Autumn, Emilie - Take The Pill Lyrics

Take the pill that makes you weaker
Take the pill that makes you sick
Take the pill or you'll be sorry
Take this bloody pill and make it quick

Take the pill that kills your sex drive
Take the pill that makes you cry
Take the pill that burns your insides
Take the pill that makes you want to die
Just be careful what you say...
Today could be your day...

You no longer rule your body
You no longer own those rights
You will wake up when we say so
You will sleep when we shut out the lights
Enjoy your stay...
'Cause you can't run away...

Get back in line, get back in line, get back in line...
Get back in line, get back in line, get back in line...
You'll be just fine...

Take the pill that keeps you quiet
Take the pill that keeps you blind
Take the pill that wipes your memory
Take the pill that's fucking with your mind
That's all you have to lose...
That's funny...

Best that you're not procreating
Best that you don't multiply
Better still, let's sterilize you
Take this pill, the Doctor's standing by
Pull up your skirt...
And yes, it's going to hurt...

Get back in line, get back in line, get back in line...
Get back in line, get back in line, get back in line...
You'll be just fine...

Don't you wanna be sedated
Don't you want to ease this pain
If the pills are not effective
Then we will electroshock your brain
We are not happy with your progress
You're not yet considered "sane"
If these pills are not effective
We'll electroshock your brain
Don't even think of spitting out
We know your tricks, we're on to you
We will check underneath your tongue
We know exactly what you'll do
Your accusations are a joke
Your credibility is shot
Just keep your eyes down and your mouth shut
That's the only choice you've got
So you're a Doctor and I am just a crazy little girl...
Who would you believe?
Well he's a Doctor and you are just a crazy fucking bitch...
Who would you believe?
We've filled your prescription, you'll never run out again
We've filled your prescription, the drugs are your only friend
We've filled your prescription, you'll never run out again
We've filled your prescription, the drugs are your only friend
Now, take the pill, take the pill, take the pill, take the pill
Take the pill, take the pill, take the pill, take the pill
Take the pill, take the pill, take the pill, take the pill
Take the pill, take the pill, take the pill, take the pill
Take it, take it, take it, take it
Take it, take it, take it, take it
Swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow
Swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow...

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Autumn, Emilie Take The Pill Comments
  1. Nata Fox

    I just understood what this song is about and I'm shocked

  2. Debbie_Destruction

    Wake up people. This is the everyday life of a woman in high society.

  3. BridgeToNowhere1994

    But if this isnt relatable...the meds were supposed to help me manage my bipolar, instead they brought by a wide array of side effects (for example crippling ocd, lack of emotions and painful muscle spasms) that just made me want to jump off a bridge even more. Why do they even prescribe this shit, its beyond me. So much needless suffering for the patients.

  4. cassie zigray

    This some explains my experience in the hospital and being given keppra for the first time. Who else is having bad experiences with that medication

  5. crazy cut boi

    I dont take my pills and u can't make me😂😂


    now drop the spoon:)

  6. Sharon Angelcall

    As many of you I like this song too. It has a strong meaning and I like that. But it don't have to be always like this. Black sheep are everywhere but it's very dangerous if they are in the Medicine Corner especially in institutions like psychwards... And I admire Emilie for revealing this.

  7. BORN T4pWn3eT

    How can someone be so dark for a so long time? When will she be happy?


    Not everyone gets a happy end...

  8. Lunar

    As much as I love her music and as much as I empathize with the stuff she's gone through, I can't help but feel like this song (and a lot of the FLAG album) is putting forth a really toxic message: "Psychiatrists see their patients as animals and should be avoided at all costs." I understand that this album's main storyline is meant to take place in a Victorian-era asylum, but I feel like it doesn't do enough to distinguish itself as a period drama at times. This song in particular stands out as really, really ambiguous to whether or not it's commenting on present-day mental health facilities or the practices of days gone by. Instead of making it clear that this is a work of fiction it often comes off as genuine venting from a real experience. Artistically, that's awesome and a testament to her skill as a writer and a musical virtuoso. Ethically, however ... it can scare real people off from seeking treatment for their mental health, which can lead to some really detrimental effects on real people's lives.

