Bad Religion - Don't Pray On Me Lyrics

A grizzly scene on my electron beam
Told a story about human rights
So all of King's horses and all of King's men
Had a riot for two days and nights
Well, the city exploded but the gates wouldn't open
So the company asked him to quit
Now everybody's equal
Just don't measure it

Well, Hanson did it to Hester
And Mark David did it to John
And maybe Jack did it to Marilyn
But he did it to South Vietnam
For beauty and glory
For money, love, and country
Now everybody's doing it
Don't do that to me

A bitter debate and a feminine fate
Lie in tandem like two precious babes
While the former gets warmer, it's the latter that matters
Except on the nation's airwaves
And custodians of public opinion stayed back
After vainly discussing her rights
Lay hands off her body
It's not your fucking life

Now I don't know what stopped Jesus Christ
From turning every hungry stone into bread
And I don't remember hearing how Moses reacted
When the innocent first born sons lay dead
Well, I guess God was a lot more demonstrative
Back when he flamboyantly parted the sea
Now everybody's praying
Don't pray on me

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Bad Religion Don't Pray On Me Comments
  1. luke wymer

    while the former gets warmer its the latter that matters

  2. deathpunx13

    hands off her body or I break you motherfuckingface - that's a guarantee - MONSTER

  3. flavio cavalcante

    Lobos em pele de cordeiro!

  4. Brian Baker

    William Elliott Whitmore did a really good cover of this amazing song.

  5. Jungulbuny31

    Well I guess God was a lot more demonstrative back when he flamboyantly parted the sea now everybody's praying don't pray on me.

  6. arne anka

    now everybody is equal just dont messure it...

  7. Quintin eislie

    A wolf was once a sheep until
    the people did prey, they even tried to take his soul away ,lets just say its time for everyone of them to pay ......
    then a king said to an army of slaves ,what did a great god once say ,please dont prey ,just listen to what i say ,the people were lost and held to a lie ,just getting by ,the king asked god what should i do ,God told the king stand by me ,you dont need to bow or pray because now im listening to what you say ,a kingdom of slaves without a king or a wolf amongst sheep ,its no wonder you can hardly speak ,they keep you down ,theyve stolen your crown ,is it any wonder why everyone of them frown .....
    Our worlds gone sour ,the games been played ,God got slayed ,now theyre in debt to the great god in the sky ,what will happen when they all die ,rise ,rise ,rise ,now they aint so wise ,remember and ask the king who might just be god in disguise ,no more to say ,the worlds gone crazy for beleiving their lies....rise ,rise ,rise ,now they aint so wise

  8. Lou Rivera

    Best band in the fucking world. 2019 👌🏽

  9. Scarlett Rose Riskin

    "Dog is my pilot." -Rod Serling 🎈

  10. Lou Rivera

    Love this fucking band forever.


  11. Artur Mir Reyes

    porque nunca la tocan?
    es la mejor!!!

  12. Philosopher419

    I'm pretty sure the line at the end there is "don't PREY on me." A little play on words.

  13. Artur Mir Reyes

    Mr. Brett Gurewitz

  14. pablo emilio cabrera

    The best songwriter of punk and hardcore greg graffin

    Artur Mir Reyes

    pablo emilio cabrera
    escrita por Mr.Brett
    la mejor de BR

    Nicholas Romig

    This is Brett Gurewitz.

  15. kloppskalli

    i'm the 96th thousand viewer ... woohoo..

    arne anka

    enjoy your like and random reply

  16. Felipe FL

    "now everybody's praying
    Don't pray on me"

  17. Michael O'Malley

    read some of the comments, definately no god.

  18. Artur Mir Reyes

    su ultima puta frase es lo mas grande que he escuchado nunca

  19. Ben Jarvis

    This song and "American Jesus" become more and more relevant each year.

    Chris Graffeo

    For me it's "My Poor Friend Me". The older I get, the more I realize that I have the power to change things yet I still just wait for things to change on their own.

  20. Artur Mir Reyes

    la mejor canción de BR!!

  21. dark wolf

    genial cancion

  22. Matthew Zimmerman

    It is called don't prey on me. Not pray

    Mario Lorber

    +Matthew Zimmerman ???


    +Matthew Zimmerman It's "pray" on all the album materials, and it's a play on words.

