Audition, The - My Temperature's Rising Lyrics

I feel my temperature rising for you
From ninety-eight to a thousand and two
I feel my temperature
No need for doctors
I know you got what it takes, love
To keep the pressure up
No need to slow or stop

I can show you colors that never existed
Show you I've got substance

I'll give you everything you need, my love
I show you all you need to know
I've never felt this way about someone
Whoa, oh, oh

I feel my temperature rising for you
There's just no way to describe it
It's true
I need your medical attention
Fix me up and turn me on, love
Go grab a scalpel
Could cut me open

I can show you colors that never existed
Show you I've got substance

I'll give you everything you need, my love
I show you all you need to know
I've never felt this way about someone
Whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa

Grab the paddles
He's a goner

I can show you colors that never existed
Show you I've got substance
(I feel my temperature rising)

I'll give you everything you need, my love
I'll show you all you need to know
I've never felt this way about someone, whoa
And I hope you know
I'll give you everything you need, my love
I'll show you all you need to know
I've never felt this way about someone
Whoa, oh

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Audition, The My Temperature's Rising Comments
  1. Suzette Vargas

    It only took 22 year old me 3 hours to find this song / band again.. the 12 year old in me is sobbing.. FINALLY😭😭

    Taylor Green


  2. Shan

    This was my shit as a kid

  3. Brittany Pruett

    this was my dads fav song but the 29th he died unexpectedly

  4. Dana Kyle Lennox

    u should probably call a doctor tho


    For real XD

  5. The Pi Bros

    2018 and i still listening this song :)

  6. Halfdrummer

    Loved this song as a kid

  7. katapuntilix drakon

    me encanta este grupo, gran canción con una letra bonita, y con un videclip muy original.

  8. sonicvortex99

    Rookie Blue brought me here


    @sonicvortex99 Me too! :)

  9. Shaya Moultriejones

    MY friends sings this and I'm finally listening to the real song

  10. CuddleBunsx

    Its 2013 and I still listen to this


    It's 2018 and I still listen to this.

  11. Natalia Vargas

    This song c:

  12. benjamin rubilar

    i feel bad for you chinese guy, nobody understand what are you saying :C

  13. lovelifeandholdon12

    awesome song, its to bad there not as famous enough as they should be.

  14. Issy

    maaaaaaaaakes me so happyyyyy

  15. lovelifeandholdon12

    omg love this song!

  16. stefon sinn

    this song is awesome lol

  17. iMonster Giirl

    *_________* 3

  18. Papadopoulos McMenu

    It really needs to get more views , This Song is Simply Awesome ^^

  19. Googlyeye74

    found the wrong song. but damn i like this, super catchy

  20. heartfullofbieber6

    but good song though :)

  21. heartfullofbieber6

    hmm this song kinda sounds like middle by jimmy eat world, idk it kinda does

  22. Noah Bardach

    685 now—
    like it!

  23. Noah Bardach

    Rookie Blue [on ABC] !

  24. Owen Kenny

    I want to like this but it has 666 likes at the moment, don't want to ruin it. :P

  25. 田中元気

    I love this song.

  26. Jay De Bruin

    12 people live in Alaska...

  27. Dana Fessenden

    saw them live a couple days ago. sexy as fuuuuuck.

  28. Sarah Harper

    I found this in my favorites. Thing is, I'm almost damned sure I've never heard it before. Thank you, Youtube gods.

  29. CGC Rage

    Send me some videos and i'll show em

  30. CGC Rage

    Send me some music videos and i'll show em

  31. Devyn Burcher

    @MultiSexybeast21 Dude Help me get famous? Lol

  32. CGC Rage

    Because i know some music producers.

  33. CGC Rage

    I helped these guys become famous

  34. Starlynn Foley

    @Ennaly4 Uh yeah.

  35. Starlynn Foley

    @bigbustos991188 AGREED!!!!!

  36. Laurin Alexandria

    @Ennaly4 Yeah bro!(:

  37. Cherrie Coxcomb

    This song makes you wanna kiss a hot guy/girl randomly.

    Elizabeth James

    Cherrie Coxcomb it makes me want to go kiss my crush because I have fallen hard for her!

  38. Jayy Leigh

    he sounds like the guy from envy on the coast

  39. TheSilentRing

    Chuck Norris temperature can rise over 9000!

  40. Tiina Kieleväinen

    I'm so in love <3

  41. Jocelyn Laney

    They are so amazing! Love, Love, Love Danny's voice!

  42. tntpuppy

    Danny's voice is one of those things that i constantly crave

  43. Aldat A. Bagachipz

    This song used to be me and a girls song. Now shes a whore. Deserves no song. =]


    Atta boy! Hope you're doing well 7 years later!

