AZ - Feel My Pain Lyrics

This ain’t just rap, this is about connection
ya crabs could trap talk, this about respect.
I’m a mixture of Mutulu and Malcolm X*young Rick the Ruler, my mouths is a mess.
My low homey home he on house arrest,
try to tell homey be grown, This is about success.
the streets been sewn we see a thousand deaths,
So many nuts bust we rarely get aroused for sex
Try to do leers at the clear, lounge on decks
Among those who couldn’t care what’s around my neck.
Ten respects BBM'n or sendin' a text linen fresh
either we sinnin or blendin in with Execs
nigga I’m blessed puff blunts with big in the flesh
due to Nas in '95 with the bridge address
Live what I rep, I'm real no identity theft, my will
It’s like a prison, I’m pulling this stretch, it’s ill!
Recreation, my reputation, Could bring together that gangs from separation,
So, no dough, no explanations, blow!
Get lows my expectations glow.
OG, G.O.D and I know no Nigger that could deep on me!

The way I put the words together, they want something new,
So let’s get reacquainted!
Time to re-up gotta recycle the flow!
You talkin' like this was a thing of the past!
Switch Hustlas been killin em ever since
Hey you tell the truth Dawg
It only makes sense!

Reminisce rent a miss' this is limitless,
started from the Genesis school,
Though I been it since
Touch down scrimmages talkin to your Nemesis,
barkin at your innocence, finding that you’re friends ain't shit
Let me finish it!
Few Niggers benefit!
New Niggers tend to send a cent to the penetent
Camp style, I know now what kill I'm in
No resemblance moving off my inner strength
superb penmanship, heard that my pen' was sick
Never impetent wonder where my Niggers went,
Die hard is still the point even when I'm bent
Fly cars, Louis scarves, everything is meant
Two-ten new in charge Imma bring suspense,
White Ice Blue [?] Y'all ain't seen me since
The young god, took a charge for 'em two attempts,
In my defense, I’m due to vent


Rap convo, blackin' over congos,
glass condo, relaxed in the dawn mode
Both arms fold, feet up on the console
Fuckin bomb holds skeetin on your cornrows
My boy Alonzo beat another homo
Let the dawn flow try and get the Bronze dough,
Head honcho high with a Milan glow,
How them horns blow make a nigga mambo,
White Bronco, address beef pronto, breast meat combo, don't be a John Doe
Still calm though, OG at the trial when they hit Busy Bee in '03,
Low key, live wire flow be, 5th gear mode it could rip earlobes
[?] think quick on my tiptoes, life's a bitch and the chick chose


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AZ Feel My Pain Comments
  1. Vincent Preston

    AZ,Rakim, Blackthought, Pharomonch, Mosdef, G Rap and Canibus, KRs1 My Emcee Mt Rushmore!

  2. Tori Black

    Damn!!!!!!!! 🔥 I'm late AF! 2019 almost 2020. How did I miss this shyt?!😱

  3. Foe Banger

    I know all these dudes 😂



  5. blkqbano78

    Yo, love the "Uhhhhh"sound in the beat! That's crazy ill... Salute to the God!

  6. therealtunkmaster

    To all negative KNEE-WALKERS, why do y'all keep bringing Jay Z name into another artist thread, I can see if Jay's name was mentioned, but it wasn't. In stead of saying who AZ is better than, y'all need to purchase his work.

  7. Shaun Oneill

    Keeping it real and classy

  8. Shaun Oneill

    STILL A BEAST 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. B.L. Frazer

    Skeeting on their cornrows. (Savage flow)

  10. Gary Williams


  11. Tisha Steen

    Steen boy's and beamon boys 2 generation Oakland raiders s.o.x

  12. Nigel Salvador

    Doesn't anybody find it strange that AZ doesn't shout out Nas at the end of the song?


    Nigel Salvador he put nas in the songs lyrics... but his career don’t revolve around dude ijs

  13. Suraj Odekunle

    Off the chain real lyricism.

  14. funkyforlife45

    AZ stay strong and reel!!
    The firm,stay east coast new York sheet🗽🎤

  15. More Live

    *Damn shame this album has been prolonged for now a decade almost. Doe or Die 2 really is Detox, hurts to say as a huge AZ supporter*

  16. Alank Toler

    Ima mixture of mutala and malcom x..WOW

  17. Rodney Warr

    O G g o d I don't know near a nigga that could depo me

  18. Rodney Warr

    Rock and roll wit some snipers

  19. Rodney Warr

    wicked hook

  20. Rodney Warr

    c that onyx on his pinky?

  21. Rodney Warr

    & I don't know near a nigga that could depo me

  22. SoldierofGod

    Such a lethal flow

  23. Shane Frasier

    lot of people try to compare my man to nas but to differ styles az just didn't comprise like nas did that's why he didn't blow like he should he is a real dude his lyrics really helped nas out on some of nas's tracks

    Joshua King

    He never sold out thats why

  24. Shane Frasier

    az has always been ahead of his time he has his own style by far One of the best that ever did it

  25. MrSdog88

    should have 96mil not 96k. next level

  26. Jedediah Milachi Lebowitz

    Anyone who downvoted can suck a bumpy dick after it's pried out of a catchers shit fuck mitt.

