Bandit Gang Marco - All My Life Lyrics

All my life I prey for someone like you and I thank God that I... that I finaly found all my life I prey for someone like you and I hope that you feel the same way too

[Verse 1: Trubb]
I'm way too cool for love; love is for scrubs or maby I just feel that way cause I ain't found the one trubb you way too picky you can't never decide but I need more than a girlfreind I wanna ride or die I need sone body faithful I can't deal with no creeper I just want the love amber rose and wiz khalifa baby don't break my heart man I thought you was a keeper I could'ntdeal with the pain so I turned to the reffer pain so deep I didn't thank that I could deal through I got so much to give but nobody to give to and when I find the right one that's who I'm a change and rip my players car up and burn it into flames I might mess with fast girls but that ain't what I like I like them girls with a's and b's yeah that wifey type we hit the mall and buy jordans and wear matchin trues she my girlfreind and my bestfreind too

[Hook: Marco]

[Verse 2: BG Marco]
Your all that I've been thankin of you got my mine soul caught up on to you if you wanna leave I don't know what to do all my life I've been feenin over you so you got me singin this song like I got the blues yeah and that's what's sup girl I love yo hugs and you love my love yeah we got the trust in relationships we fuss but that don't mean nun to us that don't mean nun to us noo but we fight no lie then I take he to the sheets and make her scream ohwhy ohwhy that a girl with a swag like mine and I met another girl with some cash like mine then I think she'll be by my side

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Bandit Gang Marco All My Life Comments
  1. Thee Onlyyzarie

    When high school days was enjoyable

  2. Joshpurpp

    2018 ??

  3. Keyiana Richardson

    Love this song

  4. TheRealRiddla

    Terrible Lol

  5. שני ישעיהו

    Marry me 😍
    Love it !

  6. Jhalen Hanshaw

    4:17 first love shouldve been made like this. They messed it up woth another version

  7. Kimberly Spann

    Its 2017 and I'm still in love wit this song

  8. Rochelle Mcmahon

    I love this soug

  9. Shanice Grenade


  10. Sole' Sims

    I love this remake of the real song

  11. Life With Cierra

    The dark skinned girl is cute with the long hair

  12. Shania Armstrong

    The girls they be picking doe

  13. Katerah Triplett

    i love the remix to this song

  14. Latasha Cody

    all my life

    Meredith Collins

    Latasha Cody K-Ci & JoJo singing this song

    Meredith Collins

    Latasha Cody one free Alejandro Sandoval he's always being so playful and he always trying to act like he's so cool and stuff like that but I told her and that's who touch one or Joseph

  15. Princess Yonnie

    I ♥ this song

  16. Jazmine Gandy


  17. zquilzz-YT

    I ❤️ this song

  18. Jaikeria Thompson

    it's ight too meh

  19. Shayla Horne

    My song

  20. Rachel Wade

    this song makes me happy I love this song

  21. Marqutia Ward

    this song is sexy. i. love it. 💕💑

  22. Marqutia Ward

    i love. song. 💋💘

  23. shadiamond massey


  24. VeyLon Leon

    Them school dayz

  25. ThingsGirlslike

    Bandit gang Marco? Wow

  26. Hazell Eyes

    I wonder if k-ci and jojo seen this? Lol

    J. Addy

    me too lol

    Hazell Eyes

    K-ci is now on IG, he would probably really like seeing this. You should follow him @MrOohyea lol

    Meredith Collins

    Hazell Eyes K-Ci & JoJo simple this song is like a simple of paper lovee here for you

  27. Minister Howell

    that light skin girl is my big sister

    Marqutia Ward

    I love this song is old. school.)love is the best love to have. 💋💘💕💜💙💚🌹🌹💋💋💋💘💕🌷💋

    Adrianna Lewis

    u lying

    Jamiya Foster

    +Adrianna Lewis this song is old skool thoee

  28. Zeke Sim

    I love this song 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘💏💏💏💏👫👰

  29. Minister Howell

    the one with the black hat with red is so cute.......... the one in the class room is cute too......