  44. Zach Schneeberger

    @bigbustos991188 damn straight

  45. Zach Schneeberger

    6 people thouhgt the dislike bar said ,,dis i like

  46. poolsmanx

    6 people that dind't raise there temp

  47. Sylvia Ransom

    I love this songgggggg. <3 My temperature sure is rising. :)

  48. Zyigan Montoya

    6 peoples temperature arent rising

  49. Charly Power

    Please youtube fix this song , why is there a dislike button?

  50. Sponge Bob

    I feel my temperature rising for this song ;)

  51. tonystarkstolemyponcho

    I have listened to this song around 80 times today. Its so addicting!

  52. Alex Schneeberger

    6 people just found out the dilike button is to close to the like button

  53. Sasha Van de Voorde

    6 people felt their temperature rising, they were so scared they disliked. (:

  54. Miles Schmidt

    great voice!

  55. Miles Schmidt

    this song describes what im feeling right now =D

  56. Epicmoviesful

    Beastly song ^^

  57. IYVONE

    i really wanna c them live<3

  58. andreas kara

    ---> BESTE LIED <333

  59. Addyson Ritter

    i saw them live(:

  60. Sophia Laughman

    I feel my temperature rising for you, from ninety-eight to a thousand and two. (:

  61. Demolition202

    @SassySeidy Wait... So when you were listening to that song now you were... in another world that's not real? :O *cough*weird*cough*

  62. A Naturalista’s wall

    loveee it!

  63. Malina R

    @KaylaAndKristen I was at that show! (:

  64. GoddessofEggrolls

    I'd not heard of them til I bought my Bout Damn Time tour tickets, and I investigated. They're pretty good. ^^

  65. Angel_Pudding21


  66. Airam Silvio

    I love this song!!!! =)

  67. tomtube155

    Intro awsome, rest ... well :D its okay

  68. Marcurcio


    yea, me too

  69. becca j

    dudde. they're ALL amazing haha. i LOVE timmy. and ryan's voice is soooo funny. he totally mocked me because my voice was jacked up from screaming the lyrics.
    and seth. oh seth. he's just great. i love him.

  70. Rose McClain

    It's good:)

  71. Rose McClain

    @xEmxOx It's a show on MTV. They played this song it a few episodes ago.

  72. Rose McClain

    @Bubbles36785 Ha ha, that's where I heard it, too!

  73. MissBeccaBug

    hang in there! you'll find the one someday.:)

  74. MissBeccaBug

    the real world! haha. love this song so much

  75. dolo polo

    i got this song from the real world x] last night

  76. Austin Cosgrove

    real world haha

  77. pinkiewinkie7

    the real world ftw. lmfao.

  78. lav488

    your an idiot.
    cause idiots tweet.

  79. Rose McClain

    Ha ha, me too! That was the first time I heard it, so I looked it up.

  80. K Gooding

    i saw them ages ago though ):
    the 30th september manchester academy one.
    they were support for atl. and they completely kicked ass!

  81. Becca Wilkinson

    Yeah in newcastle (:
    was a fucking mint gig like <3


  82. tamy wung

    this song is the best and i think that they are awesome i mean what could be better that go for a concert of this guys y love them.

  83. Tiru Sivashankar

    @livsian Freakin' Unreal Right? x

  84. Tiru Sivashankar

    they played a better set than all time low. i was like WHOAA. <3

  85. Carly Nicholson

    GAH! Hi! I was at the same ATL gig as you! Newcastle?
    Best night ever!
    Seriously. :)

  86. Becca Wilkinson

    i saw them with all time low on the 25th of september.

    This song was so good live!

    And danny is so cool, i met ihm afterwards!

  87. Katee Straughn

    these kids are amazing live like! <3

  88. B E H

    Yup, Friggen awesome gig :D

  89. chris2k8ftw

    same! dublin on sunday!?

  90. MAYERaddict

    dammit.saw them in a photo with danny.he's awesome!

  91. B E H

    Saw them yesterday, They're like WoW good :D


    saw them last week !!!!!! wiejjj and now I"m happy for the rest o fmy life I guess?

  93. vivi mcfly

    Saw them with ATL in Berlin 9/21/09 :) amazing show!

  94. buford mccgiver

    my myspace song <3

  95. LiFExONxMARS


  96. AnneMaria145

    SUPER! I just love this song and the entire album is awesome!

  97. Valerie Colwell

    I love this song, the upbeats make it really catchy to listen to! ^-^ it's wonderful!