Band, The - She Knows Lyrics

Now when my troubles start to get me down
She's always there, you know she always can be found
And never lets it weight 'til much on me
She always seems to be in touch with me.

You see she knows and I am drawn to her
It is as though I'm a moth and she's the candle's glow.

And when this whole world gets the best of me
She even has the power to change my destiny
I try to tell her what is on my mind
And even though the words are hard to find, at times I know she knows.

And when she comes to me, it is as though
I'm the earth and she's new falling snow.

Well, I love her for the things she knows
She gives me wings with all the things she knows.

She knows.

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Band, The She Knows Comments
  1. michael lhote

    Recorded at the Lone Star Café in N.Y.C. I was sitting 10 feet away at the bar. There was a blizzard that night so there was only a few people in the bar . It was an honor !!!!

  2. Wendy Lockwood

    He was just remarkable

  3. Tommy Tippee

    Like the Purest only only on loan to us for a little while.

  4. Lala lulu239

    The original version by Jimmy is pure class

  5. Steven Schwalbach

    so much soul and emotion all mixed together..MAGIC!

  6. Michael O'Donnell

    Beautiful rip Richard

  7. pleasedontmakemelate

    Love u Richard❤❤❤

  8. Jay

    We miss you Richard

  9. eddie willers

    There are times I wished to God alcohol had never been invented. Thinking of all the songs Richard never played is one of those times

  10. MrBobbystyles

    This comes from Deeeeep down :)

  11. Thomas Pick

    This gives me chicken skin listening to this beautiful performance! Glad supportive Garth and Rick, plus Richard’s loving fans were there to support him. This lovely song was written by one of the founders of Bread. What an expressive voice Richard had. His singing always hits me deep in my heart.

  12. jglustig

    Just gorgeous! Choosing great songs is also a tremendous talent. Just consider someone llike Beyoncé. People says she can sing, but hahaha. I also never got Prince.

  13. Rob Francis

    Thank you Richard, your music inspired a generation and personally I'm a happier person for having heard you. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you in it... Come on back Richard, and join another Band!

  14. Ken Burgess

    This cat could pour a song out of his soul. Saw them a couple times as backup for Dylan. I think I still have my ticket for their Memphis concert that was cancelled after Richards passing.

  15. TheSamoht67

    WOW WOW WOW R.I.P Richard we miss you.

  16. Konig Corvus

    Both Leven Helm and Robbie Robertson have written great memoirs. Read them.

  17. Frank Stallone Official

    One of the great soulful voices. RIP

  18. Alfred Stead

    IN 100 YEARS THEY WILL STILL Marvel at this performance

  19. william whitton

    He was as soulful a singer as we will ever hear...what a sound he had...missed so much.

  20. EDLIS Parties & Gatherings

    EDLIS Café

  21. kevin brown

    Great song written by Jimmy Griffin of Bread....

  22. Tiramisu Caramel

    This song makes me cry.Simply beautiful!

  23. Geoff Hyde

    my grade ten class mate. he left school to join Ronnie Hawkins. I joined the army 1959

    Dimitri Wolfs

    Must be great to know what a later "celeb"was like when still a kid!

    Derek O Connor

    Thanks for sharing that! It would seem you both joined very different bands so to speak! I visited Richard's grave last week in Stratford, Ontario. It's been 31 years since he passed away but his and the Band's music will never be old to me!

    Thomas Pick

    What a privilege to know Richard as a youth and to have followed his development. You can be proud of your association with this wonderful human being.

  24. vinyl 4you

    I must say if there was never a Ray Charles in this world there would be Richard Manuel- a LEGEND


    Ohhh Yes

    Grizzly Bear

    ray charles can't compare to any of this

    Grizzly Bear

    ricahard was far better

    Grizzly Bear

    he was much more talented than ray charles

  25. Tom Laveign

    It doesn't get much better than this...

    George Morenstein

  26. Wendy Lockwood

    I worked with Richard at Santa Barbara Sound ~ he was a gentleman genius.

    j bouley

    i think albert grossman dying 6 weeks before was a big factor

    Derek O Connor

    Really? Possibly! I think it was more than that myself

    Derek O Connor

    What do you think was the reason for the great demise of the Band? I am not trolling!! I
    love The Band:)

    Andy Northall

    Many, many reasons, Derek. Personally, from what I've read, I think they were five very fallible guys who maybe weren't ready for the level of success that they suddenly found, or, at least, some of them weren't.

    Derek O Connor

    @Andy Northall I couldn't agree more

  27. Gail Halldorson

    After all this time, still love that guy. Makes me cry. Why?

    Gail Halldorson

    +Michael E. Sometimes the truth hurts. Still the truth is what's real.

    Derek O Connor

    Your comment makes it seem like he meant to hurt you lol

    Gail Halldorson

    No, I`m just a fan. I didn`t know him. But he was so special and had so much emotion is his singing. Where did it get him--nobody paid any attention. The Band appreciated him. No one else but a few fans, like me.

