indianapolis indiana I would pay anything to see you

  65. Pamela Crouse

    Where the heck have you been hiding? Holy cow, what an incredible voice. Come to Cleveland, OH!

  66. xsasukex

    When you got to find your dog cause he ran away lol.

  67. Jake Selig

    MLB The show anyone.


    MLB THE show 17

  69. Fatima Molina

    Esta es mi favorita de todo el disco. Me encanta tu música, sigue haciendo canciones tan buenas como esta. Saludos desde México :D

  70. Geek37

    I think we found this generation's version of George Michael...

  71. 이서준

    This music is my favorite song. Because it is very funny. And it is my alarm song.^^ And this song has been stand at 'MLB THE SHOW 17's song.

  72. William Baumgartner

    Why is the only version on iTunes different than this

  73. Barry Williams

    S/O to my mlb 17 people

  74. Elmer Nickell

    Hes like what 18 why does he have the voice of a 45 year old man

  75. Benjamin 287

    Anyone here from MLB the show 17?

  76. C6H6

    I seriously love all of your songs...!

  77. Nae nae

    Wait... I remember this from MLB the show

  78. Abigail Smith

    Gonna be Huge....mark my words!! I love this dude!!

  79. R.G Spade

    My son and my 9 year old son rock out to this on the Show 17

  80. LiquidFire ZoZ

    shit man i really am suprised kicks wasnt ur biggest hits i feel in love with it due to need for speed payback but i always jam it when im in a race. but im surprised whem i dug deeper into your music list and i cant impressed. you got talent

  81. max spits fax

    I heard this song on the show 17 and I thought it was really good

  82. move현

    Mlb the show!!!

  83. Sofija Božič

    Thank you️❤️

  84. Logic Bex

    Became fan because of this song and your cool 😎

    Kezzie Phillips

    BexGamingYT *you’re

  85. Engardian

    I fucking love this song.

  86. Penguin

    Old AF and Good AF!

  87. Joy Bautista

    MLB 17 anyone?

  88. Geri Danielson


  89. Daniel 457

    Who comes cause the show wont install haha

  90. Kris K

    Мне кажется, или я слышу нотки ранних работ Дэвида Боуи ?

  91. Martín Enemigo

    This version is better than the one in his album. Like, a LOT better.

  92. Baseball Fan42

    MLB 17 The show

  93. srfrgrl1983

    I love it! We need more of this! ❤️❤️

  94. João Paulo M. Zanol


  95. Doug Calder

    Add this band to the "fabulous few". listening to this at an 11.

  96. BlueBlood FallenAngel

    Love this man I have been following him from the beginning and he is the best

  97. Allyson Avery