    Mental health wards have come a long way in recent years, and they certainly aren't just for 'insane' people. They acknowledge that many of the patients are of sound mind and are capable of being reasoned with, it's just a matter of making absolutely sure that they're stable and that they're no longer a danger to themselves or others. And that can mean a lot of things, not necessarily that they're violent or unhinged. It can mean making sure they're in a well enough frame of mind to keep themselves fed and healthy, that they'll remember to turn the oven off, that they won't decide to go mountain climbing on a whim without supervision. It's a slippery slope, but it's a necessary one. They're not just keeping them there for funsies.

    That being said, I won't deny that psychiatric inpatient care needs a lot of reforms and changes. The patients are stressed, the doctors are stressed, the nurses are stressed, the pills are finicky, it's just a recipe for mistreatment all around. I don't doubt Emilie's claims of witnessing and experiencing abuse during the duration of her stay. But that doesn't mean it's right to push forth this message that mental health professionals are evil people with bad intentions.

    If you've had a negative experience with mental health care, I'm sincerely sorry that you had to go through that, and I fully recognize your story as valid and valuable. But if you're struggling with mental health, please, PLEASE seek help. Don't let it fester, don't brush it off as 'a part of you' or consider it a personality quirk, and don't put all of your trust in your friends and family to keep you afloat if you hit rock bottom. Proper treatment can do wonders for a person's quality of life. I know from experience; medication and therapy are the sole reason I'm still alive right now. It's okay to not be okay, but don't let that become your identity. You CAN get better. And most importantly, you don't have to do it alone.


    I work in a facility that manages quite severe mentally ill. This is less victorian themed than the rest of her album - pills are a very modern treatment vector - victorian treatments tended toward just booze and sedatives as actual 'treatments' were decidedly lacking.

    I can 100% attest to this being the lived experience now though, especially for those who struggle with behavioral issues and for whom emotional regulation is difficult. There's often little sympathy for those who can't get with the program.

    I recall once instance of a doctor insisting someone take a particular treatment and the patient, repeatedly deferring. "I don't see the point." He kept saying.

    The doctor was in a hurry, and clearly wasn't taking no for an answer. She kept telling him "You don't understand, it's IMPORTANT you take it. You HAVE to take it. You could get very sick."

    The individual was dying of CF, and facing the rest of his life in prison. He isn't going to last long. Treatment or no.

    She knew all this, but was so caught up in her I-Know-whats-best-for-you talk she couldn't hear what this guy was telling her.

    Doctors don't see their patients as animals: but too often as just a series of symtoms to be treated or managed.

    I could tell he was frustrated, didn't have the energy to spell it out for her, he just wanted to be out of there. Done with it. He just wanted this doctor out of his fucking face.

    I wasn't there to get between a doctor and patient though.

    Disturbing though it is for some people to hear. My job's pretty simple there. I just get to sit, and watch, and wait... for him to step out of line.

    He didn't that day, but he was close. I wouldn't have blamed him - doc just could not take a hint.

    But I'd have had to be the one to put him 'back in line' as it were.

    Lots of people I've had to put back in line that - frankly - didn't have to be in line in the first place. Or if they did, could've been better managed. It's not a pretty business.

    This song doesn't seem to me to be written for patients seeking treatment though - but rather outsiders.

    People who don't know, the ones who pay taxes - or not - and whose votes & money could actually affect meaningful change if properly directed.

    Emily Autumn's 100% right: people should be disturbed by this shit and these are stories that ought to be heard; lessons that ought to be heard.

  9. Hogwire

    These lyrics remind me of Coma White. Nice stuff.

  10. Zak Thomas

    "I will swallow, if it will help my sea levels go down"

  11. Cthulhu Destroyer of Worlds

    I love my pill but I also love this song. Neither are perfect but that's why they help me so much especially when I'm troubled ;)

  12. Witch

    This song reminds me of my journey with the birth control pill. It altert my personallity, it killed my sex drive completely plus I got very repulsed, I wasn´t able to process things anymore like I was turning in a circle and the way foreward was blocked , my hair was falling out... and at the end I found myself in a fight every single day where all my guts told me not to take these pills but a "voice in my head" was screaming to me "take it, take it, take it!" Often I sat there for about 10 minutes staring at the blister and argue with myself...

  13. Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen

    Geez okay I take the damn pill

  14. Sneasel

    This album came out right as my mother tried to involuntarily hospitalize me because I was dissatisfied with a school I never wanted to go to, and me being me, I just quit going (I lived there, so what was I supposed to do?)

