Audition, The - Ms. Crumby Lyrics

I'm well aware of the runaway world that we're living in
I'm well aware that time moves fast, we get older every day
And I know my heart is somewhere
When I think it's best we both keep away

What you go for, what you go for
What is love for? I can't remember
When you show up then you leave us
What is love for? I can't remember
You fill me up with such regret
You pack your shit then you leave again
Again, again, again, again
We waste all our time alone

You can say I'm not living in the world that you're living in
You can say anything you want to say about my friends
But they were there for me when you crushed me
And I think it's best you just keep away

What you go for, what you go for
What is love for? I can't remember
When you show up then you leave us
What is love for? I can't remember
You fill me up with such regret
You pack your shit then you leave again
Again, again, again, again
We waste all our time alone
We waste all our time alone
We waste all our time alone
We waste all our time alone

You fill me up with such regret
You pack your shit then you leave again

What you go for, what you go for
What is love for? I can't remember
When you show up then you leave us
What is love for? I can't remember
You fill me up with such regret
You pack your shit then you leave again
Again, again, again, again
We waste all our time alone

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Audition, The Ms. Crumby Comments
  1. Sacred Sword / Jobeast19

    My brother was on watch dogs just now and I told him to go back on the songs and this came up haha. 12/14/19 3:45pm

  2. I like Frans

    I came here to say that watchdogs brought me here,but then realized that i wasn't alone

  3. Mariah Atwin

    This song is too damn good to be this short.

  4. Tony The Loser?

    A bathroom stall in my college brought me here

  5. troll mateus

    Legião urbana M

  6. jishanku kalita

    I hear this song on watchdogs then i search the name on YouTube..
    Then i find this
    ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  7. Anasto 2005

    Anyone here because of Watch Dogs?

  8. TheRebelLion96

    So awesome! Kinda reminds me of Sugar Ray a bit. Great song!

  9. Joserbala

    Seems nobody in Chicago hears this song

  10. Death

    I still listen to this after watch dogs came out

  11. Alamin Ahmed

    Watch dogs, who's here 2019?

    lucas maekawa

    Me i'm here

  12. Jake Brownless

    What was WD2 like? Only played the first one and it was amazing


    Pretty fun ngl, worth the buy and worth the time. WD1 will always be my favorite

    Jake Brownless

    mALEXwell25 still debating buying WD3 when it drops, idk if it’ll reach the level of excitement for me as the first


    Jake Brownless Yeah same with me honestly. I loved the idea and how fresh the first game felt, like a whole other world

  13. Arindom

    I hope watch dogs legion will have it too.

  14. Arindom

    Hi watch dogs fans <3

  15. MightyFighter101

    WATCH_DOGS: Legion looks amazing, but when listening to this tells my heart that nothing can replace the original WATCH_DOGS


    MightyFighter101 yup

  16. Vyp3r

    2019 Watch Dogs brought me here


    Me too bro

  17. SamuraiVader

    Hi doggy

  18. Arindom

    This song reminds me that it's time to chill ;)

  19. JustAPersonOkay

    watch dogs brought me here

  20. ATVER Gaming


  21. comrade trash can

    This song I went on shooting sprees listening to this.

  22. V de Vingança

    _Been hacking n00bs around.. ctOS profiled me and got me this song.. W.D._

    Jack Baker

    _Hell yeah! awesome game.._

    V de Vingança

    @Jack Baker *"If it were done when 'tis done, 'twere well it were done quickly."*

  23. Deformed Elephant

    Sounds like an anime intro

  24. amazing_dude

    one of the best songs during playing Watch Dogs

  25. Lone wolf

    I love when this songs shows when the rain falls or when you are watching a beautiful view in watch dogs it's fit Eiden so much

  26. Bryan Zam


  27. Bryan Zam

    Aiden perece???

  28. pizza pug o9

    Playin watch dogs right now

  29. Rafi Arya

    this song need more recognition.

  30. Santina Wade

    I’m here from watchdogs

  31. John Mills

    I found this song through Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, lol I didn’t play Watch Dogs enough to listen to their radio stations

  32. Guiih Silva

    Essa e a música dos sem floresta

  33. Nocey Zunier

    Watch_dogs brink mae hear.

  34. Aiden Hepp

    Sounds dope at 0.75 speed

  35. joel 56

    I love to look at puppies

    Anybody know why I am not trying to move but my feet still move like they are on fire?

  36. Aiden Hepp

    I haven’t seen a single comment without watchdogs in it

  37. Andrea Pettinato

    When drivind listening to music is better than playing the actual game

  38. Charlie Chaplan

    I remember just jogging around playing this song while hacking bank accounts. great song

  39. TheGhost GM

    Aiden Fucking Pearce \o/

  40. Aces of Athens

    This, So Ambitious by Victorian Halls and Invincible by MGK are amazing songs. I had the ultimate edition and beat it on the ps3 years ago. I bought the ultimate edition on ps4 last month and it brings back so many memories.

  41. Dark_Stingz 233

    this throws me hack to 2014 on that beautiful summer playing watch dogs <3

  42. Jacob Chapple

    Watch dogs 2 should add this song!

  43. Zero Boss

    Later do you know watch dogs 2 came out but i think watch dogs 1 was way better

  44. Marlino

    Has anyone else found this song from a source OTHER than Watch Dogs? Never played the game in my life. I found this song on my Daily Mix from Spotify, though I’ve known about this band for a while now.

