AZ - Hey AZ Lyrics

What's the deal son?
Firm Fiasco
It's the world famous AZ Show
For the world (AZ Show)

No doubt, time to mellow out
Party at the yellow house, yell it out
Invites only, don't tell no slouch
How you feel around some made cats, really on chill
Laidback with the Alize, milli's concealed
Conversating like some more pimps caught in the mix
Wasn't taught shit stressed out supporting your bitch
Let the ice shine, easing my mind with white wine
Assured lifeline, sqeezing my nine the right time
Camouflage life, feds almost bagged the God twice
Bizare nights move on the grace of Allah's light
All Armani white, feeling like Christ with the army type
Cons be writing knowing my life is based upon the hype
Burning incense with intents to school the infants
The rules are different, so for those that chose to listen
It's a dice game, never know, plans might change
Stay in your price range, far from the stress of night pains

Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night (all night)
Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night (all night)
Long (fucked up, all night)
Long (fucked up, all night)

So many deaf and blind got caught up and left behind
I guess Bacardi Lime gave me my strength to go the extra nine
Next in line, slow G-ing, low key-ing
Me and the crew in the gold B.M. O.D-ing
Top speed, blowing through the sweet night breeze
Wherever life leads, anything's better besides a tight squeeze
Sliced cheese, even my pieces pushing nice v's
Dressed precisely, hoping soon one be the wifey
It's working well, process words, helping to purge and sell
Urban hell, playing park benches, burning L's
It's all basics, probation, open cases
We I'll natured, being trained young from hatred
Trapped in the arms of satan, congregating
Conversating, trying to map ways of escaping
It's truth or dare, only the chosen move sincere
Keep the youth aware, pass on jewels as souvenirs

Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night (all night)
Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night (all night)

Long (fucked up, all night)
Long (fucked up, all night)
AZ, knock me off my dog gone shoes

For the world
No more case pending, it's all a brand new begining
AZ I'm back winning, dressed in black linen
Attract women, low fade, waves laid and spinning
Stay paid, four different ways, put my bid in
No sleep, be playing with time, my mind goes deep
These cold streets, rock a diamond chip, gold teeth
Trying to stay sane, amongst the madness and maintain
Though the game changed, the message involved remain plain
Poor advice given, we all strive for nice living
Insights, some pay the price others spend nights in prison
Plea bargain, hoping my peoples peep the problem
We each disolving trying to make moves to keep from starving

Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night (all night)
Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night (all night)
Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night (all night)
Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night (all night)

Yeah, Firm Fiasco (fucked up, all night)
AZ (fucked up, all night)
Hey AZ (fucked up, all night)
Hey AZ (fucked up, all night
Long (fucked up, all night)
Long (fucked up, all night)
Hey AZ won't you play that song
Keep me fucked up (fucked up)
All night

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AZ Hey AZ Comments
  1. Aidy Owin

    This song was produced by trackMasters Steve stoute was dogging Az on drink champs. Wonder why this song never got released?????

    Rodrick Thompson

    Aidy Owin I remember this song on the radio a few times then it disappeared!!! For some reason I could never find it on none of his albums. Guess it didn't make the the cut!!!!!

  2. UpzydeDowN

    the real shhhhhh

  3. SPtheGREAT


  4. NYC PoLo


  5. Bj Johnson

    Tear jerker. Oooh those times

  6. Julio Bradford

    This HOT 🔥 JAM by AZ is AMAZING!!! I can play this song ALL NIGHT LONG!!!.

  7. Rome Cruz

    Crazy smooth joint from az

  8. NY Shxt

    Mothafuckin classic! Lyrical monster! AZ the GOAT! #2019

  9. stillmaticstarlet

    I heard this today for the first time....this is perfection. Pure NYC hip-hop- a lyrical gem! Nas and AZ are the best male rappers, period.

  10. Steve Bossalini

    Hes in my top 5

  11. ZamboTOKYO

    DJ Clue brought me here...

    "New AZ!!! Featuring SWV!!! Hey AZ!!! D...J... CLUE!!!"

  12. Pattah10

    Who knew you could drop jewels in a "commercial" song? Take notes young fellas.

  13. youngblak Wall Street

    This is the most underated artist in the rap game just found this song still bumping in 2019

  14. Marcelo Ferreira x

    rap original cem % $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  15. Mark Masters

    It should have 12 million+ views #classichiphop

  16. Frank White

    Trackmasters @ their apex...

  17. day day Ivey

    Az baby

  18. TFIGBassPlayer

    World Famous Supreme Team - Hey DJ - sample - (good)

  19. Brian Love-El

    Best delivery

    perry porter

    Way toooo E Z A Z

  20. perry porter

    How many times did he say the word "nigga"?

  21. perry porter

    What's the deal Sun?? I call u 🌞 cuz u shine, not cuz u mine! Don't call me nigga!

