Bada$$, Joey - King To A God Lyrics

[Joey Bada$$:]
Hol' up, uh, back on my bullshit, I'm packin' a full clip
I'm triggered, bitch, get back 'fore I pull it and let it rip, uh (woo!)
Hit you off from the hip-up, my Glock, it don't hiccup
You better get a grip and don't slip up (yeah!) (ah!)
Now put your hands where my eyes can see
Like it's a stick up (yeah!)
Make one false move, you gettin' lit up (brr!)
'Cause I don't give a fuck like Bishop (no!)
I'm crazy like a redneck in a pickup (c'mon!)
Shit get ugly like Chauncey Billups (word!)
Hol' up, lemme fill up my cup with some fine wine
Your bitch wanna fuck, all I gotta do is find time
Said I just really want that Einstein (yeah!)
But fuck it, watch her throw it back
Like a Thursday on my timeline (woo!)
Swear I'm so out of my mind (word!)
The only one of my kind (c'mon!)
Between me and you is a fine-line
I sell rhymes like dimes and leave MFs doomed (doomed!)
Since my first tunes, I've been raisin' hell from the tombs (tombs!)
Look, I'm gettin' hotter every June (yeah!)
You say you with the smoke?
Well, I'm with the heavy fumes (c'mon!)
You got goons, I got goons (yeah!)
Everybody got goons, question is: Do you got the Cajóns?
You niggas coons that really need to stop the buffoonery
'Fore I take it back on them starts
Snatchin' they jewelry (gimme that!)
You niggas talk tough but that shit don't be foolin' me (no!)
Fuck around and this verse gon' be in your eulogy
This the type the of shit I do usually (ha!)
I move indubitably
And put these words together so beautifully (c'mon!)
While I beat the beat up so brutally (uh huh!)
Like cops in my community abusin' diplomatic immunity (psh!)
Said I'm soon to be the greatest in your top five (yeah!)
'Cause when I drop watch the rest drop just like flies (yeah!)
They be shook when a nigga like me on the rise (yeah!)
'Cause I ain't afraid to look a lyin' king up in his eyes, nigga, what‽

But what's a king to a God? Uh
Feelin' like the realest motherfucker alive, uh
Kill a nigga 'fore I let him push me aside
'Cause, bitch, I'm tryna break even, even over the odds, nigga
Huh, but what's a king to a God? Uh
Feelin' like the realest motherfucker alive, uh
Kill a nigga 'fore I let him push me aside
'Cause, bitch, I'm tryna break even, even over the odds, nigga

Ha ha! Let that shit breathe, hol' up, let that shit breathe, ha ha!
Yeah, ill-minded child, let's get 'em

[Dessy Hinds:]
How many pieces I'm eatin' forbidden fresh fruit (mm!)
16 pieces, the sweetest, I feast on flesh too (c'mon!)
Verses bulletproof on the chessboard, pick your best move (c'mon!)
I already made mine, where's the next loop? (Loop?)
A hundred plus miles, I'm turnin' frowns upside down
Usin' every tool to close these tombs
Like King Tut right now (uh huh!)
I'm cuttin' ties, then cufflinks might bounce (uh huh!)
Until the ground, feel the urgency to bury me
Or worry my spouse (woo!)
All this sleepin' I'm wide aroused
I'm right around fine chinas in Chinatown
Fine dinin' with lighter sounds
That's for the spliff, nobody make a sound
I came to wipe these babies down
With nothin' less than Egyptian cotton for towels (woo!)
That's for cotton pickin' no doubt (doubt!)
This li'l nigga just turned big nigga, you now
Are tuned in to the era where we better than who's around
Fuck cheddar give up the pounds (uh huh!)
I told y'all niggas once and only now (right!)
I think I'm going psycho for the sound
Only psychos I see around
Go 'round and 'round like a new carousel (ah ha!)
What's a king to a God?
The difference is one of them don't compare themselves
I'm only here to make a name plus generational wealth (woo!)
No kiddin', New York state of mind, I guess it was written
I'm out in Queens after I handle my business (uh huh!)
I'm too ambitious, and I been flippin' physics
Way before I met critics
So whatchu saying to the dead or the livin'?
God Body, yeah (ha ha!)

But what's a king to a God?
Feelin' like the realest motherfucker alive, uh
Kill a nigga 'fore I let him push me aside
'Cause, bitch, I'm tryna break even, even over the odds, nigga
Yeah, but what's a king to a God?
Feelin' like the realest motherfucker alive, uh
Kill a nigga 'fore I let him push me aside
'Cause, bitch, I'm tryna break even, even over the odds, nigga

[Joey Bada$$:]
What's a king to a God?
Feelin' like the realest motherfucker alive, uh
Kill a nigga 'fore I let him push me aside
'Cause, bitch, I'm tryna break even, even over the odds, nigga

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Bada$$, Joey King To A God Comments
  1. Ezequiel Marquez

    New era black star? 🤔

  2. RissRosé Denayo

    Is nimber 1 angry raper i love him

  3. Will Mooney

    Forgot I had this on a playlist! This is my theme song for 2020.

