Bad Religion - Shattered Faith Lyrics

The scientist purported that there ain't no purpose
And the theologian told me that it's all been designed
And I'm trying to maintain objectivity.
The world won't illuminate what really matters,
And I'm an imperfect mortal meaning extractor
Processing the complexity.

Born of the earth, (Are we blind?)
We weren't given a choice. (There's no way)
What about free will? (What we have)
Do we have a voice? (Is shattered faith)
See them run in place (Here and now)
In the human rat race, (No reward)
So much dead weight (No debate)
To our disgrace. (Shattered faith)
Life begins when you accept your fate.

Paralysis from forces raging out of control until
My confidence and will are at an all-time low,
Just directionless wandering.
Eternal life, eternal truth, eternal secrets,
Isolated hopes and hypotheses just
Leave me feeling so hungry.

Born of the earth, (Are we blind?)
We weren't given a choice. (There's no way)
What about free will? (What we have)
Do we have a voice? (Is shattered faith)
See them run in place (Here and now)
In the human rat race, (No reward)
So much dead weight (No debate)
To our disgrace. (Shattered faith)
Life begins when you accept your fate.

Right or wrong, the main criterion is what you do and not what you say,
The roads you take, the friends you make and those you throw away.
The method is a simple synthesis of the past and present state,
You never lose if the path you choose is one you can easily navigate.

I had a dream, light and carefree, but now there's doubt and gravity.

But I won't run in place (Are we blind?)
In the human rat race. (There's no way)
I can set the pace (What we have)
And accept my fate. (Is shattered faith)
Shattered faith, (Here and now)
Shattered faith, (No reward)
The part of me (No debate)
I can't erase. (Shattered faith)

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Bad Religion Shattered Faith Comments
  1. shkico

    Chorus sounds similar to Offspring - kids aren't alright :D

    Random Punk

    Good to know I wasn't the only one to think that

  2. andrea lb

    This is an absolute masterpiece.
    "Life begins when you accept your fate ... I can set the pace and accept my fate ..." shattered faith! Masterfully worded song.

  3. Enmanuel aguilera leon

    This song reminds me of all debates about religion I saw on YouTube lol

  4. Unburried

    Injection, Rise Against, anyone ? (the very beginning !)

    Skar Tooth

    Bad Religion is my favorite band, love the song, but there's so many rip-off's to this song, it's almost grotesque. Mild retribution points for their greatest attribute: when they... Greg Graffin (much respect to Mr. Brett on this as well) really, lyrically plots personal psychology against historical (human) meta-trajectories. It's almost an irony that religion has much to say about guarding against personal tragedy, but failed so consistently, and might I add catastrophically, throughout the years.

  5. mj jordan

    Put some cia in the. Mail box

  6. いしゆう


  7. mj jordan

    Don’t b nega -

  8. Namri

    The lyrics express perfectly my thoughts and feelings.

  9. Júlio Guerra

    "Life begins when you accept your fate"!
    Fuck yeah! I was born at 17 years old.

  10. mj jordan


  11. Fasttony64

    Why does thus remind me of the kids arent alright by the offspring?

    mj jordan

    Fasttony64 well a big smoke grenade, text everyone that’s exploited and do the rescue mission. Nah better trawling me lol

    dip doop

    the chorus to both songs is the same chord progression

  12. Ghost_Walker 250

    I adore how Bad Religion lyrics sometimes ilustrate perfectly my existencial crisis

  13. Miguel Eduardo Sánchez

    This one is not in any of their albums right?

    Anthony Trinidad

    Miguel Eduardo Sánchez punk- o- Rama 8

    Gabriel Fusain

    it's a bonus on the process of belief

  14. Rene Davila

    Well, we can asume that bad religion is not an atheistic band, but agnostic.

    Corn Pone Flicks

    Those terms are not mutually exclusive. You can be both. Atheism/theism is about what you believe. Agnosticism/Gnosticism is about what you think can be known. You can agree that a god cannot be proven or disproven, and still believe or not believe in a god.

  15. GrayWoIf

    The idea that dragons don't exist but a being in what another dimension surrounded by angels does just baffles me?


    Who says dragons dont exist.

