Banner, David - Believe Lyrics

[Hook: Jodeci Sample]
Do you believe in love?
And the promise that it gives
I wanna love you for life
Cause your love is why I live [x2]

[Verse 1: David Banner]
Banner when you coming back?
Tell me when I ever left?
I got two tatted on my spine
You on my mind and in every breath
Have I ever went on TV and not call your fucking name?
Yeah I slept with other dames, but my love for you don't change
Give a fuck what haters say
Bitch go drink some Gatorade
Bitch I get that money too
Never wood all in your face
But when I'm gone I'm gettin' cash
While them niggas on they ass
Fat as fuck fallin' off
While I keep my foot all on the gas
Keepin' my hand all up on the grain
God on my heart, money, or my brain
I got a little money but my heart didn't change
I bet a mothafucka gon respect your name
Don't smoke that much, ain't on that dust
Keep some hen all in my cup
Take my fingers twist them fucks
Say your name and throw it up

[Hook: Jodeci Sample]
Do you believe in love
And the promise that it gives
I wanna love you for life
Cause your love is why I live [x2]

[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
You always on my mind when I'm on the road
Doing shows, puttin' it down
For me and you, I remain true
And represent till' I'm underground
You do the same just as I would change
Hold your curb while the caddy swang
On them fuck niggas that ain't fuck with ya'
Cause of your past, until I came in yo life
I ain't ashamed to call you my wife
All these other hoes been' trife
Ain't no secret I be creepin', but I dedicate my life
To your warm embrace, skin as soft as that red clay
Heart beat like a 808, in my old school when I blast the bass
Rep this hear all in they face
Proudly say you in a southern state, of mind
Ain't no other worth my time
And when I set ya' out, you shine
For the world to see that you was meant for me
And I love you so
Mississippi I'm foreva with ya' through thick and thin
I just need to know, do ya'...

[Hook: Jodeci Sample]
Do you believe in love?
And the promise that it gives
I wanna love you for life
Cause your love is why I live [x2]

[Verse 3: David Banner]
Why they wanna talk about us?
They ain't never really gave a fuck about love
They ain't never really gave a fuck about you
A fuck about me, the S to I.P
The J to A.C
The D to A.V.I.D B.A double N.E.R
Rolling up 55 like a split cigar
All of my folks yellin' out 'You can't make it nigga'
I did though for my kin folks
You can't crush my heart it's been broke
In your river I been soaked
When I hear your name it gives hope
Don't smoke that much, ain't on that dust
Keep some hen all in my cup
Take my fingers twist them fucks
Say your name and throw it up
(Scratches) (YEA)

[Hook: Jodeci Sample]
Do you believe in love?
And the promise that it gives
I wanna love you for life
Cause your love is why I live [x2]

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Banner, David Believe Comments
  1. MC DJ Spins

    I need this beat


    Love it🖤

  3. Drty Porcelain

    Back here at the end of 2019 this shit still the truth!

  4. Truey Lewis

    imma keep clicking til this has a million plus plays like it should have already

  5. Terrence Ransom


  6. Corey Allen

    2019...still bangs!

  7. Young Banked

    Damn 2019 I still love this song

  8. John Bentley

    From 85 south exit 17... 321...
    Interstate 40 Maggie Valley exit....
    Yal kno the rest‼‼‼‼‼‼

  9. Geoffrey Mines

    Bmore in this bitch

  10. devon howard

    Crooked Letters In My Pedigree!!! I Am The Black Dragon!!! IMMORTALIZE ME!!!

  11. Jermaine Taylor

    2019krit here

  12. mychalpryor2473

    2019; late to the party, Big KRIT is the truth. Much love from West Side of the Chi

  13. Robert Collins

    That's why I fell in love wit the south in general because they so upfront and Real!!about everything being from the north mostly everybody is so phony and fake the Truth is always hidden 💯👑😎

  14. Tez 601

    STILL jamming this shit lol Love These Guys Mississippi Til the death of me

  15. Amina Hampton

    Hey dear... should I go back to him

  16. MC DJ Spins

    I wanna rock this beat but I can't find it .

