Baez, Joan - Suzanne Lyrics

Suzzane takes you down
To a place by the river.
You can see the boats go by,
You could spend the night forever.
And you know that she's half crazy
And that's why you want to be there.
And she feeds you tea and oranges
That come all the way from China.
And just when you mean to tell her
That you have no love to give her,
She takes you in her arms
And she lets the river answer
That you've always been her lover.

And you want to travel with her,
And you want to travel blind.
And you think you'll maybe trust her
'Cause she's touched you,
And she's moved you,
And she's kind.

Jesus was a sailor
When he walked up the water.
He spent a long time watching
From a lonely wooden tower.
And when He knew for certain
Only drowning men could see Him,
He said, "All men shall be sailors then,
Until the sea shall free them."
He Himself was broken
Long before the sky was open;
Forsaken, almost human,
He sank beneath your wisdom like a star.

And you want to travel with Him,
And you want to travel blind.
And you think you'll maybe trust Him
'Cause He's touched you
And He's moved you,
And He's kind.

Suzzane takes your hand,
And she leads you to the river.
She's wearing rags and feathers
From Salvation Army counters.
And the sun shines down in full
On our lady of the harbor.
And she shows you where to look
Beneath the garbage and the flowers.
There are heroes in the seaweed,
There are children in the morning.
They are leaning out for love
And they will lean that way forever
While Suzanne holds the mirror

And you want to travel with her,
And you want to travel blind.
And you think you'll maybe trust her
'Cause she's touched you,
And she's moved you,
And she's kind.

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Baez, Joan Suzanne Comments
  1. dumbo7429

    The silence of the crowd the further into the song she got was awe.

  2. Maurizio Cao

    Its really magic that Song of Leonard Cohen

  3. philippe dandrimont

    Merci à Céline Allais pour avoir placé sur YouTube une de mes voix préférées, moi qui ne peux pour l'instant écouter mes vyniles à la maison, puisque suis hospitalisé depuis un mois.

    Géraldine Torillec

    portez vous bien l'ami.

  4. spruceguitar

    For all Cohen fans, Leonard Cohen had a post mortem new release 3 years after death:
    *Happens To The Heart*
    Release Date: October 25, 2019

  5. 정재헌

    She is still alive.

  6. Yann Bernard

    j y était super que du bonheur c est une parti de mes années ados

  7. harvey blackton

    SHIT ye fucked a great song

  8. Blek Le Roc

    When the beauty comes from the soul, time cannot rust the body. Still looking wonderful. Love you Joan.

  9. yrbas Richard

  10. Maurizio Cao

    Bellissima interpretazione di una artista infinita quale sei tank You Joan baez

  11. Mike Williams

    I wish Joan would sing the original lyrics of songs instead of changing them.

  12. Edmund Bognot

    Nana Moskouri also sang this.

  13. Karmen Jazbec

    i will fly into the sky to sun like ikarus did

  14. Karmen Jazbec

    i was on your concert twice joan im in love with your friend bob dylan and he knows i am half a crazy

  15. Susanne von Hahn

    I Love " my" Song❤

  16. Maria Pacheco

    Buenísima como todo lo que ella hace

  17. Françoise Terrier

    Merciiiiiii 🎶💕🎶💕🎶💕🎶

  18. Ro Main

    Toujours un réel plaisir à l'écouter. Merci pour le partage.

  19. Drew Boy

    Leonard and Joan... both legends. What a classic song and voice, and Leonard did a decent job of it too. So chuffed I’ve seen them both live several times. RIP Leonard.

  20. david bates


  21. theric66

    we shall never let the few destroy us, we are all connected

  22. echoes of floyd

    This woman is Joan Baez.

  23. pata lata

    really great

  24. Jeff Burnes


  25. Want To Say AD REM

    Beautiful voice. 1 of my favourite songs by Joan Baez is "Many crimes of Cain" dedicated as a part of movie to real history of murdering the priest supporting Polish Solidarity movement, by communist Secret Services in extremely cruel way. The voice and melody IMO are beautiful too. The movie "Kill the Priest"

  26. marie rose foras

    je garde mon silence . cette grande dame ..oui va comprendre . ma souffrance ce calme . .... merci . pour vos chanson . .!!!

  27. Alaskaman Speaks out#

    How beautiful to stand alone and have 5,000 people listening to your lovely voice and song, thank you for living Ms. Baez.....

  28. sylwia jotis

    2019. I just discovered Joan Baez😍😍❤️.. Greetings from Poland.🇵🇱

    leonard turner

    Hey congratulations

    Jakub Brzózka

    I just discovered this beautiful women right now and i'm in love

    leonard turner

    she my lady bro

  29. A Bajaj

    Finally singing songs from the right songwriter.....

  30. Zlatko Klarin

    Holy and overflowing with sweetness of His Spirit of glory through and through the so very beautiful you our dear Lady Baez.

  31. Nicole Quintin

    Beautiful -

  32. Donnadean Dean

    What a beautiful voice

  33. Desertbreeze 81

    One of my favourite songs! Grazie Joan!

  34. Singgih pathetnem

    Manny thanks Joan... You give more beautiful world with your songs!

  35. Poupette Crochet


  36. ARKS

    Great Song with greater singers!

  37. Joseph Sperti

    One pure artist, and a multitude hushed.

  38. tomas aledo

    she looks very old and ugly.

    kathy stefani

    I can guarantee you that someday you will get old and ugly, but you really have no idea what beauty is.

    Céline Allais

    You sound hateful and stupid.

  39. dandenongroad

    Thank you for all, Ms Baez.