    Derek O Connor

    I'm a fan too

    Michael E.

    He makes men wanna cry. Poor Richard

  28. James A Dempsey

    What a voice. wow

  29. Gail Halldorson

    Love Richard Manuel. Wish he had stayed around to sing some more songs for me.

    Grizzly Bear

    thank robbie to some degree but ricahard did it ti himself when you are a genius the SHIT happens

  30. thyamelate

    There will never be anyone who can sing like Richard.... we love and miss you my friend.

    Ante CRO

    @thyamelate and there will never be anyone who can sing as Rick aswell, both are legends.


    They were both incredible musicians, and great singers. However, when they sang together and blended their voices along with Levon... now that was some fuckn magic. Long live The Band

    Ante CRO

    the band already got their crew in heaven, only Garth and Robbie are left on this earth,and they should stay for a while

  31. Memorex996

    Was that Robbie at the end saying "Good to see you richard"

    Jerry garcia

    No it's Rick danko saying it's good to see you to someone named Pete.

    Michael Adam Pollack

    +Jake Caplen Pete Fornatell (WNEW ) FM

  32. Fa Ye

    This guy is really something.

    Grizzly Bear

    off the charts

  33. Robert Black

    Right you are Washington Richard is my favorite vocalist as well 

  34. justsayinwhatup

    Please post more manuel !!! Thanks

  35. Orville Stoeber

    So beautiful!

  36. LameBuffalo

    Richard Manuel could sing anything Ray Charles could sing. A precious voice with magical tones.

  37. inatizzy2

    The book is called "This wheels on Fire" and by Levon Helm. GREAT READ!

  38. Derek O Connor

    What book? I'd love to read it!! I also love them both, what a Band they were .. When I watch Manuel sing the Ray Charles number, Georgia, I rarely don't cry :) .. He haunts me in my dreams which isn't a bad thing, I asked him too :) ...

  39. Derek O Connor

    You mean Ray looks like him :)

  40. Derek O Connor

    I love his voice so much, he could bring me to tears ordering Kentucky Fried Chicken if he sang the order in :) .....

  41. Richard Mahon

    possibly the only chance we will get at hearing Richard behind a "Orchestra" (the magic of Garth) such a damn shame it upsets me I've heard all the guys solo albums they're all great but damn it makes me think what would have Richard done?

  42. inatizzy2

    I miss and I love you Richard!

  43. Sam Kater

    WOW he looks just like Ray LaMontage!


    TheFrenchRev Ray looks like Richard

  44. inatizzy2

    Great Book Maddie. I have read it 2 times already and may do again. Great insight of what was and what became. R.I.P. Richard,Rick and Levon, my FAVORITE singers/musicians in the world!

  45. padfolio

    For those that may not know this was written by James Griffin, formerly of Bread, and originally done on one of his solo albums.

  46. Phil Henningsen

    This could rival Somewhere Over the Rainbow, man they guy was great

  47. Jaxie Golden-Smith

    Absolutely wonderous.....thanks for sharing!

  48. inatizzy2

    @chunkawanka And? U gonna share with us or just tease us?

  49. inatizzy2

    @Free1108 You go that right! Sure got that right!

  50. Brian E. Reinecke

    As amazing as the first time I heard it on a later Band recording. So beautiful that it hurts and brings me tears, but in a wholly cathartic and satifying way. I sing along to it with my eyes closed and match his lovely worn voice note for note and feel blessed doing so. Thank you beyond proper words to express it to you. :{ )

  51. Kitrick Short

    I took this photo the 2nd one, Kitrick Short. In portland oregon.

  52. Derek Abbott

    Too soon gone.
    Rest in peace, Richard.

  53. Anthony Fletcher

    I've shared this in the not so distant past, but I'm sending it out again to you, Sahna.

  54. Anthony Fletcher

    I don't know how I can both like it and not like it, so I just have to deal with it.

  55. ForeverLoving Levon

    I agree Washington...I love this man's voice. My heart still breaks to this day over his passing. On Levon's site he states that he is keeping the music alive for Richard and Rick....loved reading this. Both Richard and Rick were multi-talented musicians with awesome voices!

  56. inatizzy2

    @misteravocado5 I totaly agree. Richard was soo emotional in his songs and voice. Between him and Levon... Hard to choose. Sorry Im not a fan of the others, well, I am but.. Things happened and Richard got cheated. Out of life too. RIP RM Always will haunt my heart

  57. Mike Roberts

    depression. same as Brad Delp of Boston. It's an evil disease with no repect to fame or talent

  58. bugsalive

    the best performance of any song anytime by any performer...rips my guts out..

  59. Charlie Giordano

    why did he commit suicide

  60. David Roche

    Perhaps my very favorite vocalist ever, from my favorite band ever... RIP Richard Manuel!