Bandit Gang Marco - Goodbye Lyrics

Sorry that I left this way but I'm gettin my self if I say and it seems like I'm stuck on you and I left with no reason to this some more pour love shit yeah she done went through some things now my feelings changed girl you not the one to blame

And I know you don't like it but we just can't be holdin on we can't fight it and I know I had no reason but my heart don't feel the same girl I'm leavin say goodbye (no no no no no no no no no) say goodbye (no no no no ne no no no no) say goodbye (no no no no no no no no no) say goodbye (no no no no no no no no no)

[Verse 1:]
Ok I hurt you feelins damn a least your leavin and you can put down that nife cause it won't be odd that you be killin I'm a been ya I be stillin hearts then I be pellin but with you I caut the feelin damn that s one in a million girl and I know that you don't like it but every time we talk it turn to fightin and I know I have no reason but do I realy need one girl I'm leavin


[Verse 2:]
My heart don't feel the same but to leave you with this pain damn I feel so lame damn I feel so lame cause love that you had en'saden the love just fallen and then you feel like cryin and then you fee like dyin damn damn damn damn damn it's like I took your heart on a stem (on a stem girl) and all I'm trynna say is goodbye no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no sweet little deadah sweet no no no no no no no no no never ment to do you wrong no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no you are my baby girl my baby girl (shit) because you loved oohyie loved oohyie loved oohyie loved oohyie loved oohyie

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Bandit Gang Marco Goodbye Comments
  1. Brazzylex GanG

    2019 ☺️

  2. Ironesha Thomas

    Still jammin in 2k19 😍

  3. Jerome Vining

    Still listening to this to 2018

  4. Kayla Lindley

    When you say goodbye mean it and don't turn back ❤✌

  5. Jada Taylor

    I can pull him

  6. Darren Powell

    I think every time my girl n I get into it I play this lhhrd

  7. Keymori Tookas

    he is hellllaaaaaaa fucking fineeeeeee

  8. fablishay Nash

    Song bring back alot of member rightttttttt

  9. BlackCurlyHair1983

    I really like this song. This is my fifth time in a row listening to this song, lol.

  10. Chylonda Parcher

    I love you baby my name is love

  11. Alexis Bradley

    😖😖 this has alot of meaning to it. like frfr

  12. Free Music

    nice music big homie i always wanted to link up with a artist from GA

  13. Miss Redbone

    I'm in love with all of his songs frfr!!!No LIE😘😘😘

  14. Tequila Watson

    boy is sexy

  15. Janae Gerald

    this song made me cry a little bit but I'll wait till Sunday kind of make me feel the way I did before like for real

  16. Clarinda Albury


  17. lilone

    My baby forever 💙💙💙💍

  18. Lakisha Outlaw

    this song made me cry females see why they can't have a good man in they life

  19. trinity Shorter

    I listen to this wen I'm sad 😞😒

  20. Oziah Dean

    like your song

  21. George John

    no problem I'm one of yr biggest fans

    RaeRae Grogan

    me 2 George

  22. Briana Walker

    man this video is my whole relationship me an my girlfriend going through dis

  23. mrgaret mtolo

    l like this song


    I love it

  24. Tay Jones

    How I feel now

  25. Kalece Bostic

    I like your songs banit gang Marco and I the one when you sang say goodbye

  26. Rickynesha Ward

    like this song

  27. Eddie Williams

    i love you💏💏

  28. Bianca Shavers

    This how i be feeling frfr i love him

    Chocolate Cash

    Bianca Shavers wassup

  29. Jenile Rodriguez

    Your mom your mom

  30. Jenile Rodriguez

    Your mom your mom

  31. Junun Lemons

    I'm thinking bout break up with my nigga he ain't s*** single female happy asf

  32. Cathryn Agbebi

    u have a sexyyyy ass voice ur an amazing singer I love u n I love all ur songs

  33. Nufayla Love Akon

    i still listen your song

  34. melvin williams

    dat shit 💯💯 an dats how I feel tbh

  35. Maci Wyatt

    I wish I could be in one of your videos, but I love love your music. 😍

  36. SapBoy LilZay

    I am feeling dis way

  37. Troy smith

    Hay baby I love you baby

  38. Keekee Smith

    Dead asf dat bih said call ha whenever you want girl sit down this man ain't thinking bout you😂💀👉🚪

  39. tyteana heard

    love it

  40. Reese Babe

    It's Reese baby 😢maaaaannn I can relate ... n dis is some good ass acting almost made me cry but ima g show no weakness lol but I fuckin love dis song yaaaaaassssssss love u BAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDIIIIIITTTTTT!!!

