Baez, Joan - Stewball Lyrics

Stewball was a good horse, he wore his head high,
And the mane on his foretop, was fine as silk thread.
I rode him in England, I rode him in Spain,
And I never did lose, boys, I always did gain.
So come all you gamblers, wherever you are,
And don't bet your money on that little grey mare.
Most likely she'll stumble, most likely she'll fall,
But never you'll lose, boys, on my noble Stewball.
As they were a-riding, 'bout halfway round,
That grey mare she stumbled, and fell on the ground.
And way out yonder, ahead of them all,
Came a-prancing and a-dancing, my noble Stewball.
Stewball was a race horse, and by the day he was mine,
He never drank water, he always drank wine.

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Baez, Joan Stewball Comments
  1. Pat Downs

    I put this on and my budgie started going NUTS. I think its the tone.

  2. Arthur Minasyan

    John or Joan ????

  3. eric tim

    this song better be played at my funeral

    Ronette Pulaski

    all these insipid dullards planning their funerals on youtube are pathetic

    Abe Garfield

    Why would you care?
    You would never know.
    Your brain doesn't carry on working after death, you can't hear anything once you're done.

  4. Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth


    Ronette Pulaski

    must be extra humiliating to be so wrong WHILE SHOUTING


    It's Joan Baez of course.

    Mary Mary's Market

    Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth it does sound like Judy

  5. Chris Mulwee

    The song has been recorded by a long list of performers including Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, The Weavers, Lonnie Donegan, Peter, Paul and Mary, Steeleye Span and Doris Day."
    In addition it was also recorded by Johnny Ace as Pledging My Love AND most famously by John Lennon as "Happy Xmas-War Is Over"
    How's that for info

  6. Геннадий Стредевский

    Как Жанна Бичевская

  7. Jesus of Nazareth

    *kid what a voice!*

  8. Shellie Walker

    Funfact: A version of this song was dedicated to the black Thoroughbred mare Ruffian.

  9. Pat Downs

    Too bad about the grey mare

  10. Arno Albers



    If You Want It !

    Patton Cockrum

    I don't think John Lennon ripped it off just borrowed some of the medly!

    Robert Davidson

    @Patton Cockrum Well, all of the melody