Bada$$, Joey - Killuminati Pt. 2 Lyrics

Killuminati all through your body
Like a 12 gauge shotty

[Verse 1]
And I'm still a beast with these flows
Feeling real low my tree self esteem roll
We drowning out Atlantis can't overflow beast coast
Be more specific next time you shoutin' out a-mi-go
I am not the star? In fact I'm planet awe
Fuck what the media write, bitch this is a fire bar
Please don't leave your comment if you are not up to par
No names, putting you in a verse that's too far
Your mundane can't obtain, the knowledge of my brain
My set told me light you up so this that propane
It's Nathan all I gotta do is just spit a flame
No escaping, you in a swimming pool of champagne
You set yourself up for that one mane
The king of New York?
Ha! we ain't just gon' let that one hang
Last nigga got dethroned and you ain't from my zone
The rest of the real niggas is dead and gone

[Hook x2]
But fuck it I'm Biggie, I'm L, I'm Pun
I’m God’s Son, I’m Pac, Guru all in one
I'm what they predicted before I come
In fact I do it all for them

[Verse 2]
I'm getting a ugh, I'm getting a ugh
From the weak shit that I hear
No lyrical style come near me
How they gon' try to compare me
To what's clearly, barely, not nearly as rare as me
Swank make hands fold like a rare disease
I got arthritis yo it's scaring me
I got all these rap niggas fucking fearing me
Heard they was looking for war but ain't declaring me
I'm well aware, NY not Delaware
I'm the real king fella here
You more like Prince of Bel-Air
I'm clearing the air, might fire at will
These rap niggas don't want the static for real
Cuz they lines not adjacent to my spectacular skill
If you don't fuck with cinematic stand still
My life's a movie on the real
You can get shot with your hands on the wheel
With your pants at ya heels

[Hook x2]


And I'm feeling like the realest motherfucker alive [x6]
Killuminati all
Through your, all through your
I love the competition
Go against the beast coast?
I retired that level of it
And now you have to deal with a brother like Joey
Which is a 45 magnum with a knife at the tip
And a shotgun at the enemy

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Bada$$, Joey Killuminati Pt. 2 Comments
  1. RissRosé Denayo

    I never see a rapper wirh this lyrical is insane ...even eminem ... pfff is unreal i love Joe i m obsess

  2. shivam bhatt

    Is the beat before the verse an actual song?

  3. tyrone lambert

    what song is the first bit from

  4. DiddyKongVsLuigi

    How does he do it? All these rappers come straight out of a comic book.

  5. Gavin Burtscher

    Kendrick and Joey going back and forth like this is what the world needs right now

  6. Armando Guerrero

    I was gonna kill a couple rappers but they did it to them selves everybody suicidal they didn't even need my help - Kendrick. (Now I know why he said that) he dissed king steelo

  7. ladybird808s

    too good

  8. Tay Yasharal

    He took a W.

  9. Rajon Rondo

    If everybody commenting how his word play went over everyone’s heads it clearly did not

  10. EDwin Flores

    dawg that fucking propane bar still crazy all these years later

  11. R.a.w Wood

    Bend the words don't let em bend you


  12. ladybird808s

    this song to hard

  13. OG Pesos 93

    This Joey, this the Joey I need to see more of

  14. Ashanti JDRO


  15. ADAJ3

    2:03 he said King Fela not fella

  16. tyler ross

    Kendrick who ?

  17. ladybird808s

    This is talent at its finest been a Joey fan since 2011

  18. Ŕemy Óceans murdered

  19. Tee Peterson

    Joey Bada$$=Biggie
    Kendrick Lamar=2pac

  20. Omar Williams

    This or Lupe Slr 2? 🤔

  21. Hazael Cantero Angel

    Whats that intro song ?

