Band, The - Baby, Let Me Follow You Down Lyrics

Baby, let me follow you down
Baby, let me follow you down
Well I'd do anything in this god almighty world
If you just let me follow you down

Can I come home with you?
Baby, can I come home with you?
Well I'd do anything in this god almighty world
If you just let me come home with you

Baby, let me follow you down
Baby, let me follow you down
Well I'd do anything in this god almighty world
If you just let me follow you down

Yes, I'd do anything in this god almighty world
If you just let me follow you down

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Band, The Baby, Let Me Follow You Down Comments
  1. james mcgrath

    magic happened that night no doubt. Check out Bobs irrepressible smile at about 02:20. the fellas are at their peak here, and the pure joy is palpable The whole show was joyful and bitter sweet at the same time. What a line up. Is it even possible for something like this to take place in this day and age? I was lucky to see the movie on the big screen when it was released.

  2. Рафаэль Пиковский

    disgusting u should never have gone electric bob.

    Рафаэль Пиковский

    sick as hell though

    Susan Predis

    Yeah it's ashame it didn't work out for him

    Рафаэль Пиковский

    @Susan Predis sa fait quoi sur yt un samedi soir susan

  3. Caitlin Brennan

    coolest man on the planet.

  4. Igal Flint

    Where can I get "I don't believe you" in color, from this show?

  5. Igal Flint

    Bless you a thousand times!

  6. Carl Weaver

    Thank God Dylan went electric.

  7. Bajramovic Senad

    At one Point you think everything's gonna burn
    amazin ...everything they ever did ,came together
    In this song

  8. Patrick Guitar

    I heard it in a Neil diamond song..

  9. ImPAN

    #DYLANIMP #IDAZERO #IDAVOLTAIRE #IDADYLAN #idamariapan yes #tscxyz #idarussell #idaECO #PEREZPAZ

  10. tony palombini jr

    One of the Dylan songs I like. This is a killer performance.

  11. justgeorgeous

    super performance by all

  12. spartacus z

    Robertson tres bon

  13. Albert Andrews

    Love to see Dylan slinging a Strat

  14. Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    25 people have been denied the ability to follow someone down

  15. joe szymanski

    ....perfect vehicle for Robbie's incendiary guitar licks, ...and his amped up arrangement of the original off Bob's first album. wonder why Bob loved playing with these guys. ..let's not forget Garth's B3 spittin fire throughout the whole tune...WOW

  16. Glenn Zornig

    We were hoping that Bob would sing The Great Grand Coulee Dam like he played it with The Band in 1968.

  17. Jose Assunção


  18. robert ross

    Robbie can sure make that axe wail.

  19. Jon Meyskens

    fortunate enough to be there

  20. reverendmississippi

    Ruined a great acoustic song

    Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    reverendmississippi Don’t you dare

  21. Guy Michel

    He's got a good dentist, but who chooses his hats? ;+} Rockin.

  22. Albert Andrews

    Play it fxxxing loud!

  23. Bill Cleveland

    The Folkies and Country bumpkin traditionalists hated and rioted in the concerts when the New Bob Dylan went too rock electric in 1965-66 in the same way the early period Doobie Brothers Fans hated when they went too Jazzy when Michael McDonald joined them in 1975. The sound culture change shock was too much and too fast for them.

  24. Marc Adelstein

    White hat Dylan and The Band at The Last Waltz is fucking amazing

  25. Joe Nicholls

    Robertson SHREDS

  26. Octagon Seventynine

    1965 live version is better but i like this too

  27. wfp5007


  28. Teo Melis

    41 years later - this still hasn't been topped - right on Bobby!

    Oh to own that HAT now... RIP Richard, Levon and dear Rick...

  29. Marc Adelstein

    Dylan and The Band. It just doesn’t get any better than that for me.

  30. alexx mason


  31. Marufa Bhuiyan

    Great song! Now I understand the meaning of all these! :)

  32. EJ Matthews

    GREAT !!!!!!!!!

  33. Thel 'Vadam

    Rich and Garth are back up players in the eyes of Scorcese and Robbie.

  34. Kailynnnnn

    I came here cause this song was in a book, I am reading.

    James O'Brien

    What book is that man?


    Carly Simon's "Boys In The Trees" perhaps?

  35. ssgtsouth

    First heard this song while in Amarillo, TX. A friend in the AF, John Hanna from Appleton, WI played it. Hope you are still out there somewhere playing that sunburst Gibson.

  36. titostacos

    The 1966 version rocks too.


    As much as I love this version I prefer the 1966 version due mostly to Garth Hudson's swirling organ sound.