    They let me go because I was sane, not suicidal, and didn't have a problem. Just academic dissatisfaction, but I never wanted to be in that school to begin with. . . To the point I tried to kill myself the year prior, because I hated being there. Which should've been a clue to maybe find a better school for me, not hospitalize me.

    But my mum's an oblivious, narcissistic cunt. Anyway, I ended up homeless because I ran away (it's not like I could go back, I wasn't going to go back to someone who tried to do that to me) and moving in with some friends, and this album honestly helped me get through so much re: that experience, although I still have PTSD from the experience, and I won't ever forgive my mother for what she did.


    I hope you're better now, wish you the best

  15. Joe Moody

    this doesnt sound like a regular hospital.... this sounds like some MK ultra shit. she's a singer so it makes sense

  16. Luciel

    Reminds me of my stay in a mental hospital.

  17. Queen Elsa

    Dose any one find this song sends you crazy ?

  18. tezka2

    If they cut it off at 3:47, this dong would have been a masterpiece!

  19. Amanda Lamb

    Was just diagnosed with colitis last week and waiting to hear whether I get a life of battling it (ulcerative), or if it's a 1 time flare up of inflamation (c diff infection). I'm on 7 different medications currently and this is definitely how I feel. One of them makes me so sick.

  20. Melissa Costin

    was both once a pusher (GP) and consumer..benzo, antidepressants and then mood stabilizers and antipsychotics..told the psychiatrist dean of medical school just how much evidence re harm they seem to think is ok while cannabis relatively harmless and helps underlying pathol process and protects mad I was miseducated then mismedicated then made permanently FUBAR and blamed..had ever label in the DSM (almost) and every class of psychoactive poison..lucky to be this song...

  21. QuartyDawn

    I understand this song is about far ore than just the effects of medications and what it does to our bodies, but this song right now resonates with what I'm going through with my Epilepsy and how its affecting me mentally and physically. I'm not able to live my life, I have barely have any control of my own anymore. I feel like my mind is rotting away. I can't speak without some kind of gibberish coming out half the time. Making sentences is just ridiculous. My thought process has slowed down so much I feel stupid at times. I can't remember things I should, I'm missing chunks of time in my day. I'll do something, I'll know I've done it but have no actual memory of doing it. I'm tired all the time, I can't remember a time I wasn't tired. I can't walk straight half the time, the dizzy spells are killing me. I feel so weak, I can't do anything without getting exhausted. I just want to lay down and bloody have a good scream and have everything stop. but its not going to and they said if this medication fails, then I have to go for surgery which means removing a piece of my brain.

  22. Pastahunter

    Which one is the red one?

  23. Aria Báez

    When I was at the psych ward I couldn't sleep because they kept me alone without a roommate and my hallucinations scared me. I started crying and what they did was just send me to solitary by force, restrain me to a bed and give me pills.

  24. The Music Stash

    The strings during 3:00 are sick
    I wish there was an one day length version

  25. LionGoddess1

    and then at the very end die from an extrapyramidial effect ;p

  26. Ron Ruddick

    Never really listened to Emily Autumn very much. My brother's a fan.

  27. Miss Poe

    I love taking my pills the first thing I do in the morning. They changed my life completely for the better. I was lucky to get a match made in heaven on the first try.

  28. mors

    I too was in a mental hospital and to suffer bipolar disorder . It goes very well with her book 'Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls'. And yes, I too know what its like to try and eat spaghetti with a spoon 😋.

  29. Mathijs lems

    that was me from my 15-16 till 25-26...
    brings me back to that dark period in my life...

  30. Commenting Account

    I love this song. It's cool how taking the pill can refer to birth control or pills given at a mental hospital.

  31. Mary Jo Black

    Love it!!!

  32. Gybsin Parris

    Reminds me of being on birth control

  33. Lilah E Noir

    Everything from 04:35 on could be used as instrument of torture used by evil psychiatrists in a shady clinic.

  34. Kirsty Messer

    this is so me

  35. Gwyn Isabella

    I really like this song, but I'd like to remind those of you whose medication is helping, is life- saving, is doing its job: you are valid, you're allowed. It's ok to be taking medicine to get better.


    She's talking about the pills that don't work. Or how some of the side effects are so bad that it's not worth it. That and how sadly a lot of mental hospitals do things that make people worse.


