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Automatic Loveletter Trust Comments
  1. Ximena Frausten

    Love this song so much! 🤧
    Juliet has an amazing voice and you can get the feelings she transmits while singing 💘💘

  2. Death 1s 0n Jizz

    did you ever try singing rock? cuz you have a really strong voice❤

    Christina Vlad

    Juliet does sing rock.

  3. Jen Ryan

    i think Juilet Simms is an awesome singer this is my favorite song I'm a big fan of Juilet Simms Biersack ! thx juilet

  4. Jasmine Shaw

    I think I love you like can we be best friends? I need someone who's a huge Juliet fan like me LOL :)
    I need someone who understands it!! :'D


    +Jasmine Shaw Well then... Let's do this! We can fangirl over Juliet all day long :D

    Jasmine Shaw

    haha yes! The ultimate fangirl experience!
    I gave you my email on a different comment ;P

    Jasmine Shaw

    haha yesss

    Shawn Cicalese

    I'm a HUGE Juliet/automatic Loveletter fan,forever and always,the concert scene is my home<3 we can go to shows,new friend if your near Philadelphia/new jersey

  5. Spottiegirl33

    Can you please make an instrumental version of this, if you can?

  6. Art R

    this song is by far my favorite i love the guitar, lyrics, vocals everything <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    "i want back the necklace that i said you can keep"

  7. Joan Mahiques

    i think it's morning til midnight but not sure. love this song and her. <3

  8. Anna Fetterolf

    @SimmsSnakes is this song about Andy?


    +Anna Fetterolf Oh I can reply now :D

    Nope, it's not about Andy, this was written way before Andliet existed :P

    Cristina Corea

    Listen to their song "My Goodbye" from their earlier album :)

    Maggie McCauslin

    it's about her ex before Andy who cheated on her

    EscapingTheFate 1

    No way before andilet existed, an ex cheated on her is what this is about.

  9. matilda ryder

    I love Juliet Simms and ALL ❤️ awesome videos btw

  10. Rach Marie

    Automatic Loveletter<3 This song makes me cry. :(

  11. kaceykat28

    Who is the back up voice?


    I think is just Juliet 

    Maggie McCauslin

    @kaceykat28 Just

  12. Shannon Kenny

    Omg thank you this is probably one of my favourite songs by her <3


    You're welcome! ^_^