Autumn, Emilie - Gentlemen Aren't Nice Lyrics

Once upon a time I thought
"What's the one thing I haven't got?"
There's not a single thing in this world I couldn't buy
That's when a gentleman caught my eye

Once or twice we went around
But now I'll tell you the thing I've found
You shouldn't make your move until you know the price
Because gentlemen aren't nice

Just because I won't agree to take his arm
And I occasionally forget his name
He likes to call inclemency what I call charm
But I know they're all the same

I think I've realized my first mistake
When he cried that his heart would break
I would have thought that I was worth the sacrifice
But gentlemen aren't nice

Just because I leave him all alone for days
And go about with others of his kind
He dares complain about my evil ways
And drive me out of my - out of my mind

What I relate is hard to bear
I only endure it so that I might spare you ladies
I'm not known for my good advice
But gentlemen aren't

So agreeable
Love ain't a paradise
And if I told you once, I won't tell you twice
Gentlemen aren't nice

Gentlemen aren't nice

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Autumn, Emilie Gentlemen Aren't Nice Comments
  1. Inky .Flame

    I found her through the devils carnival... I don’t know why I haven’t listened to her songs til this point

  2. Victor Furtado

    this reminded me of the Corpse bride movie

  3. Pastahunter

    Gentleman: "M'lady. I wont treat you like those other asshole men."
    Her: "Sorry i'm taken"
    Gentleman: "Fucking whore! I hope he beats you... Not like you're that pretty anyway."

  4. Stormy Ashmore

    I love her, especially in The Devil's Carnival <3

  5. T.K. McNeil

    It took me a while to realize this song was sarcastic and very much in the same name as "Thank God I'm Pretty" and 95% of the songs by The Offspring which are are also often misinterpreted. While some of her more genocidal tendencies still put me on edge (listen closely to "Fight Like A Girl") I still appreciate her as a musician and humourist.

  6. anxiety yeet

    Guys guys guys the humour comes from the fact that SHE isn't nice to HIM (forgets his name, cheats with other men) but she still finds a way to blame it on him omg

  7. La Folia

    Her style is gothic victorian isn't it?

  8. Silentwolfx84

    Kinda makes me wonder, if she was a man and this song was exactly same except directed towards women, would he automatically be seen as a sexist or a genius? People here seem to say she is a genius however if it was a guy you would probably lable him a "sexist mysoginist pig?" Or does that mean only women are allowed to sing certain subjects in songs and be completely off the hook and men arent alowed to sing those same things? Sounds hypocritical.

    I understand yes this song is a satire and she is being sarcasstic about it, but I do know there are male artists who do the same technique of sarcasm yet they are taken seriously to the point of actually lableing them as sexists.

    Not trying to shit talk on her, I think she is a great singer but it is something I wonder.

    Gemma L

    Lol stop. No one would find this song was sexist if a guy sang it. If anything it would be more amusing. Just look at the male rappers that sing about fucking "bitches" and "hoes" nobody complains..

    anxiety yeet

    Dude the MRAs called they want their flawed logic back

  9. Sullivan

    What's this song about? I know it's sarcastic but I'm stupid as fuck ;-;

  10. Carne Guisada

    ok but is she lying? nope.

  11. Gallo Metsa

    FCK all I Want YOU Emilie!!!!!!!

  12. Violet Anaoxia

    Makes me think of a burlesque dancer.

  13. The Pastel Candy Cat In Wonderland

    The title is so true though.

  14. CrowPowersActivate

    Why are people over-analyzing this song? The humour is so blatant it pretty much smacks you in the face as soon as you hear it, yet people still don't get it?

  15. Orangelover18

    What I got was that this is about her liking the "gentleman" but turned out he was a real douche and wanted her to change so that she would be perfect for him. I may be entirely wrong, but it's very sarcastic and probably the guy is super clingy...

    Jack Bright

    Its supposed to say he's perfectly good, but she is... not so good. Listen to the words more. Forgetting his name? Going out with other men? He's not clingy, she's just loose.

  16. Julchen D.

    love this song ^^ ♡

  17. sweaq123

    One of the funniest songs I've ever listened to.

