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What's really funny is I'm on this bank job all the way in Secaucus. I'm in the middle of the fuckin' weeds laying down. He comes over and says, what are you doing here? I say I'm resting. Here your resting!? How come not at a beach or a bar? I say, I'm resting. I know I'm resting, I'm resting. He pulls me in... starts asking me all kinds of questions, you know this and that. He says, Oh uh what are you gonna tell us tough guy? My usual, zero, nothing! What am I gonna tell you you fuck. He says, no your going to tell me something today tough guy. I say, all right I'll tell you something... go fuck your mother! HaHaHaHaHa Bing!

Just went up on my price I need 5 for a show
Nigga this exotic I need ten for a bow
When apple dropped them iPhone 10s and put me on
Order them X's might wake up tomorrow and get a necklace
Niggas fuck with me cause I'm really from the trenches
Ooh shit I'm really in the trenches
Nigga that's the drank got me slobbin' and forgettin'
She suck me off the percs got her slobbin' and spittin'
Why in the fuck do my palms keep itchin'
I be in the mall I be big boy spendin'
You can't even shop you got lil boy chicken
Niggas sauce burnt out now they back penny pinchin'
I'm in cali right now with some moonrock in me
You broke as hell nigga prolly need the whole fifty
Boy your run over you gon' rap til you fifty
You the type of nigga that would tuck a couple giffies
Got like 2 rat hoes and 4 rich bitches
Nigga this a k you ain't living for no stitches
Everybody know that you be lyin' but the bitches
It's always the bums who in everybody business
How the fuck you in the streets and on the stand you a witness
I'm scared of the streets niggas snakes mo' snitches
Got some dog shit saved I might go and get a Bentley
Crack a akorn seal and get a hoes off to hit me [?]
You know I got stick in my pants don't tempt me
These niggas lookin' funny I might have to show the blicky
Just showed up to saks just to spend bout a hemi
I gave habibi my choppa he gon' take it off semi
My nigga facin' 8s he gon' need to buy a kidney
Bout to meetup with my dog right on 6 mile and Livie
Just got down on a hemi on my line like you jiffy
This ain't no normal cream soda it just cost me 350
I want a yellow hellcat just to dog it in the city
My nigga trippin' in the club he just tried to suck a titty
If them bitches hit they likes they gon' have to come and get me
Tryna see my ID u must think that I'm a rookie
I'm on Melrose now with some strong ass cookie
I step in the room and got everybody lookin'
If I told my niggas go and get your kid they woulda took it
Imma swing on him soon as he ain't lookin

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Baby Smoove Akorn Comments
  1. BigHomie Arro

    How much for a ft

  2. Irving Salas

    Smoove: why in the fuck

  3. Letsplayer101

    bruh nigga skipped leg day

  4. Trooper Nation

    Gave habibi my choppa he gone take it off semi

  5. Trooper Nation

    Nigga this a K you ain’t living for no stitches

  6. Ayo Dinero


  7. LaToya Cantie

    I got it now but i really was broke as hell and needed to hold 50 😂🙏🏽

  8. lita diaz

    Hey bay

  9. Johnny Appleseed

    Trying to see my id you must think 🤔 I’m rookie🔥🌪🌟

  10. King Kai

    If u in a charger bumpin dis heat it just feels rite😂💀 FR doe

  11. Joshh Figueroa

    Do he make his own beats


    Baby smoove wasn’t capping in his name

  13. Whats Gucci Mate

    I like the beginning how he sampled a scene from the film “Goodfellas” where Joe Pesci is talking