  45. T Gillie Suit

    WATCH_DOGS is my favorite game, and I got it taken away due to my "bad" behavior. Now the songs I have are all I have left of that wonderful masterpiece of a game. Maybe you guys can subscribe to me to bring up my mood?

  46. José Daniel Albornoz Cabello

    Is the best song of Watch Dogs!!!...

  47. RunawayKitsune

    when you show up
    in your levi's

  48. James McNamara

    Either this or Acrobat by Gods Of Fashion was my favorite from Watch Dogs

  49. ugh CRINGE


  50. Bibin

    Nice song to play watch dog

  51. ᴘʀɪɴᴢ ᴇᴜɢᴇɴ

    this song is op plus its true on every word plus I can't stop listening to it. #watchdogs

  52. Suburban Queen

    The Audition brought me here. This is still such an incredible song.

  53. A Simple Person

    i love this song :))

  54. JvIA

    Just finished Watch Dogs. Immediately came to like this song :)

  55. Elif Betül Üstün

    Watch Dogs brought me here


    I luv the game it has a great story

  56. MsGameplay Guest

    Meu celular no watch dogs me trouxe aqui

  57. Alexdavid Sanmartin

    Watch dogs ;3

  58. Deia Vinicius E Pacotinho

    Épico watch dogs me trouxe aqui . Jogo perfeito

  59. Bryan Taylor

    WATCH_DOGS brought me here...

  60. Bruhitscam

    Uhhh I just finished watch dogs soooo sad😂😢😢😂

  61. Mz De_falt 0.0

    Watch_dog brought me here 💕 love this song and help us on the way 😍💕

  62. Daniel Salinas

    watch dogs 1 xd

  63. Josh Griffin

    Watch dogs👌👌

  64. Gabe Bohannon

    Great song, but it honestly actually makes me upset when I think deeply into it. I NEED to see a watch dogs 3 with Aiden, and to see him with his sister and nephew.

    [This User Is Online]

    Watchdogs 3 should have his nephew as protagonist

  65. Beamer Boyy

    Watch dogs anyone?

  66. XenomixFlow

    Anyone listen to this over and over? It NEVER gets old

  67. Chris

    When I saw Damian again this song played in my car

  68. tony s

    Watchdogs!!!! Tobias....loose thia number.

  69. A Thousand Names And One

    Did watch dogs bring anyone else here?

    Matthew Torres

    Nightcore Treasure everyone

  70. glammer

    Video games - doing radio's job better than radio.

  71. emo child

    I finally beat watch dogs YAY!!!!

    tony s

    Isaac Creech The game wasn't too bad at all despite the lousy physics at times..😕 was kinda rushed into production..but it was really fun and the side missions are just as rewarding as the storyline.

    James McNamara

    The story was overall amazing. Nothing more to say. Ubisoft nailed it.

    Aaron hoke

    Watch dogs was amazing to me I I still love the game

  72. Mendrisio-shamar Gomes

    THE most i like is THE again again again again again

  73. Jotaro Kujo

    I love Watch Dogs and i always will!

  74. JayTncg

    Best song

  75. Young Blaze

    watch dogs... great game

  76. Michael Lopez

    Whose here because of Watch Dogs?

  77. Jack Pickering

    Thank you Watch Dogs. Great game, great music.

  78. Frisky Bits

    Of course Watch_Dogs brought me here because it's so uptighhht!

    I think it was a very fun game with a saddening intense story. although the gameplay was somewhat this and that, there were a couple of laughs and several drama. Honestly, as much as Aiden being an edgy guy who doesn't take shit well, he's a pretty badass protagonist. I mean, I can't say necessarily that he's edgy because he's so nice and protective of his family, and willing to avenge his daughter through the outcomes even we wouldn't think of. He has morals, like yeesh! <3

    Marcus is just a knockoff of comedy, but it's all comedy, and I would expect that out of Dedsec. I love them too, along with Wrench, pfft.

    Anyways, Watch_Dogs is a good series!

    The Biggest Controversy

    downloaded on my phone and listen while walking like play on watchdogs

  79. Felipe sosa

    Chula la cancion vino bien salir en whatch dogs no?

  80. PlZAZZ

    this is what watch dogs 2 is missing

  81. Nico Sosa

    amó esta.cancion

  82. I'm an Alien

    When was this made? It feels early 2000s

  83. Bea U.


  84. Mr Meeseeks




  86. Michael Pallones

    I like to "Watch" Dogs hbu guys?

  87. Your Hottest Truck Driver

    WATCH DOGS 💪💪💪

  88. RetrOgamer13

    thank you ubisoft and watch dogs for showing us this song

  89. Risen Wolf

    Verses really sounds like +44 stuff :)

  90. sudarshan B.S

    all the most songs I have heard this is the only song that reminds of being alone...

  91. Andre Vieri

    coz watchdogs im here

  92. GTAGamingMachine


  93. MrXepicgirl

    i searched for my friends yt acc and found this song. love it ^^

    joseph mills

    Love this too

  94. supernatural .Unicorn

    I'm still hearing this,the song is awesome

  95. Earl Ayvi

    ctos bring me here

  96. AlphaChocolateTruffle

    this song got me into the genre.

  97. tairy hestical

    damn. this shit brings me back.

  98. Mostafa Taha

    it's nice song