Barbra Streisand - Starting Here, Starting Now Lyrics

Starting here, Starting now
When we walk, we walk together
Year by year, starting here
Starting now
When we talk
We wiII say the most with silence
When we're near
Starting here
Now when you sleep
You will dream a dream
That's free from care
For now when you wake
I'll be there so be still
Take my hand
For the greatest journey
Heaven can allow
Starting love
Starting here
Starting now
Now take my hand
For the greatest journey
Heaven can allow
Starting love
Starting here
Starting now...

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Barbra Streisand Starting Here, Starting Now Comments
  1. Milarepa Seebaran

    There will never be anything greater than this
    Music reached its peak with streisand

  2. Michael Mcgarry


  3. Lou

    There was never anyone like Judy Garland - and there's never been anyone since, except for Barbra.

  4. blanchefan

    It was just unbelievable then, and still is, that anybody--ANYBODY--could sing like that. The word "phenomenon" is overused, but it applies here.

  5. Thomas delvin

    this always remind me of those days first starting school running through the leaves back when we had them such early thoughts never disappear

  6. Evan Seago

    This is my favorite song of hers and this is my favorite performance of hers!!!!

  7. tlw1950

    She’s 24 here.


    Actually, tlw, the special was shown on March 30, 1966. She turned 24 the next month on April 24. We do love our Barbra trivia! :)

  8. Jacob Mizrahy

    The golden voice of the greatest female singer in the world. No one can match this Mega Super Star. Her belting notes can touch the clouds.

  9. Noe Berengena

    I watched a video cassette of Barbra singing this, and I re-played it 6 times before going to bed. A spectacular performance sans precedent -- unequaled by any other artist. I actually saw the entire program. The phenomenal young Barbra reached iconic status in that one hour, showing coast-to-coast America her dedication to the highest standards. With every move she makes it is obvious that she is in control of every breath and gesture. Watching her hands in those final moments it was clear to me that she was resolute to show what she could do.


    You can't see a video cassette

    Noe Berengena

    @thomascampr Why not? It was on an old-fashioned cartridge (the kind with tape inside) which you pop into a VCR connected to a television. After that you push "PLAY." // Voilà comment cela se fait. Pas très difficile du tout.

    Bill Piechocki

    @ noe berengena


    Very well said, Noe! Amen--

  10. Marcos Eduardo Nascimento

    A true treasure of world music. This level of talent, unfortunately, we never have the pleasure to admire and applaud.

    Anthony Peters

    Marcos Eduardo Nascimento so true!

  11. David Brothers

    I hate the way they drown out Barbras last long note by making the applause too prominent. I love this song.

    Noe Berengena

    Yeah, that crowd sounded like a rabble bussed in from Brooklyn, didn't it?

    Ron Laurence

    I was in that audience, at the taping of that special. It was absolutely magical. The final segment of the special was actually done like a concert. And we were very specifically instructed that during the songs, we were absolutely NOT allowed to applaud, holler, scream, or anything. Nothing. Or we'd be sent out from the theatre. Same thing with this final song, but at that last note, one of the producing staff got on the set and signaled us to go wild with the applause, etc, which we did.

  12. Bill Piechocki

    It doesn't get any better than this...

    richard fouts

    oh boy you got that right !

    B Joan

    so true


    You are so right, Bill. And as you probably know, on her concert tour in 2006, she opened the show with this song! People gasped with pleasure, but with a little trepidation: Could she still hold those long high notes? Well, she did (this was in Atlanta)! So completely thrilling. Of course in 1966 when she taped this special, there was no doubt at all that she could do anything--and she did! :)

    Edith Carter

    Bill Piechocki Certainly doesn’t

  13. Larry Jones


    Bill Piechocki

    Larry Jones, Dare I say Beyond Remarkable!