Avion - Would You Notice Lyrics

Follow you in the shadow of your stride
I'd wait an hour just to see you smile
Should I chane all the pain
To reveal all I've contained?
Would you feel the way I do?

But if I was on fire
Would you notice?
And would you feel desire
If I showed it?
Would you notice?

I could wait for perfect words or circumstances
I listened in just to hear your name
All your loveliness that shines
Is the same as what's inside
Would you feel the same way too?


Someday soon
When it's me and you
I won't be the stranger
In your life


But if I was on fire
If I was on fire
If I burn with desire would you notice?

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Avion Would You Notice Comments
  1. Bruce McLEAN

    Wasn't this band called Avion? Or was that the name of the album?  Pandora shows it as Avion, but it sounds identical.

    Bruce McLEAN

    Hmmmm.  I'll have to listen to them back to back.  Thanks for the info.

    jeff case

    avion was after the torries same singer - writer..

  2. hondafrk

    Loved this band, saw them in LA years ago

  3. ZeCockOfTheWalk

    this makes me miss farmclub.com

  4. Corey Clift

    Best tories song :)