  18. anonymousdratini

    Took me years to realize that this was satire.

    spaghetti . jpeg


  19. Tox Iho

    So young..

  20. Jesse Blanchard

    fucking love her voice, and regardless if meaning can be understood by me, tis eloquent as always

  21. Anonymous Anonymous

    Somebody help the person who uploaded this, they don't own anything!

    Atoosa Bahari

    +Anonymous Anonymous Haha i think he/she is okay


    Oh god, thank you dude xD

  22. no-go mado

    I do a genre jump cover of this song on my channel...
    feel free to check it out.

  23. Emilee Welch

    In love with this song

  24. Kelly Marie

    She is so cool.i love her music and she changed my life for the better.

  25. cjd

    Your videos are indeed good!! Thanks for making them!

  26. Emily Drew

    Her songs make me want to write so many things. She is such a refreshment and she is so inspiring. Such beautiful music!

  27. Daniel Borden

    I love the Broadway feel to the song is this in her musical


    I am technically dead but this just brings the soul back to life obviously. I still think the mere thought though oblivious it may seem that makes me shiver in my frail bones is that this women's voice is magnificent

  29. FurEliseJones

    I love how funny and sarcastic this song is. It's one of my favorites!

  30. hej456789

    how can you not like this song its AWESOME (i´m a man and i understnad the sarcasm in this and find it funny and awesome) :)


    Oh Great a man who Gets the Song And Finds it funny instead of loosing their mind, they exist!!! you sir are awesome.

    Sean Casity

    hej456789 I agree just started listening to her stuff yesterday it's interesting to say the least I don't understand how someone can be offended by art it's unique and appealing.

  31. RoofieOnTheRocks

    I find that Emilie's brand of sarcasm goes way over everyone's head for some reason. The same thing happened with 'Thank God I'm Pretty' when everyone was debating how pretty she actually was. Not sure why this is. Her style isn't THAT inaccessible.


    +RoofieOnTheRocks It's more satire

    Pandora & Friends

    I had no idea about the whole thing with thank god im pretty...I just thought it was a song written by a person, like most songs. They don't all have to have a literal meaning directly connecting to the person producing/writing it.
    This song does sort of prepare you for wolves in sheep's clothing though, at least that's what I took from it, I didn't even know it was sarcasm to be honest because I do know people like that.

    Nni Loveless

    Pandora & Friends Are you kidding me? One of the reasons why she's so amazing is that she ISNT like "most". She writes all of her own songs, plays all of her own instruments, and creates her own music. She truly is a doll 💜

    T.K. McNeil

    I know right? I love "Thank God I'm Pretty" a got it immediately and I'm a dude. It amused and enraged me at the same time and sent it to all of my female friends who loved it for what it was. I think this is a similar problem to the one The Offspring and Dead Kennedys had back in the day. People can be so literal.

    Nni Loveless

    In Thank God I'm Pretty I never thought she was being sarcastic about her beauty itself. I always took it as she was being sarcastic about liking the way men treat her just because she's pretty.

  32. SaysRobert

    Nice men aren't nice, true story.

    The Pastel Candy Cat In Wonderland

    Nice guys are the one's who go around complaining about being 'friend-zoned' so no, they're aren't nice.


    Is there any kind of men you would label as genuinely nice?

    The Pastel Candy Cat In Wonderland

    @sweaq123 None in my opinion for me Not any men I can think of.

    Sean Casity

    Kitty Blogger I'm sure the ones who are nice are the ones people avoid for whatever reason, I won't say I'm nice, respectful aye nice is eh.

    Ruthie Du

    I don't trust guys who say they are "a nice guy" you're're "nice" for a that you get mad at when it doesnt work....

  33. Leon Kerr

    I never said I was a gentleman.....

    Sean Casity

    Leon Kerr I prefer respectful, definitely not nice, I can be blunt when someone assumes I'm only being nice to get with them, guess being a friend is not cool, but whatever people my age like to go with the flow instead of making their own paths.

  34. Starlight Witch

    Guys, this song is pretty clearly meant to be sarcastic.  The tone alone should alert you to that.