  14. Shayla Brown


  15. C H A S E

    Dis nigga old as hell he 37

  16. ChrisTheSix

    "my nigga Trippin in the club he just tried to suck a titty" LMAOOOOOO

  17. Adriana Fenceroy


  18. Block Hot

    This shit got 3mill last time I seen it was at 20k

  19. Tristan Brooks


  20. Nico The Goat

    Fuck with my channel got sum fire ass beats on dat btch‼️🔥

  21. chuck sowell

    My boy look like rich da kid

  22. Jose Rangel


  23. 6ALATEC

    This the Detroit lucki 🔥🔥

  24. timelesssoldiers

    "Bout Somethin" by KD

    Available now on YouTube and all major music streaming services

  25. Alex Nieto

    Mac Dre mafiaso that true orginal beat to this song and first nigga to really gass tht beat this shit go. Crazy too

  26. SenDatBoii

    Y in da fuck do my palms keep itching

  27. ThinMinty

    this dude got feminine calves

  28. Blicky Johnson

    "My nigga trippin in the club he just tried to suck a tittie"

  29. Slenxce

    this shit cold

  30. Chase Carter

    Discovery Pak 💪🏿💯😈

  31. iZooWop -

    How it feels to walk out of 7’11 at 2:00 am when you buy some sprite and chips-

  32. Seth G

    Go fw and check out my new shi. I wont disappoint🔥🔥

  33. Kodak Loading

    Tell me why I just now knowing and I seen him at that house with his charger

  34. Alex Nieto

    Artist Mac Dre song Mafioso // same type of beat must listen every body RIP Mac Dre Bay area 2 tha D

  35. Kayana evans

    I listen to this every night

  36. G-RozeTv

    Use me as a Goat button🔥


    This the next blueface

  38. Detroit Stretch

    Damn my run fell off I feel some type of way

  39. Nhudi


  40. Beezylovebandz 4L

    My nigga trippin in the club he tryna suck a tittie 😭🔥

  41. Britton Coleman

    Intro too funny. Good job on your hit

  42. Chrissy Banks

    he on 7 mile and greenfield 😭 love my baby 😍

  43. BabyGirl Pooter

    The beginning sounds like ratatouille

  44. DonaldTrump IsTheBest

    Where he from sound like Milwaukee

    LilChris Tv

    83 babyPOOF he from detroit Milwaukee wanna be like Detroit

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    LA tuning in 💯

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    Gave habibi my choppa he gon take it off semi 🤧🔥🔥

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    He sound like tay B

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    This instrumental is a fuckin masterpiece bruh

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    2.6mil views 💥

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    my nigga trippin in da club he just tried to suck a tittie

  51. TyDEO

    nigga dats da drank got me slobbbin nd forgettin

  52. Nick Fern

    This beat makes me mad . I need this

    Taxfree Beatz

    Nick Fern come shop then

    Nick Fern

    You made this ?

    Taxfree Beatz

    Nick Fern yessir. Follow me on ig @taxfreebeatz

  53. Spence The God

    why are there so many fire trucks

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    I can see him snapping on a track with Shoreline🦍

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    Those are the women's 11's he got on lol

    AntDogg Skywalkin

    Fawwwk lol

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    Oh your gonna tell us something, yea I'll tell you something go fuck your mother🗣️💯

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    TAP IN FOR BEATS 👨🏽‍💻🔥 @Tonechapo

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    Should I I start listening to this because I'm being criticized for listening to different music

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    Fuck wat other ppl think, listen to watever u want


    Fuck da mil Detroit doin they shii

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    “CataRACK$” by RUN Zee

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    We family but u dont know

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    Listening all the way from the A, $moove keep it up homie.

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    Everyone go check out KSLIMES

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    if diego money and rich the kid had a son this would b it

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    Why in the fuck do my palms keep itching?

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    The Godfather instrumental🔥🔥

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    Why I can’t play dis on my story on instagram


    It’s not popular enough

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    What's the hoodie he wearing

    caden haft

    Dalericco Hinton it's a BAPE hoodie

  73. mikeverything

    Ayeeee shoutout my nigga Marley for putting me on this shit 👌🏽🤩🕺🏽🤟🏽🔉🔉🔉

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    Gave habibi my choppa ,he finna take it off semi.

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