Bad Religion - All Good Soldiers Lyrics

All good soldiers crack like boulders
The sun climbs up to a razor,
Violins, new boots, and numbers on a chain
All good soldiers

All good soldiers fall in line
When they march and shout
All good soldiers are a spectacle
Marching and singing
Will go anywhere the president says
Because the president believes in God
Like all good soldiers should

All good soldiers wait like warheads
When the fighting starts who will be
Accountable, a cannibal, a cannonball
All good soldiers, all good soldiers

All good soldiers fall in line
When they march and shout
All good soldiers are respectible
Marching and singing
Will go anywhere the president says
Because the president believes in God
Like all good soldiers should

It's 6 AM I can see my breath
And the clay dirt is laughing at a weakling boy
Today is the day
That I'll write my friends
It's something I've been trying to remember
I had a dream of a wall
That was twenty-one stories tall

All good soldiers fall in line
When they march and shout
All good soldiers are a spectacle
Marching and singing
Will go anywhere the president says
Because the president believes in God
Like all good soldiers should

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Bad Religion All Good Soldiers Comments
  1. William Hoye

    50 views a day since june 5 2010 nice

  2. Aaron Wells

    This is a real band

  3. crass & flux of pink indians


  4. Apenas um Rapaz Latino-Americano

    0:53 Esse verso parece ter sido escrito sobre a candidatura Bolsonaro. Because the president believes in God, like all good soldiers should/Porque o presidente acredita em Deus, como todos os bons soldados devem.

  5. dontdodissbliz

    THE SOLOֱֱֱֱ

  6. Brian Stickel

    125,226 ;)

  7. Davi Franco

    VEI essa música é a única que não me enjoa do bad religion rsrs

  8. Kayn OTP


  9. Danny Smith

    sounds a bit like mr bungle

  10. ImNotGregGraffin


  11. Ag Ac


  12. msid9999


  13. Sthefany Souza

    Essa banda é maravilhosa!

  14. james kresl

    This is a powerful album.

  15. Matthew West

    Well go ANYWHERE the President saaaaaaaays... After 10 years of war, looks like the "liberal" president saaaaaaaaaays LETS HAVE MORE WAR. Who really runs the show? The Military Industrial Complex or the Commander In Chief?

    Zombie Jesus

    Matthew West this guy gets it.

  16. 360mrjackass

    Lel derp

  17. kirkstable

    We have a constitutional Republic. A democracy is simply our method of electing so called leaders.. Every American should be able to distinguish the difference when speaking of our governmental structure if they intended to be taken seriously.

  18. MuddyRawwr

    Look now... shuahushua

  19. Maciek Sakowicz

    that makes 80 views a DAY during last 2 years and around 100 a day during last week...nice

  20. AGuyThatsCanadian Halo Talks

    56,279 Ahhhh Yeah.

  21. ImperialGuardsman74

    55.928 then.

  22. ImperialGuardsman74

    So, we`ll keep updating the view count here on out?

  23. Lackesse

    this song is undescribable good.. mark my words, hahahahaha

  24. MrEksaben

    54,111. ;)

  25. RoCkeRsByMySide

    cool story bro.

  26. Woke Waifu

    God I'm so glad I found this band :3

  27. MufasaWasAPunk

    Well of course if he was alive i'd beat his ass.

  28. RoCkeRsByMySide

    doesnt it show that your a bitch made faggot by bagging on someone who is dead, and has no possible defense? lol i like nirvana. you dont. cool. whatever. we are on a bad religion vid so.... BAD RELIGION FUCKING RULES.

  29. MufasaWasAPunk

    It shows how much of a bitch made faggot he was , and honestly im getting you to paragraph rage so you seem pretty mad. Thats the exact reaction i want "bro"

  30. RoCkeRsByMySide

    you would be surprised my friend. haha


    i dont think anybody says blink 182 is punk lol

    S C

    Blink 182 is punk the same way my little pony is a horse.

  32. RoCkeRsByMySide

    what does kurt killing himself have to do with the music they (as a band) made... dummy. im not one of those "ohhhhhhh kurt is a legend, nirvana are gods fan", even though im a very, very huge fan of them. so you are not going to get the reaction out of me you were hoping for... sorry bro. you can stop being ignorant now.

  33. MufasaWasAPunk

    Thats why there lead singer killed himself . I LMAO'D

  34. RoCkeRsByMySide

    they would say the same to you bro. nirvana kicks ass dude. gtfo haha

  35. MufasaWasAPunk

    Fuck nirvana.

  36. RoCkeRsByMySide

    naw man. ppl say blink 182 is punk. now thats wrong. bad religion is punk. i even consider nirvana punk. even though some songs arent fast and thrashy and talking down governments. its about the character of someone, and bad religion and nirvana definatly have punk rock values. they dont care what people think and its not about entertainment or doing what a record label tells you to do.

