Autumn, Emilie - Girls! Girls! Girls! Lyrics

Step right up
We bring to you the finest entertainment
And I am pleased to be your humble servant
Accept our hospitality, indulge in abnormality

Step right up
We've something here for everyone's enjoyment
I do this as a gift, not for employment
A portrait of insanity, approached with pure humanity

Come see our girls, crazy girls
If you're willing to be thrilled, this is a hell of a ride
Those girls, crazy girls
They're hot, they're nuts, they're suicidal
Tickets cheap, it's a crime
And they're half price after 4 o' clock, so toss us a dime
To see these lovely freaks of nature for a limited time
Come see the girls, girls, girls

Some of them are really quite attractive as you see
And some are truly hideous, I'm sure that you'll agree
While others still look rather quite a lot like you and me
But you mustn't let them fool you, just one more rule

You shouldn't look this one too long in the eye
And that one, let's just keep walking by
These ain't no ordinary girls, and we've a steady supply
Grab another cup of tea, and follow me

To see our girls, crazy girls
If you're willing to be thrilled, this is a hell of a ride
Those girls, crazy girls
They're hot, they're nuts, they're suicidal
Tickets cheap, it's a crime
And they're half price after 4 o' clock, so toss us a dime
To see these lovely freaks of nature for a limited time
Come see the girls, girls, girls

Now, has anybody any clever questions for your guide?
For a penny more, go on and ask, we've nothing here to hide.

(I have a question.)
(I do, I would like to know...)

Quiet down! You, sir
If insanity's primarily a femininish malady,
And no one's doubting that for it's a scientific fact,
Then according to the medics, have they faultier genetics?
Are they born with this disease, or is it something they contract?

It's all to do with reproductive organs
Which are naturally unstable in a dame
You see from "lunar", we have, lunacy and lunatic and loony
And they're always ovulating by the cycle of the moony

I have a question (shoot!)
Has any patient ever been released?
Would you send her home if her bizarre behavior were decreased?
For the good of our society, they oughtn't reproduce
So while they may pretend propriety, we'll never let them loose

Come see the girls, crazy girls
If you're willing to be thrilled, this is a hell of a ride
Those girls, crazy girls
They're hot, they're nuts, they're suicidal
Tickets cheap, it's a crime
And they're half price after 4 o' clock, so toss us a dime
To see these lovely freaks of nature for a limited time
Come see the girls, girls, girls

Some are born mad
Some achieve madness
Some have madness thrust upon them
This is the real thing my friends, guaranteed 100 percent, authentic, mentally-ill
Accept no imitations
For a little extra on the side, you can arrange
For a slightly more intimate encounter, wink wink
For a tuppence, just a tuppence, a handful of pills to feed the inmates
We've got pills for depression, obsession, aggression, possession, indiscretion,
There's a bloody pill for everything nowadays!

How big is a lady's brain?
It's really very, very small, a simple thought is quite a strain
This seems just a bit inhumane
That's just a simple little shock, it doesn't cause her any pain

You see, they're really more like animals than people
Which has been proven haven't any souls at all.
The only bits that aren't inferior are bosom and posterior
And these are only useful in a seedy music hall

They won't bite, well they might
I say this one does look hungry tonight
So get your picture with an inmate
But be sure she's locked up tight

They're practically wild, sir
Protect your child, sir

They don't recall the taste of freedom
They're just happy if we feed them

So point and laugh, it isn't bad
They oughtn't mind because they're mad!
If you haven't got a dime, toss us your pearls
You're welcome to enjoy

Our girls, crazy girls
If you're willing to be thrilled, this is a hell of a ride
Those girls, crazy girls
They're hot, they're nuts, they're suicidal
Tickets cheap, it's a crime
And they're half price after 4 o' clock, so toss us a dime
To see these lovely freaks of nature for a limited time

I've got a lot more words to say, but I just can't make them rhyme
So ladies, let this be a lesson to you, keep your hair uncut
Your corsets tight, your morals high
Your knitting neat, your yappers shut
This is what comes of over-educating,
mentally over-stimulating,
too much serious conversating,
organized religion-hating,
sinful un-wed copulating,
marriage without pro-creating,
girl-on-girl caught lesbiating,
she was caught while masturbating,
male-mind manipulating,
chronically hallucinating,
certainly there's no debating,
some we just find fascinating,
women's rights facilitating,
independent thought creating,
She may just be complicating
get your money out we're waiting

To see those

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Autumn, Emilie Girls! Girls! Girls! Comments
  1. shiawasekappukekiful

    "Being a woman in the Victorian age" the song

  2. Bethany Joy Mastan

    I LOVE how sarcastic this song is!