  22. Jonathan Soko

    I really wish i could find a high quality version. It has to exist somewhere.

    perry porter

    Music by mail. It's a mail order company that sells to prison n jails

    Jonathan Soko

    Yeah i have heard of them but do they have music videos? Because i have the album, but id like this video in atleast 480p. E ven 480p would be more clear than this upload @perry porter

  23. Larry Stewart ii

    What album is that song on how can I download it

  24. TheRaz

    I remember listening to this song when i was kid. I cannot believe its on youtube. Will always love this track

  25. Tupac Alypse Now

    The most underrated rapper in history

    perry porter

    One of'em

  26. Tisha Steen

    Baby Max b pjay Watts baby loc msflyboys free Dela and baby flags and tray linch North Atlanta s.o.x

  27. Chitown rillas

    This is one of the most underrated artist rappers of all time AZ is a legend and Hall of famer in my book like this video if you think so amd Az lyrical visualizer

  28. black butterfly

    This was my ish!!!! AZ is underrated.

  29. Freeman انسان حر

    No hate. Subscribed and thank you for memories..

  30. Almond Joy

    Daaaamn Baker Boyz I'm old

  31. Joey Dones

    Lighter shade of brown use the same.

  32. Yusuf Ayaz

    AZ and Masta Ace imo have influenced Eminem's style the most.

  33. SPtheGREAT

    Super lyrical...highly underrated...

  34. ederson zacarias

    How is this not on his" pieces of a man " ALBUM!!man I hate that he doesn't have this in a album!!this track is the shit!!

  35. ShoneDaddy

    AZ > Nas

  36. GOE Nothingbut LOVE

    i love nas but AZ gets play over him IDGAF gshit

  37. Tupac Alypse Now

    Anthony Cruz ❤️❤️

  38. BDizzleNY06

    At the time, this was considered a weak song compared to his other tracks. I always thought this was banger.

  39. Allan Collins

    This brother is still funky.

  40. Blank Channel

    World Famous Supreme Team - Hey DJ

  41. Keith Witcher

    AZ and r&b music singer Coko of SWV's Hey AZ song and music video is a nice jam. I wonder why this song was left off of AZ's Pieces Of A Man album. I bought Pieces Of A Man because I was expecting Hey AZ to be on the album. Pieces Of A Man sucks because of bad beats. I like the album pictures. I love AZ. He's a rap music legend. I wanna have sex with Lelee of SWV LOL. Lelee is my favorite singer in SWV. She's hot.

  42. Aj Icewater

    World's famous supreme team..hey dj 1982 1983

  43. Victoriousemsel

    Nas & AZ is the best duo in hip hop history

  44. John Paul Kariithi

    9/11 reference in the beginning. tornado hits world trade...get the messages.

  45. Rashawn Banks

    This cat flo is smooth as shit

  46. PoRtAnOVa 47

    This doesn't have 1 mil views wow!!! Lolll

  47. E.T.M.P

    Wordplay is amazing!

  48. Tisha Steen

    nipsey max b free max b cowboys

  49. Az Ellis


  50. iLa R Da SandMan

    Coco made the hook so catchy.

  51. Sean Rose

    Az is too good

  52. shayy skinner

    Eventhough i feel az n nas r on the same level lyrically AZ is PAINFULLY underrated n doesnt receive as much credit. Or recognition as nas hot track tho love this sample w swv Much respect 2 az n r.i.p. to the 90's

  53. 23kingwill

    if hey AZ is better than hey Nas.....hit that like button

    Jonathan Soko

    I dont judge them like that. I love Az and Nas, they are the best 1,2 of all time.

    Mike Smith

    But he most underrated all time..

    perry porter

    They both bring it

    Ju Ju

    Dont downtalk one great rapper to praise other one u fool... i love AZ and he is my fav, but Nas is one of the goats

    cokeera87 DopeSauce

    Ima not say shit u need to stfu too 🤐

  54. Aish

    az was so fine , geezzz

  55. mrdrich4prez

    Two Words: Flyy Shit!

  56. Kiel Li Mikal

    so many deaf and blind got caught up and left behind💯

    perry porter

    5% lingo

  57. The Colonel

    Honestly peices of a man was better off without this on it. It's a great song but peices of a man was just better as a darker more introspective album.

    Frank White

    You buggin. This was AZs If I Ruled the World track. Alot of industry bs stopped his momentum.

  58. MartMoney86 H

    This should have been a hit.

  59. BeatStreet Sports Blast

    has one of the best flows ever in hip hop.

  60. George Brobbey

    I remember copping this album when this dropped and I was tight this track wasn't on the Pieces of a Man album...

  61. KingKG

    Definitely Mariah single "Honey" used this sample at the same damn time. So this song didn't really get any airplay! Smh

  62. rogermacbain

    sample was played out by 98'. light shade of brown -hey dj 94'


    the original is world's famous supreme team - hey dj 83

  63. Rohaylice Leito

    omg! nothing is better than the 90´s

    chris robinson

    We need to go back

  64. Robert Holmes

    Remind me of the summer

  65. Biggie Packed

    What does it mean, to be paid in 4 different ways?
    Gr8 track.

    Pro Aerators

    Biggie Packed He gets paid 4 different ways, stocks, bonds, residual income, businesses. To put your bid in, is talking about the stock market, when you buy a stock you put a bid in.

