Baby Smoove - Tings Lyrics

I got some exotic it's just flavor when I smoke
How the fuck you getting high with 4 heads on the 4
I'ma pour up in this Fanta then let her drive the boat
I'm on 7 Mile now but I'm smoking west coast
I was high off a 8, I couldn't taste it nomo
I can drop back to back cause my pockets really swole
Jaw locked for 20 minutes, I'm so high I ain't notice
I don't really give a fuck I'll buy it if I want it

Ballin' like I'm in the league when the fuck I get a bonus?
Got my last season clothes, I might give em to the homeless
Chef bringing out my steak, I don't even think I want it
Boy yo bitch came to me, Why the fuck you think I want her?
Think my heart turned purple from this lean I be pourin'
Once I make a million dollars, I'ma act like I don't know you
We got heavy pole sticks and you know that they will hurt you
High as hell of the pie, yea I'm talkin' bout the turtle
Spent 6k at Neiman's I ain't do the shit on purpose
She been wanting me to fuck her, I'm asking her is it worth it?
500 for my scarf I just wear it like a turban
2 grams in the wood, for a hour it was burning
My niggas out in LA, they got bitches that's gone work it
762's pointed but they leave you [?]
Spent a thousand on my shoes, I don't even think they worth it
You know yo nigga lame, you should come and hang with me
You can bring yo friends too, tell em [?]
She likes it 6 in the morning, nigga Why you pourin' lean
Once I'm done with this cup then I'm putting you to sleep
She like YSL, Fendi, and Louie V tings

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Baby Smoove Tings Comments
  1. Mark Adeoye

    This instrumental is a masterpiece

  2. Trxpin

    this the song I play everyday when I wake up

  3. PoshPrince

    I was like "meh" at the first listening but in fact it's a great song, very relaxing

  4. Steve Allen

    This my shii boii

  5. Carmelo Jordan

    Why the fuck is this song so short Smoove ???

  6. justin hill

    Hoop mixtape beat

  7. lebrons hairline

    How can I get the instrumental

    Darlene Newton

    @lebrons hairline nope, did u find it? Guess not😂

    Dmari Norris

    You don’t need it you prolly can’t even rap...

    El Shoota

    @Darlene Newton niggas funny lol

    Jack Ballenger

    Dmari Norris some people also just like to listen to the music itself lmao..


    lebrons hairline nah seriously someone send the instrumental I’m really looking for it

  8. Goon wit the spoon

    Damn fool if you don’t screen record

  9. Littyungsiah Music

    This shit got me in my feelings

  10. tacky

    thank you