    I don't think that's her meaning? Like, I think she's pointing out how pills aren't the be all and end all answer for anyone. It's about losing yourself into the pills. That does happen. I'm all for people taking medications. But, I don't think it's okay to force someone into meds if they don't want either. Both ways is valid.

  36. FruityLushuz

    wow and a birth control ad played on this for me just now

  37. Ka3

    This song is so damn intense...

  38. Kat Weltz

    This song... I don't even know how I feel without medication anymore. Instead of the therapy I obviously need, I get more prescriptions and less check ups. I have BPD with a mix of another few PD's. It's a war against yourself, mental terror. You can't "cure" it, but apparently, the people at the psyk ward thinks it's easier to dope me so I "don't think about it". Still taking all the sh*t they prescribed me since I belong to the psychiatry now. I unwillingly sold my soul when I screamed out for help.

    Julia Flohr

    that is so true... Now I don't even care about check ups, I just go doctor shopping and take 20mg of kpin and 7-8 xanax bars at least every other day since it makes me "not think about it" and it feels nice. If I stop I want to die. Selling your soul is the best term you could use. there is no cure and no way out, hell is waiting and I hope it has a shitload of prescription drugs

  39. Bazil

    This is like my constant battle with doctors and psychiatrists. At 12, I had a nervous breakdown and refused to eat due to the constant fear of choking. I went from 78 lbs to 58 lbs. I could no longer walk, and when my father had to carry me to the room they had for me, I cried and fought saying, 'No! Not yet! Not yet!'
    I was placed in a special room with two way mirrors. This woman came in and asked me about my past (they thought I was too young to be this fucked up and something must have happened) I told her everything and she rushed off without a word. My mother stormed in and grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me saying, ''Basil, you need to get a grip right now! They want to keep you! You understand that?! They want to lock you up!''
    I muttered something through my tears like a question, can't remember but, she said, ''They think I abused you! That you're nuts! Right, you're taking this.'' She shoved a xanax down my throat and said, ''Get a grip. If you don't walk out of here on your own, they won't let you go.'' I did walk out by the skin of my teeth from being sent to the asylum.
    Most of my doctors still try to get me to up my antidepressants, anti anxiety meds and get my weight up, threatening to force me into a mental institution if I don't. Had another mental breakdown at 22 and I was deliberately kept at bay from my doctors just so I didn't have to be placed in an asylum.
    So..3 times already, I've managed to save my arse from being locked up.


    That sounds terrible.. how are you managing now?


    @Decipheris I'm alright now. I am on the proper medication and wish to get off them someday. Not now; someday.
    My father actually didn't understand anything about antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds that I was taking and he took them and hid them from me. I told him I needed them.
    ''Let's see what happens when you don't take them. You cannot rely on them forever.''
    I went cold turkey for a week; my cell phone taken from me, my computer so I could not tell my mother what he was doing to me. I cried, I was coming out of my skin, my vision was off and blurring, my sense of perception was off and things weren't real-I didn't feel real.
    After a week and a massive screaming fit from my mother when I stole my father's phone, I was given my meds back.
    I could have seized or went so far into darkness, I was at the point of killing myself.


    Oh dear.. well then. That wasn't right of your father, at all.. I'm certainly glad you're doing better. :-)


    I'm personally afraid of taking pills, of my mind being altered.. so I commend you for your courage.

    I hate taking medication because the hypocondriac in me always wants to look at the side effects. And when I do, and I see something like "seizures" or "Jaundice" as one of the rare but possible side effects, I start spazzing out and am firmly convinced I will experience said effects.

    And even aside from that, again, I don't want my mind being altered. Nor do I want to be "helped". Honestly, I'm beginning to think I'm too far gone for that.. -_-

  40. betty white

    I'm in love

  41. Rayne Harvey

    80% of my childhood w o w

    Growing up with bpd like

  42. Sayo Adesola

    This song reminds me of when i was in hospital :')

  43. hordenmeisterAO

    My experiences with psychiatries ar much better than Emilie's - which may be due to differences between german and american systems? On the other had, a friend of mine was held in psychiatries against her will several times and was treated quite badly...

    Medication is not always bad, but it should (in most cases) be a consensual decision of doctor and patient...

    Rhiannon ASMR

    This is what all the facilities I was in are like and I'm in America too so idk

    Amanda Lamb

    Have you read about inpatient in Venezuela? Nightmares for days.

