Azure Ray - A Thousand Years Lyrics

I'm saving all I'm not giving
But it's overflowing evaporating in the air
As I'm walking and no I'm not breathing
I'm not breathing only air
Cuz it's filled with words once spoken
By people everywhere
And I can hear all the whispers
That have lived a thousand years
It just took me being open
For them to reach my eager ears
Now they've reached my eager ears
And I hope I'll be ready when my life
When my life divides
When my life divides

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Azure Ray A Thousand Years Comments
  1. Park Sheridan

    Those two dislikes ought to be slapped.

  2. Wayne Goodman

    " and I hope I'll be ready when my life divides"….........some of the most moving and powerful words ever!


    Thanks for that

  3. Büşra Zadeoğlu


  4. aysha ap

    This sng jst takes me to another world 🌍... I just adore this song and her sound

  5. ChoralSea

    Beyond Beautiful, The sweet youthful innocent voice, the creativity of the song...touches the spirit and mends the soul. Thanks Azure...for your gift

  6. xenia pap

    Such a great way to sing!

  7. Lyd Phan

    pretty song.

  8. ForeverArbitrary

    Very Nice. Ill listen to it 99 more times.

  9. MagicalSunrise1984

    Very beautiful music


    Que buen tema. 5*