    T.K. McNeil

    The jazz harpsichord was my first tip off.

  35. SometimesRaven

    still laughing at everyone who's completely missed the point of the song~

    T.K. McNeil

    "Fight Like A Girl" is pretty clear though. Complete male genocide. Can't say I blame her entirely but I still tend to balk at even the proposed slaughter of innocents the "at least fifty percent" of humanity including children and those who have not done anything bad to women, particularly those on the homosexual end of the spectrum. I do love "Thank God I'm Pretty" though.

    Gabriel Aderre

    @T.K. McNeil One of the lyrics in that song is "that even if you're only a boy, you can fight like a girl.". So perhaps she would make exceptions. I know that I'm not as feminine as people assume just by looking at me. Not that it'd be a problem if I were, as I just act naturally, instead of trying to aspire to being more masculine or feminine based on criteria that never really made sense, and makes even less in modern times. I know that I'd fem it up if I needed to to avoid genocide! To me, the message that I get from the song is one that speaks of how females, or the feminine, is not only repressed often times, but also underestimated... Throughout years of observing, and having very close relationships with a variety of women/girls, I can say with confidence that expressions of violence often differ between the sexes. Make violence is often about asserting dominance. Guys will fight, beat the Hell out of one another, and then walk off to have a beer together.. Women on the other hand, don't work that way. When women, or in my experience, feminine gay men become violent, it's with the intent of causing real harm, or worse to their victim(s!)

  36. Clockwork Lily

    i love singing along to this song

  37. SakuraStarRose

    This reminds me of 'The Lady is a Tramp'. I don't know why - maybe it's the meter? It kind of sounds like it's a response from Lady Luck's point of view. 

  38. Siobhan Wood

    Let's hear it for double standards!

  39. MartyM

    A real villain song... ;) (and unfortunately people like this do exist, of both genders and among all sexual orientations...)

    Sean Casity

    LadyQGinny Aye alas I can agree on such.

  40. tea ray

    What's the instrument that's being played?

    Emilie Autumn

    I believe it's the harpsichord that you're asking about. <3 It's my favorite instrument. <3

    tea ray

    @Emilie Autumn Oh, thank you so much! :D
    I've been looking for it ever since I heard the baroque version of Servant of Evil. :D :D :D

    Emilie Autumn

    @Cupaholic Milo It's my pleasure! :D

  41. Sock Knight

    ...oh goodness gracious all these comments----- ....ay, did anyone think that this might be a song of just a certain types of situations instead of everybody and everything? 

  42. Oman HS

    Extremely sexist songs towards women: "You ladies are sooo sensitive! Stupid feminists are brainwashing girls lol it's just a joke"


    Do guys always need female approval and adoration? This song is satire. Come on. Seeing some of these angry and overly emotional comments is so annoying.

    Sean Casity

    Oman HS None here I'm actually interested in this, it's unique and appealing.


    That one does not really pick at men, it's the opposit. e.e

  43. Stella Cashman

    She could be a really good jazz singer.

    Yersinia Pestis

    That is what I was thinking as well.

    B S

    I wish she will do a jazz album some day :) 

    Camera Kitty

    I thought this was jazz... clearly I need to listen to more jazz

  44. Ed Crichton

    I understand the satire of this song. It is a simple role-reversal of many songs by male vocalists who talk about their lengthy list of conquests. It exposes the blatant double standard that exists wherein women are expected to be perfectly devoted to one partner, but men are expected to be bed hopping primal creatures incapable of deep emotions beyond anger and lust.

    Minty Fresh

    @sweaq123 Actually, no. She's showing the double standard people force unto women. When a man does something like she depicts, no one bats an eyelash, some even give praise. When a woman does, they are called sluts, and shamed for not being entirely devoted to one partner. It's a hilarious take on it, if you get the humour. Another thing is that while it is a role reversal, its not exactly the same. "Nice guys" or in this case "Gentlemen" whine about girls not liking them when they're obviously, to put it bluntly, unattractive and shooting for people FAR out of their league, and expecting them to be exactly how they expect them to. The Gentlemen, when not getting their desired partner, proceed to complain about how girls only go for douchebags, when they are the douchebags themselves.