  4. Bradley Diaz


  5. Angel Lopez

    So everyone gon ignore when Joey said "Shit get ugly like Chauncey Billups".? That line had me rollin. 😭😭


    Angel Lopez lmao

  6. Greeg

    Som de maloqueiro UP nós BR


    This shit gives me goosebumps every single time💧💧💧☠


    last time joeybadass used boom bap...

  9. Isaiah Gomes

    Can someone explain why dessy wasn’t on the beast coast tape .....

  10. M. Buysum


  11. D1maged_ Luis

    I'm looking forward to 20 years if everyone will say then we had joey badass

  12. Cameron Yoe

    Hello, Beast Coast. You're performing tomorrow (or today) in Arizona. I currently live in Ganado and I'm Navajo & Apache. I'm not sure if I should be saying this or if this will do anything, but I want you guys to know that I'm making videos now and explaining important information. I want to do music, but can't do quality music that pleases me. Plus, we have no jobs here, so the videos are providing me solid memory for when I do enter the game because I don't want to get brainwashed and get erased from the game, you know? I'm telling you this because I want you guys to know that I'm after you. My goal is to make music with you, which may jinx everything, but I really have hope right now that everything can go the way it should be, I guess I can say. Everyone thinks I'm crazy: my family, teachers, students, etc. Because last year I used to think I was Jesus and now I'm chasing after you guys. I just hope it's not too late or that I'm making the right move. You guys are the reason why I'm doing videos for people. I'm getting over being quite and all I'm trying to do is get to you....and see if this stuff is really true, you know? Might sound crazy, but it could be explained more in person. This is a long shot, but this on a phone and it's the quickest way to get ahold of you. Without it, I don't know how.

  13. Micah Hollingsworth

    niggas rather be listening to lil pump

  14. Lesley Tacuri

    ghostface killers

  15. Kovelli 47

    " fine china's in chinatown, fine dining with lighter sound " that shit was so smoove!

  16. Sarthak Pathroliya 19

    That is a song .

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  18. Shaka Zhulu


  19. Bailey Warzel

    got this shit tatted pro era forever

  20. Moe Lester

    Good song right?

    Moe Lester

    Yeah man. Songs good. I'm gonna like your comment cause you said it's good.

    Moe Lester

    Joey badass is lyrical. Obviously it's a good song.

  21. Jason Gentry

    Hol up let me fill up my cup wit some fime wine 🍷

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    Joey and premo needa collab frfr💥💥💥

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    get quaked on

  24. american maniac

    this is the badass we all grew to love! keep it up boyy

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  26. Mar1 ArTs

    I would like to be a rapper
    But....... Joey is going to be my 6th role model
    Cuz I'm usually an East coast rapper

  27. Wondering Man Productions

    PRO ERA needs to saturate the uu-uu-uu. They actually have enough on the roster to do it right no-uu. The production is on point t-uu-o.

  28. Brinelle Kaduda

    Joey got bars for days... all i'm doing is "hmmm"

  29. K. R.

    Brooklyn Baby*

  30. sante97

    Still Fiyahhh

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  32. Kelly Wright

    That intro flow from 0:00-0:15 went hard as hell 🔥🔥

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    Look at how the beat changes effortlessly

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    Who here after they heard the instrumental release?

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    Made exactly 1 year ago

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    They should’ve dropped king kapital forever ago, its well overdue and now its lost all of its hype.

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    Happy birthday to this song, today!


    1 million views? That's it... People are fuckin wack.

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    That DOOM line was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    PRO4LIFE. Joey bad Nd the whole squad killshitt.

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    I dont know if theyre too close, but I really really want to hear a feature from ak and joey. They could craft the bombest music if they spend sone time on it, I’m sure. Some pure, energetic stuff

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    That shit is sick man

  46. jokes fly over my head

    Tyga type beat 2:02

  47. Brandon Gonzalez

    Wow 10 months ago😪this years music has been real, and this is so nostalgic. Driving in the car with my bros, feeling like a king. Not knowing we are so much more, Gods..

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    Can please someone can make a good Instrumental remake🙏🏼

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    Best rap song of 2018.

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    Dessy took off on this joint too though #Facts I hope they drop a video for this one day

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    Joey > all these other young niggas 💯

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