B-Witched - The Stars Are Ours Lyrics

There was once upon a time, wasn’t strong enough to speak my mind, used to be a little shy, then I opened my eyes
And it feels like I’m taking on the world and it feels like I’m home
I can see now there’s my yellow brick road, I’m gonna follow it wherever it goes
When my heart starts beating double time and my veins start rushing to get me high
And it feels like I can take on the world, I could rock ‘em and I’m ready to go
The stars are ours tonight, the stars are ours tonight, the stars are ours tonight

You can see it in my eyes, there’s a fire deep inside, I’m a tiger in disguise, a hunter tonight
And it feels like I’m taking on the world and it feels like I’m home
I can see now there’s my yellow brick road, I’m gonna follow it wherever it goes
When my heart starts beating double time and my veins start rushing to get me high
And it feels like I can take on the world, I could rock ‘em and I’m ready to go
The stars are ours tonight, the stars are ours tonight, the stars are ours tonight

The stars are out tonight, stars are ours tonight, the stars are out tonight, stars are ours tonight
Soaring in the sky, flying up so high, stars are out tonight, ohohohohoh, ohohohohoh
The stars are out tonight, stars are ours tonight, the stars are out tonight, stars are ours tonight
Soaring in the sky, flying up so high, stars are out tonight, ohohohohoh, the stars are ours tonight

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B-Witched The Stars Are Ours Comments

    Are they still going ?

  2. Toby Whaymand

    Sony was dumb to drop these girls back in the early 2000's

  3. Nate Dawggy

    WAit a sec... I remember when C'est la vie released and this is a new song? B*Witched is still performing? that's pretty dope.

  4. Ruby Dave

    Love Sinead’s eyes

  5. Dawn Bringer

    my eldest sister is a horrible person but one of the good things she did was get me into these girls and I Will never forget that experience.
    and you know what? back in the late 90s and early 20s I was a semi popular kid in High school in Florida and I had this whole past of being socially rejected and such and I wasn't really willing to take a risk and so I wore a chameleon like mask about what kind of music I was into never realizing that all along These girls were unfortunately up against a wall where there were institutional biases in place that prevented bwitched from ever becoming as big as they would have otherwise.
    I have friends at this point with daughters trying to start all female groups and record executives think we don't want to hear that kind of thing but I KNEW RIGHT back in 2014 when you girls posted this video...

    I wish you were still playing those shows- I Would show up this time. For the simple fact that most boys are too big of cowards to actually do it for fear somebody will compare us to a girl for being into something created by a woman.

    excuse my incapacity for brevity here I just cannot contain these ideas to small blocks of text.

    it's just that back in 2002 I wasn't going to risk losing friendships over being honest about my taste in music and now that it's literally over 15 years later all I can say is that life is too short to pretend to hate things you love. I Was under enough pressure, I don't need to have to be a chameleon for people. and frankly bwitched was popular but still the Victims of some horrible sexist biases in the industry. which is why i'm here....

    I realized it eventually. I've given MONEY To girls rising. there's been a whole reorientation of my personality, around being more honest and admitting openly to being a philogynist and sympathetic to feminism.

  6. mjstgo

    seems like there's a bit of Avicii output on the sounds , i like it

  7. Bayu S

    OMG, grandma.. ckckck.. what's u doing hahahaha

  8. Noahide

    Yeh, you four girls are here to stay. Still producing the goods, just like the Spice Girls. 3 amazing albums from the Spice Girls. Top effort that. Taylor Swift up to album 7, but Spice Girls - 3 amazing efforts. Can't beat that. And B*Witched. 2 enduring pop albums. Sales today? Uh, can't actually find them on the chart. Down at 47,554 on the UK charts or something like that. Yeh, they are here to stay. Amazing effort that. https://www.youtube.com/c/Noahide - Yeh, life can get hard. For quitters.

  9. Dendie Jaduls

    No matter what style they do,B*WITCHED is my fave.girlband 4ever, big fan from INDONESIA

  10. nap Zilla

    I need more if this!

  11. Jodie Kelly

    that a classic club music and i loved it and keep going girls and make awesome songs x

  12. Marcelo Eduardo Aguero

    Lindsay es súper hermosa!!

