Bada$$, Joey - Don't Quit Your Day Job Lyrics

I'm actually offended that this nigga ain't come harder than this

I got an issue with this little bitch shih tzu
I'm a pitbull, throw lyrical missiles that won't miss you
Rip open your tissue make your task force miss you
It made no sense to diss you, so I dish you
Nothing but food you little bitch
I drop nines like cat fish sticks and shrimp like you and steak too
No bitch, ever gonna get pimp like you
Hit you with the cane 'til you sick in the brain
Ya think drilling your brain, you Pink Flame ass nigga
Lame ass nigga
Publicity stunts for the fame ass nigga
Bada$$ not lying but you gotta tame that nigga
Holla at, not replying, now you dying
Joey Bad blame that nigga, restrain that nigga
You Purple Rain ass nigga, how you trying to be Prince in a Queen B mix?
Little faggot pants dance you make no sense - don't quit your day job
Cause after this, your campaign wrecked, I could do this all day y'all
It ain't no sweat, ain't no threat
Is this little bitch sick? Cause there ain't no vets for the love
And ain't nothing less I come next, ain't a nun
I'm the one, I think I spit lozenge
The Bada$$ enforcing
This niggas off I put him in a [cough, cough] coffin
Make yourself a pitch and get tossed in
I could do this often on your porch in
Foreign, this a warrant, we warning, if you want we still be
Sparring with the martians with an army of spartans
Sparking up I fuck yo bitch when I park your truck
Rockin' a 49ers' park - what?

Shout out to the OG Too Short
Shout out to the OG E-40
RIP Mac Dre
Bay area, cause mass hysteria, kidnap and bury ya
Shout out to Del tha Funkee Homosapien
Shout out Hieroglyphics
And most importantly shout out Lil B
Fuck yo' bitch, fuck yo' bitch

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Bada$$, Joey Don't Quit Your Day Job Comments
  1. Rilla Mon

    Tiny shirt ass nigga!! 😂


    One of them beefs u win by not responding ask joe budden

  3. Muney Jordan23

    Baby ass rhymes lol

  4. Muney Jordan23

    Joey badass fans swear they woke

  5. Santos San Pascual

    This is the first time someone made the better diss track and still lose the beef

  6. Riley Telfer

    Classic Joey tune, takes me back to schoolhigh days

  7. Jalen Jarrett


  8. 96NickBeats
    Go to 4:44 on this video. Joey and Steez rocked with Lil B. And Joey even has a Lil B homage on his song _Pennyroyal_ . Look up the lyrics. There was no real smoke in this beef. Joey only responded so he wouldn't seem like a bitch by not responding. Everyone knows Joey is more lyrical than Lil B, but let's not pretend Lil B can't rap. He definitely ethered Joe Budden and even Joe admits that.

  9. Ahmad Ahmad

    Joey ended his life, his career and left his corny fans in the corner sucking themselves. This is NYC hip hop. Don’t ever forget it.

  10. GBE Farts

    Lil B is a lover of planet earth 🌏 spreading peace among our youth! This is not deserving of a diss by Joey even though I know this song is staged.

  11. jabre12

    Both are kings

  12. mamameemoo

    U try too hard kid its not a competition

  13. Robinson Bc

    Who tf is lil bitch lmaooo

  14. Markas Flood

    This Shit Go hard

  15. EastSide Lunchable

    Lil b better than Joey

  16. Swift Blox

    " and tell the Based God don't quit his day job!" - Capital STEEZ on Survival Tactics

    i should just die with a smile

    maybe fool

  17. marcus760

    LiL B did joey like drake did meek. Both Joey and Meek careers are dead. I haven't listen to a joey song since LiL B murdered him


    marcus760 Lol of course you would say that u don’t understand what my nigga Joey is saying in this shit.

  18. Jr Tfgo

    i fuck w joey b heavy but yall kissin dick at this poijt in the comments lol

  19. Jr Tfgo

    west coast bitch

  20. Nguhuan

    St-straight ether dis nigga!!

  21. Progressive Minded

    this joint was CRAZY FUCKIN GOOD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. james richardson

    Lil b diss went harder tho

  23. El Bono

    This shit was wack af


    El Bono not at all

  24. Markas Flood

    Off The Hook

  25. JoeFortuna56

    Delet this >:(

  26. thatkidddan

    Who's side should I choose

  27. Trueethyself

    after this lil B changed his name to Boosie badazz...... copy ass nigga


    Boy,boy,boy... Boosie Badass is Lil Boosie, not Lil B.

