Baby Smoove - Instagram Lyrics

(Ooh, RJ, he-he)
(RJ always tripping man, RJ always tripping man)
(Uh, I'll miss you, eh)

Bad bitch from the 'burbs, don't even know who she is
Her hedges real long and she got a big crib
Taking pictures when I'm here, 'cause your boy a big deal
NBA contract, about to sign a big deal

Why the fuck you heading out? You only got six pills
Remember playin' as a kid, ridin' on my big wheel
Big house in the 'burbs, 'bout to fill it up with sin
Coulda had you knocked off if I was thinkin' 'bout your kids

I got a big booty bitch 'bout to blow me in her crib
I got a foreign-ass bitch tryna show me how she live
I just poured up a fo' but got mo' at the crib, yeah
I know you stressed out, why the fuck you blowing cigs?

I'm at Nieman Marcus now with some light dawg shit
I got some strong-ass weed, smell like some dog piss
I'ma backhand that bitch if she come in for a kiss
Why this bitch on my ass, on my back like a tick?

If I really told you 'bout her, boy, I know that you'd be sick
All them SI diamonds, boy you know that ain't a kick
Why the fuck you tryna jade me to go and get tempted?
Hold on, you got your L's, nigga, come and drive this whip

Hold on, I found a bitch, she gon' blow me on the trip
You're lucky Bam locked up, he woulda blew you for your wrist
My nigga drop shit for free, I could just give him the list
I'ma buy a Lambo and do donuts on the 6 (Skrrt)

Get that boy some donuts 'cause he working with the P
When I'm in the strip club, all the strippers on my D
Caught a rock, some 42's, she was flipping on the D
Nigth scope on the chopper, we can see you through the tint

I got a freaky-ass bitch who do shit on the cam
She ain't like this for you 'cause she know you a ham
Taking shots back to back, all on Instagram
Brought percs to the party, got 'em packed in my pant

Tryna get me some head, what the fuck is a dance?
Like you and your friend, but for y'all, get a chance
If you tryna take a perc, I got some in my hand
Room full of bad bitches, all of 'em on 10

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Baby Smoove Instagram Comments
  1. qpuq ;I

    Baby Smoove sounds like the kinda kid that would rob his grandma for her perkys

  2. Brandon Harris


  3. Deadstar

    finally someone put it on youtube