  22. Stan Leech

    "Swank make hands fold like a rare disease. 'How thou art write this?/arthritis" bruh 😭💣💣💣

  23. Ronnie Green

    This shit weak

  24. Shaniece Fletcher

    I Need That Jacket Man

  25. Tom Guerrero

    Bro this man is a fuckin wordsmith

  26. King Capital Steez


  27. K Pham

    Nobody can change the fact that Joey is a better lyrical rapper. Don't @ me

  28. Ivan Navarro

    Wheres the second instrumental from ? Sample ?

  29. Luke Snell

    Anyone got a link for the instrumental?

  30. TheKidSG

    and im still a beast wit these flows!

  31. Edgar Deleon

    You set you up with that one mane ... in fact I do it all for them ...

  32. Mango Fresco

    Joeys dumb for doing this one now Kendrick is never gonna fuc wit him


    Why did he thought it was a good idea to "rhyme" come with them????

  34. queen Solid


  35. Racoon City Survivor

    Wack ass bars

  36. J P

    Did kendrick ever even diss him?

    Yurhomi 24

    J P Joey isn’t even dissing him here. Kendrick disrespecting him indirectly by saying he’s the King of New York.

  37. CPA

    This the King of NY.

  38. Arne Wats

    Best wordplay from any rapper in the game rn💯been listening since paper trails, and I knew since then he’s a force to be reckoned with. 💯


    i see now why you a ghostwriter

  40. Michael098

    Young people have no clue who the artist he named are

    Stan Leech

    try again, oldhead

  41. Ethos The Rapper

    He wins

  42. Andrae McLeod

    The lyrics are on point. But this beat makes me cringe.

    julian puerto

    Andrae McLeod wake up foo this beat is a godsend

  43. 04 Till Infinity

    5 fumadas y te saco del juego

  44. Tay Yasharal

    Joey didn't sell all the way out like Kendrick. Two of my favorite new rappers though.

  45. TKO Savage

    When that beat dropped the muscles in my face did that stank face on they own

  46. Dame Dollasss

    who’s bumpin in 2019?

  47. sleep well

    Who's Nathan he says it after propane just wondurang bars lol

  48. Diz The Saiyan


  49. Oldman Witagun

    This ill

  50. Vladimir Remmirez

    this track is addicting to listen to, the emotions if jeoys voice counterpointed with a multi sample beat

  51. KungFuKenny

    like a 12 gauge shotttaaay.. shit joey's flow make me so hyped. Ye and Kendrick went too far saying he's the king of NY

  52. Ricky Garcia

    Joey badass is no where compared to biggie, big l, big pun, nas, pac and guru hes goofyness

  53. Big L

    If you compare how sick Joey is to the other Rapper's then Joey is Ebola while the other Rappers are hemorrhoids on my ass.

  54. Luc 22

    The kendrick puns are absolutley godlike on this one i Love both but joey aint playin

  55. John Rivera

    Where was I when this released

  56. Young Mando

    2019 there is still no rapper with better lyrics than joey in my opinion

  57. Big L

    how Old was he? 19? He is the best Rapper in the Game... never seen someone Doing something like this at the age of 19...

    Tom Skeez

    Was 18 at the time, released in 2013

  58. Hector Joe Blanco

    Joey Bada$$ is Dope but REAL ONES know how Capital Steez would impacted the rap game!

    Ricky Garcia

    Fasho fuck joey

  59. Chuck Hudson

    Still playing in 3019

  60. Jaden Chamblee

    We need this Joey back..

  61. Joke's Youtube


    Jack Cronin

    Joke's Youtube look up King Los’ Control response ,he is one of the best lyricist of all time.

    Yurhomi 24

    Joke's Youtube this is one of Joey’s best songs imo but I disagree. I haven’t listened to all responses but Joel Ortiz and Joe Budden had really good responses imo.

  62. Kareem An-Nas

    One of the Badmons hardest

  63. Cerebral Sierra

    A fucking lyrical genius 🐐💯

  64. nia durant

    He ain’t even name drop Joey 😭🤦🏽‍♀️

    Trout 98

    It was when Kendrick said he was the king of NYC and Joey's friends hyped him up and he made this

    Peek A Boo

    That's even more disrespectful. Means he doesn't think joey is at that tier.

