Autumn, Emilie - We Want Them Young Lyrics

We want them young
We want them fresh
We want them
We want them now!

We want our freedom from this prison
Help us!
Please let us out!

[New Inmate:]
I should be home by now…
Someone will come for me…

[Dr. Stockill:]
It was they who sent you to our fine institution
You’re difficult, we are the solution
God, didn’t you know, didn’t you think, didn’t you see

Look to your neighbors
To your friends
Look to your daughters
To your wives
You must release them to our care
You are endangering your lives
Let us relieve you of your burden
From the fear you’re living in
Protect yourselves from their corruption
From their wickedness and sin

It’s far too crowded in this cell
We are not living — we’re in Hell!
When will the tables finally turn?
When will they fall?

When will they burn?

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Autumn, Emilie We Want Them Young Comments
  1. Howling Fenrir

    This song straight slaps

  2. Scared Honey

    I don't why it reminds me to the auster Academic of a series of unfortunate events

  3. apvenczel

    Seems she is referring to Podesta & PizzaGate.


    Could someone explain the meaning of this song? Please....

  5. romanticshadow s

    Is she working on anything new?

  6. Pavel Suk

    I like your style of lyrics in all the videos.

  7. Eric Sanchez

    I love this song so much!
    I wish it were longer.

  8. Bekron Luso

    My art flows through my hands. Through canvases and paper my art lives and speaks. But her voice is the true master piece indeed

  9. Marylin Moorebid

    Love how Scavenger is slipped in there! ;)

  10. cintu lator

    She is totally bananas, total genius and a living legend!

  11. Titch

    Really likes mental institutions this one, (or rather dislikes) haha but she captures them really well, like she was there.

    Joe Cole

    +PunkyGrace She was.
    Returning from Courtney Love's 2004 tour, Autumn resumed working on her own career and became pregnant, although she had been on birth control. Terrified of pregnancy and childbirth and unwilling to pass on her bipolar disorder, she decided to have an abortion. Later, after the release of Opheliac, she attempted suicide, which caused her to be admitted to a psychiatric ward at a Los Angeles hospital and kept on suicide watch.


    +Joe Cole Yeah I figured that out shortly after writing that comment, thanx anyway though :)


    There will be people who say she demonizes the mental health system... but as someone who has been there for a long time, it's safe to say a lot of those allegations are true....

  12. Ariella Kahan-Harth

    She captures what people thought of women in the seventeenth to nineteenth century perfectly.  Who needs Beyonce when Emilie's the real queen?

    Arielle Carr

    +le lolit There's no need to bring a woman down in order to lift another up. It's that kind of attitude that hurts us all.


    +Ariella Kahan-Harth Ok whoa

    Jack Bright

    Ariella Kahan-Harth This is the kind of thing Nico di Angelo would say...

  13. Zebra

    Méthylphénidate suck your chlid's brain !   #DSM  Diagnosis Status and Money ! 
    Psychiatric diagnosis is not an exact science. The differences reflect
    different theoretical orientations of therapists. Diagnosis, in
    psychotherapy, often depends on the eye of the beholder.

    The DSM is a powerful tool of social control, as its criteria is a
    primary tool used to judge who is normal or abnormal, sane or insane
    or who should remain free or be hospitalized against their will. 
    Diagnostic inclusion in the DSM is influenced more significantly by
    the faction currently holding professional political power than by
    what science reveals.

    Nunya bizness

    +Arsinoé Carter

    Agreed, I like the DSM reference - never heard that one before.

    The "chemical imbalance" spiel is a myth - these drugs they prescribe CAUSE chemical imbalances! Socioeconomic factors can not be measured, nor can they be treated by mucking around with a persons brain chemistry.


    It's time to wake up.

  14. CheesecakeButterPimp The First

    Emillie is queen

  15. SugarWave PlateMob

    this song reminds me of school

    Sophie Owen

    I was having a bad day, I read this comment, my day is now fantastic. Please be my best friend you made me happy.

    Zhiar Ali

    SugarWave PlateMob lmao I laughed so hard at this

  16. sylphofmind

    This song kind of reminds me of the Unwind dystology by Neal Shusterman in a way

  17. Maxine Parks

    She's my inspiration ! 

  18. Athelise T

    So when is the play supposed to come out? I've heard rumors about it.

    German Dress

    It says next year on the website/forum. 

    German Dress

    I know! I'm so excited

  19. Melanie Dutton

    I love Emlie So much. She is not only my leader, she is someone who I can relate to.

    leah miller

    shes my idol

  20. Edith Montoya

    She is my Idol. I love Emilie 

  21. Athelise T

    I love how high-quality your videos are!

  22. Poisoned Mind

    Emilie is my freaking idol !!!!!!

  23. missmorgandeville

    my 15 year old niece is submitting this song as part of a school assignment on music that evokes the feeling of the book "the crucible" :)

  24. Syl Maître

    I love it. She is freakin awesome...and that voice *_*

  25. Jenya March

    This should have been the very first song on FLAG.

