Ballroom Thieves, The - Peregrine Lyrics

Well I'm leaving here tomorrow
For a place I don't exist
Where I claim to burn my sorrows
And my heart don't beat the heaviest

There I fold my worries over
And light them up under your moon
And I let wings sprout from their shoulders
So they can worry me all the way back to you

You know I don't mean to upset you
And my windy words are meager
On an island set to perish or be rescued
I'm not a spouse to either

That day even the sun was afraid of you
And the weight you carried
So you saluted every ghost you've ever prayed to
And then buried it where bones are buried

So as our grief falls flat and hollow
Upon a billion blooded seas
All our worst ideas are borrowed
You do and don't belong to me

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Ballroom Thieves, The Peregrine Comments
  1. Raun Gaming

    I haven't see anything more hipster than this, I love it.

  2. Stephem Austin

    This group stole my attention away the first moment I heard them... robin hood's, the lot of them!

  3. Adi Adichie

    I love this song.

  4. lisa richie


  5. Danette Kerrigan

    simply lovely

  6. luke spacey

    a perfect song and video, thoroughly!!!!
    The Balloom Thieves - keep on going!!

  7. Roger Marcoux

    I woke to the words of these lyrics and music in my head.. Such introspection woven in beautifully crafted music. Missing my departed light and love so much. Thank you,
    btw: although I love all your videos, the lightness life outside the recording contrasted with the music production is my favorite.

  8. the Lizardface


    all is as it should be.

  9. Sean Leach

    This album cannot come out fast enough. Can't wait!

  10. Dave Therrien

    I wanted the song and the video to never end. Nice going Thieves! I can't wait for the new release!!! I think I'll go an watch this again...

  11. Paul Greenberg

    Wonderful! Come back to the Fairfield Theater Company real soon!

  12. KelticMist

    Looking forward to the new album guys.