Banner, David - Work Lyrics

Still spinnin' off last year
My dear, get more pussy than a past meal
Bitch I'm balling with my club like Paul Pearce
Black folded
Fade away shot pear
I'm still flying off the flow lear
Matter of fact I'm flying off to say hi to Ilyr
What I sail doesn't come with a beatle
That kind of slurp doesn't come with your meal

Niggas sticking on plan
'Til I Glock a AK and start crushing this brand
I do work
I'm just tryin' to skate as fly as a king
You know dope boy don't give the time to plans
Work, niggas sticking on plan
'Til I Glock a AK and start crushing this brand

I do work,
I sail to work
I got work
I'm rich and got work

I'm praying for forgiveness, crime blood in my eyes
I'm trying do better, but somebody gotta die
Fuck your gun trick with the Mickey Mouse click
Aka 47's Mac 11, let's get her, bitch!
Counterfeit kick doors, hoes tied up with some duck
I stopped smoking weed, fuckin' go, light it up!
The movies and the money mean nothing to my men
Who disrespects me nigga, I leave him dead in some fuckin' woods
Hard work, but no skill, though
Never had an honest job for bill folds
Just a blog and a scale under some I'll folks
And we ain't kicking it, we ball, no feel though
Bust some heads over here, no deals hoe
Tell you "go and fuck yourself, no dildo"
Fuck your government, I probably never will vote
Nigga, Tony Montana, our hero

Niggas sticking on plan
'Til I Glock a AK and start crushing this brand
I do work
I'm just tryin' to stay as fly as a king
You know dope boy don't get retirement plans
Work, niggas sticking on plan
'Til I Glock a AK and start crushing this brand

I do work,
I sail to work
I got work
I'm rich and got work

Down South ain't been the same since the hurricane
Niggas lost in the cliffs and the everything
See the judge, give you time for squire cane
Thirty years for a kiss, not the fairest change
I'm free, but believe I feel their pain
So I got the big cover like Vera Wang
Full time trap nigga, probably never change
Got the rabid Crib McGyll suck the celophane
Dance hard like giraffe cock
80 tornados, been locked and got his ass popped
Both bloods, all skills, niggas keep it real
Pushing halla burden made over 2 bill
Our innocent skills, niggas out here dyin'
Women famous I pull which nigga dick they ridin'
Now I say reality shows
But in reality all bitches ain't nothing but hoes

Niggas sticking on plan
'Til I Glock a AK and start crushing this brand
I do work
I'm just tryin' to stay as fly as a king
You know dope boy don't get retirement plans
Work, niggas sticking on plan
'Til I Glock a AK and start crushing this brand

I do work,
I sail to work
I got work
I'm rich and got work

Niggas sticking on plan
'Til I Glock a AK and start crushing this brand
I do work
Dope boy don't get retirement plans

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Banner, David Work Comments
  1. H.dukes 95

    I’m happy we moved on from Beats like this this is a tough listen production wise

    Isaiah Winbrone

    When females were all natural back then no impants no injections

    H.dukes 95

    Isaiah Winbrone your kidding women us to get so many surgeries during the 2000s

  2. Notorious Petey

    That beat though!

  3. Cecelia Nichols

    This reallY doesn't work clean lol

  4. Joshua Berry

    I'm wit b high ATL wen this song came out it start goin down after hour clubs!

  5. Joshua Berry

    Did kanye steal this video idea from banner?

    Isaiah Winbrone

    Hell no

  6. M Lud

    Gotta be part of your gym mix !

  7. Isaiah Winbrone

    I wish they had stage pyrotechnics in this video

  8. Victoria Floyd

    Am I the only one who thinks he's more attractive nowadays?


    Bro change


    Does anyone know who the model is at the 2:20ish mark? She is so fine

    Isaiah Winbrone

    She's married to antonio gates

  10. ALEX JR•

    👌🏿🎵2020 # 🇧🇷

  11. Raye Goldring

    Love this track

  12. Only have this to comment lol Ahhh

    God- I-

  13. Pallah DaOracle

    This song is sex.

  14. Nick Hikes

    This song created gym thots. Prove me wrong...

  15. Karla Maria

    I member this was Jam of the week!!

  16. Jniaya Crockett

    Love this guy😍😘🤩

  17. Zulyy Darlén


  18. Priscilla Rivera

    Before all the ass shots 😂

  19. MoroseLoki C.A.

    Its peppermint swirl of women

  20. Sebuh Honarchian

    Stretching with high heels on. Lol

  21. pasupathi velan

    Legend says he still has the paper

  22. aaliymah

    Him going to kill Luscious in Empire brought me here.

  23. jake thompson

    He made enough edits to make a clean song that it's like he wrote two songs

  24. James Jay

    Still hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. D Williams

    Still in 2019😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  26. Theroseboy11

    This song and the album that's included in this has to be one of the most uncomfortable listens I've ever been to. But OH MY GOD IS IT FUNNY! This is so poorly rushed and played out that it's just a laugh time after time. This is one of the best so bad that it's good rap albums of all time.

  27. BMW M_Sports

    Tyga sampled this song

  28. Brown Cin

    Yess working out right now.... 2019 until.... Love David Banner

  29. NorthSide-er

    This video smells like fritos

  30. BabyDee1

    😍😍😍David Banner

  31. KenzieLadybug95

    'Like Bee when he hear "Honey Jar!" '

  32. Isaiah Winbrone

    I could only imagine if farrah franklin was in this video

  33. John Doe

    Hi are y’all here in 2019 ?