  40. Heinz Kilian

    Immer noch eine der Besten.

  41. INB

    Joan's life completely full of integrity.

  42. pcpete911

    Today's pop stars cannot get near to this raw talent , no boob jobs , no
    media spin. No sexy looks or wardrobe. No simon cowell , just raw
    vocal talent with no auto cue .

  43. pcpete911

    Today's pop stars cannot get near to this raw talent , no boob jobs , no
    media spin. No sexy looks or wardrobe. No simon cowell , just raw
    vocal talent with no auto cue .

  44. suzan devletsah


  45. Silvana ALONSO

    MERCI pour continuer .

  46. L. Campos

    To me she will always sing this song. Others will cover her. She , with her uttermost sensibility , rare heart, mind and soul, knew from the begining to choose and honor gems like ones from Leonard Cohen. Two great talents, gigant human beings, JOAN BAEZ e LEONARD COHEN . God bless you both forever. Rest in peace, Leonard Cohen . May we deserve Joan Baez with us through the dark and hard times to come. Thank you so much, Céline Allais for your sharing.

  47. Bedard Daniel

    Elle n'a pas oublié sont Francais qu'elle a apprit lorsqu'elle a vécue toutes ces années à Montréal et apres en France .

  48. Bedard Daniel

    Toujours la grande et encore plus belle .

  49. Faruk Cosic

    Big like.😎

  50. Anita Huie

    Thank you for this beautiful rendition.

  51. Alex Ander

    Beautiful Soul ...

  52. Angelina Maria


  53. Buffalo Man

    whoever cut her hair like that must be blind

  54. echoes of floyd

    My dream woman..!

  55. noelle c-l

    Oh my youth !

  56. Lord Dickens

    It is great that she gets it

  57. Eddy De Vega

    & Clàudia Samitier - Dust to Dust

  58. lyndsey stonelinziM

    I live near Carhaix, but missed this. Always loved this woman.

    L. Campos

    Yours seems to be the history of millions of us , all around the world. And make us a brotherhood of Hearts beating at the same pace . And I´m sure with a pace of love, compassion , goodness, that is what the bodhisattva, for a while named Joan Baez, brings, wthing her message, her voice, her soul. Love and Gratitude , forever.

  59. Eugen Porembschi


  60. Rex Mobilgas

    Hakeem. stay strong buddy. Australia cares. Football cares. We fight for your release. Stay strong. please .

  61. Julia Roberts


  62. Ole Thienhaus

    What a song! What a singer!

  63. Andreas Steppacher

    Ich bin jetzt 50 Jahre alt, und seit 35 Jahre höre ich diese Musik von Joan Baez immer wieder und sie bleibt meine Top Sängerin.

  64. Gabriele Bloch

    "suzanne" wunderschön, ich muss sehr weinen, wo ist die Zeit hin, sie ist dahin gegangen, mit ihr alle meine lieben Menschen und Tiere ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. Rudi Polt

    Fine song

  66. wendy brooks

    Joan Baez can sing-go away Adele, Beyoncé etc

  67. sporter5239

    I always wished she didnt sing this about me. I told her.. You know I just caught catfish.

  68. anfitriteblue

    . I saw her in Portugal in the 80's. She was wonderful as usual.

  69. Jimmy Brush

    Suzzane was the woman that Leonard Cohen told me about....Susan lives in Santa monica.

  70. Anders Sas

    If U wanna get depressed, listen to Leonard Cohen! Both lyrics and music is REALLY depressing!

  71. Michael Lui

    Will be your die hard friend if I were born in you era. Always pretty , despite your age.

  72. Nadine Baudry

    quoi dire sur cette voix et ce texte que dieu nous garde joan

  73. Jose Assunção



    En VRAÎ §§

  75. Sam Mafo

    Perfection as a Name !

  76. Katie Getman

    This Music has always been my best music A

  77. Katie Getman

    This Music has been my

  78. Katie Getman

    This Music has been my music since a long time ago 😶

  79. Drew Boy

    Joan... beautiful as as always, and laughing Len, what a brilliant wordsmith! Was lucky enough to see them both live, several times, both superb, just superb.

  80. Karen Green

    God Joan, you are so wonderful, your music is healing and so beautiful. Thank you for all you do for all of us! Love. Karen Wooten Green

  81. Bellahcene Kamla

    sous les pavés "la plage"et pourquoi pas!?et dans ces profondeurs de l'ocean des OS:humain:ces gens qui cherche un HAVRE de paix::une réalité qui donne envie de se dire "sous les pavés la plage"!?c'est NON:inhumain!!!!

  82. Pierre Chopin

    Son extraordinaire voix m'accompagne depuis un demi siècle.......

  83. iverti6666

    There is such thing as angels, for she is an angel.

  84. chotechai paholayuth

    very nice

  85. Gerhard Wiechmann

    Fast besser als das orginal

  86. Tommy Miner

    Man, there’s something about her voice I just can’t do... what a great song though!

  87. Lord Zordid

    Brutally violated song as Cohen himself described.

  88. Klaus Gärtner gibt sie, die wirklich guten und großen Amerikaner, Joan Baez gehört eindeutig dazu!

  89. Antonello Ferrero

    Grande voce,grande versione

  90. Heinz Goodrick

    what an amazing voice for a great song

  91. Nial Red

    She fucked up the original song!

  92. Brad Grady

    The Fabulous Songstress .... That is Joan C. Baez.

  93. Gerhard Bolz

    Leider kenne ich auch so eine Susanne, die aber Bettina heißt.

  94. li woo

    (she uses a hearing aids May be oticon)

  95. TOBBE falk

    so nice