Ayria - Suck It Up Lyrics

When I see you there facing your rival
To everyone it's clear you're in denial
And now it's come to this
I thought it never would
Now I see you here facing your rival
And you're stuck!
And you're stuck!

Elimination time pending survival
And when it comes to pricks, you take the title
You'll have to suck it up
Suck it up
Don't you look at me, I'm not your rival
Just stop!
Just stop!

You're faking, you're faking
You're faking, faking
Faking, faking

You find yourself in the same situation
When will you learn to avoid mutilation?
You've missed again and there's no telling
When you will recover from this one, it's a big deal
You're dead inside is a minor understatement
More like guts scraped on the edge of the pavement
Tiny words, tiny thoughts, things that make you fear
You play dead, but we know that you're faking it

Faking, faking, faking
Faking, faking, faking
Faking, faking, faking

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Ayria Suck It Up Comments
  1. Samael Tate

    this needs to go up to a billion or ELSE! KEITH NEEDS TO LET IT GO! WE ARE NOT HERE! we are not awake!

  2. Sergey Zhuravlev

    Why not EBM ? =) X-Fusion - Holy Grail have similar sound, me seems, the vocals there's not are a defining. Also, being more bands like a ::SITD:: (with clear vocal) belong to EBM. And also Futurepop=Electro-Industrial+Synthpop+ some EDM's elements

  3. Zwariowany Sensei

    lepsze niż bad list

  4. Mayra Gonzalez

    Damnnnnnn love this song!

  5. Lucas Iglesias

    WTF? O.o

  6. Graid

    Ayria's work has such a satisfying energy and strength to it. I particularly enjoy how the vocals and beat work together in the bits where she sings 'you're dead inside is a minor understatement'. Also it never ceases to amaze me how many on youtube comment with a clear lack of understanding that taste is largely subjective.

  7. xAshleighxAwsomex

    If anyone doesn't like Ayria's music or vocals.. suck it up, she rocks! :) ♥

  8. Abigail Rodas

    impresionante ayria una de mis bandas favoritas :D lalala super

  9. Blackdragon99omfg

    I find her vocals annoying too and the music but weirdly this helps me value music.

  10. Zylend

    amo esa canción :)

  11. K1LL3RB1TCH

    @Jezavayne03 i'm killerbitch so i cant help being a bitch.

  12. rbgm

    @MetalFacedAliee2 Wikipedia is actually very accurate because of this, everything you write requires a citation. and there are people constantly looking everything over just because they like correcting people.

  13. K1LL3RB1TCH

    @AidanChaos yes, Fucking Wikipedia is my fucking god. let's all worship the holy page which is never wrong!

    cereal killa

    dont believe. Wikipedia. its written by fans or anti fans thier for its mostly. bull or at best wishful thinking. but what ever lol

  14. MadMoogle Gaming

    @K1LL3RB1TCH LOL wikipedia hahahahahahahaha omg I burst my spleen. Because fucking wikipedia said who gives a fuck. You are the one who uses wikipedia to define music get over yourself either you like it or dont. Quit trying to label it.

  15. K1LL3RB1TCH

    @AidanChaos wikipedia says so. and the reason i dont like this music is because SHE is nothing else than a poser

  16. MadMoogle Gaming

    @K1LL3RB1TCH Who said its industrial?? Also go label something somewhere else. If you dont like music because it doesnt fit a genre you are retarded. And prolly a poser.

  17. Daniel Guerrero

    her voice makes me horny!!!

  18. xGoth_Monsterx

    its future pop...

  19. K1LL3RB1TCH

    this. is. so. lame. this is far from industrial music.

  20. BrokenBard

    @punisher66260 She writes, performs, and records all her own music. She's not going to cut out her vocals when they are a major part of what she does.

  21. timberIII

    @xXxotakuboyxXxx we can only hope cuz pop now a-days sucks so much shit

  22. timberIII

    @punisher66260 omg no you didnt she voice is that of an angel.....

  23. SirenosSong

    @punisher66260 the song sounds like it's supposed to be annoying in a way. I disagree, her vocals in general are not annoying though.

  24. punisher66260

    good song... but these annoying vocals RUINS it all... sigh. in cases like these they shouldnt put vocals in the band...

  25. Daryl Dekking

    i like the songs of flicker more than those of HfB

  26. Cachorro Ryder

    es una hermosa musica y la chica esta de lujo es muy hermosa

  27. Joaquin Sanchez

    Ya me gustaba la musica de Ayria desde hace unos cuantos años, pero este disco es aun mejor por mucho, me encanta que haya mejorado tanto.

  28. Neekolassify

    zomg @[email protected]

    this song :3 i just found it asjdkhasjkdhjkasdhajkfhkgj i love it

  29. DieStaubmaske

    Wow! that´s really amazing! thanks for upload! Ayria for ever! :D

  30. freak2madness

    si me gusta muchoo

  31. Starla Inisis

    aaah i want this song T_T
    could you pls send it to me?