  16. JwlHddnInLts

    You are someone, this song is awesome!

  17. Christian Dehlinger

    Every faith on earth does not say the same thing, far from it. It all begins and ends with Jesus Christ. if you believe there is no god then you believe in material, that material some how begat material; but it has never been witnessed, material coming into being from nothing.

    The New Testament is the sworn testimony of those who were with Jesus.

    Peter wrote, "For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty."

    Jesus claimed that: He was able to forgive sins, which only God can do; He is the Lord of the Sabbath, God is Lord of the Sabbath; He has the ability to give eternal life; Jesus claimed to pre-exist the world; (of course even more!)

    Jesus demonstrated power over matter and death. Greatest of all, Jesus raised himself from the dead, for Jesus is
    God, the Person of the Son through whom all things are created, by Him and for Him. He died for all those that will find faith in Him.

    Take a moment right now and ask God if He will know you? If you truly desire this God will reveal to you the Truth and save you from you sins by the work of Jesus on the cross. - God Bless. -CD

    Corn Pone Flicks

    Material coming from nothing is not the position of any atheist or scientist. We just don't believe your god was responsible. It IS the position of Creationism, which describes God creating the world "ex nihilo," or "out of nothing." And the New Testament was written decades after Jesus's death by people who never met him-even the church doesn't dispute this. Either way, it would not be sufficient evidence to prove that any of the described events are true.

  18. Heath Wallace

    christian shit has been all over my facebook recently and it's starting to piss me off being reminded daily off all the mindless sheep who laugh at science.

  19. Cody Khaos

    I wanted to go to college at one point in life. The main 2 reasons: girls and I would shit my pants if I got accepted to UCLA or Cornell and was lucky enough to get a seat in one of Greg Graffins courses. How cool would that be ?

    Kayn OTP

    Cody Khaos if you wanted biology then YOU(get it) probly would but you would be TESTED

  20. ben haig

    The States produce some of the best punk bands on the planet, from Bad Religion to Social Distortion I fucking love this music and at forty something I probably always will.

    Kayn OTP

    ben haggitt SD is grunge like nirvana they even sat that so don't call themselves punk

  21. matthew cosgrove

    there is nothing any of us here could teach bad religion about harmonics.

    Grant Richardson

    Live, we could

    dip doop

    you mean harmony but yes!

  22. ryankosik18

    "life begins when you accept your fate"

    mj jordan

    ryankosik18 what’s fate?

  23. World Rockumentary Channel™

    Shattered Faith is a great band


    +World Rockumentary Channel™ Yeah Bad Religion is my fav song from them

    christopher cirerol

    jajajajajajajajajaja i feel you bro(took me a while)

    MayManZ IZBoZZ

    +F104Starfighter that actually is a song

    Vince Wilson

    Ummmm, thats the song dude

  24. Carlos Felipe Gonzalez Reyes

    fucking nice song

  25. Adam Corfman

    This song just hits me ... right there. :' )

    Triple _ ST

    Me there I get a little sad because so many memories just come to my mind

  26. optizap

    One doesn't have to have faith to be into Zen(Dogen) or Advaita Vedanta or Non-Duality ;one just has to wake up to simply actually what is less the layers of bullshit. Yeah,most of us have  to make a living , even punks, but 2 + 2 still equals 4, whether the teaching is making money or not. When Eckhart Tolle wrote the Power of Now, he wrote it from homeless park bench;now he's acquired wealth, and it is an unanticipated success, some are complaining-- maybe thats a dogma-- if your not an ascetic your wrong-- duh.Funny thing is that is the same with Punk-- as soon as a band makes it big some people say they are the official allowed rebellion. Being over-cynical, where does it end ?

  27. videogameaddicsattic

    alot of people forget that easily 80% of all the atheists (every one from the closet atheists to the in your face atheists that think your completly unintelligent if you have faith) were christians (typically but it can be other faiths) who sat down and said "wait, this shit doesnt even make sense" so between once being a part of it and having to defend ourselves from it we tend to know your faith better than you

    Gabriel Patriarca

    @DogMechanic Good point. But there's also cognitive dissonance in which state people are able to hold two opposite beliefs in their heads.


