Autumn, Emilie - I Don't Understand Lyrics

Let me take your picture...

Is that a camera?

Yes, it is. And when I light the powder...

Ah! How long does it take?

Well, are you very good at sitting still?

Why do you ask?

For, if you're not, then we'll have to clamp your head in place...

You really do that?

You'd be surprised how often.

I've had enough of clamps...

I don't understand...

He doesn't, does he...

What are all these bruises?

Does he know where he is?

These lacerations... may I look?

What's all this for?

Why is she here? She doesn't seem to be insane at all...
Would you allow me to place these flowers in your hair?

He seems so nervous...

Pardon me...

He's very pretty...

There now... better then by far.

Should we hide the scar?

No! The scar is beautiful... it's like a heart...

I'm like Ophelia again. Is it ever over? Will never end? What accounts for this morbid fascination with this suicidal girls? Pretend you're drowning... moan and sigh... only thing you're not told is the reason why. This obsession is madness at its most perverse. My God, what in the world could be the purpose of this game when every time it ends the same? Poor Shakespeare's turning in his grave! Still I must behave... Doctor's little slave...

No! No, that's perfect! Don't move an inch! That's far more real.
I've never seen a face like hers... the world should look upon it...
Well, I suppose that's why they've brought me here. Miss I thank you...

I've done nothing...

She's done more than she knows...

I haven't heard those words in years... The Chaser's coming for me...

Why must she be chained? I don't understand...

He doesn't, does he...

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Autumn, Emilie I Don't Understand Comments
  1. Simón


  2. Memorial bluesoul

    I love this, but who is supposed to be talking in tthe middle? (I’m like Ophelia- Doctors little slave) and why are they saying it? I haven’t read tthe book

  3. Ron Ruddick


  4. Moonbunny

    I like how this song is basically a conservation between two people. I've never seen another singer try to do something like this with only themselves. Emilie is truly amazing.

    Cyber Existence

    I do too :) and how some of the lyrics are thought rather than said

    Rafał Janiszewski

    There's that band "Hodhill" with "Kaganiec" track, but its in polish so i dunno if this will interest you :]

  5. lewis moore

    emilie Autumn is just bae like she's awesome

  6. María Bortolluci

    😭😭 I love this. It moves me so

  7. Lovely Luminance

    First time I've heard this song and I'm in tears.

  8. Sarah Silva

    I love this....its solemnly beautiful.  

  9. Silke Wagner

    Yes, it sadism´s and masochism everdance. Having been kept poisoned over 8ys isn´t bad... if you coced 8ys through with not one negative sideeffects. Hot luvs for treating people with that lethal cool. Three times i have been forced into neardeaths close to in the wide open... to know peoples hearts today. 

  10. Lord Ravioli

    this has got to be the most beautiful way a love story could possibly be told

  11. Ty McClelland

    This makes me wanna cry :(

  12. Ashe-LeStrange

    i think i made the replay button run away. it got mad at me cx i love this song so freakin much!! i must write a story like this!

  13. Ivy Lin

    Her voice sounds like those old film movies xD

  14. KatzyKins

    D: Nooo is the book not available in your country either?

  15. Caitlynn Brown

    I heard this song in hot topic today

  16. Meg Darling

    Heard this song in hot topic one day XD

  17. Misser0o

    I really want her book.. But it's just so fucking exspensive! I'll have to pay 122$ to get it, just because i live in Denmark.. FML -.-'

  18. meaghanshelby

    Its not the kind of book an ebook/audiobook does justice. Lots of it is actual scans of drawings she's done. If you just read the text without the illustrations, you don't get the full experience. I do agree that it should be available EVERYWHERE though. <3

  19. Dark Opheliac

    It's not fair, I can't buy her book in my fucking would be nice if there'd be an e-book so other fans could read it

  20. Imogen Ilsabeth Laverick

    I'm dying of anticipation now... Bring on the musical!! :D

  21. soulgazer1

    love ur name.

  22. Ditzykinz

    Read emilie's book, its a conversation between a man and Emily "with a y" when hes taking pictures of her.

  23. Ivy Riddle

    Heeeey! What is this song about? I have an idea but I'm not sure...

  24. xXPrincessRyuuXx

    No, stop, your going to make everyone on the internet cry

  25. SajaProduct

    It reminds me of the song Pretty women. Or when Anthony sings to Johanna.

  26. Rei Liddell

    I haven't read her book, yet, I get it.

  27. Shadows1203

    I haven't read her book and I still get it.

  28. zipperpeople

    i love this because no one gets it unless they've read her book!

  29. ella maraschino

    It's about a girl who's committed to an insane Asylum in Victorian England and there's a photographer who works there and then falls in love with her.
    The singer, Emilie Autumn wrote a book and this album is it's soundtrack. :)

  30. Disappointed Obama

    What's the meaning of this song?

  31. Blgbecky

    Or Les Miserables

  32. *Mrs.Morpheus *

    It's do terribly awfully SWEET

  33. Emily Darling

    I know! And hey!.. Put together, that's my name! Reversed of course..
    Emily Thompson.hhaha <3

  34. lovefiregoesga

    Somehow I think that either Alice: Madness returns was insipired by EA or reverse...

  35. LadyBMusic

    He is in gaslight too, isn't he? When she sings 'He takes my picture although I don't know why...' and so on. Love the song btw =3

  36. Ro Blanco

    jajaja yeah, that's what I was gonna say

  37. Genesis Garcia

    "Fight like a girl" reminds me to Sweeney Todd. I'm pretty sure Emilie Autumn was inspired by Sweeney Todd. I'm sure she's a fan of Sweeney Todd :D

  38. Evie

    Thompson and Emily-with-a-Y so sweet and tragic-3

  39. Chihiro

    this reminds me to sweeney todd xDD

  40. cyrodilicbrandy

    I'm guessing this is a duet between Emily-with-a-y and Thomson? Dawhh. ^_^

  41. chelmoekilljoy

    This song is so beautiful. <3

  42. Carina Somoza

    I absolutely love this song. Kinda in a way reminds me of my boyfriend :)

  43. Maxx Mokks

    Sweet and tragic at once.

  44. BonnyBlackSwan

    This song... it's...
    I think I have a new favourite Emilie Autumn song.

  45. MrSpider1029

    ...This is magical. <3

  46. Sage

    Another great video

  47. xxBloodyMachetexx

    Yay! Another Emilie Autumn video from you :D I've never heard this one before. Quite an awesome song

  48. Alexandra Johansson

    I've never heard this song before; such a wonderful surprise :]