  17. that's the guy

    this is a fuckin tuuuuuuuune💚

  18. Thatblackguy online

    Put me on the remix ik it's late but I love my state and the boot both my homes but I'm a coast boy first , sand on my back forever

  19. Kwame Taylor

    this my shit right chea

  20. Anthony Truman

    How did I just remember this song

  21. New Wavexz

    You can hear the sample used in my uzi in the background

  22. farr Q

    please check out his track..MY LIFE ft sky..everybody slept on it but its so real.

  23. Kenneth Taylor

    Do you believe in love

  24. Sara Rios

    Looking like trick daddy?

  25. Jeremy Harper

    Glad They Holding It Down For The Sipp ! #601#662 #WallsMS☝

  26. Jimmy C.

    Two legends💪🏾

  27. Jeron White

    I’m from Mobile Alabama but I support this

  28. Rack Syfha


  29. ellis 3520

    Wow I like this song late

  30. Mable Papillion

    Sweet indeed, bit true in life.

  31. Amina Humphreys

    Good 👍on beats, mix, i was so sad when you dropped this. Thank God my husband is okay now. U told me to sit still...i couldn't...i had to save him from them crooked ass cops

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    Why isn’t this on Apple Music?

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    Classic shit

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    Why don't this have more views smh

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    228 gpt

  36. Alex Booth

    This is just Banner'sway of telling us he hasn't forgotten us.
    And Krit, Crazy as it may sound is stamping the approval. Cause Banner put us on Map.
    But Krit is clearly #1 in Mississippi.
    The West coast tried to take hip hop back with Kendrick Laman.
    But look who saves the South. A Mississippi Dirt Road Soldier.

  37. Ramello Jones

    228 fa life!!!

  38. Jay Thomas

    U feel this in ur soul esp being from Mississippi ! 601

  39. Trayne Station

    RESPECT THIS GOD!!! 3rd coast

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    Mississippi rappers are a different breed

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    This song is cancer #Sick

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    The background synth in the hook sounds like the same one on "My Uzi" off The God Box

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    124 people can die.

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  47. Jonathan Hill

    I have not heard many songs that can compete with this on the soul tip. You can feel the state of Mississippi in the track


    Jonathan Hill real shit homie.. Nigga always get a little tear eyed when I hear this song

  48. Martin Williams

    Man why can't we promote more music like this in my generation, like this is the type of music I can listen to. Like this song, is really deep.

  49. Chris Jones

    the Mississippi for ever in my blood.

  50. retro b

    shit is still fire

  51. Karl Sylvain

    dem jodeci texas beats are bumpin!! who is the producer?

    Sheng Long is back!!!

    Karl Sylvain the guy rapping...

    Karl Sylvain

    no banner didn't produce that beat.
    it's the same guy that did ''you'r everything''

    nevermind it's mr. lee,
    just found it

  52. Solar Panel

    i wana loove you for liiiife, cuz ur love is why i liiive! damn memory lane with this shit...

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    I remember I met banner at club freelons in Jackson Mississippi in 05 cool guy..

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    Olive branch, ms checkin In

  63. Michael Holliday

    Sad I'm from Mississippi born and raised and never met banner and Grit do y'all thang yeah!

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    MS 601 😍. Born and Raised.

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    ebonique999 olive branch

    Fatimah 13 Starr

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    Madame13Allure TM Tupelo💯

    Fatimah 13 Starr

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    i love this song

  74. Shon Harris

    Most rappers from my state Mississippi rap about truth.  They also tend to be multi talented.  They make their own tracks, record their own vocals, sing, rap and write all their own lyrics because of our budget being so tight and limited resources.  Then since we are in the bible belt the lyrics seem to be street, struggle and God inspired.  With a feel of gospel and blues.  I love that sound (Banner and Krit)

    Ericka Lowefarrell

    Diane Threatt David Banner and Big Krit oh and rea summer I think that's how you say the group name

    LaTonya & Gregory Howard

    Right love my home Mississippi


    True 👏🏽👏🏽

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    Mississippi Delta Stand Up

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    came anyone tell me where they sample this beat from

    Cortez T

    +Keon Perkins Jodeci second CD love you for life

    Keon Perkins

    +Cortez T thanks

    Kizen Saunders

    @Cortez T It was Jodeci's 3rd album "The Show, The After Party, The Hotel" and the song that was sampled is "Love U 4 Life"

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