  13. Tash W

    Make me wanna dance so much👯👯💃

  14. Sarah Empie

    Killed it girls✨

  15. Sarah Empie

    Killed it girls✨

  16. Sarah Empie

    Killed it girls✨

  17. Terry Silver


  18. Anton Medvedev

    I love this positive and innocent vibe, just pure friendship and sisterhood 🎼🎧🎵🎶🙌💖💖💖💖💐💐💐💐

  19. anthonyseanhowell

    Ooohhh fcuking hell they all changed in the last number of years.
    One B*Witched member had really very very blonde hair or was it really strawberry blonde hair then another B*witched member had very very black hair then and the Lynch twins Edel and Keavy has/had brownish hair then..
    Then again they are all still fine and fit.
    Just fcuking all older in a M'S.I.L.F. kinda randy horny hot sexy beautiful gorgeous pretty ways..


    Good fun this video! Simple but very effective. Great song too! :)

  21. Mr. X

    Would bed Lindz!😉

  22. Mary jacob

    Many people don't like girls who are decent like those I girls.. and people give more thumbs up for the girls who wears bikini and dance

  23. vee 1007

    They're just like doing a parody of someone's song...just having fun..😘😘😘

  24. Mike Music and Motivation

    Great video you guys

  25. curt wall

    Be good to hear a modern but trendy new sound for a third album from the band then be
    little mix vs b*witched cause just as talented

  26. ErKa ScaZuchi

    it would be better if they wore dark cloaks, dark conical hats, and held brooms and had a black cat around them

  27. Ridha Ibrahim

    All 4 are very beautiful.

  28. Ned TheNed

    God I still love these girls.

  29. Veronica Garcia

    2019 anyone? Love this song!

  30. Eric Lehman

    What year is this from?

    Tash W

    Around 2013/14

  31. WobunTwoFoxtrot

    I wanna party with you gals!

  32. Kory St. Aoro

    Wish they would come to america and do another tour starting in the midwest then the rest of the country:)

  33. BiLqis KayLif

    Love b witchd

  34. Neil Bradshaw

    My guilty pleasures

  35. damianos avraam misaelidis

    The white t-shirted girl. Sight for sore eyes. The music is like a music theme for an H&M promo comercial.

  36. Yuri_Ruziczka

    Miss u girls...i love ur songs..voices..fashion..all about u..on my high school u are my 😘

  37. Texas Rangers

    This song is awesome. How did this not become a huge hit?

  38. VideoJamesNZ

    You chicks still look fine as hell! 😄 Was a big fan back in the 90's! Your music was my childhood.

  39. Andre

    The question is: why, a powerful single like this, did I hear it casually in 2018?

  40. Dannie Hobson

    Do any of you know whether the girls are Catholic? Maybe they're Pagan?

  41. Gary

    I'm glad that you ladies are back together again.

  42. Little Dave

    They still look amazing 😉

  43. Widya Ayu Wardhani

    I love b*witched

  44. Erin Haney

    This makes me so happy! B*Witched forever <3

  45. Tom Tomalin

    Recorded When??.

  46. Lee de los Santos

    They're so fit! 😮

  47. Markus

    even thou the years have passed by these Women are hotter than ever :-D

  48. rrcp1us

    It's nice to hear all the women sing unlike the old days.

  49. AllRequired

    Being loony little idiots.

  50. John Smith

    Some people says she looks like her dad

    Tecia V

    Does she fight like him too?


    U go girls. SHOW'UMIN UP !!!

  52. John Freeze

    Love you Irish ladies!

  53. Missee Rio

    Talk about sizzling hot

  54. Julian Aguilar

    This is so cute. So sweet that they have stayed close this whole time. This is a bop too.

  55. JTR

    Does anyone else think that this song sounds a lot like "Wake Me Up" by Avicci with some of the notes mixed?

  56. Surah Online

    LOL this was really good! X

  57. Andrew Barrett

    they should do eurovision for ireland

  58. curtis barry

    I absolutely love this song,the stars are out tonight,I hope this song is huge for you girl's,I think it will be.

  59. curtis barry

    b*witched are back,and better than ever.they all look incredibly sexy,hot,and very beautiful,also their voices are amazing,and the song the stars are ours tonight,love it,I smell a big hug for b*witched.👍👍👍

  60. Rashyra Rivers

    they look pretty

  61. ukmdt

    Sinead looks hotter now than she did when she was younger.

  62. Jay The Blue Gamer

    Holy Hell - Y'all still looking absolutely stunning!

  63. Drew mB

    3/April/2017.....and I am still crushing on this. Tell me I am not alone

    Ricky Johnston

    2019 😍

  64. Craig the Cat

    You all got better looking as you got older, what the!?!

  65. SomeThingCool

    Like four drunk auntie's. I love it!

    being indifference

    Dude its funny, but wtf??!

  66. Dilated Beholder

    As a guy who grew up in the 90s, this has got to be one of the most uplifting videos on Youtube - to see these girls back together and looking so happy is such an amazing thing

  67. Noahide

    Luv u girls.