  37. Nicolas Alexandre Moreau

    Putain c'est bon

  38. Carleton Candis

    Electric Dylan

  39. Alison Wild

    It is all an amazing thing. Synchronicity.

  40. Cackling Crow


  41. quogir1

    Congrats . and cheers, i guess

  42. Natalie Bustillos

    "Camera is never on Garth much"

    Guy Sharwood

    Or Richard.

  43. Glimmer Twinns

    Thank you bob and the band😘

  44. Mel Bee

    A 30 second ad for a three minute video? I don't think so. Get a clue and realize that this is an old movie that's been posted by lots of people, many of whom don't try to make money by including lengthy ads for a short video. Maybe next time you'll realize that if you must post an ad, it should be much shorter for a short clip. So silly.

    Jalan Hart

    Mel Bee Not necessarily the poster's decision, Google can put an ad there anyway.

  45. NJcruiser

    One thing about watching the Band backing up Bob is that even though they became huge stars in their own right they still seem to really relish playing backup to Dylan. the love and respect must run deep.

    Tony Michel

    tru dat.

  46. houich fadila

    un album extra mais la voix
    et le phrase bob c le maitre

    houich fadila

    tu comprends rien

    houich fadila

    oui bob dylan sa voix est extra et ce qu il f aussi bien le bonjour avous mike

  47. Tom Canfield

    on bobs first alblum

    Eugene Ward,Jr.

    Tom Canfield just wish he had written more songs that REALLY ROCK. So cool to see him cut loose.

  48. Joshua Goodman

    The version from the first album was soooooo much better. Really good fingerpicking and harp...

    Olive Eisner

    The acoustic version is awesome all right. But so is this one. Just different is all.

    Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    Joshua Goodman Don’t you dare

  49. Carmelita Carlos

    John Sharkey, Eamon Tighe, Michael Connolly.........

  50. Rishi Thomas

    Well, it certainly beats Forever Young.

  51. James Mack

    Jam city baby!!

  52. Callum Simpson

    no thank you bob

  53. Joseph

    On the soundtrack album, they EDIT OUT Bob's Guitar solo. WTF?

  54. Eugene Ward,Jr.

    While watching them deciding what to do next I said to my friend I wish they would play Baby let me... I want to hear Dylan. & The Band REALLY cut loose and then I saw Danko's ear to ear grin and knew it just might happen. This is my favorite point of the concert.

    Ray Okoa

    You are so right. Saw that big smile on Rick's face and knew he could not wait to play the upcoming song!

  55. Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    15 people didn't get to follow her down

  56. justin beard

    levon was such a sick drummer. wow

    Loren Victor

    "Drummers shouldn't sing, except for Levon Helm" Joe Strummer from The Clash

    robert ross

    He sure as hell was.

    Deana Williams

    Self taught 🎶♥️🎶✌🏽🎶

  57. justin beard

    bob don't give a fuck. what a boss

    Cherie Frye

    justin beard feu

  58. Jean Brown

    I just love bob always have

  59. Phillip Henchliffe

    Previous comment Jokerman dylan hey

  60. David Jones

    Dylan always was electric.

  61. Peter Guglietta

    This is just a fantastic performance: Dylan is on fire. Rick Danko and Levon Helm are rock solid holding down the bottom. Too bad Robbie is being such a self-centered twit, mugging up for the camera and trying to desperately make it about him. That ass ruined The Band. Too bad. You can see why Levon Helm had a falling out with him.

    Kathy Fox



    You know nothing.

    Eugene Ward,Jr.

    Peter Guglietta It's not Robbies fault. He can't help himself. Just a born ham.

    Peter Guglietta

    OK, time to admit I was wrong about Robbie. He was the glue that kept The Band together as long as he could, before it began to affect him. I was very wrong to slam him here. He's one of the real talents of the music world, and he was the key to The Band's success.

    barry weiner

    but that guitar

  62. Anne-Marie McCourt McCourt

    Absolutely Incredible geniuses.Brings back great memories.

  63. Tony Hughes

    Well he's certainly gone electric now....ha ha ha

    Bill M.

    Yes he has.

  64. fred kitchen

    Soft rock

  65. Larry Barrett


  66. Tom Bonnell

    I love this song! It seems like he just made it up on stage
    Did he ? i know the feeling.