  34. Princess N

    Ahh this was one of the things that made me realize I love girls lol 🏳️‍🌈

  35. DrRiddlez2015

    This song peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2005

  36. Chief Sky

    Whoa I need to workout lol

  37. joe dirt

    Oohh shit son

  38. ShadowMonk3y

    Do you listen to this in the gym or in the bedroom? I'm confused.

  39. Juan Cardona


  40. Isaiah Winbrone

    All those women in this video were smokin hot sexxxy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Isaiah Winbrone

    All those women in this video were sweating like they were working out inside the hot fire flame steel mill 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Rochelle Whittingham

    Back when XXL eye candy was big! I can name about 4 of these video girls🙋🏾‍♀️🙌🏾🥰

  43. It’s Kaedence Kaedence’s life

    Still my gym song...a decade later....u make me work David Banner 💗💗💗💗

  44. Bruce Wayne

    I didn’t know title of song so had to search by using words “ black guy whisper in gym “


    Bruce Wayne 😂😂😂

  45. SkySailorStudios

    Why is this dude not working out too?
    Banner: Yeah girl. Get fit. Sweat. Keep running.
    Girls: Hey, you wanna work out too?
    Banner: Nah I'm reading the news.

  46. Jerry Jacob

    Anyone else think that maybe David should be doing the exercises instead?

  47. courtney brothers

    2019 and I'm still a pervert loving this song🙌

  48. B Parker

    Catch it in ya mouf like ya last name moss LOLLLL best line ever

  49. Kimberly Williams

    When I listen to the song on the way to work "explicit version", I always imagine Kappas stepping to this.
    . I just listened to the real explicit version, never knew it existed. Now I realize I was listening to the clean version with the moaning

  50. Claudio Rabsten

    before there was dj mustard there was this :O

  51. Ria Lequay

    Back when natural bodies were in!! Bring natural bodies back! These girls were effortlessly beautiful. I remember when I was a teen watching this.

  52. Michael Sunderman

    Great workout song!

  53. Deahra Shelton


  54. Destiny Netope

    Work them hips 💯

  55. AdamScrimz

    Something seems off about this work out song and video 🧐

  56. Danniell C

    When he said bring it to me sweaty cuz I love it when it's funky.......🤢🤢🤢


    feromones,man, feromones

  57. kronos poker


  58. Tyesha


  59. AngeliseValenya

    Feeling so nostalgic...

  60. johnn romerr

    Esta cancion estubo muy adelantada a su tiempo

  61. Bayu Hariyanto

    Did tyga copy dis shid ?

  62. Laurel Sinclair

    This look like the older version of swalla by Jason Derulo Aha x

  63. Dani Stark

    This song has me so open and sprung on David omgg

  64. Raye Goldring

    Still heat in 2019

  65. Raymond Bermea

    The explicit version sounds better for the video.

  66. Kyle Dimetri

    BET 106 and park when it was good

  67. Kovu

    Like mike when he hit Billie Jean.

  68. SunKissNicole

    He went from a nasty mothafucka to a classy, woke man.

    That's so crazy to me!


    I'd take both of him. The dirty version is filthy and I like it lol. This version of him is hot too.

    The Sp1r1tWalk3r

    Getchu one. #amazing

  69. Harbor Chick7

    He’s even SEXIER #Today😩! 🥰

  70. Boo Yaa 187

    My favorid

  71. trudon

    beat sounds like fart noises

  72. ahmet tekci

    porn song !!!

  73. Vielka Rodriguez

    I like it. So sexy but clean and their are dressed. Classy.

  74. Jackie Miller

    The pervert's anthem or rapist anthem

  75. S k

    First song i had sex to after a work out with my bf.

  76. The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke

    *Am the only one getting rapist vibes from Banner on this one?*

  77. Stephen Hymes Jr.

    Don't play with me 😂😂😂

  78. Adventures of Truck Driving Deva

    How ppl thumbs downing. Smh.. It's ruff in YouTube projects😂😂😂😂crowd harder than the Apollo sandman.

  79. Larry Green Jr.


  80. Reniesha Collins

    Dick....great motivator

  81. Darrylyn quick

    I remember watching videos on vh1 soul. Omg this was one of my favorite so many colors and beautiful women

  82. giovanna G

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  83. Arthur Araújo

    it ant akon tho!

  84. Liliny23

    I listen to this while im working out its like hes talking each time..I go so hard😄

  85. Tarisha Augustin

    Had to play this one time in 2019!!

  86. Kelly101Girl

    Workout body goals for sure

  87. Cammdc 1

    Idk which "whisper" kinda song came first but this one is way better than the long yang twins one..

  88. F.R Beats


  89. Rae ofLyte

    OMG I haven't heard this in FOREVER xDDD
    Also, time to get that gym membership I've been meaning to get. As soon as I get back from helping my brother and his wife in Cali~

  90. Vedansh Nahar

    Just another fitness class for david banner

  91. Babisha Tomlinson

    2019 !!!!!I loved this one thank God for the 90s.

  92. MrDietmint

    Good !!

  93. BJJ&MMA Jerusalem

    Short hair girl #1

  94. Jaren Roam

    Amazing video

  95. Smells like Cherry Cola


  96. Carolmel ATL Productions

    Gettin my workout on y'all 🏋😁

  97. Vincent Ybarra

    I would of never thought that was Sibley Scoles! I love it!