Baraz, Alina - Floating Lyrics

[Khalid and Alina Baraz:]
It's 2am and I'm still breathing
Staring at my thoughts
Floating up to the ceiling
I'm swimming in everything you said
I'm thinking 'bout jumping in instead
I've got you skinny dipping
Deep inside my head

[Alina Baraz:]
It's in the way you see, you know what I need
It's in the way that you're holding me
Bringing me close
You know that I won't let go, you've got me on repeat
You've got me in a dream
I let my worries go soon as you come through the door
Thinking 'bout what it'd be like to be yours

[Khalid and Alina Baraz:]
Every time you move
You're looking like you're dancing
I think that you could have it (Ooh ooh)
Everything you do
I want to do it with you
Don't ever want to miss you

Whoa, oh
[Khalid and Alina Baraz:]
You do, you do, you do
You do, you do, you do, you do

It's in the way you touch me
I don't know much about love
But I'll keep on checking my phone
To see when you're home
Or when you want me to pull up
We're one in the same
You got me caught in a daze
I love it when you say my name real slow
All my love is yours

[Khalid and Alina Baraz:]
I'm swimming in everything you said
I'm thinking 'bout jumping in instead?
I've got you skinny dipping
Deep inside my head

Every time you move
You're looking like you're dancing
I think that you could have it (Ooh ooh)
Everything you do
I want to do it with you
Don't ever want to miss you

Whoa, oh
[Khalid and Alina Baraz:]
You do, you do, you do
You do, you do, you do, you do

[Alina Baraz:]
2am and I'm still breathing
Staring at my thoughts
Floating up to the ceiling

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Baraz, Alina Floating Comments
  1. Amanda Borges

    Musicao da poha 😍

  2. Prancey

    Wow, this is so beautiful.

  3. rishi revanth

    In love with this song 00008884446666777711112


    Where have I been to miss this beautiful vibe✨

  5. Marky Mark

    I didn’t like this song but it grew on me, prolly why it hasn’t blown up hard, it was more lowkey

  6. Francis! La Sangre De Cristo Tiene Poder

    2020 anyone?

  7. Sam Bencashin

    I am so in love with this song

  8. Anime Tables

    What a banger bro

  9. Johnathan Jackson

    Beautiful 🔥❤️

  10. ecshady14

    Who's this? DA-DDY!!

  11. Angelbaby Olvera

    This should have 500M views I love this women!, she is amazing her music puts me in a euphoric state of mind... Much Positivity and love.

  12. starz gonzales

    This track keeps me warm and cozy in the winter!

  13. Clarissa Vasquez

    Reyal Pritraj I'm here 1 year too late haha but...
    im in luv

  14. bear coke

    미쳤다 개좋다

  15. Zayaan Sarlie

    I need a whole album with just khalid and Alina 😍👌🏼

  16. Hungjix linong

    Have beat for cover? 😿

  17. bryce atu

    Alina Baraz is so beautiful. Her music creates beautiful vivid images that goes way beyond the imagination. She really puts listeners at ease and places them in some trance. This song is a fine example of that. We need artists like her....

  18. Erin Blondie

    Love, love, love ❤

  19. Ethan Tang

    this shit makes me fucking VIIIIIIBE

  20. Shanika Hicks

    Heard this in my car about a week ago and it's been on repeat since💛💛💛

  21. Retro Vybz

    Here because of that Cameron Boyce vid getting make-up on

  22. 매화수

    Maybe only I know this song in Korea. I love ya 💕💕

  23. Pundarik Campos Torres

    Why on Earth is this song underrated like legit though

  24. Keryn Altomo

    Such a beautiful song. 😭

  25. funny knowledge

    My crush likes this song! So I'm here😍

  26. - i n R e v e r i e -

    still my fav daily jam! love the remix version too

  27. Maellegasy

    Alina is criminally underrated

  28. ki x2

    Him and her need a whole album I love electric ❤️❤️

  29. Mikaela M.

    I like it so muchh 🖤

  30. Sindy Rodas

    Dos de mis cantantes favoritos!!! 🤩😍

  31. Ester Chaterine Siboro


  32. Shino Milky

    Man this song definitely gives me chill
    Can't help myself singing long with this

  33. manda

    Finally found it!!!!!!