  3. Nicholas Esquilin

    Oughtn't. Lmao. I love Emilie

  4. Kiluos

    What you love this song?
    and it taste?
    along side that MMmmmm...Voice well GOOD! you sHOuld try thIs Song
    *American Murder Song - Sweet Rosalie *
    Bye byE now my sweet sWEet eyes On that CUTe FACE!!!

  5. Kisuke

    Does anyone know what genre of music is this? are there other songs, even by other artists that have the same sound to them?

  6. Hairy Bullet


  7. Stacey Price

    Tf happend....

  8. Puppies Rock

    I wanted to sing this in my 7th grade choir concert....

    My teacher said no...

    Never said I can't in the middle of the mall with friends though~

  9. Gawrila Ghul

    i like girls

  10. lord red man

    The most sexist song but then allmost everything by emilie autumn is victorian and sexism is quite victorian

  11. Mystic_Hero

    Hazbin Hotel brought me here.

  12. Miss Elana

    When she says protect your child sir, don't you just see a lobotomized traumatized women gently reaching out to a small child after being robbed of her own and a man hurriedly getting in between them and with a disgusted look on his face rushing the child away.
    Don't you just see the girl who had madness "thrust upon her" waking up screaming from night terrors of something she wish she could forget. There are women in institutions today living lives not so different

    Ruth Nield

    Do you draw at all? You should consider making an animatic for this if you do, you've got some good ideas for visuals.

    Miss Elana

    @Ruth Nield haha thanks, I wish I had the time to draw again i am a stay at home mother but thank you for saying this I am very depressed maybe I would maybe I would

  13. Mikaela Helsing

    One of the best. ❤

  14. Drac Scarlet


  15. Rick Shelledy

    Amazing poetry... Stunned

  16. Reeja Sarai

    One of my favourite songs of all time, it's so powerful and satirical

  17. Gina Beteta

    I feel like one of those girls

  18. paul w

    man-hating cunt

    the guy

    It's Satire on the Victorian Age , it's not supposed to be taking seriously

    Ruth Nield

    If you don't like her music, why are you listening to it?

  19. Taz Moore

    Muly life is this song

  20. Phoebe Johnson

    Victorian era thinking about women.

  21. needledolly

    like the music but I hate the smug feminist sentiment too bad there is no instrumental version :(

    the guy

    It's a Satire on the Victorian Age , it's not supposed to be taking seriously

  22. lunarlena

    This is a whole ass Broadway production in one song

  23. E. C. Sherman

    I can smell the social commentary mixed with satire. I love it.

    Ani Autumn

    she is perfect

  24. zach osborn

    Me and my wife made a person cry we were playing twins In a dnd game who are a theif and a bard and we got caught stealing something and we used this song as a distraction

  25. Axradae

    Can I ask what fonts you used? <3

  26. Erma Gerhd

    When she said “a penny more” was that supposed to be a reference to the song “A penny for a tale” from the movie she played in The Devil’s Carnival?

    Ani Autumn


  27. The_Vanguard

    Damn, Emilie Autumn can really make you question yourself as a man. I consider myself to be a decent person that treats women as equals, but so much has been wrong in the past. So much is wrong today still. The world I live in is one where women get hurt and abused every day just because it can be done.
    It‘s a crime. Yeah, no f*ing kidding.

  28. Rebecca Clark

    Great song! A bit annoyed she used the word 'lunacy' as an example of the feminine being linguistically tied to the idea of mental illness (I mean 'lunacy' does have feminine implications but only to a debatable degree) - when the word 'hysteria' literally means disease of the womb.

    Syr Words

    It's a satirical song about the Victorian women's mental illness sanitariums


    The point was that words like "lunatic" and "lunacy" come from "luna", meaning moon, and women have been conceptually tied to the moon forEVER.


    That’s the whole god damn point.