  28. first line killed every lil b song ever

  29. gunslingr100

    What Lil B started with this is like a chihuahua trying to go at it with a grizzly bear and the grizzly bear just turned around and stepped on the chihuahua.

    Kyle Mantha

    +gunslingr100 nah lil b destroyed joey.


    +Kyle Mantha lmao you forreal? go back to your fake rap bro

    「my bih yucky slatt』

    Lil b >>>>>

  30. SouthFlorida’96

    smoke one to this.

  31. Aaron Gordon

    Joe played himself, he recycled these lyrics no one can't touch based god.

  32. ronnie 2dope

    lil b fans are great trolls. But some idiots actually are so brain dead to the point that they think base gods terrible delivery is actually rap music

  33. Jordan Wheeler

    wasnt even a real beef..

  34. Hakeem McFarlane

    Lil b raps about money and bitches for heavens sake pac did the same shit just on a drum break

    North Culver

    ok logic

    iLL MiX

    +Hakeem eM lil b raps for men who call themselves pretty bitches don't every compare that weirdo to 2pac. da fuck is wrong with you?

    9999 Savage

    they also both talk about the streets

    Leaf Doez

    +The 6th Genesis it's star trek okay, dodge all that. if u want to make sure haha just watch the show eve njsut the genesis of it. call me 206-414-3344. Yung Bruh aka Lil Tracy from Seattle WA is my favorite rapper.

  35. Noah R

    Joey's delivery in this track was sharp as hell, fuck anyone who hates on this tune

  36. 404k Anime

    I hope you all know the beef was fake

  37. tonio789

    it was staged lol

  38. BigStiffWilly

    Fuck Lil B racist ass nigga

  39. Huey Freeman

    Guys.. Its obvious Lilb did this for attention.

  40. Afro Shinobi

    should've saved this beat for another song. smh

  41. 777Albatross

    this was surprising wack. i like joey but lbr dissing ain't his strong point

  42. Deee Legend

    Lyrical Missiles That Won't Miss You ... HE DESTROYED HIM

  43. God Bless HipHop

    lol he used a ghostwriter...



  44. Thaspacegoat Æ

    He made a mistake might as well diss 2pac or biggie.Lil b is a legend

  45. Cheek Buster

    How does lil b even have fans? I though his whole career was just a joke that went way to far.

    Clyde Cabbage

    Joey is his biggest fan

    Aaron Gordon

    +GrimSyndicate WasHere W


    +hectorbeast Its not the music, its the movement.
    Oh and his whack music is not because hes whack, its deliberately.

  46. Jesus Hernandez

    Lil be is the most underrated rapper ever, can't believe joey would diss based god like this /: lil b fuck my bitch?!?!?

    Jordan West

    Jesus Hernandez pk

  47. Devonne Hamilton

    Joey would destroy lil be lyrically lil b has no mind to his lyrics

    BruT JezuS

    True Lil b speaks what's at his mind at that time.

    llEYESfromABOVEll J3SS

    You're a troll he has a lot of wisdom chance the troll here he diss him than recently this yr they all lovely dovey n made few song

  48. Rembot

    this was the day joeys career ended


    bit premature there considering noones even fucking heard of lil b now, he makes whack ass mumble rap anyway

    Leo Evans

    his single just went gold... spoke too soon

    Da CookieGod

    Rembot ahem check out today 2k17


    lmaoo no one understood

    Token Smitherton

    Lmao Joey is 10x bigger now wtf are you saying

  49. M&N Distribution

    Killed that lil Bitch

  50. fkylw

    He's not on 47 anymore. He's permanently closed his third eye. Such a shame, Joey. 


    This was along time ago.

  51. Zay

    Did no one clearly hear Joey say "Shoutout to Lil B" at the end?Pretty obvious indication that it wasn't a real beef.

  52. TheLiberalChicken

    Lil B a real joke to Joey

  53. yadig

    The beefwas staged

  54. Taikay Knight

    Yo for everybar this has to be top 10 diss songs
    Bada$$ not lying/lion gotta tame dat nigga

  55. Michael Strait

    if I ever want to feel innately superior to every single person in a comments section, I just come here

    (pro tip: joey bada$$ and lil b are both good in vastly different ways)

    Ahmad Ahmad

    Michael Strait My man...Joey is on a different level. Ur lost in life. Peace.