  44. Gui Arisato - AngeLord

    This songs gives me a Portal 2 vibe

  45. SpartanGurl91

    the end killed this song for me

  46. SpartanGurl91

    i like two of her songs so far. heard a few more before this one and im starting to think she has some personal demons that she slowly expresses in her music. i got a friend that has family issues and does drugs and alcohol, and from my own personal experience in cutting myself and contemplating suicide, i find this song very scary in way.

  47. Tetsuo Shima

    When taking pills it is important to down them with jasmine green tea straight from Kyoto. Unsweetened. No spice. No citrus. Optionally radioactive.

    DisneyDreamworks Dork

    And now the weather

  48. Candy Schuman

    this song is so insightful on acid or sober :D

  49. David Rixon

    I love this very powerful song. My daughter introduced me to Emily's music. This song came into my mind when we were on a ghost tour of a large lunatic asylum in Beechworth in Victoria.

  50. Chris Manuel

    Whoever plays drums on this track needs a raise. And some worshippers.

    Illyriah G

    Chris Manuel it was probably Emilie herself, knowing her. She's very multi talented with instruments, so it wouldn't surprise me.

    Steward of Autumn

    Chris Manuel She is the instumentalist in all her tracks. She for the most part does everything.


    What drums? You mean the drum beats made by the producer?

  51. Mister Monster

    Sadly now days , a LOT of people can relate to this song . Least we know we are Not alone . <3 Long Live The Rat Queen <3

  52. Ainmhí Witch

    i sang this every night when i was in inpatient.

    Twee Pixie

    It also has to do with contraceptive pills,at least that was my experience with them.

    Tonali González

    Twee Pixie I am currently taking contraceptive pills for PCOS and with every pill I take I feel my fragile mental sanity break more and more. But we've gotta be strong.

  53. Hinomaru oAo

    I've listened to Emilie Autumn for quite some time now, and I've always loved her music and felt like I could relate to her songs. Well, earlier last year I attempted suicide. My mother caught me, but not before I could swallow a handful of pills. We went to the emergency room and eventually I was put into a mental hospital. After that experience I feel an even stronger connection to her music, especially this song.

  54. Jane Doe

    Hey, someone wrote a song about my mother and psychiatrist.
    Google Eva McCullars in Yuma, AZ.

  55. BridgeToNowhere1994

    Somebody wrote a song about my stay in psych ward

    V A P O R W A VE S C R E A M S

    whats it called


    @akward ghostie
    This song :)

  56. Jessy Hegland

    Perfect song illustrating lithium and a psych unit stay...
    thank you for this song...

  57. Krystallen

    Love this artist! She changed style to fit mainstream it seams. Shame. Songs like this one is one of the best I ever heard. Same power as Trent Reznor.

    Scott Rat

    I don't understand this comment. This song is from her most recent album, fight like a girl. She hasn't changed anything from this as it's her most recent work.

  58. cintu lator


  59. Isaki Tahashi

    This song should've been used in AHS; Asylum.

    Live M. Eriksen

    Oh my god yes. I think about all of her songs should be in AHS, some might even fit the new season! Hotel with Lady Gaga would be the perfect place for Emilie. :D

    Paola s.

    Isaki Tahashi so true

    Anka Veselinov

    Omg hell yes.

    Tamara Yasmine Chaves

    i was thinking that too :)

  60. Trav Star

    She scares me

    Sophie Owen

    +Gypsy Heart Why?


    +Sophie Owen
    Why not?


    I find her intriguing.

  61. Ericairline

    Play it at 1.25 speed. <3

  62. Victoria DHIS

    DD es jodidamente genial

  63. fever reached

    Well....ummm....I like it? I don't know, it kinda creeped me out but that's the part that I like I guess

  64. Smiles x

    Makes me think of a Laboratory testing on animals.

  65. Zebra

    DSM I to V can kiss my ass ! 
    DSM: Diagnosing for Status and Money INSTITUTE !

  66. heyppl0818

    This song reminded me so much of my stay In the mental hospital I actually had a panic attack

  67. Debbie_Destruction

    Someone needs to make a metal cover of this...


    @theamvgirlx Yes! I know exactly where I'd put growls in it.



    Alphabet Girl

    Same haha

  68. maya

    this sounds a lot like how psychiatric wards are/ are percieved as in my opinion... 