    @Gabriel Patriarca No kidding, that's what accepting fantasy for reality implies, dude. It is dangerously close to cognitive dissonance. It's part of why I said that it's bad for the brain; it creates mental problems to think that way.

    Example: I have a family member who cannot reconcile that the bible says I am a bad person (because I'm bi, trans, and an atheist) with the fact that they know I am a good person. So, in their head, they have created what they call "the real me"; an imaginary person who is Christian, heterosexual, and not transgender. And then they claim, when I am being myself, that I am "not being myself", because they have this crazy composite image of who I'm "supposed" to be dominating their view of me. Needless to say, it keeps this person from being able to interact with me in a really solid way, because to them, they are always seeing this imaginary tulpa they made in their head.

    In any other instance, we would call this insanity, but religion lets problems like this be written off as "love" and "spiritual revelation". What a load of crock. 

    Gabriel Patriarca

    @DogMechanic I see. What I meant to say is some intelligent people are just ignorant towards some subjects an can act stupidly regarding them but intelligently regarding other subjects. While cognitive dissonance is just the person lying to themselves about the subject even thou they have the knowledge in their heads.

    I think your case is so easily explained by evolution. Different kinds of minorities are expected to exist. But through religion, at least the most commom ones, it is very troubling to give it an explanation. And one religious group from the same book can't even agree with the other about so many aspects of life. It is so stupid.


    I agree. My first statement was, "A person can be perfectly intelligent and still be utterly ignorant," and I meant it. 

    However, ignorance certainly better enables a mindset of cognitive dissonance, was my point.


    Pretty sound behavioral analysis. Ignorance is bliss said the Ramones.

  28. ROB7002

    I am a Christian, very devout.. I understand everythng I believe can be wrong, I understand no one really knows. BAD RELIGION IS AWESOME THO!!!!

    Jon S

    This we all are one shit, I can't wrap my hand around it, I don't believe that at all,  if we were all one the world would be a much better place.   Every face I encounter looks weighed down by worries, fears, unless they just fucked or had a piece of candy.

    Gregory Chri

    "can be wrong"? How about is wrong.

    Razeef Rafael

    I love you. Born Muslims, technically renounced. Spiritually, unknown. To me its good for people to have faith, it gives reasons for us to do good deeds. But there are people who misuse faiths. I was one of them.


    ROB7002 eat shit


    Admitting your biases and that you could be wrong is the first steps towards wisdom.

  29. Martin Brynn

    this is my favorite bad religion song. they have been my favorite band for 16 years now. love the lyric video.

  30. Anders Gudmarsson

    I never said it did make me understand. I just said I'm glad I wasn't indoctrinated.

  31. thewerepyreking

    That's good... But that doesn't mean you understand. Neither pure science nor religion provides understanding.
    I'm not saying I understand, I'm just saying that secularism means nothing other than causation might apply. I was born from a religious side, but we all believe in evolution and free will. It has to do with what you make of life. Metaphysics is where it's at.


    Provide a single shred of evidence metaphysics, and I'll hear you out.

  32. Anders Gudmarsson

    I'm so fucking glad I come from a Swedish secular family!

  33. Shmantonio

    im the only atheist in a jehovahs witness family

    Noire 1

    Shmantonio TurtleRapist same dude!! it sucks so bad

    Keara B

    LMAO.. My mom is a Jehovah's witness..

  34. betazzo76

    I enjoyed it, many thanks to the author!

  35. Dannovick

    lol i was there once, 6 years later they've long since given up

  36. Subjective Nonsense

    Easily one of my favorite songs.

  37. Anders Gudmarsson

    Seriously? Holy shit, that must be fucking horrible!

  38. jb111082

    Yeah, good fables like selling your daughter into sexual slavery and stoning children to death.

  39. TELEFREAK10121122

    know dat feel. I still have to go to church... *sigh*

  40. kari

    A great song from BR

  41. shadowraiwolf09

    First hearing it, loved it instantly.

  42. Guercinator

    oh please I was appreciating Bad Religion at 8 or 9 (somewhere around there) when I discovered Crazy Taxi!

  43. bowlsallbroken

    Do you reject the OT? Do you not consider it scripture?

