Bad Religion - Man With A Mission Lyrics

rescue me when I get too deep,
talk to me there's nothing to tell,
Everyone, is a hydocrite,
look to me,
I'll save your soul
Now somebody out there must be
reading my mail
Cuz' everybody knows
I'm a man with a mission,
coming to your town today,
I can damm you to fiery perdition,
Cuz' I'm a man with a mission
Follow me, when you give up,
Work for me, it'll serve you well
Everyone is a hydocrite, come to me,
I'll save your soul
Now somebody out there must be
tapping my phone,
Cuz everybody knows
I'm a man with a mission,
I'm gonna fly you away,
high above the noise and competition,
yeah I'm a man with a mission,
Passing through your town today
I condemn you
to fiery perdition,
yeah I'm a man with a mission

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Bad Religion Man With A Mission Comments
  1. MM SK

    (「 ゚Д゚)「フラーイ(「 ゚Д゚)「アゲ-ン(「 ゚Д゚)「イエイエオ

  2. MM SK


  3. dunjak111

    "Man with a misson" always reminds me of the theme from the tv series "Fall Guy". The first beats are so similar, I wonder if they got inspired by that ;=)

  4. phil orona

    alls i go say is yahey

  5. Tracy Bush

    I condem you to fiery perdition

  6. Clinton Walton

    Best album for replaying by them. #socialawareness

  7. Artesanato E natureza

    Essa música é foda

  8. 하성진




  10. Murilo Rubens Oliveira da Luz

    This song sounds a lot like The Band, by The Weight

  11. Mira Cuare

    Camilo Martim e branquinha machado

  12. Hugo Chavez

    2 or 7 times a day, slide bass is MOJESTIC. It added very much to the ' 'Man with a mission.' This singularly is within my top 3. Excellent jam. It his hard to duplicate!!! GOAd OR the date

  13. jrich$

    Best song on the album in my humble opinion.


    i agree with u

    George Siriani

    yes.... best music of the long play

  14. soul mate

    これ神アルバム マンウィズさんいいセンスしてるなー

  15. Bryton Cherrier

    Why all the Japanese comments? Seems so random.

    楽天カードキャプターさくら because of this


    they are japanese wolf

    Scott Russell

    Bad religion is HUGE in Japan.

  16. John Smith

    One of the greatest songs.... ever.

  17. damian andres

    Hasta el día en que muera.
    Aguante Bad Religion!
    Saludos desde Monte Grande, Argentina!

  18. ゆん


  19. りんま




  20. サイトウビーリィ


  21. Cheetah Thunders.

    noam chomsky singing for tiger army.


    Fuck off chomsky

  22. mamimumelon

    これがMAN WITH A MISSIONのSE!テンション高まる!

  23. agas maha astra

    im here because man with a mission

    Katja Thesaurus

    Im here coz u can predict what i say.. Its in my dna... :P
    Also... Narrow path i ...i... Walk this Givens might taken offence ...who knows? Maybe pay attention...


    +Katja Thesaurus Follow me when you give up

  24. 2929manwith


    One Only

    I don't know what you said. But you seem to be a follower of the bad religion. Much love.

  25. taa yuc

    amazing!! gowgow :-)

  26. eduard kis


  27. Kenny Martinez

    Now somebody out there must be reading my comment

    L Jiménez

    Cuz everybody knows youre a dude with a mission

  28. Patrick Poulin

    talk to me i save you're soul -BR-

  29. RedruM Gunner

    @imael Yes, there is: Sorrow, Meeting of the Minds, and Cyanide.

  30. Wox Lee


  31. BadBrains77

    Very good song, from BR, long time fan!!! Greetings from Bulgaria!!!

  32. 杉田祥乃


  33. YOKO 12


  34. テッカニン


  35. Dylan Meier

    are these guys punk?

    arne anka

    who the fuck made u an expert?

    Mega BrandOn

    @arne anka don't take a nerd with a Microsoft logo as his icon too serious, he obviously suckles the tit of industry, and fails to see the art in music. Production value is the only thing that matters to some cocks. He needs to go listen to that shit on his channel, like Lamb of God, and leave the good stuff to people who actually listen to the genre.

    One Only

    You're a fuckin legend bro.

    Peter Berg

    @Mega BrandOn What the fuck is wrong with Lamb of God? Let's just all enjoy the music :).

  36. Nicholas Erler

    My impression is Greg Graffin was brought up on country music and many of Bad Religion's songs have that influence. I've often thought this would be fantastic for a bluegrass band with banjos, mandolins, and of course a mean slide guitar on this song.

    John Smith

    Agreed! Smart guy!

    Marco T. Zahn

    You have to listen to his solo album. It is very good

    Craig Dick

    his 3 solo albums:)

  37. okamo puri


    One Only

    What Japan got to do with it?

  38. Breezie_

    Rescue me when I get too deep..

  39. L Jiménez

    Dickishly? My friend goldoche1 said i was right and wasnt offended. I was not trying to be offensive. The point is that ALL the band deserve the credit.

    Now go correct someone who was, actually, being a dick.

  40. luisqsk

    Internet says no correlation exists

  41. luisqsk

    I have no words

  42. mousqy

    im a man with a mission

  43. ZoneSlav

    I keep thinkin this is about Team Fortress 2's Medic.

  44. Marcelo Kozlowski

    Man with a mission?A beautiful song.

  45. Hordes Of Nebulah

    when i first heard this i was amazed, i never, ever, thought country could be mixed with punk... but i guess that i got proved wrong

  46. Chuck Maurice

    I forgot how great that album was .... Reminds me of High School... goosebumps... nostalgia...

  47. Fede Suarez

    Los amo, aguante Bad Religion!!

  48. alevd14

    One of the best songs from this awesome band.

  49. goldoche1

    True that! Only Bad Religion can pull this off ;)

  50. L Jiménez

    Why everyone insists on give the vocalist of any band more credit than the rest?...I`d say "Only BAD RELIGION can pull this off!"

  51. YaWantTaters

    If you enjoy this one you should check the song "Cyanide"; probably the closest to this one, overall.

  52. Picogram

    Pedal steel in a punk rock song. Bad Religion may be the best band in the history of rock-n-roll.

    Brian Rodman

    A Freak in Each Sunroof to Keep You Suckas Trippin likely the first use of pedal steel on a punk album. Fits well here. Such a cool instrument.

  53. inael

    Are there any more songs like this by Bad Religion?

  54. D R

    Bad Religion at their folky best, I've not always been a fan when they stray too far over this way, but whatever they do it always sounds good.



  56. Mitch

    @goldoche1 just because something has slide guitar in it, doesnt make it a country song

  57. goldoche1

    It is a country song played on a punk rock beat. Only a musical genius like Brett Gurewitz can pull this off!


    love it

  59. 303random

    awesome song...underrated record!

  60. villah

    country punk! awesome

  61. Much Worse

    Most soulful BR album

  62. Marvel Mabel

    fuck yeah!!!!

  63. ScienceWillPrevail

    It sounds like a country song at first...and then awesome begins.

  64. Mas Ahsan

    Sukamulia 17c,9 tahun yang lalu, di ranjang no 1, berteman dengan puluhan puntung rokok dan udaara pengap ...

  65. Josh Rodriguez

    lovely song.. lovely vocals.. nice lyrics!

  66. StifflerWho

    Bad Religion Forever

  67. Solenya