  27. Sina La Cosa Nostra

    damn i loved him from the moment i first heard him and everytime i discover a song i fall in love again ! he is one of the best rappers ever fo sho

    Jedediah Milachi Lebowitz

    Sina La Cosa Nostra yaaaas bish yaaaas

    Michael Cauley

    Real rap. Music that makes you want more money not kill people.

  28. Tim Gates

    "Look what I rep , I'm real no identity theft"

  29. Bo Seng


  30. Jonathan Johnson

    hands down the Best lyricist and intellectual

  31. Jonathan Johnson

    hands down the Best lyricist and intellectual

  32. Johnny Kennedy

    wonder why he haven't got juice like Nas and Jay.. when he's actually dopper . he has is one flow

    Joshua King

    Thats because he didnt sellout like everybody else

  33. Sylvanius Ross

    A.Z. game changer for real. salute u 👑

  34. Official_nastee

    Underrated 4sho...

  35. Jinevea Sperring

    no one more lyrical!!!!!




    Sosa... Jah Blessed

  38. More Live

    If he wouldve just waited to release this when DoD2 was REALLY coming out...he wouldve had hit. (Just take jeezy out that damn chorus) but beat is perfect & lyrics are him at his best. "LIFES A BITCH....& A CHIC CHOSE" - might I say that is a triple (possibly quad) entendre & very deep bar.

  39. A R

    Az is hard! The flow on this track is levels. sparring to this track = knocking man out

  40. Jay Kool Kat Jones

    Az went in hard in the paint always stay tru to his music hard banger the flow is crazy the best underrated of all time jay z and them ain't got shit on you man. Keep doing your thang you on that grown man rap

  41. Jonathan Williams

    Best flow in the game

  42. Robert Fischer

    The only negative part to this song is trying to find something to listen to after it

  43. NextLevelENT718

    On the most under rated!!


    My husband is in this video fame

  45. shawn nitti robinson

    peace to the god

  46. Deanna Smith

    This drills deep and crushes. Straight sick!

  47. ole's at the wheel

    what watch has he got?

  48. Miles Milan

    Flow is still cuts sharp like a razor.

  49. mother fvcker

    I donno no n!66a that could debo me

  50. gacha kitty

    AZ Do Or Die 2 another classic summer!one of Nas best friends.just a little more promo Diddy,Dj Premier DJ Khaled,Havoc,Just Blaze,Dr,Dre,Statik,L.E.S.and much more and it will be classic!

  51. Cecly Diaz

    My favorite rapper AZ

  52. qjmikuromamatideba

    "founding your friends aint shit"

  53. bubu

    this dude is the best !!!! hands down .


    Im tryna find his booking agent any one know?

  55. Kid Kapam

    whats taking god so long for doe or die 2?

  56. Some shit I have

    underrated...he never has a throw away verse

  57. lxrd_xsiris

    Respect from Australia

  58. Ladarren Barrett

    Az would kill jayz period

  59. FlyyWill

    Hisusic is to smart for the regular populace thats why... smh.... Unfortunately when you say something that has to be thought about its not as popular as just saying stupid shit!! Therefore AZ wont get his proper respect till he passes away!! he'll be like a Picaso of the Hip_hop game watch!!

  60. michael godines


  61. Carvaughn Cullins

    Mad ill. AZ's always been amongst the GREATEST LYRICISTS to ever walk the face of the earth. It's amazin how emcees this ill and poetically razor-sharp don't get the attention they deserve. But any real AZ head knows one thing as stated in "City of Gods"... that AZ is indeed the "Best Kept Secret".

  62. nyctwon

    INSANE lyricism

  63. nyctwon


  64. Maitreya Buddha

    Jay-Z @ 1:15

  65. izabella pasek

    only real intellectuals support Sosa's music

  66. KJ Durham

    GodbodyFlow....everything straight jewels from AZ still

  67. Gerald S

    are you serious? Fucking Troll.

  68. Mic Wrecka

    y would u??

  69. Ion Condiescu

    let'ssssssssssssssss imagine...euh little battle rap between AZ and Lil Wayne.

  70. Mike Lion Beatz

    that nigga AZ is so mf underrated its a shame

  71. lut dem

    20000 clikcs ??????????????? WTF

  72. King Kyng

    East New Yorrrrrrrrrkkkkkkk. This is HOT! Linden, Star rIgHT & Pink Pjs

  73. fino6t9

    big tune

  74. CosmicKidz

    long live king az

  75. e5w5i5l5

    yooooooooooooooooooooooo my ni**a is shi**in hard on this track making me have faith in hip hop try that brooklyn all day I quote brooklyn all day

  76. Austin H

    az big l the truest to do it, if l was still alive hed be keeping it real, and AZ's track record has never dropped off at all, recognize real

  77. bjory311

    @funkylogic888 Haha... but AZ don't need shit from "roc nation."

  78. funkylogic888

    jay z need him on roc nation



  80. canibusnj

    REAL HIP-HOP people! New York PLEASE come back and show these TRASH NIGGAS where it started, follow AZ lead because he's one of the few mc's that's keeping NY and real rap alive. I can't wait for Doe or Die 2!!!!!!!

  81. Ceazs Vinyl


  82. nexlevproductions

    Peace God. This is the illest and realest shit out. A.Z. the G.O.A.T and the most underated MC of all times. Im feeling the nostalgic pictures in the back ground, doe or die 2 sure to be an instant classic. peace!