  69. EmoSusiHullu

    I listen to this when I take my medication or when I overdose my pills <3

  70. ilenia obrofari

    mk ultra

    C. Lee

    My thoughts exactly, there are many references to brainwash in her songs.

    Alphabet Girl

    @ilenia obrofari I love your profile picture.

    Alphabet Girl

    @***** oh thanks.

  71. SmittenKitten

    I see this song as being the bigger social authority figure telling a lesser figure that there's something wrong with them because they're not following the rules, and perhaps their behaviour is unsavoury to the larger authority figure. This song isn't necessarily about the government and whatnot. Emilie could have easily been misunderstood in her past. I relate this song to myself in a slightly different way, however. My father isn't the most sane of people, and I've realised that as I grew older, but he would always say that there is something wrong with me, and I took it to heart when I was younger. I was always be insane, be too slobbish, be too evil and cruel, be too shy. I would always be a horrible person according to him, and it did leave quite the mark on my mind. 

    Paula Daylight

    +SmittenKitten i have to say ive never heard a person having experienced something more similar to my childhood than you...except that in my case it was my mother who did this to me...hope you are doing good right now tho^^

    Rhiannon ASMR

    +Paula Daylight My mom is the same way too. Made me out to be an evil, insane, cruel kid and then convince doctors to put me on medicine, when really she is the truly ill one.

    Paula Daylight

    @Rhiannon Bremer
    its sad to hear this happened to u also...i wish u all the best in your future life and be strong <3

    Rhiannon ASMR

    Same to you <3. We all have bad things that have happened in our lives and in the words of Emilie, put one foot in front of the other foot c:. Moving forward can get tiring but it's so worth it.

    Alice ;

    SmittenKitten same here...

  72. Stephanie Rachelle

    I'm gonna say lithium? 

  73. brian loret


  74. Vivian830

    The Lyrics are so true !!!!!!!!

  75. Vera Papp

    I haven't been in psychiatry, i hope i won't be there, but i feel a very strong violence, and fear while i'm listening to this masterpiece. genial.

  76. Pastelle

    Are the majority of Emilie's songs about her life? I read a little about her and I feel like this song is about her taking birth control pills and still getting pregnant. Or it could be about her life in an asylum and she had to take pills...That's pretty deep. I really like Emilie.

    Caroline Forest

    she took an abortion I read.... not pills... the afterthought pill dont really count as abortion..... the pills I think is about her time in the asylum, and them feeding her pills for her bipolar and deppression..... I have been on som pills and was forced to take some when I was 10-13  before I completely refused.... the pills made me worse personally

    Siyeon Trash

    She has said many times in interviews as well as when she released her real/fake auto biography that a lot of her songs are exaggerated versions of real life events that happened to her..From her father abusing her as a child,to her being locked in an asylum when she tried to commit suicide.. 

  77. laurel jade

    It all started with an Adderall prescription lol.

  78. Lydia Loggins

    Love this song

  79. raphaela ratzlaff

    If I understand this song correctly, it about abuse...I'm just not sure what type of abuse, weather it's of drugs or physical between a doctor and patient

    Alphabet Girl

    Both actually.

    raphaela ratzlaff

    @ComicBookNerd Lady oh really?

    Alphabet Girl

    At first the song is about how the doctors were simply making her take a pill. But then it starts to have a different meaning. The song changes to about how the doctors forced her to do things that she didn't want, and how one doctor raped her. It's kind of a fucked up song though.

    raphaela ratzlaff

    @ComicBookNerd Lady that it is

  80. Silke Wagner

    Mh, nice... yet Emilie missed the final pill: It whipes out reality and humanity itselfe after a morbid sadist we understand as god took care u couldn´t and want ever have lived. Even with all helpless before time and death´s humanitys best would only doom you to vegetate to entertain it with a sick joke on ur dreams. So in a unreal hell, i wait for it´s descisscion. Ll it torture us down lifeless eternaly, end ourselfes n  create a new life it want sacrifice to morbid sadism or have me enjoying myselfe as a morbid sadist?

  81. Odin The OG

    I will stick to my medications, but nice song.

    laurel jade

    me too.

  82. Rose K

    Woe don't listen to this song tripping. Ya gonna have a bad time. LOL


    Now you've said that I HAVE to do this

    CharLotte Mund

    heard the last part in a MrCreepyPasta voice

    Nate Dahlia

    With the right people around you, it would not be as bad as you previously experienced.

