Autumn, Emilie - Time For Tea Lyrics

There was a little girl, who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead
And when she was good, she was very, very good
But when she was bad, she was homicidal!

Hatchet… Check!
Scalpel… Check!
Rusty steel syringe… Check!
It’s time for war!
It’s time for blood!
It’s time for TEA!

One day that little girl may find a filthy metal spike
And drive it right in the middle of your forehead
For she and her friends, this is very, very good
But for you the game is over – this is revolution!

Hatchet… Check!
Scalpel… Check!
Amputation saw… Check!
It’s time for war!
It’s time for blood!
It’s time for TEA!

We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the time
To punish a most worthy crime against humanity
Somewhere it’s always time for tea
We’ve been trained by the very best
We think you just might be impressed
Eradicate the enemy
Somewhere it’s always time for…
Revenge is a dish that is best served…NOW!

I am that little girl, I have that little curl
Right in the middle of my forehead
And when I am good, I am very, very good
But when I am bad, I am fucking gorgeous!

Hatchet… Check!
Scalpel… Check!
Electroshock Machine… Check!
It’s time for war!
It’s time for blood!
It’s time for TEA!

We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the time
To punish a most worthy crime against humanity
Somewhere it’s always time for tea
We’ve been trained by the very best
We think you just might be impressed
Eradicate the enemy
Eradicate the enemy
Eradicate the enemy
Eradicate the enemy
Revenge is a dish that is best served…NOW!

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Autumn, Emilie Time For Tea Comments
  1. Castiel the cat angel

    Why does this sound like BBC Sherlock..?

  2. Victor Furtado

    1:59 omg the best part

  3. Jamie Hardarce

    "It's time for war"
    "It's time for blood"
    "It's time for TEA"

    most British thing ever

  4. Bethany Scott

    "It's time for war, it's time for blood, it's time for TEEEEAEAEAEAEAEAAAAA"

    Me when my friends say they have good goss on someone

  5. Elka Gruskin

    Oh boy ... I tried dancing to that song and it didn’t work ... I meant the time for tea by Acorn something... look it up ; ahh , the choices we make can really set the tone of the day 🤣😂😅

  6. Elka Gruskin

    Good wake up song ; put up the tea 🍵 and dance 💃; what better way to 🌟t our days ; world 🌎 let’s give it a try NOW ! 🤚🏻💃🎼🎼🎼✋🏼🤚🏻🤜🏽🤛🏾✌️🤞👍👏🤝😻🕺👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

  7. ღ Forgottenlove129 ღ

    The tea’s seeming a lot for red today, tastes salty too. There’s also these floaty things. Is this a new type of tea?

  8. Kitri A

    Is this about the war about Tea between Britain and China?

  9. Idk what Homestuck is I just like this picture

    What's your favorite tea? Mine is earl grey or chai, depending on my mood.

  10. AnnaUnicorn

    Just remembered this song. I love this!

  11. edi

    I sip my tea and suddenly that song plays LOL.

  12. Ron Ruddick

    Well I guess if the universe wants me drinking tea... Actualizing the theories...

  13. Realm Rabbit

    *Plays Pokemon*

    Revenge is a dish that is best... Served... Now!

  14. Tystnaden

    Not a woman but I imagine Hyde

  15. john tracy

    I like how this song has an anime vibe.

  16. WeaponXSigma

    Anyone watching this in 2018?

  17. Ace in Spades

    When someone starts spreading rumors about you but you know many secrets about them because they used to be your best friend

  18. ❤Harley Quinn❤

    i see quite a bit of posts about Alice in wonderland and Harley Quinn however when I'm listening to this i understand it's a female vocal but I'm picturing Willy Wonka and the oompa loompas 🤣🤣

  19. Vlad Tepes

    genious anyways.