  29. Neon

    Half price after... 4’o clock? :0

  30. CrowPowersActivate

    No, this song is NOT supposed to be taken seriously. I see a lot of girls on EA's songs saying that they suffer from mental illness and find her songs hilarious. I'm inclined to agree. I have severe depression, BPD and schizophrenia, and I'm chronically suicidal. I've been institutionalised three times, and Emilie's songs really cheer me up. The phrase "if you can't laugh, what can you do?" is so very true. If Emilie didn't make these girls (and boys) laugh, I'm quite sure a good proportion of them would be worse off than they are now.

    Also, the line in 'Thank God I'm Pretty'; "It's lucky I hate to be taken seriously" proves that this is all satire, and if people don't get the joke, then there's really no hope for them to ever have anything other than a dull sense of humour.

    On a side note, there really is a bloody pill for everything nowadays. xD

  31. Julia

    In the Victorian times this literally happened. Women were committed for being all of the things mentioned in the song, and people went to look at them like they were zoos.

  32. KiwiBat

    This is one of those songs that's so much enjoyable live

  33. fauteuillouisxv

    They should have casted EA as Elsa Mars for AHS : Freakshow.
    (even though I love Jessica Lange from the bottom of my hollow heart)

  34. Tonya Hatchell

    Me, introducing my OCs like...

  35. Carly Carven

    Anybody have there opinions on what this song is about

    Syr Words

    It's about how in the Victorian era women would be thrown in asylums for just about anything, and they were treated like circus freaks. People were allowed to feed them and usually men would visit and use them since it was far cheaper than going to a whorehouse

  36. Luis Sandoval

    Lesbiating for the win

  37. Zhiar Ali


  38. Meghan McFarland

    I showed this to my mom and when the part about keeping your hair uncut played she looked at me and laughed because I have a pixie cut

    Lumorniel Sycamore

    Oh dear how outrageous! How ever shall you find a proper husband now! D:

    (jk ;D)

  39. BloodyBraces

    anyone else have the mental image of a victorian business lady showing a group of people around a mental asylum/burlesque house

  40. ronnιe ѕ.


    ronnιe ѕ.

    Also it's kind of weird to think that back then i would have been one of the girls put into a mental institution because i like other girls

  41. Ian

    One of my favorite things about Emilie is that she isn't afraid to show her stuff as a talented composer and top-notch lyricist, both of which are still very sexist fields unfortunately. And I've always loved her satyrical elements. Thank God I'm Pretty is another great example of that.

  42. shared psfour

    I don't really think she's commenting on society at large but how mental health was actually handled back then. The questions asked to the guide were actually real beliefs.


    shared psfour people still believe that stuff. Look up black pigeon speaks “how women are destroying the West” or literally anything by rebel media.

  43. Niamh Corrigan

    dude the song is a reflection on Victorian Era mental illness. She even wrote a book featuring these things, if I recall.

  44. Maddie B.

    The sarcasm is strong in this song and I love it. I especially love the ending part where it's listing all of the 'sins' women have been criticized for for centuries, it's so accurate.

  45. Aries Lair

    The talent is strong in this one

  46. Mothman Magee

    Reminds me of alois trancy. Or Juuzou.... strangely, neither of them are girls!

  47. Arcamean

    Sometimes you uncover the most unsual things letting random playlists go... :p

  48. HomemadeBeautyBelgium

    I wonder where the singer gets the inspiration for her lyrics, does anyone know?

  49. Sergio Chandia

    simplemente GENIAL

  50. Stan The Man

    Puts on roller skates and sings this through my school XDD

  51. vitória

    this song somehow reminds me of orange is the new black hahaha

  52. Johanna Anuar

    There's a bloody pill for everything!

  53. jdessell

    This was written in an asylum. Had to be.

  54. Alexander Rodriguez

    Whatever happened to this brilliant artist? I see no concert dates.


    Shes working on this thing called Asylum Musical


    She had several jaw surgeries. And recorded an audiobook for the Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls. She also released another album.

  55. J. Yousef Rousseau

    If I hear one more thing about Harley Quinn people are going to get hurt

    Comrade ShadowKat

    J. Yousef Rousseau I loooooooooooooooooooooove~ Harley Quinn ❤💙

    Jessica TheUnusual

    J. Yousef Rousseau Agreed

    rebbekah cannons

    Harley Quinn something something.

    idk about my life anymore

    @Horror Fanatic but the song is not about her .