    Kissa Ukkonen

    I did I listened to the entire discography and her poetry ir was wonderful I highly suggest goodnight sweet ladies on dmt

  83. Tanya Y

    I've taken every friggin pill imaginable that they prescribed me, none of that crap ever worked. Well, except benzos and sleeping pills but after that I climbed up the ladder until I became a full blown heroin addict. So yeah, I completely agree with what she's saying. I wish I never came across that shit in the first place.


    Tanya Y I hope you're still alive and I hope you're doing better now. I'm friends with a few addicts, one them being a heroin addict, so I get it. I've got a bit of a drug problem myself. I wish you the best!

  84. Professor Valeyard and Co

    Up to 150 people die per year as a result of restraints in hospitals. If they don't get a court order doing they still make you sign away your rights over your own body to get out of a facility. Having a psychology degree and being mentally ill I can tell you that our system has a long way to go.

  85. Mendax Intentions

    Am I to understand she infers sexual abuse, confinement - in an asylum/prison ward - and forced "doctoring?" She appears to comment on the morbid state of the modern psychological institutions; were monsters with diplomas put a grimace grin on the science of psychology. 

    Captain Lorelai Pucksdatter

    Cruel Intentions Victorian era mental asylums, not modern. But much has changed. Just on more deaths by burning, sexual exploitation, beatings, or chains. Much less forced sterilization too. But that and less intense electro shock therapy is still practiced.

  86. Ashley Dunlap

    Love this song. She sings of the anger I resonate with spending my teenage years in mental hospitals. If I would not take it they would inject it. I was just a sick child they were the doctors. I had no say and I get this song so much.

    Alphabet Girl

    Same. I can relate to this song

    matthew thelen

    NecroBourgeois I totally understand what you mean and agree 100%

    Kissa Ukkonen

    Completely relatable my first inpatient stay I was only six the most recent was last year.

    Queen Elsa

    Same if I didn’t take it they threatened me with etc I was scared so I take the pill so I was like ok they are the doctors I have no say in this I played this song I sang it

  87. Rhi Rhi


  88. Sarah Michelle

    This song reminds me of when I told my mother I was too stressed with the school course shes forcing me to do. that i was falling back into depression etc, and first thing she says is 'they can give you pills to help you cope"


    Sarah Michelle the pills are good, though.

    Steward of Autumn

    You know you need a new life if...

    kevin varnon

    Yes dear.

  89. stan bogdan

    Martin Gore....cover????

  90. stan bogdan

    Martin Gore....cover????

  91. Stout Shako

    I love this song, but I'm a big advocate for taking medication to help with mental disorders. But a big key is consent. I wanted to get help and treat my disorders by doing anything I thought would help me. Some people just don't like the thought of taking brain-altering drugs, though, and forcing them to do something they're not comfortable with is going to lead to undesirable results no matter what.

    I'd encourage just about anyone to seek medication though. Mental health is treated a lot differently now than it was back in those days. And even then, it was a select few hospitals that mistreated their patients so terribly. Most genuinely wanted to help their patients, but either didn't have the tools or knowledge to do so. 


    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful experience in hospital, truly, but I've been put into hospital three times now, and every single time there was nobody there who was trying to do anything to help. All they're interested in doing is drugging you into oblivion and restraining you. I won't even begin to mention the other grim goings-on I had to endure. Just because they're not called Asylums anymore doesn't make them any different from the Victorian ones. And medication does NOTHING but make everything a thousand times worse. I'd warn anyone thinking of being medicated to quit while you're ahead.

    Andee Parker

    >Claims others are being childish
    >Literally snaps because someone dared to say something that contradicts their own anecdotal "evidence"

    The fact is, CHILD, mental wards are not rainbows and sunshine and most do more harm than good. I have a friend who was forced to stay in one against his will for a time, a couple times. And he absolutely hated it there. He hated the medication, he hated the fact that he had no freedom, he hated a lot of it. And his younger brother, who also stayed in a mental ward for a time, said just about the same. Emilie herself stayed in one after a suicide attempt which prompted her to create The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls because of the horrid way she was treated. The fact is, they exist because there is money in the ill. They don't exist to help. If they did actually help more than they hindered, people wouldn't relapse. The fact is, there are more stories of people being mistreated than there are of people being treated well. Your story is literally an exception to the rule. Why don't you grow up a little before commenting on something you have little knowledge about, yeah? (And just so you know, because I'm sure you're going to attack me for my comment, I'm 22. So definitely not a "12 year old scenster wannabe")