  44. Dariusz Darek

    I watched it. Quite good set of quotes. But the point of vid is shit. This guy ("Bible ranger") is completly moron, has no arguments at all and it's shown in that way intentionally (though I know personally such people...).

    But almost ALL of this quotes are from the OT. You didn't get my point. These quotes precisely show why Jesus came to corret this things.And he did. Show me quote when Jesus says that.
    OT contains good moralizing fables for young childern. For me it's useless and incoherent.

    The Plebeian Cultist

    Franek Dolas and it contains rape. Disgusting fuck.

  45. bowlsallbroken

    "Interpret it wrong"

    How many times have you read the bible cover to cover? It would have to be zero to say such a thing. The bible - yes the OT more often than the NT granted - encourages, and at times has Yaweh directly ordering, the most savage brutality in clear, direct language.


  46. Dariusz Darek

    For me, there are no holes (beside that the faith is essential for salvation). God didn't mellow out over time nor the scripture needed fixing. People made it wrong, they interpret it wrong, they focused too much on whats not important, so NT had to clarify some things. And evil acts are just results of our free will. Bible only says, but people do. If you want to justify sth you'll find the way to manipulate. Or they were too stupid or hypocritical to understand that Bible is about good...

    Reb Short

    Your cheap God should mellow out over time. However, you're right. He's never gotten smarter.

  47. bowlsallbroken

    Why would supposedly divine scripture need fixing? Did Yaweh mellow out over time or something? Furthermore, why would a benevolent god even allow a scripture that could be used to justify evil acts (slavery, the maltreatment of women, genocide, etc)?

    If you think about this critically the holes tend to become quite glaring. Btw, anyone who thinks the NT is all sweetness and light, for that matter, has never read it.

  48. Wretched

    They are the sheep, Not you.

  49. Jose Nava

    I love this song, It is beautiful. We are all a product of evolution, religion is wrong in science, psychology and with reason. I love biology, why add things to life? Why not be content and fulfilled knowing we came from evolution and the atoms in space, it's quite beautiful if we embrace it. This song is like saying, " Life is confusing and random,quite scary but I am not gonna fall in line, I will run against", this is a very beautiful song to anyone who feels empty, this is true punk!<3 Love

  50. Brenden Wilson

    no one gives any fucks what age you are.

  51. 33brujo

    my best friend and I also love Bad Religion and all other Punk Rock bands :D

  52. Dariusz Darek

    Haha, I've had some many discussions with many people about God who kills... I'm just tired ;) Indeed God kills, but only in the old testament and I'd interpret it as a metaphor for punishment for sins in the judgement day,rather than permission to kill. And even if God kills,it doesn't mean that we can kill in the name of power, money or revange.
    And catholicism is based more on the new testament, when Jesus "fixes" old tst. leaving what was good and repealing the law based on "eye for an eye".

  53. insertyournameherify

    Well, in the bible, God does kill people. Just saying

  54. Dariusz Darek

    Well, as I said I'm (I think I can say that) "religious", I've never been thinking about universe, whether it was designed or not. I just don't care, what's the diffrence? We live here on the earth, we are people, we should do good in our life, as in this song, "accept your fate". I don't see any purpose in thinking about divine plan or not.

    And btw. not every religion says that, about divine plan. Protestantism says that, Catholicism rather not.
    Don't put everybody in one group ;)

  55. AGuyThatsCanadian Halo Talks

    Every Argument is valid, any person to think otherwise, is rather ignorant, and deluded. I suppose that one reason I have always detested religion is its sly tendency to insinuate the idea that the universe is designed with 'you' in mind or, even worse, that there is a divine plan into which one fits whether one knows it or not. This kind of modesty is too arrogant for me

  56. AGuyThatsCanadian Halo Talks

    Personally Anti-Thiest. Religion Devolves our species so rapidly. We (humans) would've achieve space travel I believe earlier on, and would've achieved even more by this time, if it hadn't existed.

    MayManZ IZBoZZ

    Uuummm you do know that religion didn't admit they were wrong about the earth isn't in the middle of the universe till 1986

  57. Dariusz Darek

    Oh, and btw. I'm not a hoper. My religion is to do good. I don't care if there is a heaven (nevertheless I believe in it) or not. I try to do good thing irrespectively. Anything beside making good is just an addition, customs, traditions etc.