    Phew that was long. I apologize.

    shadowwolfgem s

    @Anya The Person Another thing nice guys do is make friends with girls and get upset when she won't have sex with him.

    Sean Casity

    shadowwolfgem s I just call them horn dog's, I get accused of wanting that, but in all honesty I don't take interest in sexual endeavors, I prefer a single life without sex.


    No. It's about those idiotic girls who complain about there not being any "good guys/gentlemen" left, whilst she acts a complete arse.


    No. The protagonist of the song is obviously meant to look like a terrible person.

    Your "she's doing a role reversal durr" would fly were it not for the line of "Just because I occasionally forget his name." Anyone has the right to be upset if you 'occasionally' forget their name. ._.

    It's shitty when men do it and when women do it, and that's her point. She's mocking the narcissistic feminists who think this behaviour is fine, which is somewhat rich coming from Emilie Autumn, but you know your behaviour's pretty inexcusable when even Emilie Autumn thinks it's too self-absorbed.

  45. xIndustrialShadoWx

    You can call this: The B1tch song.. hahaha..

    Ghost Marquiche


  46. Katelyn Modica

    the lyrics are a bit off

  47. deathunt31

    A large number of you seem to be understanding the true meaning of this song,so if one of you could,could you be kind enough to explain to me the true meaning of it??


    woah,mind blown. thank you,that cleared up all my confusion.

    Birungi Kayiira

    @Locke Heartwood thank you for explaining!

    Locke Heartwood

    No problem :)

    Birungi Kayiira

    @Locke Heartwood thank you for explaining so well

  48. Sasha U

    I like all the guys saying the song is total bs, since they don't understand the song.... at all.

    Kat Korman

    Clearly you don't understand the song, because it is b.s. 
    By definition, gentlemen ARE nice, and this is written from the perspective of someone who complains about men, but is willing to change their own ways. 

    Basically, guys are asses, but girls are bigger ones.

    kimmie Wise

    @Kitty Manson I actually view it from another perspective. Emilie, I feel, is mocking men in away. Especially men of the 18th-19th century where her songs normally placed. "There's not a single thing in this world that I couldn't buy," really mocks what kind of power men had back then as really, men could buy whatever they needed or wanted weather it be sex, political power, friends, or security. They had the money and women simply didn't and technically still don't. Other lyrics also show: abandonment- which was an issue for men as most did abandon their wives, generalization- that happened to most men in the age saying, "Oh yes I will never understand women because my wife/lover/side-hoe...."
    pride- men sometimes thought it was a woman privilege to have a husband or even just a man in their life to give them direction which lead to them thinking that a woman would do anything for them. That women are indebted to them be default.
    advice- Some older men may even go as far as to tell young lads that women are fickle and it'd be best to stay single and do whatever you want so a woman won't chain them down.
    Its just the way I interpret it, and I'm sure there are hundreds of interpretations for this song but here is what I see/hear when I  hear this classic~

    Emily Drew

    @kimmie Wise I agree! :)


    The song is about male entitlement and about how nice guys aren't so "nice".
    It's not that difficult, really.

    Nechtan Tobar Segais

    And continuing in your thread, are people who continue to miss the point of this song, lmao. Whoossshh....

  49. acasto03

    WOW!!! Very Beautiful  Girl, reminds me of Harley Quinn.

  50. ToxicReaper3

    Why couldn't I discover her earlier?! Lolz I love her style of singing :) Better late than never.

    Sean Casity

    ToxicReaper3 Aye agreed


    First time I heard her was "Shalott" on Asleep By Dawn cd. Then in came The Devil's Carnival and daymn!!

  51. DexMaster881

    Music good,singing very good , song BS...


    I have absolutely no Idea what R  U talking about...


    aaaaa i can smell the rancid scent of the shit that's coming out of your mouth

    Sean Casity

    EveryBodySucks100 Good way to make friends hahaha.


    @Sean Casity Geeez I was drunk as fuck back then ._. A sore heart broken boy, some chick sent me this song to push my buttons cause I was some beta mangina chasing her tail.

