Audition, The - It's Gonna Be Hard (When I'm Gone) Lyrics

I want to know what you know, I want to go where you go
Take a trip to the end of time
Kiss your lips, grab your hips and fly away

I want to walk in your shoes
So I can see just what I do every time that I see your smile
Do anything to ease your mind

It's gonna be hard when I'm gone
I'll take this time to sit down and write you a song
With simple words and melody
To explain exactly what you mean to me
Oh, Amy

You say it's time for change, I say we just need to rearrange
All the plans that we had before no one is walking out that door alone
But I know I have to

It's gonna be hard when I'm gone
I'll take this time to sit down and write you a song
With simple words and melody
To explain exactly what you mean to me
Oh, Amy

Let's pick it up where we last left off
You know the part where we come unraveled, oh
I need this memory to keep me strong
When the weight of the world comes crashing down

Let's pick it up where we last left off
I need this memory to keep me strong, oh

Let's pick it up where we last left off
You know the part where we come unraveled, oh
I need this memory to keep me strong
When the weight of the world comes crashing down

It's gonna be hard when I'm gone
I'll take this time to sit down and write you a song
With simple words and melody
To explain exactly what you mean to me
Oh, Amy

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Audition, The It's Gonna Be Hard (When I'm Gone) Comments
  1. Pedro Henrique

    Essa banda é muito fd, agradeço muito por Watch dogs cara. Jogo do caralho.

  2. Elise Cotton

    Can't wait to have my soldier home 😭❤️

  3. phillip Taylor

    So under rated this band. This song is perfect 👍


    it was and still is so damn underrated.. just found it again while looking through my walkman and found a song of theirs in it, i never bothered with their other songs but they're so good

  4. Nikki Starkey

    Beautiful song

  5. Kittyrina TV

    One of my favorite songs. :)

  6. Mangochannel

    what the hell I didn't even post this comment I've never even heard this song

  7. brokenheart288

    What's the song in the commercial for the girl's hair tutorial??

  8. Jake Finn

    A show about high schoolers. It's actually pretty good, I think.

  9. Chelsea Nikiforuk

    what even is a degrassi

  10. David Carey

    oh easy. i was a fan since i saw you've made us conscious on a victory records ep

  11. Rad Life

    I have liked this band for like 5 years... At least

  12. licia liciamea

    god i love this band i have been listening to them forever :)

  13. tfstfs39

    My phone hates me.
    Ive been trying to download their music all night and it wont let me. Fml. Im addicted.

  14. NotSoRealist

    mean song

  15. Erin Kerr

    They have been around for years.

  16. bunnyholly

    wtf is degrassi...

  17. Maya Amitai

    Oh my God! I LOVE Degrassi so much, and I've only known this song for a few weeks, but I never even knew that this song was on Degrassi! <3

  18. ghostofdawn

    it's in the episode where Dyclan and Holly G. breaks up for good

  19. ghostofdawn

    not sure it's the main cause..... you should get checked

  20. Sydney Gore

    On the episode when Fionna and her boyfriend were splitting.

  21. Ramiro

    They were on degrassi?????? I just saw them live back in March, I thought they were barely starting

  22. 田中元気

    Nice song!

  23. 田中元気


  24. Mark Rayburn

    This song makes my vagina hurt.


    wtf mark

  25. Mitchell Kramer

    This is a sick song, I didn't even know that crap show Degrassi was even related to it until I read the comments.

  26. Mangochannel

    Like if you found this song after but completely independently of degrassi

  27. HobbyHorse

    @ top comments...ive never watched degrassi lol heard about this band a few years ago from a victory records dvd that came with a CD lol love them :) went out and bought all albums :3

  28. TheGoodDevil7

    Fuck the fuck....Wait......What am I bitching about? Oh wait, I came here to listen to music.

  29. xRvGPuppetMasTeR

    Can't stop listening to this song... Too many memories are brought back with it.

  30. tntpuppy

    this song gives me chills♥

  31. Erica Lane Martin

    @AwesomelyAshley Apparently everyone has... which wouldn't make since, huh?

  32. Megan Barrett

    this song makes me feel like my name's amy when it's actually makes you feel like he's really singing to you , ya know?

  33. tntpuppy

    the song title is sort of misleading

  34. Brandi Webster

    @V24V you got that ritee!!:)

  35. thezeldamaster

    ohhhhhh, I can't stop listeningggg.
    do you have the download?

  36. xXGABYTXx

    I♥this song :)

  37. evan corey

    i cant explain how much i love this song

  38. tonystarkstolemyponcho

    My name's Amy xD Lovage this song (:

  39. Eric Caudill

    one of the most beautiful songs out there

  40. Lauren

    shut up about degrassi.i loved this before it was on there.just enjoy the damn song.