    Mamadou Diagne

    @Peek A Boo if he doesn't think that then he is dumb

  65. Anita milton-hunter

    20 BLUDCLART 18

  66. Rosalina CV

    Capital Steez stans live in a "Imagine if" world. That's sad!


    That's what happens when talent dies early.

  67. Abijah Yasharahla

    Joey is a monster when it come to lyricism

  68. VL2


  69. VL2

    'im clearing the air, might, fire at will
    These rap niggas don't want the static for real'

    It could be a radio reference coz he says 'Im clearing the air' air is sometimes used to talk about radio and him saying he will clear the air means that whoever is on the radio (kendrick especially) wont be for long and It will be Joey.

    When he says the static it could be referencing the line above coz radio and static go together u know what I mean?

  70. Spaz456

    Who still bumping in 2018 ? 🔥😎

  71. Hazael Cantero Angel

    Who that intro beat is ?

  72. Chris

    Still in the rotation ​

  73. Gabriel Garcia

    Killer Kendrick! And I'm from So Cal

  74. Tunarice Metters

    Best response so far.. I'm die hard K.Dot fan..this was fire Joey


    Joey showed kdot who the real apex predator (pun intended) of the rap game is. There is no rapper who is on the same level of joey

  75. Carol Crayton-Jones


  76. hWGGO

    isn't this to troy ave?


    nah this is like 4 yrs ago



  77. Keegan Hall


  78. Amanda Hamilton

    Haha "I'm what they pro dick did before I cum" nice

  79. Jeremiah Pagany

    Crazy this was 5 years ago remember it like it was yesterday

  80. 47 til infinity

    "I'm what they Predicted before i come" crazy ass wordplay

  81. Jed Cohen

    Joey's wordplay is out of this world. He's the new age MF DOOM, (i leave MF's Doomed). Kendrick can have killer wordplay (most not as good as Badass) but his storytelling and musical talent is superior than Joey's, as i'd say he is the new age Pac.


    pac is overrated. he's way better than pac

  82. BobbySizacks

    This song is not noticed enough

  83. AJ Baker

    Joey bodied Kendrick. We need this joey back

  84. Jocelyn Hernandez

    good song

  85. James White

    Joey spit real shit Kendrick talk shit real life

  86. kismon collie


  87. KingLouieGaming

    Everybody talking about word play but it seems like y'all missed when he said my life's a movie on the reel/real

    Elijah Echeverry

    KingLouieGaming no one missed that tf, thats like the most obvious one.

  88. Jofundy


    Aqua 47 Flawless

    Joey is still just as good he just has more concept into things now

  89. Kamryn_ 1997

    Okay i feel the disrespect 👌🔥

  90. Patrick Fwesa

    Swank make, hands fold like a rare disease

  91. Vincent Mocuta

    not a response to Kendrick a response to troy ave

    Trout 98

    Vincent Mocuta nope ,he's talking about Kendrick, this was like 2 years before the Troy ave beef

  92. 2themax

    Decent verses but that hook was garbage. Joey i love you, but the last line doesnt rhyme, stop trying to force it.
    I understand the references to all the rappers like nas and biggie and all that, that doesn't make the hook good. Especially when the only rhyme is a bit of assonance at the end. It feels like this was rushed because joey wanted to get a response out while the control verse was still relevant. As a fan im kinda disappointed, but he has grown a lot since this.


    But the way he says them rhymes with come so relax

  93. Michael Martinez

    47=Balance + 53=knowledge
    47+53 = 100 Mad

  94. 2wonkenobi

    joey made me proud wit this reponse niggaz was gettin mad at kdot for wanting 2 hear sum competition

  95. 2wonkenobi

    ya set yaself up for that one mane

  96. Jihed w Barra

    imagine king Steez on this..


    I liked it as a single.I get steez was fire and no disrespect