  52. Rick Martinez

    Fuckin' stupidd af!! SMH!!

  53. Soft Clouds

    Love her singing so much. >.<

  54. Tranique Henson

    I think this is my new favorite song. I should sing this.

  55. TimeTuneSpoon

    One main reason I started playing violin nearly 4 years ago was becuase of her. I was like, 9 when I started, and only knew about her violin songs. NOW, I am sort of catching up on all her other music and I must say: gawd damn, she's amazing. 

  56. Lacey Kilpatrick

    i wish i could sing just like her

    Sean Casity

    Lacey Kilpatrick Just need vocal lessons, choir is a good start or karaoke if you are interested in that.

  57. irini gantziaa

    Remember; her original goal wasn't to be a singer, but a violinist. And she goddamn succeded in both!

  58. Carissa Lyons

    This is a certain style of singing. And she does it very well. Don't complain about her voice this is the type of music she makes. It's not supposed to sound sugar coated. It's supposed to be rough and rocky.

  59. iused2becool

    I really hope you've looked more into Emilie Autumn other than this one song since making this comment. She is an incredible musician who's had classical and operatic training.

  60. timber8909

    Were did you find the pic? I love it

  61. Miranda Vaught

    I finally understand the meaning of this song!

  62. Zimmy Sterling

    I wanna learn to sing this song perfectly :)

  63. irini gantziaa

    I believe her voice is amazing

  64. LeiaRose

    Exactly. People are so used to listening to 'amazing' (edited) voices. That they don't notice what a good natural singing voice sounds like.

    I nobody used voice editing a lot of artists would go right out of business. Most people that others assume have a good voice do in fact have a bad or a mehh voice.

    But this is a good voice considering there is no editing used on it.

    Sean Casity

    LeiaRose I agree too much electronic music not enough natural.

  65. Maggie Pugh

    I actually thought that her voice was good??

  66. Ella Phoenix

    human beings are all difference is made by your sex, age or religion, neither your ethnicity. feminists want to be seen, women make up almost half of the world's population, but they are hardly seen in the history, but wanting to be better than men, is actually doing what feminists are trying to cease : unfairness.

  67. Trinity Prins

    Has anyone ever thought that maybe she doesn't have a good "voice" because she doesn't do voice editing?

  68. Crow

    Listening to this is so conflicting because the instrumentals are really great? But her voice is kinda ehhhhhhhhhh

  69. AngelsMusicPlaylist

    It makes me laugh how people miss the sarcasm in this song XD

  70. yötaivas

    have autumn herself told that in some interview? i just broke up with a guy who seemed to be a gentleman but in time i realized he was actually a narcissist. i think this song describes perfectly how that kind of man can pretend to be somenthing he isn't - so well that you won't maybe ever notice that he is lying to you (and maybe also even to himself) all the time.

  71. Ysrut Rimshar

    Ok, so she can't sing. I hope she's making the beats because then she has a notion of musical talent.

    It's ok to make music, but don't make whiney music. What is a 'Gentleman'? From the word in a literal sense, every man's a gentleman in this day and age. We don't have all the men in the world running around killing eachother.

    Here's the thing about being ALIVE TODAY:
    If you can have children, then you must compensate for the fact that you could be the parent to a BOY or a GIRL or BOTH.

  72. Blood and Zombies


  73. Blood and Zombies

    oh sure ill go to anime videos and say how awesome some cartoon is that don't even go alone with the video. I'm just saying if you want to talk about anime go do that some where else,this is music not anime. Ok?

    Sean Casity

    invader4life36 Might as well use real profile pictures while we're at it.

  74. Lynda Murray

    Doesn't Emilie make you love the English language

  75. EvilValenStrife

    Don't be a dick. We are all here to enjoy EA.

  76. jack odd

    Jeffery Dalmer was homosexual.

    Sean Casity

    jack odd He was also Cannibalistic and a serial killer.

    Saoirse O'Reilly

    How does this have to do with this song

  77. jack odd

    Deluding oneself is never good for you.

    And again, demonella has confused humanism for feminism.

