Bahja Rodriguez - Exchange (Baemix) Lyrics

This what happen when you miss an opportunity
Now you in your feelings (yeah) now you reminiscing (yeah)
This time around say you want it to be different (yeah)
Say you got a sign and it's time for a different prayer
I said Lord please save him for me, do this one favour for me
I tried to change his player ways, got way too complicated for me
Thought I was waiting for the
Day that you change, now it's too late
That's why I portray the way I feel in my songs
Now you can't ignore me
I'm gone, gone, gone

I gave you all my life
In exchange, in exchange, exchange, exchange
For nothing at all, nothing at all

Broke me down
Ooh boy you know you broke me down
You was somewhere layed up, got me staying up
Blowing trees losing my head
Didn't come home and love me all night and all day
Thank goodness that I've moved on
Thank goodness that I grew up, and I changed
Boy I changed for the better
And I was only tryna make you better
But you ain't wanna take it, you got selfish
After everything I did it was unappreciated
It's over
Baby it's over

I gave you all my life
In exchange, in exchange, exchange, exchange
For nothing at all, nothing at all [x2]

So here you go calling my phone
Saying that you miss me, you hate being alone
Wanna fly me up and love me down but I know
That you got a girl and she wouldn't be happy if she knew that you was on my line
Wasting my time
Stop playing with her mind
(Nothing at all)

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Bahja Rodriguez Exchange (Baemix) Comments



    who the fuck is being petty disliking the fuckin song

  3. AD Hughie

    She did that

    Ytavius V Walters

    This my first time here it but it cool,and sounds good

  4. Latema King

    I love this

  5. Christi Houk

    Slayvage wit them back round vocals

  6. Shadia Richards

    baaae😢😢😢😢 i want to meet this girl so bad

  7. themafia libmafia

    fly though.

  8. Mojo Jones

    "If she knew that you was on my line, wasting my time. Stop playing with her mind.."🙌🏾💕🙌🏾

    Marcus Christopher

    who are doing to day

  9. Cayona S

    One of her best songs

  10. Monique Love

    This deserve more views

    Marcus Christopher

    who are you take been covering over

  11. Alexis Rolison

    I love this version way better

  12. Cenae DeLane

    love you bahja great mix up

  13. Kash Lia

    Yass Bahja you slay with this song.

    konteria wright

    ricpbmkzx2nr Tinkerbell bat

  14. Queen R

    it Bahja

  15. Kyra Stone

    I like this better than the real version

  16. roslynw7

    she killed this for real 👑👏🔥

  17. Bonita Smith

    bae tru

  18. Tyshirah Johnson

    I love this song

  19. Makiyah Hite

    I love u bahja this my new favorite song and next one

  20. Aakeym Edwards

    Thank you Bahja fans for making this video

  21. IAmZari

    I like this song because it good

  22. Eric Cosby

    like it a little got emmmm

  23. Amira Smith

    bryson tiller is making bands and he just started. every one is doing his song.

  24. Bahja Rodriguez Team

    this my fav one and next one😍😍😍😍

  25. Pink Princesa247

    My favorite part of the song is when she says exchange and she harmonizes with it 💖

    Marcus Christopher

    just sent me the piece of me and you take piece of you and said to me

  26. fifth harmony lover 5h fan

    Hi beauty sorry I don't know how to spell your real name


    I'm not Bahja hun

    fifth harmony lover 5h fan

    +Bahja Fans ok sorry

  27. Briana McNeil

    who original song is this


    +Briana McNeil Exchange by Bryson Tiller

  28. Genvae ivy

    I love this one💯😍😍😍

  29. Lamandra Carter

    I love it

  30. Qveen Bee

    💕😭💯❤ yasss !