Bad Religion - Sinister Rouge Lyrics

Innocents burned,
alive at the stake
Tortured and dumped
In nameless graves
Centuries wane
Authority died
Scattering seeds of ancient lies

Sinister rouge
Coming back for more
To even the score
Sinister rouge
Coming back for more
To even the score

Child molesters
And Jesuits
Holding secret conference
Underneath the pontiff’s nose
And only God will ever know

Sinister rouge
Coming back for more
To even the score
Sinister rouge
Coming back for more
To even the score

Give us this day
Our daily bread
Your legacy
We'll not forget
Lick the wounds
Cleanse the land
The modern world
Rejects your hand

Sinister rouge
Coming back for more
To even the score
Sinister rouge
Coming back for more
To even the score

Sinister rouge
The nightmare comes in sinister rouge

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Bad Religion Sinister Rouge Comments
  1. Fons Van Dijk

    Hey I made a drum cover of this song, you can listen to it on my channel. Cheers!

  2. Salman Alfarisiy

    Orang indonesia mah kaga tau lagu ini

  3. SatanorDevilorLucifer TrinityofHell1973

    *Mephostophilis says that it's time for History Class and the Dusty Strings of Outerspace*

    "This is KD-K1, we're receiving you. Over."

    "Look, Sheldon, they are alluding to the history of the weights and measures."
    "Yeah, the Devil lives in there. hsss"
    We shall burn in Greek fires forever from before the roots of Christianity! They are a slow leak taking over the planet...we need the history of the standards of weights and measures, grammar and rhetoric, and the scientific method! We need symbology from the history of chemistry and the periodic table and moons and snails from the old medical establishment! We need the old stars from horology and the establishment of the new atomic clock! LOL. Hollywoods are so hip. Which came first, the short attention span and lack of time recognition, or the violence and drug addiction? The contra dance continues, unsupervised. How dry can we be? Shall we get out an abacus and count change? How about how the plugs in the walls work with magnets and copper? How about the history of penmanship scratched out on a wall? Bleeccch. It doesn't take a Master's Degree to celebrate the history of the units, measures, and methods; the tragedy of love; the blood of the battlefields; thus, the human condition and the magic of the Occult! Hilarious, really, hilarious. EHH, AWW, EEHH

    Member of the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Creative Anachronism

  4. Christopher Bingham

    This is one of my favorite Bad Religion songs. It's so cool that they continue making awesome music over 20 years into their career. And they're still going strong in 2019

  5. Power Metallistic

    Came from Farvann

  6. MufasaWasAPunk


  7. Kahnnabis xxx


  8. name change

    I.T. came from the see

  9. Katherine Balamucki

    False reality

  10. Katherine Balamucki

    Punk is junk

  11. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    1953 LoL

  12. tglimm

    2004: Child molesters and Jesuits holding secret conference.
    2017: US President openly endorses child molester for public office.

    This is how far we've come.

    Dennis Floren

    Who are you talking about?

  13. Jake Hill

    the drumning makes this song a real pelter i think, its like a travis barker sort a style

    Pavel Pavlov

    Hahah man, Travis Barker is cool but this is the absolutely unique Brooks Wackerman style.Sorry but Brooks beats out the shit of Barker in terms of musical approach towards drum beat ideas.


    Travis Barker is the drummer equivalent to an 80s hair metal band guitar solo

    Pavel Pavlov


  14. Nicka Adams

    *Hears song. **Visions CR500R wide open. Fuck yeah!

  15. tglimm

    "Child molesters and Jesuit holding secret conference" After all these years, it's still mind blowing how this line sounds like rabid anticlerical propaganda and yet is literally factual truth.

    Christopher Bingham

    Many priests are indeed child molesters. I had a friend who was raped by one, granted she wasn't really a child at the time but still.

  16. but home is nowhere___

    Holy shit boys, this is power metal!

    Henry The Gothic/Metalhead/Punk

    Kiwi Teepee they're punk but this is pretty fucking good. They do have a power metal capacity.

    Drunk Moe

    So, I'm Ryan
    dont you dare to insult punkrock in that way

  17. Academic Exchange

    we should all go Back to school,

  18. Flavien Jonville


    Erik Enson

    Would it be a crime to like both?

    Lord of Whoopity scoops

    i love both of them a7x more and erik no it would not

    kevin willems

    Flavien Jonville isn't the drummer on this album avenged sevenfold's newest drummer?

    Christopher Bingham

    I actually like Avenged Sevenfold. They're not as good as Bad Religion but I like them.

    Then again it sounds like there was some troll here whose posts have since been deleted.

    Wolf 90

    Avenged sevenfold sucks 🐓

  19. Kyle Hibbitts

    Honestly, one of my favourite bad religion song's. Suck's that its only 1:54 long!

    ๊ ๊

    Funny how you can find someone saying something very close to this on every song that is on youtube with over 10 comments.

    name change

    Kyle Hibbitts the needle and the damage done is painfully short as well...

    Chris C

    I could do with like 9 more minutes but you are right that is what makes it awesome

    Pat Power

    wrong it is 2:15 overture is the intro

    Christopher Bingham

    If you count the overture, the song is almost 3 minutes long. And I consider the overture to be part of this song. It's better if you listen to the Overture first and then this, rather than just skipping ahead to this. The calm before the storm makes the storm hit that much harder IMO

  20. ChromaLuke

    Best song ever!