    Lawrence Casse

    @Tom Bonnell it's on Dylan's first album in 1962

  67. rpms410

    This, simply put, is the absolute best live performance pairing iconic Bob Dylan with The Band! After all the concerts and all the tours together, everything comes together at The Last Waltz and The Band's farewell show! While Dylan almost did not take part of the event, last minute wrangling between Scorcese, Bill Graham, The Band, and Dylan captured this masterpiece, forever recorded in audio and video to share with the World! Rick Danko is simply a kid in a candy store here, as his youthful exhuberance  (noun) 
    (the quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness;. "a sense of youthful exuberance") is on full display with his mile-wide grins throughout his contributions here with Dylan............................ROCK ON !!!

  68. Michele Anderson

    BOB and THE BAND!  <3

  69. Random21

    Rick Danko's smile….sweet Jesus.

    Xaay Kung

    @Random21 I'd stampede over Robbie to get to RIcky Fucking Danko. He was purrfect. MEOW

    Guy Sharwood

    @Random21 We lost Rick much too soon. Not to mention Richard and Levon.

    Eugene Ward,Jr.

    Random21 they huddled a second over what to do next. RD must have loved playing this song. And couldn't contain his enthusiasm. That grin says a thousand words.

    Eugene Ward,Jr.

    Guy Sharwood 3 gentle and generous souls that touched mine and I'm sure many other peoples lives in some special way. RIP

    Gordon M.

    +Eugene Ward,Jr.

    Amen Gene! x

  70. Mike Miller

    Bob Dylan is an amazing singer

    Connor Raabe

    @Ricardo Allan I don't disagree that it was passable in other genres, it just isn't a pretty voice.

    Ricardo Allan

    @Connor Raabe That's ok. I'm agree.


    @Connor Raabe Bob may not be a good singer when we are talking about vocal range, but I think he is absolutely amazing in phrasing and sounding honest while singing.

    Connor Raabe

    @RenzoM I think in his younger days, yes. Nowadays he sounds D's tired and almost fed up when he sings. Kind of sad :/

    Blind Brazilian Tex Atlantis

    He is an amazing singer (e.g. "Early Roman Kings" on _Tempest_), but this ain't it.

  71. sonicgrub

    How goood is that?
    Love Rick Danko's hoaky strut
    Down-to-earth greatness
    Wish more hipster/cool performers were relaxed enough to do something like that

    Eugene Ward,Jr.

    sonicgrub No big ego getting in Danko's way. That's why he was so much fun to watch & listen to in this film. Always the same laid back and down to earth dude every time on & off. camera. And one hell of an underrated musician,as were they all. Amazing to hear him play fretless bass live.

  72. Tim Myles

    I wish had BEEN ABLE TO SEE BOB BACKED by THE BAND... but I was lucky enough to see Bob a few times.    I don't understand why later on... Bob would not have anything to do with Robbie...or visa versa.  

    Eugene Ward,Jr.

    Tim Myles Two very inscrutable,enigmatic personalities.

  73. Cristiano Freitas

    Grande Dylan e The Band!

  74. WKL2 !

    Can I come home with you, baby can I come home with you?
    Well I'll do anything in this God almighty world
    If you just let me come home with you.

    Baby let me follow you down, baby let me follow you down
    Well I'll do anything in this God almighty world
    If you just let me follow you down.

    I'll buy you a diamond ring, I'll buy you a wedding gown
    Well I'll do anything in this God almighty world
    If you just let me follow you down.

    Songwriters: REVEREND GARY DAVIS

  75. Chick Marshall

    " Progressives " here in Carolina, as in Tar Heels threw tomatoes at him when he first busted out electric.....

    Bill Cleveland


  76. boxingjerapah

    oh, to have been there ....

  77. mark k

    so awesome!!!  simple rock your face off!

  78. tiemyshoes92

    0:36 Levon is ready to sing. I loved how spontaneous Bob was and Mr. Helm knew this oh so well and was ready to fill in for Dylan in case he decided not to sing.  Levon had to be ready to chime in at any time when playing with Dylan. 

    Ismael Y

    with bob never knows what gonna happen!

    Eileen Lohrer

    Ismael Y was

  79. Caitlin Brennan

    bobby boy

  80. Simon Robeyns

    sounds fuckin awesome
    glad to've found the last waltz record in my dad's collection!!!

  81. Steven Byerly

    M.S. Thanks

  82. Nella Crosiglia

    My Poet!

  83. Michele Anderson

    Sorry I misread your opener, people are always like Oh Bob, great songwriter, shit voice. BUllshit, I <3 his vocal, and it sounds great on these 3 EPIC SONGS

  84. Michele Anderson

    It's probably b/c it was in 1976. Bob has not STOPPED touring.
    and it's only like 40 years later .

    great tune though

  85. RAMLIA1

    ♥ ♥ ♥