  20. Geming Camilla

    I love tea I think I drink to much tea every day XD

  21. Jenna Marmalade

    I was suggesting a song for my study hall playlist to the teacher called "time for tea" but i was suggesting the one by 11 Acorn Lane and can you guess which one she found? yup... this one... she looked up the lyrics to make sure it was clean but it brought up the lyrics for this one and not the one by 11 acorn lane and now she wont let me add the real one...

  22. Ageless Dinosaur

    Lmao every time i hear this 😂

  23. prxsaic

    yes memories

  24. zypherfox

    xD i forgot the awesome that is this song

  25. Graciela Beltran-Hall

    I'm 13, I have a curl in the middle of my forehead and I enjoy beating people up. This song is clearly describing me.

  26. Cassandra Stillman

    Every time she said "eradicate", I think of the pokèmon.

  27. Bloody Boo

    This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland

  28. Edgy Child

    B R U T A L

  29. Little standing lion

    Yay tea!

  30. Freecell82


  31. Santor Godson

    how can i get just the instrumental without the vocals?

  32. Sarah Randall

    When you can't manage to get out of your dark brown skirt that makes you look like a Victorian peasant... -_-

  33. Zachary Amaya

    It’s time for TEAAAAAA!🕷🦇🕸☠️

  34. Oh shet turn it up

    Doing the Tiny Tina tea party side mission in Borderlands 2 be like

  35. XxAbove OmnipotencexX


  36. Camera Kitty

    I thought this was gonna be an Alice in Wonderland thing, but this is cool too.

  37. HetaliaCalifornia

    Eh-Raticate the enemy!
    A Raticate!

  38. Great Priest

    Well she is thinking of the zero mortal plan

  39. Jára SKYlet

    Zamasu theme song

  40. Viki Bogd

    Who's still watching this in 2k17?

  41. MrDiarukia

    So no one is mentioning the extrem flashbacks I get when hearing the intro? It sounds pretty damn similar to the vs Groudon/Kyogre music from Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

    Tumfur Barker Facewooferson

    Holy shit! I'm not the only one who heard Heavy Rain/Drought?!

  42. NorthIsABean

    2p! England any one? 😂

  43. Gold Iwe

    the beguiled!

  44. ASHRAQ Ail

    what is that amazing😄😄😄

  45. Ashley Van Hammer

    Soothing to the fucking soul.

  46. Kissa Ukkonen

    *sips tea*

  47. Emilie Burns

    Thank you SO much for your Emilie Autumn music videos - but especially this one (my favorite song). You helped me train my auditory nerves to hear and understand again, at least where Emilie's voice and singing is concerned, after a getting a Cochlear Implant in 2010. I've been completely deaf after losing my hearing from meningitis at age 4 in 1978. Now I can sing along with this song and a few others of hers on the radio for the first time in my life since I was a toddler. THANK YOU!

  48. happygolexi

    If this doesn't scream Harley Quinn, I don't know what life is anymore~

  49. Kayla K

    So if she invites you to tea, never go 😒

  50. Madalyn w


  51. Sun Blaze

    I have such a gud idea with this song dajsidofahsjdal ;v;

  52. Pralinen Fee

    This song make me laugh..
    I like Emilie :D

    Corine Cassamajor

    Pralinen Fee same

  53. neburn13

    She sounds like Daria! o.o

  54. Erika Perez

    This song fucking to my ears.

  55. Jasper Cheeto

    Man, Crybaby got really fucked up

  56. Jinxx and Ava

    her screams are so👌👌

  57. Ka3

    This is so metal.

  58. AnnaUnicorn

    I forgot about this song

  59. Pie Pierrot

    "When she was good she was very very good but when she was bad she was HOMICIDAL"

    Well, that escalated quickly!


    She's saying omnicidal


    Goes well with: When I am bad, I am F-ing Gorgeous!

  60. EyeluvHughGrant

    Posotively delightful::::sips soylent green tea::::

  61. Luca Rhammon

    This song is so Ney Futapie. Tea, revenge, knifes and homicides.