    Live ForTODAY

    🥃🎩 we can tag team this

  56. Dewayne Williams

    between this and Voltaire's cathouse tragedy i am totally amazed

  57. Nana Love

    my favourite song of her

  58. Patrick Liam Berry

    I only just noticed, that in this video the letter h is in goth lower letter and part upper letter, and the word tight is spelled thight is this done deliberately or is done, by accident.

    Patrick Liam Berry

    I meant both, not goth.

    David Pavlas

    Patrick Liam Berry The maker of the video may not be a native English speaker.

    Patrick Liam Berry

    @David Pavlas yes I know that hence why I was pointing it out, it is possible to edit the mistake as even I am capable of making mistakes and I am a native english speaker.

  59. XLBrand

    My girlfriend introduced me to this and told me that apparently she wrote this while she was in an insane asylum. So yeah, this song is very much inspired.


    XLBrand they’re called mental hospitals.

  60. Innie Keye

    beautiful, well done, and shareable!

  61. 김지훈

    "There's a bloody pill for eveything nowadays!"

  62. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr

    Oh my D.O.G.!!! I am a hard, extreme metaller ! Am I now being manipulated to start liking musicals /music hall stuff? Hey -hey -help! If I do, it's Emilie Autumns' fault!!!Qui pourrait m'aider?No,no,nooooo ....

  63. Ira Kaa

    песня супер

  64. Katherine Kelly Music

    This reminds me of a fanfic I read. It was based off Nellie Bly when she went to an asylum

  65. Queen Chrysalis

    I found Emilie through once of my favorite movies The Devils Carnival, and this song would fit right in there! Excited to hear her sing more songs like are in the movie. <3

  66. icarus313

    This song is positively HYSTERICAL!
    (tee hee... ;P)

  67. Sam Saylor

    Literally why has Emilie not made a Broadway show yet.

    Ace in Spades

    She's releasing one based from her book

    V St.-R X

    @Ace in Spades Terrance Zdunich?! As in the guy who was in Repo: The Genetic Opera?!

    Katrina Jackson

    @V St.-R X Yes he was the one that wrote that as well and did the comic parts


    @V St.-R X as in the guy who wrote and acted in repo, and American murder song, yes

    luna lovegood

    Wait she's in devil as carnival!! Adding that to the list of reasons I need to watch that movie!!

  68. Loveofmizore3569

    Damn women roasted. ON FIRE <3

  69. KrissieFox

    Holy shit, this is great stuff..

  70. Mizuki6655

    This song reminds me of "be our guest" from beauty and the beast. 😂😂😂


    THANKS ! Couldn't find what it remind me off ! x)

  71. dcarter Rhoden

    I hope they include this song in Suicide Squad.. Cause this seems like some Harley Quinn kinda music


    that wont save the fact that the actor very poorly portrays her.

    dcarter Rhoden

    So true


    It reminded me of Mary popping some how


    @Dream Chaser i still think i was right.


    You should have been on beokon yesterday!

  72. Shannon Ryan

    The sarcasm is strong

  73. The Crying Raven

    OOPS sent the comment out twice my bad 😅 HaHaHa *rubs the back of my head*HaHa

  74. The Crying Raven

    This sounds like something out of Sweeney Todd or Devils Carnival possible Repo Man Genetic Opera

  75. The Crying Raven

    This sounds like something out of Sweeney Todd or Devils Carnival possible Repo Man Genetic Opera

    eht rorroh

    Repo: The Genetic Opera*

    Martin Redetzke

    Emilie Autumn has been in the business for years. Should give her a look-up. Her music has resurfaced due to her role in Devil's Carnival. And the gentlemen who created that show also did her Fight Like A Girl music video. Her first to my knowledge.

  76. TimBurtonIsAmazing

    I've never been a fan of Emilie Autumn's music (which is a shame really because I absolutely love her as Painted Doll) but I like this song a lot

  77. MayliSong

    I do so love freak show cabaret music.

  78. Neil Tasker

    This is for all those girls who were diagnosed with hysteria back in the day

  79. Kevin Elmore

    Not everyone is able to artistically weave brilliance using sardonicism as a medium.