    There called different things for a reason.

  78. Loafers Laherty

    I thought the song was about the whole 'nice guy' culture of guys who think that friendship is a continuum that ends with sex.

  79. Blood and Zombies

    Anime fans...get out...this is called music not an anime video

  80. Karlinna Önnudóttir

    The only good men are gay men.

    Sean Casity

    Karlinna Önnudóttir Actually I've met some homosexuals who are not very respectful, I'm not good just respectful, no one is good whether it be men or women, just how you represent yourself that really ices the cake, I was taught respect and discipline but I am capable of being a complete ass when someone does something quite awry.

  81. Troy Bell

    That may be what it started out as, but it's grown to superiority. When they start asking for equal pay for less work, that is them thinking they are superior. I'm all for equal pay if they do the same quality of work, but sadly, not all women can do the same as a man.

  82. For Want Of A Name

    Radical feminisim isn't what you seem to think it is. Radical feminism means the root of patriarcy is in language, which is why some radical feminists refer to women as womyn. The word you're looking for it misandry, or the hatred of men.

  83. ashley orellana

    So much sarcasm in this song, i love it! I love her!

  84. Robbie Cregg

    Here's an idea; why don't all of you shut the fuck up and enjoy the song instead of arguing about a bunch of bullshit. Who gives a shit whether it's feminist or not, it's a good song. Now shut the fuck up you mewling quims.

  85. whowantsdrugs

    If this song was a men song, no one will be doing so much scandal about it... its just because she has a vagina.. "oh she's a feminist, she's going to attack us, men, with her gigantic pussy" STOP FUCKIN CRYING ABOUT IT grow the fuck up

  86. Vaethin

    You wish. Most feminists CLAIM to want equality but they don't stop when they achieved equality because men are oh so privileged and oppressive. Feminism may, per definition, want equality but de facto it's based on demanding male privileges for women without giving them the responsibilities that go along with it - something that simply doesn't work. I recommend watching "When female privilege backfires" here on YT.

  87. Eugenia123345


  88. Eugenia123345

    Not ALL gentlemen are nice. Just saying.

  89. Bisquia

    she's talking referring to men as many male chauvinist do referring to women. Is like she is a female chauvinist in a world in which is this kind of disequality to triumph.

  90. watchingandwaiting

    Feminists /do/ want equality. Look up the word "feminism" in the dictionary and see for yourself. What you're talking about are female exceptionalists. These people often think that they are feminists because they don't know what feminism is. They aren't radical feminists, they aren't any kind of feminist because someone who doesn't want equality is not a feminist.

  91. Ceylaxp

    Another possible interpretation is that she doesn't like the trade-offs associated with most relationships with men. "Nice" doesn't necessarily refer to if you're a pleasant individual. For example, a weekly orgy might suit you better than a single gentleman caller. Fewer expectations, more hedonistic pleasure, and your schedule doesn't get all tied up trying to keep in touch.

  92. Christy Tam

    Who else want's to say "charm" like her?

  93. Sophie Brown

    Don't you think it's about being expected to change into something you're not?

  94. TBQ

    Love it!

  95. kyris0

    That's why he added radical, I think.

  96. Mr.S.Morgul

    At the time it was named, women were so subservient to men that it was called "feminism" because it was promoting basic rights for women, like leaving an abusive husband. It is now that women are seeking total social and economic equality, and the meaning of the word has changed. There were definitely women at the time who knew that they were equal to men, and dreamed of total equality, but the most dire issues were dealt with first, like with most major social changes, it happened slow tostart

  97. Danii Gonzalez

    I listened to this all the time when I was 9 <3

  98. Daniel Óskarsson

    False. If it was about Equality why name it "Femin"ism? i'd name it something more like Equalism, and Equalist. It was never about gender equality but women's rights. However it may very well be true that the vast majority of feminists want equality, but if they had a brain they wouldn't be feminists if they want equality. on that topic, granted Emilies personality, shaped by her not-so-lucky life, i would imagine she's not a feminist.

    On topic: i hadn't heard this song before. It's awesome!

  99. Elmore James

    without the oxy