  34. Tisha Williams

    This our wedding song 🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️R❤️T always “ I told these lyrics on 💯don’t ever want to miss you “. 💋❤️😘💯

  35. Shweta Gore

    We need more such songs...also I don’t get why this is underrated??😫❤️

  36. Irene hernandez

    I Heard this song yesterday and I already love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. MellyTV

    Been here before the blow up!💯😍✨

  38. shivani dhuriya

    i think im in falling for underrated music more than the ones on billboard

  39. Justin Catagua

    This song kinda grew on me
    First time listening - "meh"
    Twelfth time listening - "2AM AND IM STILL BREATHIN"


    Justin Catagua Maaan ong😂😂

  40. Trinity Saintvil

    2019 anyone??

  41. Shantelle Massingham

    Is she not making music anymore ??? No videos for a year ! 😢

  42. Angel's Buns

    We need to make meme out of this

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    This song makes me sad and happy at the same time 🌌

  44. Hue

    2019 Anyone?

  45. Diamond Sky179

    Brilliant collab

  46. sentimental eonnie

    ive been waiting for youuuuuu alinaaaaaaaaaaaaa please come backk

  47. Trishy

    Still relevant lol these two make great music

  48. Tisha Williams

    Everything you do I want to do with you. Don’t ever want to miss you. Robert ♥️Tisha. Always n forever n a day +. I love u papi

  49. ok sure

    I wonder how I didn't know this singer sooner

    ok sure

    In love with her voice tbh ❤️

  50. Nyssah Figueroa


  51. Syarifah Maqhfirah Arsali

    Oh shit. Khalid again

  52. Bradley J

    You and Khalid make awesome music together. I barely went 10 seconds on the song and liked it. You should make an EP together.

  53. Ganice Parra

    So many 1 year agos... Welp I'm still here 💝🐙 this song and lavender & velvet will be on forever repeat Ughhh these two voices together is like heroin and cocaine together🙏 bless these angels

  54. Someonewholovesmusi1

    "Skinny dipping deep inside my ass" -best lyric


    I know but i cant unhear ass. Lol

  55. Pouplooser69 Br

    it's so fucking good

  56. Ineke Esquivel

    I love this song!! 😍
    And I love Alina Baraz!
    She is so pretty! Is a one of the my favorites singers! 💜

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    My boyfriend wouldnt tell me the name of this song so i killed his cat

  58. sonic exe

    i heard ihs in m nans car

    sonic exe

    i mean i heard this in my nans car

  59. K N

    This song was playing on repeat in the restaurant so i opened Shazam cz i needed to know what this song is and im annoyed that i never knew this song from before

  60. guccirobtv

    This is my shit bruh all I can do is think about my Twinflame 🥰

  61. PIXEL -

    I almost thought the guy singing was eden 👀👀👀

  62. KaDeija Dalrymple


  63. Thelma Grace

    Alina Baraz is there a book of the sheet music for your songs, especially for Unfold? If not, is there any way in getting it? Thank you ❤

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    This song is so underrated it's crazy

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    stan twice and loona cowards

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    Their collar is life... can’t help but to tear up with these vocals😩😭

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    Big facts!!! It’s better than every one of them.

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    "Deep inside my eedd" 😭❤ jk I adore this song. Alina is life.

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    Ima be real with u guys, I never listen to this kinda music most of my playlist is lil baby, gunna n travis Scott. But when I heard this song I was like dammmnn. This shit is real n I’ve been listening to this song all the time for real dawg

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    Btw savannah/svanna if you see this love you lots and your the best

    PS.i don’t know which way you spell it

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  94. Nichole Carter Music

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