  80. sinkingapology

    i have been looking for this song for FUCKING YEARS

  81. deathandamphetemines witch

    I'm getting some Harley Quinn vibes from this song


    Bewaretheshoe H beokon yesterday had it with H.Q. played by Borivoje

  82. ThatCrazyKid

    I'm a girl who has struggled with mental illness, suicidal thoughts and actions, and depression. I still find this extremely funny (:


    ThatCrazyKid that’s the point

  83. Salem French

    I didn't mean to come here. 0.0
    I was trying to get to Girls Girls Girls by Got7.
    I don't regret this at all.
    Very catchy. ~•-•


    +Jonghyun's # 1 Hoe
    hello fellow IGOT7 XD I've known this song for awhile and Got7's title for their song brought me back here

    Moon Child

    Hello fellow kpoppers ;) and same I really love this song!

    Amy McCabe

    Salem French I was trying to get to mötley crü not complaining in the slightest

  84. Big Smoke

    omg ... What an epic song ...


    +Sassy Meatball your name is epic

  85. Adam Powell

    Fucking love this song.

  86. Harrison K.

    This song is the greatest

  87. Humayra Bhatti

    I love how sarcastic this song is

  88. RestlessDaydreamer

    this sounds like something out of movies like repo or Sweeney todd


    Repo had nowhere near as good of music as this.

    Cayla Reise

    She actually played a part in the spinoff of Repo.


    +prettyhairgirl2001 Well she did work with the creators in their online project "Devil's Carnival" her character is called The Painted Doll.

    Jamie Sample

    +Cayla Reise Devils carnival thought this song was part of the devil`s carnviles

  89. GoddessofSpring25

    I love how she makes light at the stigma of women who have suffered (and ENJOYED) a mental disorder. And bringing to light things people don't see........

    Ruth Nield

    GoddessofSpring25 Dude. We don't enjoy it. The brain is an organ, and it can get sick- that's what things like depression, anxiety and other disorders are. Though yes, the point of the song was to satire mistreatment of the mentally ill.

    Mayhem Mischief

    I don't enjoy having severe anxiety or autism or ADHD or ADD or Aspergers
    I haven't been diagnosed with depression cuz i don't tell my doctors everything but if they knew i'd be in an asylum
    Oh and this song is sarcastic, not meant to be taken seriously.


    ‘Enjoyed’- you missed the point of the song completely. Imagine being that stupid

  90. Justin B.

    Pure insanity, if watched at 2x speed.

    Harley Quinn

    +Justin B. Its even creepier at 0.5 speed.

  91. Jee A.

    I wonder if Harley Quinn would like to sing this...

    alis ino

    It would be so great !!! The voice of Harley Quinn would make it even funnier !!

    idk about my life anymore

    The style is for Harley but not this song

  92. xxBlueAngelKissxx

    As a girl who suffers from depression, ocd and anxiety, This makes me laugh like HELL!
    "There's a pill for everything nowadays!" Which made me giggle, cause its fucking true!
    Honestly to anyone who gets BUTTHURT by this song just think, Its a sexist and discriminatory song MADE TO BE A JOKE
    i mean, come on as a mentally ill girl i could've took this SO PERSONALLY.
    But i didn't, because its a JOKE.
    So chill out and enjoy the music.


    I sometimes believe that people who get offended by a joke aren't even those who supposed to be offended.

    xXThe Baroness Annabelle LeeXx

    Yeah I agree this makes me laugh which is better than violent mood swings and intense sobbing.


    Also ya'll this song is about how people REALLY did treat back in the day. "Hysteria" was a blanket term used to incarcerate women who they felt acted "crazy" and blamed their reproductive organs as the reason they were "prone to sickness."

    Aliezah Juarez

    A song who suffered from hell itself i am proud to be insane.

    Aliezah Juarez

    @LoveBerry preach it baby

  93. Lovely Luminance

    Man I love this song!

  94. Dark Shockwave

    listened to this about 100 times and keep going x.x

  95. Aiden Paetzold

    I feel like this song should be in the Suckerpunch sound track some where

    dezirae wolf

    @Saven Rose

    Aiden Paetzold

    @Eyeless Gentleman Hey foolio you should know me by now i did comment on your vids i think

  96. Artsy Scrub

    anyone come from that one animash?

  97. nathan110063

    This needs to be in the "Sucker Punch: The Musical."

    Pastel Hot Mess


  98. Mellowman468

    Musical masterpiece!

  99. Cinnameon

    The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: The Musical

    Kevin Elmore

    +Lovely Lies I would watch the shit out of that!

    Val Lalonde

    Cinnameon didnt she say she was thinking about seriously writing that?

    Ace in Spades

    @Val Lalonde yep