Bad Religion - Portait Of Authority Lyrics

nothing more nothing less
an icon on the wall decoration and duress
that which many strive to be
its the merble statue standing over me
and nobody has the will to tear it down
it determines wrong and right
but to me its just a stereotype
and it makes us lose our sight
the portait of authority
you tell me
that's what im supposed to be
(it embodies what he cannot be)
another time another man
and oppressive intrusion
and a plague across his land
and it haunts him every day
it tells him he has no chance
his hopes just fade away
and he can't muster the support
and to him it's just a stereotype
of his life-long fight

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Bad Religion Portait Of Authority Comments
  1. cenilton Magalhães

    Love it

  2. Luís Guilherme Siqueira Campos e Moraes

    The best album of the Bad Religion!


    No fucking way dude!!! Not even close ...

  3. Christopher Bingham

    I love this song! It's one of my favorites and one of the most underrated Bad Religion songs.

  4. phil orona

    4 5 years ago i would always be here love br got to see then on my 50th

  5. Dmytro Pokoptsev

    The worst bass line in history

  6. andrew simmons

    This song is relatable even today, it was recorded in the 90's very good job bad religion, the guitar solo kills at the end too

  7. Grading Terminal

    lol... did not shoot deputi

  8. alexskin

    Nothing more, nothing less,
    An icon on the wall, decoration and duress,
    That which many strive to be,
    It's the marble statue staring over me,
    And nobody has the will to tear it down,
    it determines wrong and right,
    but to me it's just a stereotype
    and it makes us lose our sight.

    The portrait of authority (portrait of authority),
    You tell me that's what I'm supposed to be (portrait of authority),
    You tell me that's what I'm supposed to be.

    Another time, another man,
    An oppressive intrusion
    And a plague across his land,
    And it haunts him every day,
    It tells him that he has no chance
    His hope just fades away,
    And he lives his life prepared to tear it down,
    But he can't muster the support,
    And to him it's just a stereotype
    Of his life-long fight.

    The portrait of authority (portrait of authority),
    It embodies what he cannot be (portrait of authority),
    It's what he cannot be.
    The portrait of authority (portrait of authority),
    Portrait of authority.

  9. Marvin Thompson

    recipe for hate is an underrated album. some people say it's country because of the use of slide guitar but only one song incorporates slide guitar


    +Marvin Thompson as a kid, I discovered Bad Religion with Recipe For Hate, and it was killer than and it is now.

    andrew simmons

    Marvin Thompson it's one of my favorites


    It's growing on me. I used to only like American Jesus but the more I listen to the whole album the more I love it.


    This album is ok , I like Suffer, no control, generator, 80-85, against the grain better than this album ... basically everything before this album is better than this album


    Country ? Wtf ??🤨

  10. teamsleepnine

    this song change mu life when i first listen to it


    It sure didn't enthuse you to fix your grammar from now on...

  11. Dustin Hotz

    For some reason, this video has the song a pitch higher or so than the version I have. Listen to the full album link, and check out this song there. Its different


    Thank you!! I was going crazy thinking there's something wrong with my speakers XD XD

  12. Sabedoria Café

    you tell me that's what I'm supposed to be!!!!

  13. Lackesse

    :D :D :D

  14. Uwe Lauster

    me too dude ... me too

  15. Lyndon Howlett

    yes, but i like both bands.

  16. Brian Usrey

    West coast punk.. very different from Ramones

    Ronnie Boyd

    It's much more anti athoritarian

  17. hulio932

    Thats true. i never seen them playing this song in concert.

  18. Rodrigo Galera

    one justin bieber's fan dont like it.. faggy

  19. Lackesse

    I always find mysel singing this in a shower.. I dunno why

  20. AGuyThatsCanadian Halo Talks

    But alright?

  21. AGuyThatsCanadian Halo Talks

    That was A stupid comment..

  22. punklink1

    cream apple????

  23. punklink1


  24. wblstudios

    Lizzy MacGuire brought me here!

    duraiya gonzalez

    that cant be possible

  25. Luke Oppel

    I have the CD too my brother left it behind in the house so I own his CD

  26. 2nonblondesify

    love it :3

  27. Goty Slag

    still have it pretty good for 8 years

  28. chilly rooster