  26. Tammy Lee

    I adore this song.<3

  27. Anirt Moquete

    i love how you make lyrical video it soo original

  28. La Folia

    Old one but I don't want to change it to my real name either xD Also procrastinating is my favorite past time hobby.

  29. kayceeBurtonFreak

    Lol your username 666... I used to be 666 years old but now I'm 3516 years old...

  30. La Folia

    Mission accoplished on her behalf then? ;)

  31. NocturnalSyren

    This album sounds like a musical. O.o;

  32. georgina ann

    yes it is she is going to be opening a west end show either 2014 or 2015 based on her book/autobiography the asylum for wayward victorian girs all songs have references in them to that

  33. Crocus Bloom

    I want to be in this musical.

  34. Ri Dragon

    Gaaah I think this might be my theme song

  35. Fusspot

    For me, this is an ideal driving song - get in the car, put this on.... freedom...

  36. Fusspot

    She's evolving. Meaning changing. Her music changes with her. It's taken me a while to be able to accept and enjoy this album.

  37. La Folia

    In order of appearance:
    Northwood High
    Smudged Alphabet
    Poor Richard

    all can be found on dafont.

  38. Eugenia123345

    /pages/Beautiful-Death/269335249860039 Like on facebook!

  39. Pronghorn Punk

    dat font <3

  40. Rhiannon Kuespert

    You make really cool lyric videos. Most are boring but you make them interesting.

  41. Gizmo Rose

    noooooo! i think this is her worst, she makes me cry :'(

  42. Daniel Óskarsson

    oh but this is in my opinion her best album. especially the final song.

  43. La Folia

    Maybe. I'm in the progress of trying to graduate so haven't had time to do anything at all for these. I have few WIP's from FLAG so we shall see. I like doing these kind of videos and my Plague Ratness doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon yet ^^

  44. Gizmo Rose

    this songs shit too why are all the songs on this album the same

  45. Eugenia123345

    me too!!!!!!!

  46. WizardClown kun

    ahhhh... oh gosh...

  47. Shane Bourdain

    One of my sisters passed away in a mental institution. She was starving. They didn't help her when she was agonizing. This song really touched me, and that's a lot coming from me.

  48. Famke van As

    Oh, for god's sake. Everything is about the Illuminati these days.

  49. Inkydust Monochrome

    Inspired by Emilie Autumn and this song.

  50. Inkydust Monochrome

    "As her fingers grated against the iron bars of her cell, she felt the skin peel in shreds and her blood, hot and boiling with despair, slick the metal. Screams echoed in a helish crescendo as she was taken deep into the Asylum. She couldn't stop the howl that tore from her throat as someone reached in, grabbed her arm, and forcefully plunged a thick syringe into her vein. The last thing she remembered hearing was "Good, a new toy for me to play with." Excerpt from "A Mortal Cage," by me. :)

  51. Rei Liddell

    It sounds more about a mental institution wanting ''new meat'' young.

  52. cyrodilicbrandy

    This would make an amazing end to the first act of the musical. :D

  53. Lindi Rufus

    Yes she should

  54. Dee Puckett

    Please make more Emilie Autumn lyric videos :D you've done so good with the others

  55. watchingandwaiting

    Emily Autumn: Giving a voice to the suffering of The Women of ages past since she first stepped on stage.

  56. ShadowTheDarkCat

    ....Emilie should do Movie soundtracks.....

  57. La Folia

    Perhaps, perhaps not. The album is supposed to be a musical soundtrack in a way, I think... There's smash ups in other songs as well. Like Goodnight, Sweet Ladies. 4 O'Clock, The Art of Suicide and others in the end of it.

  58. Sahat Yalkabov

    "I should be home by now...Someone will come for me..." is also in the song Scavenger. Is this a prelude to the Scavenger?

  59. Midnight

    Omgash, splendid, epic

  60. GlowingRobot

    love it soooooo much :D

  61. kinkynoots

    Subscribed, your lyrics videos are awesome. :)

  62. Indie_Moon

    More, more, more! :D I love it!
    EA forever <3

  63. cyrodilicbrandy

    I'll love you forever if you plan on doing One Foot In Front Of The Other? :D

  64. hindigo15

    Just kidding. I noticed that you said this in the info. Sorry to bother you.

  65. hindigo15

    What program do you use to make these? They're epic!

  66. odette castillo

    your videos are amazing!!! I love it!!


    Your EA videos rock!

  68. Italian4EverPASTA

    I freaking squealed when I saw you made more Emilie Autumn lyric videos

  69. La Folia

    Glad to hear that :)

  70. yötaivas

    i love your lyric videos! thanks <3

  71. HanaMidori1322

    This remember to Ciel (character from Black Butler) when he was kidnaped.....i don´t know why....

  72. envy88rima

    i love ur videos!! they are EPIC!! =D

  73. Christopher Daffodil

    don't workin' C

  74. Nykki Leigh