Baez, Joan - Love Song To A Stranger (Part 2) Lyrics

They brought me a beautiful basket of fruit
And two finger bowls of glass
The couch is gold with a floral design
And the wine is Germany's best
And the wine is Germany's best

My thoughts drift into the frozen night
Frankfurt is covered with snow
And numbly they ride on an icy wind
To places they're longing to go
To places they're longing to go

I remember the tall dark Irish rose
Who held me in my limousine
And slept with me under a burgundy quilt
With sheets of silk in between
Well, anyway, that's how it seemed

I thought I wanted to marry him
His face was sculpted by God
His words were gentle and ever so true
And soft as the Irish fog
And lost in the Irish fog

I remember the boy from the monastery
Who wanted to be a monk
But he brought flowers and wine to my room
And we both got happily drunk
And we both got perfectly drunk

He laughed like the chimes of a silver bell
His eyes were alexandrite blue
He danced the t'ai chi with the grace of a deer
And I wanted to marry him too
Yes I wanted to marry him too

There was that son of a dog from the Tennessee hills
Kept telling me I was still young
He spoke in pure southern and smoothed out the lines
Round my eyes saying I was the one
Forever that I'd be the one

He drank and he cussed and he wrote his own songs
He was very much on the go
We followed each other for over a year
I couldn't have married him though
So we just lived in sin on the road

There was that black eyed beauty from Boston town
Two days were never too long
He stood by the mirror and picked out a rose
But I already wrote him a song
Yes, I already wrote him a song

So here I sit with my basket of fruit
And two finger bowls of glass
I finished my bottle of Germany's best
And concluded my thoughts on the past
That love is a pain in the ass

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Baez, Joan Love Song To A Stranger (Part 2) Comments
  1. Irish Rover -seldom sober

    never heard the second part , till now love it plus i am irish .lol

  2. Rupashri Winifred

    Joan,we are listening to an extract of your musical autobiography

  3. Jovica Jankovic

    Thank you!

  4. George Styer

    AND I will say it again ...Dylan said her poetry was "lousy" but I ask you..Who could have put together such evocative, descriptive words other than Joan???? Certainly not Bobby !!
    Marry this with Love Song To a Stranger and feel the love that Joan conveys. I wish I had changed my name to "A. Stranger"

    Thanks for the posting.

    Dan Bruce

    I agree with ole bob shaftey. Srre Joan...

  5. Sometimes I say Okay to myself without any reason

    Why do I get the feeling that the "son of a dog from Tenesse hills" who wrote songs is actually Dylan?


    Dave Loggins, more like.

    Larry Mccarty

    Dylan is from Minnesota

    Bob Sheidler

    I had suspected Townes Van Zandt, but I don't know of any reports that they ever met

    Jovica Jankovic

    Dylan is the one she left out. 3:48

  6. SilvaSiren

    Love is indeed a pain in the ass!!! This is one of my favorite JB songs...forever!

  7. Bence Gerber

    I thought I have heard every song by Joan Baez, but this is a new one for me. THANK YOU! I love it.

    alice montgomery

    yes,  she has a beautiful voice.

  8. John Dierickx

    have that lp, From Every Stage. Beautiful album, nice picture, beautiful song. What else can one want more?

    Larry Mccarty

    I traded Frampton Comes Alive for this album and never regretted it