  58. Dariusz Darek

    Your argument isn't valid I think, cos any movement is created by people. They can be wrong. What they (relig. ppl) did to scientists is not a fault of religion nor God, but its a failure of people in understand their faith. The same with killing in the name of God. You can't do it. You can kill in name of your egoism or profits, using God as an excuse. But God won't us to kill. Never. Just never. Don't confuse religion with its implementation by people. People can be and often are wrong...

  59. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    Pretty difficult to explain in English, but I'll try. For example, the "enlightment" movement in the 1700's. Some enlighted writers were banned or put into jail because of their ideas, all because the pope decided so. I think that's a good example. Further, I think science can pretty much prove that there's no such thing as 'heaven'. Religion has two sides I guess, believing and hoping. I'd rather think that you're a hoper, not a believer. But hey, why don't we just give this a rest? Thanks! :)

  60. Dariusz Darek

    I don't think so. Science is about the world, religion is about spirit and morality.
    Both have nothing to do with each other. Maybe you try to read about religion and then say where you see contradictions.

    If you can't accept them both, it means you don't understand one of them...

  61. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    Well, religion and science aren't best friends, they never have. Try reading about it and you'll understand ;)

  62. Dariusz Darek

    I really don't see how evolution theory can collide with religon. I'm religious and I believe (/know?) the evolution theory... I don't see any contradiction...

  63. SharksInTheGenePool

    That's awesome. I was still listening to KISS at age 12, so you're way ahead of where I was at that age. :)

  64. Mokaf

    If anything, it kind of reminds me of The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring.

  65. thatdreadedacademic

    Incredible lyrics

  66. pbrskater26

    Well rational thinking theists/deists are redicualed by traditinal thinking fundimentalists who believe in the faith and "authority" of the bible. Thats part of the reason I'm not religious anymore..having to conform to some rules and authority

  67. izdurg4ever

    I don't see the point. There're hundreds of million people who are religious and support evolutionism.
    It's VERY possible to have a religion and don't be an idiot. lol

  68. jb111082

    "Atheist" is shameful in my family. I don't care though, I can accept them even if they can't accept me.

  69. Sasha Kolbinger

    kinda sucks, don't it, are they the kind who think "atheist" is a dirty word, my family is

  70. jb111082

    well, I raise my beer to you in the hopes you don't fall into religious dogma

  71. HaNSoNnDaDrummer


  72. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    @loard14 Thanks mate!

  73. loard14

    good job dude

  74. jb111082

    @pbrskater26 same here man!

  75. pbrskater26

    Uh, you mean 1980

  76. pbrskater26

    This song describes me perfectly, I'm the only naturalist who supports evolution in my family, the rest are religious...I'm the black sheep!

  77. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    @thedingdingboys101 You're welcome!

  78. thedingdingboys101

    @HaNSoNnDaDrummer thnxx for posting it man :)

  79. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    @thedingdingboys101 So do I :)

  80. thedingdingboys101

    I Love this song!!!

  81. yankeessuck1138

    He's got a bit of a lisp there at the end lol

  82. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    @BraveOne1990 That is very kind of you, thanks! :D

  83. Miha Gornik

    @HaNSoNnDaDrummer i've seen your are active on youtube .... u got 1 mroe sub mate :D

  84. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    @BraveOne1990 Been a pleasure :)

  85. Miha Gornik

    awesome song ! tnx for up

  86. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    @SteveDFM Didn't notice! But I'll certainly take it into account! Thanks!

  87. SteveDFM

    Nice to see, but just a slight comment and it might just be me, but I found it tricky to read such a chunky font. Still liking it.

  88. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    That makes my day!

  89. Kenny Graham

    "I hope you enjoyed."
    Yes sir, I did.

  90. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    You're welcome :)

  91. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    Nice, i really appreciate it :) But, why thanks? :p

    Remember, request your own videos!

  92. HaNSoNnDaDrummer

    Please keep it clean in the comments :)

    Remember, you can always request videos that need to be lyricised :)