  41. Jastenmale Joe

    thumbs up if you heard it on degrassi and typed in the lyrics on google to find the song:)

  42. brokenheart288

    i like it..but it it sounds really familiar..hmmm

  43. TheJlz13

    i heard this on degrassi and now im in love with it!!!!!!

  44. Britney Abrahams

    yeah degrassi brought me here

  45. silvan221

    wow. I'd never heard these guys before and I just saw a video of Lisa Scinta (she's amazing) covering it and I had look them up. I'm blown away! I totally didn't expect to like them that much, but this music is AMAZING!

  46. killahsteph1616

    I love this song so much ! :)

  47. Danielle Stringer

    The first time i saw them perform i started balling when they played this song.

  48. Salty Mittens

    This reminds me a bit of Shinedown.

  49. Anne-Marie Haro

    @TheImpressionable GTFO =)

  50. Aaron Perales

    @dakotakay13 what if u liked this and never saw degrassi??

  51. Anne-Marie Haro

    ughhh i love this song =)

  52. Nicole A

    @TheImpressionable, wow dont be so rude all because we dont have your intrests.

  53. Stefan Epler - Snow

    @THRocksMySilverstein fuck degrassi

  54. Nicole A

    Degrassi ups all peoples song veiws. Thumbs up if you agree. ;D

  55. Aubriana Hart

    @ibleedmyheart gonna add you cuz your awesome ;D

  56. Aubriana Hart

    @DAMNitsvivian lets hope so becuz i dont like them toqether at all...

  57. DAMNitsvivian

    @tayloresnailer something doesn't feel right whenever i see Sav and Holly J together. Are they basically just each other's rebound?

  58. Aubriana Hart

    @ibleedmyheart Hopefully she dumps Sav or Sav dumps Holly J..... I dont like them together. Idk why? I jus think they're an ugly couple :/

  59. Estianna Spurlock

    i lovee this song! :)

  60. Aubriana Hart


  61. Awkward_Ciara

    @THRocksMySilverstein So did i so i looked it up.

  62. Aubriana Hart

    @amc2011X Lol....

  63. Aubriana Hart

    @justhatonegirl ikr i finally found it.. After all that.

  64. Bernice Wilson

    Heard this on Degrassi. I spent an hour trying to find a clip from the show and looked up the lyrics. Glad I found it.

  65. ナア

    @KentuckyToday I agree, his face in that scene broke my heart.

  66. MsTink1020

    i liked it better when LisaScinta sang it but this is good to vote up if you think the same

  67. Jessica Starz Sparkle

    lmfaooo! @skatermickey09

  68. XXRiotgirl12

    I love this band. Soooo soooo much.

  69. Joy Taylor

    I just heard this song for the first time today, and it's already my myspace song! I love it so much.

  70. Caroline S

    aww I wish your friend the best of luck.

  71. Caroline S

    aww thats sweet

  72. niabeth93

    i just found a new favourite band and song!!
    love itt :)

  73. becca j

    i think it definitely is about danny and his gf. because she misses him so much when they're on tour.
    same with los angeles...

  74. Mizz_ECHO

    aww my girlfriends name is Amy =) she will love it.

  75. lifeisrandomsoami

    My favorite song on this album.

  76. Hannah Pope

    awe, i love this [: <3

  77. taylor03091

    love this song just wish i had the girl i love to be her wit me :( love you xox

  78. ChaosFerTheKids


  79. ChaosFerTheKids

    Ohh yes, I found it!
    They played this song acoustic live last night in Merriville,
    and I just fell in love with it. Love, love, love.

  80. 21AmyC

    my name is Amy.. and i LOVE THIS..finally a good song with Amy in it :)

  81. Amy

    ohh i love this song its so nicee :)

  82. Maura Buckley

    beautiful lyrics, simple but for those who know what its like to love, really hits the nail on the head. because even if you know your going to be separated... like by college :( ... you still cant stop yourselves from falling in love

  83. jasethevase

    all time low october 12 in san diego!!!

  84. jasethevase

    fuck yeah!

  85. Tiru Sivashankar

    im goin on October 5th! <3

  86. misskasia

    I just saw them at Webster hall. and he sang this acoustic. omg im in love.

  87. msedward7823

    I love this song and it Dannys favorite song on the new album <3

  88. Danielle Stringer

    This song makes me cry and remember someone

  89. Suzy Boath

    LOVE this song.
    -and I agree, the album is totally amazing!

  90. Far4rmOrdinary

    Amazing song!!! The whole album is absolutely kick ASS! pick it up if don't have a copy

  91. v1ctrawr

    where can i get a version of this without words

    an instrumental

  92. Michaela Pilkenton

    Danny's voice is fucking orgasmic bitch

  93. Meghan Jones

    i could make love to danny stevens.