  68. Noahide

    Hot mamas.

  69. hearmymotoredheart

    I heard this for the first time at the show in Newcastle last night and the whole place went OFF! Good on ya xx

  70. bushbaby 1

    Bloody hell , they get prettier as they get older !

  71. AJ E

    Damn there twins were my biggest childhood crush!!

  72. Cleber Silva

    Lindsay is still the cutest <3


    Well , personally , i say Sinead  , but Lindsay is also a beauty (•‿•)
    Anyway , this video shows they have a lot of fun ( '‿' )

  73. Bar Concepts Incorporated


  74. Pete Eborall

    Fuck!!!! How much fitter are they now?!!!!

  75. poppy paul

    the biggest reason they got big back then was that they probably got songs from top songwriters. this song (and probably every song on their come back) is NOT written by top songwriters, and if they are, i bet they're songs rejected by (or not even pitched to) any of the top acts. the song is THE thing. if you don't have that, nothing else matters.


    No the MARKETING is THE thing. If you don;t have that, nothing else matters. This is pop music you dolt, , sex and youth+hardcore marketing

    poppy paul

    sex...? you mean like adele...?

  76. Jesse Elliott

    Those British MILFS :)


    Jesse Elliott They're not British. 😂 They're Irish.

  77. Lyla Prescott

    Can't wait to see them on tour next year

  78. HoennMaster

    Sinead looks gorgeous here.

  79. Grybop

    Such fun to watch you girls have fun, and the song is actually good!

  80. Lynsey Beardshall

    love you girls xx

  81. Şarah ŁouŁou

    man they've aged lol but still look good.

  82. Garcia Vega

    it's good to see that they are still having fun

  83. curt wall

    good that b*witched are releasing a greatest hits this year and this song right now and others from 2014 are from there debut EP champagne or Guinness they need so much recognition and to release a third album

  84. Gina P

    are edele and keavy really twins they are born different years but December 15th of both years

    lynsey beardshall

    Yes they are identical twins both born in 1979

  85. Gina P

    the ripped off wake me up by avicii


    Actually they would have ripped off the music from Aloe Blacc.

  86. Piranha79

    I am glad they are back together. Forever B*Witched, you four rock.

  87. bex Anthony

    I really love the song and dance I think it so funny I do the dance moves all the time

  88. Hermione Simpson

    Am I the only one who thinks this sounds a bit Eurovision (in a good way) because of the dance sort of beat & if Blue competed for the UK, TatU for Russia (when they were still quite big in Europe) & Jedward & Nicky from Westlife (this year) for Ireland then why can't B*Witched do it next year

  89. Atomic Secretspy

    How come one of them doesn't sing ? lol no solos for you !

  90. El Guardian Solar

    sounds cool, shame they still dont get recognition nowdays


    Maybe for the best. At least they can proceed at whatever speed they need to.

  91. mia lavery

    They haven't aged at all lol Throw in some denim and their old hair styles and they would look just they did in the 90's/early 00's.xx

  92. m a

    you can really tell they missed this.

  93. Dawn Bringer

    They always were so much fun. I totally get it...

    But then again I'm a Fan so I'm biased. =/

  94. phoenixmoon3

    i didn't know any of this. i love these ladies. I met them in 2000. Great ladies! xoxox from the USA!

    Dawn Bringer

    +phoenixmoon3 I honestly wish them the best on a come back. I heard they were very depressed when the band started to fall apart.
    Igot a ltitle app that lets me voice mail people with a link hold on. http://vocaroo.com/i/s06YeIIJrxrl

  95. CKBOXERS123

    love this song reminds of cross between an Irish jig and calvin Harris track xx

  96. Yosen B. Mamma

    I don't know who stole from who, but this music sounds an AWFUL lot like "Wake Me Up" by Avicii.


    but Avicii sucks. Country music stemmed from Irish folk music so it sounds better with B'witched anyway.

    RefuseToSink 0321

    There is a little difference, however I would like to point out there are only so many rhythms and melodies in the world. no matter what there will always be a repeated sound. That's one of the down sides in the music industry a lot of the times the music you need to put together to make it sound right has already been used. I use to be like "wait who stole that from who" until I got deeper in my passion for music and I realized there is only so many notes that go together. Anyway I really hope I didn't ramble too much.

  97. Billy .S

    ok look al make a deal here---they aint exactly led zepellin fk it im off to watch ginger baker causin

  98. Billy .S

    i cant decide yet what one i want, so al just take the 4 ---how much