  56. Mark Heppell

    Lil B doesn't seen very positive

  57. Trey Williams

    Lil Bitch & Riff Raff fans are cancer to hip-hop

  58. Love & Truth

    do research. joey said the beef was staged.

  59. B4DA$$

    Lil B don't suck dick but his fans do

    So Icey Boyz

    Lil b sucks harry horse dick

  60. pbwolf

    That's the way love goes.

  61. FreeBasedMusic

    Nice try. But Lil boss got this one. Tybg

    Arron Antonio

    U obviously don't know shit about music


    you're obviously a fuck boy

  62. infjard

    yo I go to the club and try to wax nostalgic about mid to late '90s hip hop with clubgoers and I always get shut down because everyone is talking about this dude called Lil B so I gave one of his records a spin and this dude is whack why doesn't the dude come stepping with a generic "technical" underground flow like everybody else?

    idgi, time to go re-listen to Gang Starr's "Moment of Truth" about 50 times in a row and write scathing social commentaries on mammonistic contemporary hip hop culture.

  63. Tyler Cathers

    Lil B(itch)

    Augmented Peanut

    Tyler Cathers
    oh wow so funny.
    please stop hating with your (un)funny humor

  64. DaOldSchoolRapLova96

    Damn, this jawn takes me back a bit haha. Junior year was something. Crazy how this was released in early '13.

  65. Richard Pulido

    Lil b is the most whack ass rapper to ever live.

  66. Kerry Williams

    It's funny listening to this battle now that Joey confirmed it was "staged". I always figured that just because it just didn't make sense, especially when it's obvious that B is a troll. Chuck Strangers in the back screaming tiny shirt ass nigga when Lil B pretty much says that himself lmao. Love both artists. Joey and Pro Era are very nice young and upcoming emcees. And Lil' B is just too hilarious and then at any given time he can actually hit someone with a good song with lyrics, but his silly shit be having me cracking up.

  67. Travis Nelson

    Not based.

  68. txtit2me

    The joey badass and lil b beef was staged. It was all fake

  69. Joe Geraci

    lil b loves you joey

  70. Jordan Bobkoff

    Lil B and Joey Badass are homies the beef was staged

  71. Jordan Wicker

    they actually are cool now joey tweeted #thankyoubasedgod and lil b tweeted he supports joey and what not so #TYBG #ProEra #47

  72. ihateyall

    Lmao getting baited this bad....


    BROOKLYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BROWNSVILLE,FLATBUSH,CROWN HEIGHTS,BENSONHURST ahhhhhh my nigga joey haaaaaaaaaaa fuck lil b that bull cant even step up to u fam word is bond 

  74. TheLKA

    It's funny because all the Joey Bada$$ fans would know that Joey didn't go "ham". Yes, it was kind of weak but if you actually listened to his albums and songs, you Lil B fans would know that Joey Bada$$ would lyrically beat Lil B to shreds.


    @Revok Sixth Exactly.

    kurtis based

    Boy shut yo dumb ass up lil b been dping this since 04 u lil pro era bandwagoners are just gonna hop on to the next group of young rappers just like what u did to OF so stfu


    @kurtis based Oh great, another Taskforce Member. First, I'm not even a band wagoner, I've been a fan of Joey since last year fall and I don't even follow Odd Future. So how about you "Shut yo dumb ass up".

    Michael M

    "I got a an issue with this little bitch shitzu , I'm a pitbull, throw lyrical missiles that wont miss you, rip open your tissue , make your taskforce miss you , it makes no sense to diss you so Ill diss you"

  75. FlashTheNeon

    Joey shouldnt of diss lil B since he is just a joke but this song is hard as hell

  76. beaver knight

    say what you wil but joey fakea$$ lost the beef he deleted his twitter account lil b murdered him like he did kd

    Karan Raju

    stop the ignorance g

    Sergi Canadas

    he lost the beef? im pretty sure he just dicked on lil b pretty hard.

    Juan Garcia

    Joey still has a twitter account....

    Primal OnSlaught

    Joey only deleted it cause he aint got time for Lil B. All Lil Bs fans were bothering Joey so he deleted it cause he was fucking Lil B's aunti.