    Devin Earls

    No, it is "pray." It's a play on words. If you really listened to the song you'd know that.

    "Everybody's prayin'. Don't prey on me."

    Tracy Maureen

    Thank you, Devin. This has always been one of my favorite songs. In addition to brilliant lyrics, the whole pray, vs prey thing has always been so fantastic to me. And, I love how vast the definition of 'prey' can become. ' Maybe Jack did it to Marilyn, but he did it to South Vietnam...' But, this is a punk rock post, so I should probably just say something like, 'oh, Fuck yeah! ' er, something. :)

  23. Artur Mir Reyes

    Don't pray on me is Pure talent
    Hace 20 años que escuho BR .
    my favorite song
    Porque?i don't know
    Is a BR mistery
    I lo ve BR!!!

    Leobardo Silva

    +Artur Mir Reyes yeha!!!!

  24. Angga Mochamad

    tegep pisaannn

  25. rageatm111

    fucking love this band

  26. Chris Graffeo

    it's amazing how history keeps repeating itself. 

    Mike Rush

    I'm 39 and I was playing my 11 year old son some of the music I liked when I was younger. It amazes me how much we change, yet we're still hung up on the same problems. 

    Michael O'Malley

    antimatter2380 amazing and exhausting.

  27. Frank Schaeffer

    Love the quantum physics reference.

  28. Roman A

    L.A riots
    i love the song

  29. Violetta Aleksandrova

    dat old fuckers are still kickin hard ;0

  30. S. Texaspatriot

    For beauty and glory

  31. madd_step

    I Love both your flags :D

  32. SurgicalGrind87

    Neither can a book of hateful fairy tales.

  33. sbcistheboss

    Holy fuck, that long motherfuckin' comment chain. How many did you post?!

  34. Brend Emaides


  35. Brend Emaides


  36. Brend Emaides

    Its Brett alright......he wrote it and it's the only song in wich he's backin up the entire lyric with his following vocals!

  37. Brend Emaides

    You bet that shit is!!!!! wonderfull teachings by Mr.Brett and Gregg!!

  38. Brend Emaides

    NO Direction Hill Chris.......thats right them all together youre on to something very very deep!!!!!

  39. Brend Emaides

    straight up Alex!!!

  40. Brend Emaides

    It wasnt Brend who responded Im Cristobal from argentina talkin to you snake bitch work...snake fuck off bad religion videos will you???

  41. Alex Fecchio

    "Don't pray on me" and "Skyscraper"... the two best songs of the best BR album!

  42. Diego Souza

    Best Bad Religion song in my opinion

  43. Picho Harispe

    How come they don't play this live? For me is their best song.

  44. Greenlegend07

    Damn this is good :D

  45. sbcistheboss

    Fuck! Flagged it as "inappropriate"
    This song is pure wisdom. All this information in one song and able to make it sound amazing. Well, it is Gurewitz

  46. BigOhStudios

    It's a line from a BR song.

  47. shawn O'Riley

    and the bible does?

  48. BigOhStudios

    No Bad Religion song can make your life complete.

  49. FedoraDon

    Thank you!

    I never got the Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon part.

    Though, I always interpreted part one as a reference to Martin Luther King Jr. due to the line “So the company asked him to quit” meaning the CIA was behind the assassination.

  50. roginskicc09

    I randomly got this song stuck in my head last night and needed to listen to it. I realized I didn't catch all the references so did some research. This what I believe

    1. About the Rodney King beatings in LA. There were human rights riots and chief of police Daryl Gates resigned over it.

    2. All about people getting fucked. Hanson was SUPPOSED to be Dimsdale from Scarlet Letter. Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon. JFK and Maralyn Monroe and also Vietnam conflict.

    3. Abortion rights.

    4. Duh

  51. Spencer Yaculak

    This song was designed to make a point, and in the end help with peace. Why do people always fight on youtube? I blame opposite day!

  52. kris stanislawek

    love it:)

  53. Mishka Simone

    Uh, no. You've been grievously misinformed. Your taxes will DECREASE. Besides, your takes are the lowest they've been in, what, 60 years?

    Sigh. I want Clinton back. Same ideals as Obama, but with some fucking balls.