  37. legendskeeper

    1. The point of punk is to not be mainstream. Sex Pistols was the very opposite of mainstream in its time.

    2. Without Sex Pistols and its contemporaries, Bad Religion and other punk REVIVIAL bands wouldn't exist.

    Sex Pistols, The Clash, and Ramones are the original punk rock sound. they're kind of the roots of punk. Let's have a little respect for them.

  38. jedi mind trick

    But Sex Pistols suck...

    Kayn OTP

    the village yid dude what are you hippy a burnout a surfer were you ssoo wasted

  39. legendskeeper

    I still think you can only assign that title to Sex Pistols.

    Come now, let's have a little respect for our roots.

  40. D R

    NOFX is a pop band, they are not more punk, please.

  41. TheTanukiZombie

    Who and where is this one dislike person??


    TheTanukiZombie a Nickelback fan.

  42. lolkewlJ

    @DixieMajic ...``will``, not ``would``. Prophetic I would say...

  43. sbcistheboss

    @thevillageyid Bad Religion is a genre in its own, my good sir.
    But yeah, the true definition of punk rock, too. Hahahah

  44. jedi mind trick

    In my opinion, Bad Religion is the VERY definition of punk rock.

  45. Nate Elliott

    @generalerecshin 32,534.... I think they fixed the counter

  46. Nicholas Moskov

    @pbrskater26 im a naturlist (like greg graffin) and maybe i should have posted this on the song Punk rock song cause that one is very liberal to say the least but i like this song. im a libertarian

  47. pbrskater26

    I love Bad Religion! A punk band that incorperates scientific an humanistic thought into their songs!! We need more punk bands like this!! Support Evolution not Religious Superstition!!

  48. michael wright

    @DixieMajic It already has. The race to become a Political leader is a mony race. Ran by corperate arrogance. We have no say because we have no mony. So we have become slaves to the American dream. We will fall and stagger to regain our footing as Americans. But who knows we might be better of that way.

  49. darkwattie227

    people say that BR isint as punk anymore.....thats bullshit.....i think that they said that becuse they found of the dude was biology teacher and that they think hes a poser or somthing......what does it matter that just makes him smarter and wiser about the world around makes him a better punk not DQs him fron punk society......ive been a punk for 15 years and i know whos a poser and whos not and this guys......hes the realest person alive

  50. Victor Reeves

    @kokojo337 wants to punch @moskov12nicholas in the fuming face

  51. Nicholas Moskov

    like ants in a colony we do our share. i like their music but it just VERY LIBERAL. why r you getting so pisd for no reason it just an opinion. why do you want to punch me in the face, or remove me from society, people who dont believe that i have the right to do anything but praise Bad religion reminds me and of a current people republic that doesnt allow people to think freely. Bad religion just says what they believe and so do i. in the words of the dead Kennedys "Nazi punk fuck off!"

  52. 1awareness

    When i was sailor . i brought a hat with me when i saw them in2005. The front band and three of bad religion band mate sign the hat. "sadly not Greg"

  53. Nicholas Moskov

    they hav good music but they r fuckin socialist hippies. there lyrics are a step away from the beatles

  54. Nicholas Moskov

    the problem with being a sell out even if it doesnt affect ur music, it affect ur moral standards.

  55. vicek669

    wow solo they can play

  56. Terremides

    @zebracharlie74 Same here, although when people "mock" me I have straight up facts to shove down their throats. it usually ends with the guys im arguing with coming with arguments that arent even based on facts, or they get insanely mad cuz they cant come up with a decent answer. And I dont blame them, I mean who can anyone argue with the truth?

  57. The Omega Jojo

    Quite an awesome Primus-esque sound to this song, I like it.

  58. Eienyoshi

    Bad Religion is the best band ever. In any genre. I mean it. Every single album by them is a pearl. People fall heels over head with stupid stuff like Kate Perry, Lady Gaga, etc and then ignore such masterpieces as this, Skyscraper, Germs of Perfection, To Another Abyss, Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever, Supersonic, among others. We should try to show to more people BR.

  59. Anything4adollar

    @imungie same thing could be said about the guy from this band and his Beiber haircut or whatever they claim....its so stupid.

  60. Bamdon Ramgera

    @generalerecshin who the fuck cares about sellouts though if the music is good listen to it don't be a bitch and say "they're sellouts"(not trying to sound insulting

  61. OpakeArawra2

    fucking love this song, it takes me back. fucking love everything about this song, but the drums really stick out i think.

  62. Monument Pictures

    BR with a grunge influence? Not a single problem I can find there--one of my def. favorite songs off the 'Recipe' album.

  63. Spaceranger2222


    Good quote...I really think the US would be better place if we had more Bad Religion fans in government.

  64. Jean Vince

    Nice song

  65. DixieMajic

    “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of [private cartel] lending institutions and moneyed incorporation's." - Thomas Jefferson

  66. Colubrina Laticauda

    beautiful song... i love it

  67. generalerecshin

    only 330 views? bad religion isnt underground anymore haha they didnt sell out but they are more known than 330 views haha