    Captain Lorelai Pucksdatter

    Stout Shako No, this is still very much what mental hospitals are like. They just can't burn you, rape you, or officially beat you anymore. They can still restrain you, force medication into you, check under your tongue, and there is no such thing as the RI free lawyers for mental health patients. I've tried calling them, they changed numbers three times and when I finally got someone claiming to be them, they dismissed me and wouldn't hear me out. They set up other patients to brutalize newer ones and can't tell real symptoms from fake ones. They even have drugs that will bring on symptoms instead of wasting ones you already have. Pills that take away your ability to think and remember. Never submit yourself to these quacks. They are adding diagnoses to the handbook every bloody year. People who can mentally commune with the dead and have helped real police officers solve crimes are now a new diagnosis in the latest edition. It's not just people who hear voices, as in auditory hallucinations that are in trouble now, it's also people who get thoughts that they believe come from other sources. Back in the day we used to call these people seers and channelers! But now they're just mentally ill even though some of them have truly have solved some Cold Case crimes! Psychologists practice pseudoscience they are literally making it up every day. This song is not so different from the way we were treated now a few small differences that's it.

    Captain Lorelai Pucksdatter

    also, to those who say writing a book doesn't help, how the heck do you think regular people found out about mental institutions? How do you think word got out that they were so horrible? It's because someone specifically a female news reporter called Nellie Bly, infiltrated the place by pretending she was ill, and then took months to prove that she was not and got out and wrote a story about the horrible conditions. Books and newspaper articles and the like are how we find out about the conditions in places and in countries that are country or city doesn't want us to know about! The pen is mightier than the sword because usually the pen is in the hand of someone with a vested interest and experience with the questionable reputation and the sword is usually in the hand of the person everyone's believing but he is not using it he's merely saying oh everything's fine don't pay attention to that it's a very good thing to have! Books even fictional ones are incredibly important. They let everyone know what's really going on. Unless of course you're the kind that doesn't read. But then if you don't read books like that then of course you would say that what I say is not true because you haven't read about it.


    Yeah, the problem is different people react differently. I react shit to antidepressants, for example. I even took the plunge and finally did one and it was shit, I was even allergic to it and it did shit for my depression. It honestly depends. Anti-anxiety meds, on the other hand, have pretty much saved my life and kept me from ERs with panic attacks.

    I do think some antidepressants help people, as well as antipsychotics, but they're overprescribed and some side effects are dangerous. I don't blame Emilie for being bitter.

  92. Kyle Kruse

    I see a lot of talk about Meds and hospitals but this song in symbolic about the current state if America

  93. Tranique Henson

    -hands on my head- FINE!! I'LL TAKE THE PILL!!!!!! XD

  94. Ashley Horne

    Charlotte Christiaens, I see where you are coming from but you have to consider this. It actually is scary to be moved from your home because you are not deemed mentally fit to be there. If you took yourself to the hospital then yes you get to make choices but for minors or people who have been put there because they have been deemed a danger to themselves or others, they do not get to decide whether or not to take medication. And speaking as someone who fights with depression and sometimes crippling anxiety because I refuse to take medication I can say with 100% honesty that it changes you and sort of traps you inside of your head. 


    its sad cause im already trapped in my head without medication, i kinda for years forced myself not to act out so i suffered in silence and nobody thought it was as bad as it was cause i wasnt acting like it...


    My thoughts exactly T_T

  95. is que

    Take the pill

  96. slipknotu555im666

    not bad i actually enjoyed it \,,/

    thanks for the video..

  97. 123rivers Rs

    I'm sure they know how many currents to use over X amount of time. it's 2013 not 1930. "Depression can kill, ECT can be lifesaving."

    My friend has now had 3 sessions and has said that she has been feeling somewhat better.

    She was only warned of memory loss, not possible death.

  98. skywriter211

    Death is in fact possible from the currents alone. If they shock your brain too much and with too many currents, you can die.

  99. skywriter211

    Also not many people have heard of that game, so MUCHO props to you for knowing it!