  54. ciro jr

    Hell are you complaining about taxes? come to Brazil and oped what is ma distribution and high tax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Terremides

    Why are dumbasses complaining about higher taxes in the US? Seriously, what's wrong with you retards... voting against free healthcare... really? why dont you all burn in hell until socialism will save us all.

  56. braducsb2

    @Phoenixdark1 I'm not one to boast or compare myself to others. I realize that there will always be people who make more than I do and less than I do. I didn't mean to get into a comparison of wages, salaries, etc. I was just basically complaining that taxes are too high. There needs to be more control and accountability as to how our taxes are spent.

  57. braducsb2

    @milkmankennedy OK - my first few comments were jokes - and don't get me wrong, I like Bad Religion. I suppose I opened the window for others to send negative comments my way. I responded with garbage back. I acknowledge that not much will change - no matter who gets elected. But if Obama is re-elected, he will let the Bush tax cuts expire and your taxes and mine will go up by 3%. I hardly even vote. Anyhow - best of luck with your degree.

  58. Phoenixdark1

    Ummm.... I meant the amount I make in a month, total, is just a little more than what you pay in taxes, per month. So.... yeah

  59. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2and as well, I don't exactly understand this tax code you're talking about. As far as I can tell, you explained that Democratic presidents piss you off because of taxes. I'd have to see your whole life in detail and evaluate it for myself. You seem to be an upper middle class southern Californian conservative. I'm a dirt-poor former factory worker in southern Ohio with no medical insurance, trying to make it through college and find work, while I freeze my ass off by the Ohio river

  60. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2 basically, because you started this all off by having fun, you basically hindered my understanding of your points of view to a good degree. You started off by typing like this song is new and that you are tired of Bad Religion's "bullshit liberal agenda" and that you think they should be pro churuch and sing songs against the poor and homeless. You haven't exactly retracted yourself from the Sam Kinison humor far enough for me to understand fully where you're honestly coming from.

  61. braducsb2

    @milkmankennedy No - I didn't just discover it - I came here so I could burn this song to my I-Pod, and I figured I'd have a little fun with some comments. I'm not against taxes, just paying too much of them while others pay little to nothing, or even get money in their pocket - a.k.a. earned income tax credit. I don't think your overall understanding of the tax code is at the level of mine.

  62. braducsb2

    @Phoenixdark1 So you make $30K per month... not bad. More power to you - you certainly make more than my wife and I combined, and 97% of the people at my company. You must pay a boatlaod of taxes - like over $100K per year! You like paying those kind of taxes?

  63. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2 I've never even hear of Loveland. All I can say is that if you don't like taxes, you and your wife should probably find an island to make your own country. Taxes happen whether you like them or not, it's not always fair, but neither is life in general. And much of the tea party comparing their situation to Jews in Nazi Germany is quite atrocious. If my taxes go to something that helps a community, I'm all for that. And this song is 18 years old. You just discovered it now?

  64. braducsb2

    @milkmankennedy So you don't think the 999 is a good idea? I'm all for trying something new. My point is that a married couple who makes $180 - $200K per year should not have to pay $30K plus in income taxes. If they want to raise taxes on people who make over $1 million, that might be OK. Obama wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire, and that will raise everyone's taxes by 3%. I've never been to Ohio, BTW. I have a brother in law who lives in Loveland - are you close to there?

  65. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2 Cainey boy wants to raise taxes on the middle class. Obama wants to raise them for the wealthy. I'm afraid I just can't feel too sympathetic for yuppies in San Diego, being that I'm a poor man from Southern Ohio and all.

  66. Ar0474

    Gotta love the Riffs in this song! The riff at 1:11 is sooo Good! :D

  67. braducsb2

    @milkmankennedy I can see your point - I'm just saying taxes are too high - and 'Bammer wants to raise them more. I don't really have anything against the homeless - in fact, I gave a bum $5 last weekend in San Diego. I just don't agree with the whole wealth redistribution thing.

  68. hempcat1

    best bad religion song ever! no chorus GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2 I'm just an average Joe too. But I disagree on things. As somebody hoping to be a social worker I can't take what appear to be serious comments against the homeless and the poor very lightly. Everybody who's employed pays taxes. I was a full-time miserable factory worker and I paid them just as well. A society needs taxes for it's citizens to survive. Yes there are those who abuse, but I'm not going to paint with a broad brush because there are those who don't.