  77. Fijigod

    Remember when Joey deactivated his twitter cuz the bitch mob and task force or naw


    remember when lil b got ether'd by joey

  78. Kevin Garrett

    Lil B is obvious a troll. Look at his interviews. He's intelligent, while he raps mediocrely ignorant... On purpose. Btw, Joey bodied him.

    Thaspacegoat Æ

    The beef was staged even joey said you're a fucking faggot

  79. LikeBreeeze™

    Sweet Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes Sample.

    Don Theking MUSIC

    And impeach the president by honeydripers

  80. Kaylan Samuels

    Lil b almighty fuck joey badass .... And steez they pray to Basegod everynight

  81. YenMasterAttractionHWY22

    And niggas call lil b a troll Cruz hi drop mix tapes with 100 songs on it ....he loves to record and somebody wants to hear wat he gotta say ......don't down him he makes millions and you blog on YouTube

  82. YenMasterAttractionHWY22

    Joey badass sound like he from UK LMAO I'm from jersey I thought he was from NY ......and then he shout out bay area rappers this is trash lil b actually got a message this was just punchline bull

  83. YenMasterAttractionHWY22

    Joey badass sound like he from UK LMAO I'm from jersey I thought he was from NY ......and then he shout out bay area rappers this is trash lil b actually got a message this was just punchline bull

  84. John Parker

    WHAT IS LYRICAL ABOUT THIS. I know Lil B might not be lyrical. but this was fuckin trash. the trash era. and niggas who really think this shit real "hip hop" was obviously raised off of fuckin mtv and wack ass niggas who thought they was preachin some deep shit


    U dumb nigga

    John Parker

    @ProudPinoy4Life naw son. you might be the dumb one caping for a corny ass nigga


    @John Parker nah bruh fuck wut u herd, corn-shit fuck

    John Parker

    @ProudPinoy4Life you corn b

  85. Mario Gandara

    Joey just mad because BasedGod fucked his bitch!



  87. Mitchell Macmurray

    fuck this generic homophobic bay area suck up 

  88. MrMcDo0dles

    this diss is too much for Lil B and his fans to even understand

    Clyde Cyrus

    MrMcDo0dles you do know STEEZ was a Lil B fan right?


    Haha fuck lil b! Joey gets the crown for the new school.

  90. GraffHead

    Casey Burns your mom should've aborted you.

  91. Juan Macedo

    What the fucks a lil b

  92. nik

    Lil B fucked joey's bitches, and he's mad.

    John Doe

    lil b gay.. real peep from the bay know what he is 


    lil b has never fucked a bitch g

    stephen white

    "But now I heard you fucking with some new man
Can't remember his name but my first impression, "What a lame"
Lorraine said she seen him at a bowling lane
Walking out the bathroom kinda strange with his shoulder stained
Faggot" sneak dissing?

    δαδπα Nøłan

    lil b a creepy ass fuckboy. he be posting pictures of 14 lil girls and shit on his instagram

  93. Casey Burns Investing

    You don't even need to have any bitches to understand this. Nothing to see here people, just another sucka getting his career ended by lil b. #taskforce #protectlilb #bitchmob


    You dumbass, lil b(itch) is a sukka mc


    @Jimm Wonder This generation is brainwashed by mainstream entertainment rather than sitting back to some chill lyricism. 

    Casey Burns Investing

    @Leo T-J I listen to a lot of rappers. Lil B has 1000s of songs, give em a listen some day and maybe you'll put together the pieces. Rn you just sound ignorant bruh.

  94. Phoenixxx

    Like I get why! lil b would diss Joey, obviously lil b got fans that back him up.... but! there's a reason why! There's profitable ignorance & the real world of Hip-Hop. Lil b might get respect from his fans which are regular people, but! He will never receive respect from the world of Hip-hop like he would of... if he hadn't diss an important Pillar!(skills) of the East Coast game. This nigga mad dumb! 

  95. bisforme10

    Lil B is wack as fuck I'm surprised that Joey even responded to that wack ass diss Lil B did. Joey killed the verse in the first 30 seconds and when I listened to Lil B's diss I couldn't pick out one line that was actually good. Fuck Lil B, his music, and his fans.

  96. Fernando Chavez

    If you haven't noticed lil b and his fans are all trolls. Lil b isnt serious when he raps he has all his fans brainwashed. 

  97. Austib Price

    Based World Forever Fuck Joey

  98. Chazvaz

    god bless based god, our generation will lap up any old clap of shit example lil b