  62. It’sProbablyBecauseI’mNew


  63. GothTomie

    Tea is pretty hardcore

  64. Luca Da Silva

    Well that was creepy... :)

  65. Pie Pierrot

    I think I found 2P! England's theme song.

  66. Satan

    Ok, this was a pretty big leap from miss lucy had some leeches. I was not prepared for this total awesomness!

  67. Lucila Keats

    This song reminds me of Harley Quinn.

    Pie Pierrot

    Yes! And her Quinntets!

  68. thereal morticiaaddams

    I am watching in 2016!

  69. Brittany Jackson


  70. Karla P.

    Anyone watching this in 2016?

    Karla P.

    +Denver Potts
    haha yep

    Emmery Flame

    I've only JUST discovered this song o_o love it!


    o/ found it thought eve radio

    Viki Bogd

    2k17 here XD

  71. Daniel Blank

    Any Bonesaw/Slaughterhouse 9 fans?

    Ethan Smith

    Me, Gotta love a group of homicidal maniacs with superpowers

    Daniel Blank

    +Ethan Smith And this is essentially Bonesaw's theme (except for one swearword at the end).

  72. Loren Daemon

    can someone figure out why this reminds everyone of Alice in wonderland?

    Sammy Sacrifice

    The tea party reference and madness perhaps?

    Violet Violence

    She is related to Alice Liddell, so...

    Acere 3

    There is a game called Alice: Madness returns by American mcgee and it is a very dark version of Alice in wonderland. Hope that helped

  73. Jennacide Angel

    Insanely In love with this song and just insane! Lol jk;) love Emilie Autumn💕💋🐁💋🐁 I'll use this song when I rebel against the government 😈

    Sophie Owen

    i'll join ya 😈😈😈

    Jennacide Angel

    +Sophie Owen awesome :) hey I'm trying to get together a group who is serious and atleast wants to do something even if they don't know how. I just started using Google+ as a char thing. I don't kno how to do it but If I follow you and u me, there's a chat group we can make and I can add all the people that sure the same thoughts and feel the same way. If u kno how,please let me know! Or if u have already a group like that I would be honored and very excited to join, 😈

  74. AnnaUnicorn

    Love this song

  75. Catasabbi

    Wait.. This song is serious?? I thought it was just a funny parody thing..

    Tara Fox

    Guess you don't know Emilie at all then c;

    Luis de Moura

    my cousin told me bout this and i just laugh

  76. TanteGeit

    Emilie Autumn's music has always been inspiring me in different ways since I came across of it. In good times, bad times, feeling more like a badass lady when her music was around. But it got even better. I joined an event with haunted houses with different themes and I got to be in the Doll House as a living doll. For my first time ever scare-acting, I was pretty nervous, but Emilie's music turned that way around, together with music from the game Alice: Madness Returns.
    I absolutely loved it and others were creeped out by me, so I'll continue in other events! It wasn't any blood or wounds that did it: Just being dressed up in an agonisingly pink dress with ruffles, a matching hat, blonde curls and with grime with pink and white and fake eyelashes. I'll hobble around like a doll and merely stare at people :D

  77. Professor Horange

    amazingly creepy

  78. Ema Dokl

    Because tea is metal as fuck

  79. Sir JosephAdorno

    Visions of Edward Gorey drawings, Wednesday Addams, Harley Quin and Danielle Harris horror movies dance in my head.. :)

  80. evanescent 12

    Well, I'm about to kill some motherfuckers. How abouy you guys?

  81. Siathuan

    ... My cup is empty.

    Imma gonna go and refill it. BRB.

  82. kayceeBurtonFreak

    Lol I work at a haunted house and Emilie's music always hypes me up. Especially this song since my character is this fifteen year old girl with a child like mind. She's a mental patient with Tuberculosis and loves to play games. Except the games she plays involves cutting up body pieces and having tea parties, the tea is made of blood. While she loves games, she will throw tantrums and has actually killed a few of her nurses because "they couldn't help me, they weren't the doctor. Useless." So..... Yeah. Emilie helps me set the mood. Love her to death!

