Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Dream Bigger Lyrics

I hope y'all record this shit
Enjoy yourselves
Dream [x2]
Dream big
Dream [x2]
Dream big [x2]
Dream motherfucking
Dream bigger [x2]
Dream big
Dream bigger [x2]

He told me
Never compare to somebody else
The only person you should compare is with yourself
That means your today
should totally be
Better than your yesterday's you
If you believe

Dream big [x3]
Dream motherfucking
Dream bigger
Dream bigger
Dream motherfucking
Dream bigger

Dream Bigger

Dream Bigger
Dream big
Dream bigger [x2]

Dream bigger

Dream big [x15]
Dream bigger

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Axwell Λ Ingrosso Dream Bigger Comments
  1. ひでさーい


  2. Nelson Turyasingura

    0:18 - 0:19 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Kittenx kore

    Please come back!

  4. Rajdeep Roy

    Swedish House Mafia era have started but still here! I love Axwell ingrosso project sooo much❤️

  5. Pam Star

    Thank you,so much love❣️

  6. Milad Omidvaran

    why everytime when its end im cryin

  7. Ankit Soni

    worst part of song 3:29

  8. Dante XE

    This clip needs Steve Angello.

  9. james oreilly

    2019 and still a banger

  10. EduardBird 2.0

    Yo solo vine por
    1:45 pica la verdad :v

  11. Lady Anemone

    Just what I needed. Thank you 🐝

  12. Anderson_Gamer

    ⚒️ Se você acredita, faça ! 🖤



  14. Justin Florentino

    Su video fue gracioso su video lo puse tantas veces que no paro de reir

  15. Justin Florentino


  16. Joschi Lambo

    i've started with network marketing and your song inspired me to dream bigger now i am hustle every day so hard for my goals

    all people that read this i have to say: believe in yourself and dream bigger

  17. Thomas Wang

    0:41 gesture...

  18. Jack Angel

    Please reply with recommendations for what to listen to next:

  19. Kaballier Music


  20. Trevor Moorctaft

    I wrote that guitar riff that is the main basis for this whole song.


    Trevor Moorctaft n how you gonna prove that?

  21. BlackGypsyCharm

    Daft punks da funk Ripoff

  22. Brunillo VG

    I'm still Dream Bigger in 2019!! 😌

  23. Octavian Popescu

    The best drop i've ever heard

  24. ritwik kashyap

    Salvatore ganacci should be in this video 😂😂

  25. whiteCat

    Good vibes only :)

  26. Lolencio Faze

    How to dream bigger

    Sleep more time

  27. dar gon

    1:12 the juice

  28. DeadPan

    This video makes me happy :)

  29. Alejandro Godina

    Sounds familiar?

  30. K Onda

    Are you ready to sing?

  31. layla rodrigues

    Lindos 😍😍

  32. Rosa Gacha

    VOUS ÊTES LES MEILLEUR 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯

  33. Kavindu Rankoth

    0:01 - 1:05 harlem shake 2.0

  34. helryon

    So the fact that this is literally a compilation of Ax and Seb dancing around is beautiful on its own.

  35. ephraim alves

    This song is so underrated

  36. Angelo Ruiz

    Maldito temazoo coñoo





  39. lee dev

    2018 and still soundin as good

  40. karime esquivel

    2018 ???

  41. Housified Music's

    That's so motivating lyrics 😍🙂

  42. Luiz Henrique Morais Mazzucco

    OH YEAHS! 💘

  43. Luiz Henrique Morais Mazzucco


  44. Samuel Perez

    I hope you’re recording this shit! Enjoy yourselves 😍

  45. Tony Askas

    Dream Burger 🍔

  46. El Mapa de Sebas

    So motivating :)

  47. Insta Mbali___

    All the people who call them mainstage DJ’s, sit down !! These two are so much fun , that’s what life is about , enjoying the experience ❤️
    I love seeing them so happy 👆🏽

  48. Andrejs Burockins

    Train nigga

  49. varun mishra

    Dream bigger

  50. Mecha Mecha

    Tac potato squad where y'all at?

    Dylan Wintle

    Sup you beautiful fecker

  51. Pratyush Padmanabhan

    I can see where Salvatore Ganacci got the inspiration from.

    VinBro Is Back


    Kawaii SANA


  52. lespan1989


  53. Alessandro Finello

    Fuck yeah!!

  54. Andrea Picazio

    This vibes, still 2018🔥🔥🔥

  55. DALLAS


  56. Lucki Loki

    You can hear this song on Madden 18 despite it not being listed. I've been trying to find the name of this track for a few months. No one on a Message board recognizes it. I'm glad Spotify finally gave me a hit after numerous tries.

    Alen Keserac

    My no 1 of A/\I,,,,

  57. Franck Ü

    I love You ❤🎧 Music electronic 👉🎧❤👈Ü

  58. Nayeli Guevara

    Amazing 😍

  59. Nais

    liked some of his music but this is very no. feels nothing more than 'worthless'.

  60. Alihan Bulut


  61. PixelConcept

    Didn't want to say it but Atypical anyone?

  62. gustav almen

    ni värkar ha rolig i hopp

  63. Darlla Sampaio

    Uhhhguuuuuul yeeees

  64. Jaxx Rivaro

    It's either that they we're really happy or stoned AF that they would laugh, smile and do weird, crazy shit😂

    Kron Kalle

    I think both

  65. Vincent Beers

    I think I need to live my life to this song. We should all dance like this, every day. Because... FUCK IT, dream bigger.

  66. Ponciano 83

    2 years c:

  67. Hrch-O-MIR

    It was massive before it came out !!! Love from sLOVEnia !!!

  68. Luke McCann

    ONE x D/B = Dreams come true!

  69. Hugo Filipe Lopes


  70. xiRealPelR

    Se parece al estilo de daft punk

  71. Look at the dank meme in the wild

    This song is so underrated

  72. ProdbyYungLovell


  73. Bang La Clay

    25 03 2018 ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ HISTORY

  74. Goat Gamer

    0:59 when te mandan a dormir y te descubren que estas jugando al maincra con el pc

  75. AaMiRLuVsMuSiC91

    shm is back unbelievable

  76. Goat Gamer

    Daft punk in the present

  77. Antek Bławat

    Damn it smells like daft punk!


    axwell reminds me of terence hill in this video :D

  79. XVSting

    Why such a cool and energetic video only got 1M views? Should be way more!

  80. Davide Boiardi

    Painfully rubbish music

  81. The Hound

    Nice Dance Axwell /\ Ingrosso

  82. Mickael Humblot

    Toujours aussi bon 👌

  83. PAQUI :/

    Wow is cool i love AXWELL /\ INGROSSO❤✨ los mejor de electro que escuche!

  84. Yash Wankhede

    Two are legends

  85. Hào Nguyễn Anh

    Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso - Roar v2.0, lul...

  86. Mathias Hellberg

    Spela offtare i sverige grabbar, kom igen!!!

  87. Ron Almog

    Sounds like SD Live Theme

  88. Baked Cat

    Whos here from Madden playing this at the end of a quarter

  89. Dawidowski Łopuszański

    Muza taka dobra za aż zgagi dostałem ;D

  90. MIWBailey666

    I love this song, but disappointed, it got taken off of Spotify. It was my number 1 played song last year. In only like 4-6 months of hearing it.