atlas - ʎǝɹƃ Lyrics

It's hard not to feel alone when you chillin on the throne
I've been feelin like a million bucks and sittin in my zone
Everywhere I gotta go is another place to be
It's another face to see
Another mini-me, tryna act hard with that rap life on his shoulders
Crack pipe in them boulders, I'm mad nice when I be smolderin' beats
Cold as your feet when [?] retreat
I told you it's weak to pretend that you're soldiers in fleets
And come and battle me
Bitch I've been tearin' down the tapestry and cookin' up a masterpiece to smash your freak anatomy
Like Michael Corleoni, bitch I father the gods
With a spiteful force below me so despite all the odds
I still win shit, I've been chillin with the kinship
Met the spotlight so now they're comin for my friends list
I'm revvin' up the engine, and downin' cups of methylene
An ocean in the sky, I'm the potion and the recipe

And I just stay lowkey
Nothin' else below me, sneaky silent shady
I'm creepin' like a parole
Italian as a cannoli
Pacino wish that he knew me
Scrutinize what I'm doin, you don't need to feel influenced
I won't watch what I'm sayin or will I sound like a Saiyan
Suggest you better get prayin'
Protect the ones that still love you
You don't got em then fuck it right?
Now I focus on nothing, only the fact that I'm absent from everything that I'm lovin'
Wish that I could feel present, so I could know what was comin'
Think that I need a reverend, my soul is lost and I know that the demons will be descendin
So I look to the heavens, knowin' no ones lookin' back
Why am I still pretendin', negativity projected and all I can hope to do is get my positives in balance
I'm fucked up, and constantly I'm lookin for the ying and yang
My eyes are wide open, but still I ain't found a thang
Most people in the world would often be ashamed but I'm the shiftin shapes, geometry wouldn't understand

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    so good