  21. Nope

    I don't need to prove myself right, you dumb shit. History proves me right. Why don't YOU try to prove your flawed theory that "Science is right all the time" is correct? Oh, right, because that's futility in application and retarded in theory. Anyway, glad to say this conversation is over. I was running out of petty insults to sling at your dumb ass.

    You also have a nice night. Ignorance is bliss, so I am sure you'll enjoy it thoroughly.

    In tea

    what the fuck are these comments

  22. sot kap

    Try harder to prove yourself right.
    (Btw...i have a thing that i try to reason with stupid people and i give them many chances.That's why i kept posting.But with all seriousness i will not reply back to you.)
    Have a nice day.

  23. Nope

    Another thing, shouldn't you be ignoring me? Aren't you so much better than this that you're going to be ending this conversation several posts ago because you disapprove of my direct nature of conversation and my obvious love of profanity? Aren't I not worth your time? Are you actually going to shut the fuck up now, and stop replying to my hate filled self? Oh wait, you're not? That was just more unoriginal commentary you've seen other people post, and you thought it was effective?

  24. Nope

    lol I overreact? Holy fucking shit, you have got to be kidding me. I've never seen anyone take a verbal ass beating worse than you are right now. I'm here laughing and making jokes, you're the one screaming and flipping out. Jesus Christ, even your temper tantrums are unoriginal. Why don't you calm the fuck down, step back and reread all these posts, then tell me which of us is laughing,, and which of us is over reacting. Didn't you say I'm not worth your time already?

  25. sot kap

    You really have some serious issues..and you didnt understand SHIT about what i said...You hate,you overreact,you are immature...
    So i might talk like you now...get the fuck out of a Bad Religion song..,your manners doesnt represent anything about them..
    And if YOU want to be original IDIOT,you wouldnt start an argument over a youtube comment...
    You are an immature kid,that tries to hate other people through the internet because he feels bad for his miserable life.
    Suck it up now...

  26. Nope

    By the way, I wasn't talking about your mother, I was commenting on your inability to make your mother proud due to your lack of creative thought and originality on youtube comments. That's a comment about you, not your fat ugly mother.

    Do you see what I did there? Pretty fucking funny, huh?

  27. sot kap

    Judging people from a comment in youtube makes ME lame ass dip shit?Am i one of the billion lame ass trendy dip shits when, i try to speak politely while you rage and flame over a simple comment?
    And talking about how MY mother is proud of me?
    Be more mature,take a bath,drink a beverage and think about your life and your attitude before judging others.
    If you keep posting the same shit as your above comments i will not continue this conversation.You are not worth my time.

  28. Nope

    The fuck you talking about? It's not like Bad Religion's primary message is tolerance. I am rather sure that BR is pro independence, and anti-conformity. So, again, what with you posting the same shit as a million other lame ass dip shits, who shouldn't be here? Hey, way to be one of the billion lame ass trendy dip shits. Your mother must be so proud.

  29. sot kap

    With that attitude you shouldn't be on a Bad Religion song.
    End of story.Keep hating.

  30. Nope

    Not necessary to always post the same shit as a million other douche bags... Ok?

  31. sot kap

    Not necessary to be always original...Ok?

  32. Nope

    Holy shit, someone making a comment about the dislikes. How fucking original!

  33. sot kap

    3 dislikes?3 dislikes?

  34. francisco pio dos santos

    muito bom !

  35. Jacob Mcleod


    Lord of Whoopity scoops

    that would be badass

  36. thenuguy65

    theres a difference between successful and sell out. they didnt change their sound to get popular. they got popular by doing what they loved. thats not selling out.

  37. calipachanguero

    How could one rock so hard...

  38. welcometoskyvalley

    Give us this day
    Our daily bread
    Your legacy
    We'll not forget
    Lick the wounds
    Cleanse the land
    The modern world
    Rejects your hand


  39. Sylvain Kurts

    ho my good fucking lord!

  40. davemusky

    @diabeticmonkey Rise Against arent sellouts. They make more mainstream music to get positive messages to people who otherwise might not hear of it. For example their new song Make it Stop, i agree it sounds mainstream but its getting a good message out that many people would not have cared about otherwise. Long story short they dont make songs for money they use songs as a vechicle for spreading awareness on certain issues that they care about and other people should care about to.

  41. ethan cullen

    this is my best friend's favorite band. He won't stfu about them. This CD is awesome. Not going to lie,.

  42. Sad7Statue

    just picked this up on vinyl today! good buy

  43. Sgt Pepper

    wow, this album.. blow my fucking mind !

  44. catchxxmyfall

    This song reminds me of playing Diablo II for hours on end when I was like 12. ha, I loved this album! <3

  45. diabeticmonkey

    @jeppe1208 Rise against isn't emo, it's sellout punk. They used to be great, and then they got a taste of money.

  46. jeppe1208

    Why did they play with such a shitty teen-emo band??

  47. aklassen17

    ooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo

  48. ZiLLA0100

    gotta fuckin love bad religion. saw them in washington DC couple years ago with rise against. THE best live performance ive seen

  49. Hinata Sama

    oh resident evil!!! 5 i think~~

  50. easuter

    Saw them this April in Mérida. There was no real "front row", only a huge mosh-pit :)

    Their music is much better live IMHO.

  51. NickellessMuse

    such a good cd... I can't to see them live tomorrow in Calgary

    Lord of Whoopity scoops

    YO hello fellow Canadian