    Biggie Packed

    ty for explanation

  66. TonyRedgrave1501

    Really love the overall vibe, the beat and az's raps but the singer isn't good! Would have been better with that chick from "Sugar Hill". What was her name? Miss Jones I think.

    Ajizzle Prodeje

    Yea that's her name


    Miss jones ain’t outsinging SWV 😂

  67. GodsChosenElect xx

    look at my mommy coko and the og AZ ... lit

  68. Joshua Santana

    trapped in the arms of satan congregatin conversatin tryna map a way of escapin! yo nas kept him in his shadow for a reason he a monsta

    Almond Joy

    Joshua Santana Nas kept a lot of artists in the shadow. ...

    Tay Yasharal

    Nas ain't keep him in his shadow. AZ first two albums are slappers.

    Blank Channel

    Joshua Santana nas never kept him in his shadow, listen to songs with nas & az. i feel like nas had the weak verses on purpose, the promoters for az’s music did this. we all know az is a top 5 rap artist

    1. nas
    2. jay z
    3. az
    4. 2pac
    5. beanie sigel

    cokeera87 DopeSauce

    He let another nigga hold him back? Sounds like he either a weak ass nigga or aint built for the game

  69. Jerome

    low key classic #RapCityThrowback



  70. Nice Stuff

    Hold da fuck!!!!!
    The intro looks like the 9-11 tradegy in NYC with smoke on the towers and people running. look for yourself

    always boxing controversy

    Nice Stuff that's right

  71. Dan Stacys

    nas is my fav but az flow is nice men..



  73. 93avarice

    coco fine ass!

  74. prettymelanin exotic

    My husband 😍😍😍

    banks keyz

    Taylor JA Vixen fly shit

  75. Kabo Lionslayer

    Underrated Mc of all the time!

  76. Jojo Risktaker

    better than jay z to me

    perry porter

    Hustler shit at it's finest

    Blank Channel

    Jojo Risktaker debateable

    J St

    No doubt about that

    The Voveske

    Jayz is good but AZ is the Gawd!

    Get it right!

  77. Narly Tortino


  78. samson abdulla

    Boom this is quite nice music from az this is best track so far out of all his music as far as am concerned nice tune.

  79. MrTheguy1111

    Ima look for this on ITunes, if I find it, Ima buy it.....


    MrTheguy1111 Same.

  80. Dru Alatorre

    Can't find a down load for this anywhere. Anyone know a good MP3 link for this song. Or a good zip/rar for the album?

    Paris ware

    +Dru Alatorre yeah go to youtubemp3 and download it from youtube or wherever u find the right version you like

  81. ehuarache

    neva gets old to me

  82. AJ Bonelli

    Top 5 MC all time.

    Jay El Shabazz



    AZ is a fuckin overlooked MC fo sho


    and most underrated of all time

    david jones

    Wordson!! Y'all should hear mine, Hey O.G, off the most anticipated album (World Love) 4.0, I'm O.G.Smooth, The Original Gentleman, World Love y'all


    No doubt baby!

  83. Malion Jean

    old schoollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll love this shit for life

  84. Robert Holmes

    still my shit my nigga az

  85. E.T.M.P

    Joint is definitely fire!

  86. Rodrick Thompson

    My dude!

  87. Jacob Leath

    Where's taj and lele it's just coko in the video


    Jacob Leath SWV wasn’t featured on this song just Coko. IDK why the caption have SWV in it.

    Zach Payne

    Damn smh

  88. The Truth

    NAS overpowering lyrical superiority some how unknowingly cause AZ, Comega and NAture to not shine. That is the greatness of NASTY NAS. Any other group and AZ would have been headlining.

    Eric Clark

    +The Truth  true.   those 4 are all beasts and my favorite era

    The Truth

    @Eric Clark I agree. 

    Kayne Young

    The Truth I disagree brother. from what I know AZ and Cormega owned their publishing, therefore others were not making money off their material and we all know how these companies turn a blind eye on people who they can't get money off.

  89. Chad Folk

    Sosa da visualizer my nigga,don't make sense 2me dat Az&Nas don't have an full album 2gether besides da firm CD.

  90. Derek Felix

    I love AZ. Illest lyrics and SWV was hot.

  91. Roy Thomas

    AZ's wordplay was the shit. this cat said more in one verse than a lot of dudes did in a whole song. i miss this kinda music


    I swear 😭😩

    dimz77 dimz77

    Roy Thomas very true

    merneptah sealy

    Roy Thomas super fact

    Tay Yasharal

    He in my top 5 just because of that

  92. C.Org.

    The flow is soo Nas..esp the last verse. Mad love still tho.

  93. Masculine Confidence Building - Max Bugatti

    AZ - Hey AZ feat. SWV | | AZ - Hey AZ feat. SWV

  94. yes y

    AZ is the truth and this video is live

  95. SDS Overfiend

    Uncensored version chorus amps me up

  96. ChelseaFCMario

    Sick beats......

  97. Tyson Miller

    Why wasn't this on Pieces of a man

    Tyson Miller

    I was pissed when i found out this wasn't on it


    Tyson Miller right, at least we got What’s the Deal

  98. flip1sba

    Nope, the track belongs to The World's Famous Supreme Team, no LSOB!