  70. Phoenixdark1

    Wow, the amount they take - just in taxes - from braducsb2, is literally almost what I make overall in a month. I think that proves a point about something

  71. braducsb2

    @milkmankennedy You've got me figured all wrong - I wish I could afford a yacht. I'm just an average Joe. Most of my comments shouldn't be taken too seriously. Sure, there are people who need taxpayer funded subsidies, but there are too many people who milk it and take advantage. I get about $1K per month taken out of my paycheck for FIT, not including SIT, FICA, medicare, etc. My wife has even more taken out. Should my wife and I have to pay over $30K per year for federal income tax?

  72. milkmankennedy

    @Phoenixdark1 yes, the hypocritical homphobic republicans who were caught receiving blowjobs from young gay men were very much GAY!

  73. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2 so, in short, while you don't give a fuck about anybody else but yourself and your blue-eyed jesus, there are honest and good people who need welfare and food stamps and fire departments and all that nasty evil commie stuff you hate. If you want to be a selfish and cold-hearted fuck, then good for you, but I have no sympathy for you or what you stand for whatsoever. Go live on an island with all of your wealth if that's how selfish you are. And Bad Religion will not change for you.

  74. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2 well, sweetiepie I've been a full-time worker and I've paid taxes and as well I've had to use tax-funded items. Some of those homeless people that you have sociopathic thoughts of were once veterans of wars that people like you claim to support oh so much. Apparently you can wear your patriotism but you can't show it cus then that would involve just a little more taxes on your part and then you wouldn't be able to buy a yacht or some sports car you don't need. BTW-Bush sucked.

  75. braducsb2

    @milkmankennedy umm... no - just people who pay no taxes, but use services taxpayers pay for (e.g. welfare, medicaid, food stamps, etc.). BTW - JFK sucked.

  76. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2 umm, you got something against poor people and the non-religious, dingleberry?

  77. Phoenixdark1

    Republicans are gay

  78. heather fox

    this is by far one of my top 3 favorite bad religion songs!

  79. braducsb2

    @milkmankennedy Nazi? If I'm a Nazi, then Bad Religion are Communists. You got something against Republicans?

  80. milkmankennedy

    @braducsb2 umm, best you no longer listen to Bad Religion if that's what you want. Unless you're just being sarcastic, I think you are wasting your time expecting such from Bad Religion of all bands. Stick to lynard Skynard, mmmkay? Low income trash who don't pay taxes? shit and die, please, you cold-hearted, selfish nazi fuck.

  81. braducsb2

    @scottbaioisdead ? All I'm saying, is that they could instill a good Christian ethic - like going to church, preying, and performing good deeds. I'd also like to see a more conservative message - like pro-big business, less taxes for the wealthy and more for the low income trash that don't pay any... maybe even a "fuck the homeless" message. Basically pro-religion, pro capitalism, pro upper class. Know what I mean?

  82. braducsb2

    I love Bad Religion, but their bullshit liberal agenda is kind of annoying. "Jack did it to South Vietnam?" Hopefully their next album will be from a Republican point of view... haha like that will happen.

    Michael O'Malley

    they're not idiots. regardless of politics, they'll speak, they're free men

    Michael O'Malley

    if you're a fan of "right wing" politics, this may not be a band you'll enjoy.

  83. OldPlaces

    epic song

  84. TheNorique

    this is awesome song....I like the guitars between the verses

  85. JJNoire

    More songs like this!

  86. Jared Rawlings

    epic song of this album without question...

  87. Josh Rodriguez

    the album is fucking awesome! the song is awesome bad religion is awesome!

  88. loco mixer

    this one and the man with a mission are my two favorite BR songs of all time

  89. flyinchipmunk5

    possibly the best punk rock band ever. going against somthing almost every middle class family holds dearly. not only are they the true rebels but they hit the closest to home. long live bad religion

  90. electrickpunk

    check out william elliott whitmores cover of this. He is an Iowa native and fucking murders the banjo.

  91. Freky

    So much fun to play on acoustic. Maybe that's why it's written on there. xD

  92. gorgon power

    The best!

  93. Keenan Kitzman

    My favorite line from this song "now everybodys equal, just dont measure it." Great song.

  94. s138

    Best BR song ever

  95. snakework

    easily the most underrated song on this album and not a single comment. shame on you fucks.