  41. Laneitria Hasberry

    My Mood Now 😞💔

  42. Japrea Void

    My ex is like this he want me then he don't a the worst part is we have a 2moth year old daughter

  43. Cathryn Jones

    Marco I song this song to all my exs dat treated me wrong I wish I had a bf like u 
    My number is 252-296-6738 call me any time u want

  44. Bandit Gang Marco

    Thanks for checking out my video make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel!!! And follow me on Instagram @BanditGangMarcoFR
    Thanks for the support!!!! 💯😘

    Yadira Vargas

    Bandit Gang Marco I like you alot

    moneyky 23

    bandit gang marco I'm a talented singer like you and I need a shot to prove that my struggle in my life can change by singing and I want to a duet with you cuz because I look like you


    Bandit Gang Marco Bandit

  45. Jodelle Joseph

    i love this song goodbye because it put you in feelings real bad

  46. Marica Steele


    Måřïčâ Àñğ33łîqû3

    Basically 👏👏

    Moo Moo

    Same with me & my gf

  47. Ace Lex

    London On Da Track A Dog Fa This One Tho

  48. Sha'niya Wills

    I love this song

  49. pyt ._. zaria

    All I gotta say marco

  50. janice hawkins

    I feel the same way with my bae n ik how it feels to be on one person with all the argument.

  51. sierra shepard

    this song makes me think of my ex

  52. loudman23

    Marco up nxt watch what I tell ya

  53. Jay B


  54. Prettyy Pinkk

    😭 , song reminds me of my ex .. We went through so much & we both are in new relationships but we can't stop talking and being together😔 .. We still have feelings for each other's but I can't be with him he's no good for me but I just love him soooo much & the fact that he feels the same makes it even worse 😞

    Azia Thomas

    Prettyy Pinkk same 🙁

  55. BraidsBy MB

    say goodbye and i know u dont like 

  56. Marii Morgan

    The Love That You Had Inside , The Love Juh Fallen And Then You Feel Like Crying & Then You Feel Like Dyinn . DAMN DAMN DAMN

  57. CrazyTubz

    Can't say it no better

  58. kristen Schultz

    lol this was uploaded on my birthday 2 years ago !!

  59. Baby Girl

    He kinda look like rich homie quan

    Tawanna McFarland

    He should do

    Cevin Matthews

    Rhq is skinner than him

  60. Anquineice Truss

    Love this song

  61. Beverly Mitchell

    Say GoodBye.. Say GoodBye......


    love it

    Chocolate Cash

    JUDI THOMPSON wassup

  63. nia carson


  64. nia carson


    Chocolate Cash

    nia carson wassup

  65. Desiree White


  66. T Elise

    myy first love

  67. Aimee Wilson

    I love you

  68. Aimee Wilson

    I love you

  69. arista jones

    Myy New Est Date 03.04.14

    Chocolate Cash

    arista jones wassup

  70. Aronaejia Simmons

    @ahooper_kid7 quotes of his songs

  71. tyiesha walker


  72. Monay Parker

    Sad songg!!


    True because he could have gave her a second chance if he did sorry friend

  73. Sophia Kempf

    marco is so damn cute.. omg i love him... he lucky he older than me or else i would pull him.... proly


    I agree with you

  74. BeautyByMyaa

    Cry to this song :/


    This song is really sad to me

  76. Khaylan Smith

    can't always ask fa more from da one u luvv <3

  77. Lyric Jones

    me n my bf used to do this

  78. Mikaylah Glover

    He is so fuckin fine

  79. Darrion Perry

    everytime I catch myself saying goobye

  80. Janesha truu boss Jefferson


  81. Orvay Mitchell

     Love,love love it,still 2013 Timeless Song,& Sweet Goodbye!!

  82. Rebecca Fanning

    This my shit dam love his music

  83. Zetta Jones

    Ig:_pookie_bitch I was singing ur song plz listen to it

  84. Kamiya Speight

    He cute nd i like his songz

  85. Keith Mitchell

    I like this song

  86. quan talor

    That girl work at dtlr at arbor place mall I know her

  87. Brenda Caslin

    I will fuck the shit out of bandit gang

  88. Junaye Mcglown

    Smh ; ( / 3 .

  89. Iv you trash Iv

    ooooh he so sexy omg xD