  83. Sintel Putnam

    I keep thinking of Alice Madness Returns and I don't know why

    Tomara Jane

    Sintel Putnam i mean it gives off that mentally mad state of mind that would remind anyone of Alice Madness Returns. (Good game :) )

  84. Demonic Chipmunk

    Revenge is a dish that is best served NOW! ........favorite line in the song

  85. Bazil

    Having a cup of tea as I listen to this; a proper cup, I might add.

  86. VetorthePlagueWerewolf

    Fits perfect for any video game villains like Carver, Ramsay Snow, and Nathan

  87. Titch

    My mother use to sing the song at the beginning to me And the Alice in wonderland reference has left me unsure whether my childhood is Ruined or improved

  88. Lil' Lina

    This is fuckin' crazy!

  89. Ariella Kahan-Harth

    This song is the epitome of badass...

  90. Danielle Galvan

    For some reason this song reminds me of Alice in wonderland lol


    This song reminds me Wednesday Addams in the films. xD

    Mary Lambert

    +ミゼルサキ omg me too


    +Angel Shelley Hahaha ! xD It is because of the words ''homicidal'' and...''NOW !''. XDDD

  91. brandon-hike

    ITS... TIME.. FOR... TEA !!!!!!!

  92. Augusto Aleksei

    hey, can you tell me wich fonts did you use in "it`s time for tea" in 2:43 ?


  93. Jasmine Mackus

    It's so funny because I'm such a pacifist but this song is just so bad ass.

  94. connie esturilho

    For some reason, this song makes me think of Lisbeth Salander from the Millennium series. Then again, many of Emilie Autumn's songs make me think of Lisbeth Salander only because they are so relatable to her.

  95. Shawn McRoberts

    Not to criticize but these are terrible weapons of war :p

    Brittany Hansen

    It's all good. I over think things too. And if I'm not mistaken, they do tie him down...........I'll have to just re-read the book now! lmao

    Joe Cole

    +Brittany Hansen Or you could wait for the live action musical version.

    Shawn McRoberts

    +Joe Cole Suicide squad is going to be a musical? :p (Seriously thought Harley Quinn was played by Emilie Autumn when I first saw the teaser)


    +Shawn McRoberts Unless it's hot! Hot tea... is good, best served hot ;)

    Joe Cole

    +Shawn McRoberts Not Suicide Squad. I was referring to a live action musical of Emilie Autumn's book, 'The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls.'

  96. Harley Quinn

    who else pictured emilie with a giant cup of boiling tea and then the bloody crumpets throwing it in the faces of the victims while singing this? and of course they crying of pain and dying 
    now i want to do it with all my teachers xDD

  97. SYLIIC

    i shouldn't be laughing but i can't stop. i think it's because it sounds like a Engtalia baby. XD

    Curlers And combat shotguns

    I imagine 2p England singing this song tbh that WOULD BE AWESOME. I need to make a cosplay video of that!


    THAT WOULD BE! Is it just me but when it says "a curl in the middle of her forehead" I also thought of a passive-aggressive Canada.

    Canada is like post-it notes.


    He would sing this song with Oliver

    Sandra !!

    +XxSoulFlightxX OHMYGOSH I THOUGHT OF GROWN ARTHUR GETTING BACK TO HIS PUNK DAYS AND SINGING THIS FRANCIS. I mean the song itself is called 'Time For Tea' and with lyrics like "Its time for war, its time for blood, its time for TEA!" All you can do is think of arthur screeching into some microphone at some random bar that's hosting karaoke and arthur decided to volunteer half drunk and then Francis is sitting in the back cringing for is life because Iggy decided to dedicate the song to him

  98. Lyenna

    The best Azula themesong. Even sounds like she is singing it. Her voice exactly.

    Ariella Kahan-Harth

    @2sourgrapes I KNOW!

  99. Jaden Isaacs

    Alice the Madness Returns anyone? 

  100. Wish Seeker

    still love miss  Autumn's music :)