  30. NBA TBG

    omg this song 🤗😇

  31. Shaneka Grier

    all my life I pray that I can find the rite one😞😞😞

  32. Yung B

    2016 🔥🔥🔥

  33. Jay Naivee


  34. Jay Naivee


  35. Jay Naivee


  36. Jay Naivee


  37. Shayla Horne

    it is 2016 in it was made in 2012 in iam still like this song ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆

  38. Destiny Perez

    I love this song and hope to find the right one for me like my whole life I still haven't and I pray every day to find the right one💔💔😩😩

    mikala molina

    you will soon find one, god will lead you to the man that u need cause u are a beautiful woman

  39. Raw Wiz

    them kids that's sing go to btw a long and my dad was there teacher

  40. Adriana Brown

    I like it

  41. KaAliyah Mutcherson

    brother 😍😘😍😘

  42. money gameb


  43. money gameb

    love this songs💟💟💟💟

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    Shania Malaysia


    Harnisha Tipler


  45. AMAYA 4Life

    I love this song

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    I like this

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    love this song !

    Michelle Horne

    stell her men

  48. Zania Worthey

    I still love this song !

  49. MegaDede25

    Wow! That was very nice. im beyond impressed!!

  50. Ashley Jones

    ken baby i know u think im magical lol cuz i see the real you but. one can comeparw to u

    R W

    Yes we have a bit and then we have to the way

  51. tiffany. crews. lashay Pitts

    cuz. Pistol. asilc. you. love. up

  52. tiffany. crews. lashay Pitts

    love. your. lashay. BaB toad. my. as up. for. cuz my. can. ta.

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    okay they did thur

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    They killed it

  55. cieara ormond


  56. Autumnn Egglestonn

    03/21/2014 ❤❤❤❤

  57. Shanisha Worrell

    all my life I was looking fa de right person and I found him

  58. Atallia Kelly

    all my life i


    pray for someone like you and i..

    Alexus Harris

    thank god that I finally found you


    +Alexus Harris all my life I..

    Alexus Harris

    +kelonwashington96 I pray for someone like you


    +Alexus Harris and I pray that you do love me too

  59. Jennifer Davis

    I like this now


    Lord jesus nooo why do this to a perfectly good song

  61. Will Campbell

    Awesome song! If you guys could take a minute to check out my cover of "Don't" by Bryson Tiller on Soundcloud i would greatly appreciate it! Here's the link :)

  62. Tatiana Watson

    I just really have to say this is my top fav song the video fits it all it great love listening to it😍😍😍😍🙌💯

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    This is my fave rit song

  64. John Newton

    I dedicate this to my grl lexie

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    Omg I love this ❤❤❤

  66. isiah johnson

    With the Soulja Boy flow! Lmao!

  67. Kennedi Jones

    Omg you guys have a good voice I love u guys u guys are cute

  68. Daryl Smith

    I thought you couldn't fuck with a classic but this remix is off the hook. I give it 5 stars.

  69. Damia White

    This remix of the song is bang bang

  70. Ryan Shults

    I mean the song Good but why are the girls so damn ugly

    Andrea Lewis


    Lexis Young

    bruhhh ikr😂


    Really liked your clip .Please check out my channel

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    What in the actual fuck? Smh

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    I love this damn song Ayee:-)

  74. Iman G

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  75. Javari Worldstar

    nice music bet

    Annataesha Cox

    My name. Anataesh cix

    Annataesha Cox

    You love

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  78. Billy Coleman Jr

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    bandit gang  marco is so cute man

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    2/18/13♡♡♡ he's my ride or die

    King Avalos

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    too baby baby😘😍❤

    Krystyna Gomez

    +King Avalos ?????????

    King Avalos

    @Krystyna Gomez
     Te Amo pretty girl Muah ;)

    Krystyna Gomez

    I don't know u sweetie

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  86. Nikki Love

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